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Fri 6th Nov 2009

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Axoloth commented on Former Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi's Ki...:

You all talk about how he's turning his back on the fans of his GBA and DS games, but isn't the Wii U's userbase just a tiny fraction of what the GBA and DS's was? I don't think it's too far-fetched to assume then, that it's only a tiny fraction of IGAs fanbase that owns a Wii U.
Gee, I wonder what consoles the rest of his fanbase own?



Axoloth commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

I never liked GTA until I bought GTA IV last fall. (I tried to, but the 3D-era games suffered from some unforgiving design flaws in the gameplay mechanics that made the games, on the PS2 at least, far more difficult than they're supposed to. But I digress) Anyway, after playing GTA IV, and getting a somewhat newbie intro to the finer gameplay points, I have been enjoying the whole series. I love the stories and the gameplay, however, I agree with most of what you're saying. It does feel rather corrupting, and there's lots of optional stuff I don't do because I find it uncomfortable. That said, I'm not mentally unstable nor an impressionable kid of 16 or younger, so I just enjoy it for what it is. And people can enjoy or not as much as they want. (I DO have a problem with letting the two aforementioned demographics play it though, but that's kinda hard to fully prevent.)

TL;DR: GTA is fun as hell and people have a right to enjoy it without being criticized, but the subject matter IS pretty horrible and people have a right to find it so without rabid GTA fans comparing them to some extremist, right-wing old guys who thinks video games are the source of all evil.



Axoloth commented on Games Do More Damage Than Passive Smoking, say...:

@26: Actually, it does matter whether you give them Pokemon or Ninja Gaiden. Luckily, I only got Pokemon and the closest thing to a bone club is a stick, so no one got hurt that much. However, the closest thing to a katana is the antique sword down in our basement, so if I had gotten Ninja Gaiden when I was a kid, someone could've gotten seriously hurt. D: D:



Axoloth commented on Games Do More Damage Than Passive Smoking, say...:

@4: I think movies went through the same thing back in the day, didn't it?

It's whatever, games will unavoidably become as mainstream a form of entertainment as movies or books someday anyway, then hopefully there won't be as many people looking for controversy when it comes to games.

Also, I actually agree that violent video games has an effect on kids growing up, I mean, it makes sense. However, that's where the PEGI ratings and stuff come in. If they think video games are so dangerous, they should take them seriously enough that they actually pay attention to the age ratings. Maybe even make it illegal to sell video games to people younger than what the rating recommends. That's how it is with movies, no?



Axoloth commented on Review: Fireplacing (WiiWare):

I imagine this would be better in HD. Not that a HD version would be worth it either, but at least a bit better than this.
Also, thanks for reminding me I need to watch It's a Wonderful Life now that it's almost Christmas and all.



Axoloth commented on Buying Ivy the Kiwi? Helps Save Real Kiwis:

What. I thought a kiwi was a fruit and the bird in the game was made up or something.

EDIT: Never mind, I looked it up. That's a Kiwi? I even saw a documentary on them the other day. D:



Axoloth commented on First Cave Story DSiWare Trailer Rocks:

@James I realise Nicalis isn't the ones calling the shots on that one, which is why I said "they". If you replace "they" with NoE, you'll see the rest of my rant doesn't make as much sense. I was sorta referring to both Nicalis and NoE, I don't even know anymore _
But my point still stands; there's no valid reason (that I've heard/know of) for not having released this in the EU yet. Of course, if there is a reason/excuse, feel free to enlighten me. Or don't; I was just blowing of steam anyway, so it's really whatev'. I'm more interested in FATE at the moment. :3



Axoloth commented on First Cave Story DSiWare Trailer Rocks:

I'm starting to think they simply don't want to release this in the EU.
It can't be laziness, not when the game is already done and bugs are fixed and they even have time to make a DSiWare version.
There are Europeans sitting with their wallets ready, willing to pay for a game that's free for download on the net ffs; what other reasons could there be?



Axoloth commented on Drool at this Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wrig...:

Y'know, the fact that it has the name Layton in it automatically makes it so far from niche that it's scary, almost makes the game casual, even, at least here in Europe. Also, Capcom knows the Layton name will make sure it sells millions, and last I checked they, like everyone else, want money.
That guy is just pulling our legs.



Axoloth commented on Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton Team Up on...:

@10: Yes, because everyone had cars in the 1800s. >_> Don't know when it takes place, looks more like the early to mid 1900s though, again I only guess based on the types of cars they had.

Also this game will be pure, orgasmic objectionistic joy.



Axoloth commented on Super Mario Collection Heading to Europe in De...:

I actually don't have any of these games ('cept Lost Levels for VC), so this is perfect. Been considering buying 2 and 3 for the GBA, but I guess this is a good way to relieve all those childhood memories. Remember playing Super Mario All-Stars at a friends house all day when I was younger.

The art book and soundtrack isn't that tempting actually, even though I've been a sucker for those kinds of things lately....



Axoloth commented on Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Reaches Europe in January:

@OB: BbS has all new worlds, also it's pretty much KH3, 'cept a prequel, so they chose to call it something else.
I must say again, anyone who hasn't played BbS should run out and buy it, it's a fantastic game, and KH3's story won't make sense if you haven't played BbS.



Axoloth commented on Feast Your Eyes on 3DS's Launch Line Up in Japan:

I doubt Mask of Miracle will be available as a launch title over here, they'll probably be concentrating on localising Specter's Flute first.

Also, I want Kid Icarus, Paper Mario, Mario Kart or RE: Revelations.



Axoloth commented on Ivy the Kiwi?:

"Please note that this competition is only open to residents of North America."

This is a UK based site, and while I'll never get to enter any contests (even though I'd be happy to pay for shipping and handling myself were I to win) at least give the Brits a chance.

Not that this is even compares to the CS mote, but still...



Axoloth commented on European Professor Layton Movie Bundle is Big ...:

I want this, but I'm in no hurry to get it. Why you ask? Well, it just so happens that there is no point in watching this until you've played Specter's Flute, a game who's localised versions _doesn't even have a release date_.



Axoloth commented on First Sonic Colours Details Emerge:

Only the Wii version is being made by the team responsible for The Black Knight. So even if that did mean Sonic Colours Wii will be utter garbage, the DS version still has a chance at being good.



Axoloth commented on La Mulana Developers Discuss Religious and Rat...:

As long these "religious symbols and references" doesn't include stuff that they KNOW will cause controversy and piss people off (e.g. a drawing of Muhammad), I say keep it. As long as the worst consequence would be a higher age rating that is. If there's a danger of it not being released outside of Japan at all, I guess I can do without naked breasts. Barely.



Axoloth commented on Japan to Cool Off with Mario and Animal Crossi...:

I already bought a fan when I was in Japan a couple of years ago, so I can keep cool!
It was a bit expensive though, and I think it was one of those fans they sell to tourists, which is made to look fancy rather than made to actually be used...



Axoloth commented on Review: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (Wii):

Hmm, yeah well, I've been thinking about buying a Swap Magic thingie for my PS2, so I might end up getting the US PS2 version anyway

But I'll go look at some videos of the game and get a feel for the voice acting before making any decisions. I wasn't going to buy this game in the first place but if Sean says buy, I'll buy
And like I said, I've heard so much bad voice acting that I'm a bit paranoid. Todays English voice acting is excellent though as long as they keep to English words and stuff, so the setting being New York probably makes it okay.
But even though the characters are English, it is still a heavily Japanese game with anime stereotypes, which English voice actors still suck at portraying, but whatev'.



Axoloth commented on Review: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (Wii):

Does the Wii version have dual voiceovers or not?

I mean, you said it yourself that the game was/is seen as "too Japanese" and has references to Japanese culture, and I doubt the competence of English voice-actors when it comes to pronouncing Japanese words and portraying Japanese anime stereotypes.
Sorry for being a weeabo jerk or whatever you wanna call it, but Persona 3 seriously scarred me for life



Axoloth commented on Manga to Release Professor Layton Film in the UK:

This is great, but the film is more or less a direct sequel to the fourth game....
If you ignore the fact that it might contain some spoilers, it'll still most likely include some elements we here in the west haven't been introduced to yet, and that might end up being confusing.