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Wed 24th February, 2010

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Cia commented on Video: Mario Kart 8 Hackers Duplicate Items Fo...:

It's fun as long as the hacker isn't doing it to win the race. Actually, they should lose intentionally. Otherwise, i see no evil in offering other players a rare chance to enjoy a bit more chaotic race.



Cia commented on Gallery: It's Time For Another Influx of Xenob...:

Xenoblade was nothing like MMO:s... it was more like a Final Fantasy game (comparing with the good ones from psone days) with an open world and meaningful exploration. On the other hand, i mostly skipped the optional sidequests and concentrated on the main story. After playing through the original, i have no reason to believe this would disappoint.



Cia commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

Nintendo doesn't necessarily need this since the Wii U:s catalogue is already vastly superior and good games just keep coming... but of course i would be delighted if they decided to release it.



Cia commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

I'm starting to hate it how ever game in existence ends up being underrated these days. Not saying that Bayonetta 2 would be one, but i generally don't know what the heck would satisfy an average gamer anymore.



Cia commented on Activision Confirms That Call of Duty: Advance...:

Advanced Warfare is not the "same game" as Ghosts or some other previous entry. Just like every Mario game is not the same, despite of some trolls claiming they are. About the game itself: It looks boring and unimaginative. I'd never spent my money in a game like this.



Cia commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

We're interested in GOOD games. Not unimaginative bleak-fest like Assassins Creed or casual games like Just Dance. Our standards are simply higher than your average gamer's. Sorry, Ubisoft... imagination is the key, and Rayman or Michael Ancel are pretty much the only ones in your league doing in right (for us).



Cia commented on Video: Zant Shows Off His Peculiar Twilight Mo...:

Zelda Cycle is so real. Also, i find Zant annoying. Loved TP though, at the time when it was released, and still do. I find it funny how some Zelda fans turn their coats at every opportunity, at times bashing one game and a few years later praising it.



Cia commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

Who cares? Online co-op games are annoying anyway, since 90% of world's population consists of mentally challenged, rude people (at least when they're anonymous). The lacking of online co-op is as irrelevant and stupid as saying that Hyrule Warriors lacks sports cars. It makes no sense. I DESPISE the current online gaming culture, and the people promoting that crap. It's revolting.



Cia commented on Hands On: Bewitching Bayonetta 2 Brings Action...:

Originally i thought that those Nintendo suits the heroine's able to wear were pretty silly... but since Nintendo fans generally buy only games with Nintendo mascots on them, perhaps this is a good tactic to increase sales.



Cia commented on Awesome New Hyrule Warriors Trailers Show Link...:

It may be a fun game, but it ain't gonna shine in reviews. The last Dynasty Warriors got like 68/100 in Metacritic, and this is made by the same guys as far as i know...
p.s. I'm gonna buy it neverthless though.



Cia commented on E3 2014: Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Star Fox fo...:

I think it's a bad idea to make the controls work as they seem in this game. The Gamepad is not a gimmick, i think it should be just alternative options, IF NEEDED. But this sounds more like sacrificing the comfortable gameplay for the Gamepad. Just like with some of the (not so good) games on Wii, with their tiresome motion controls.



Cia commented on Review: Metroid Fusion (Wii U eShop / Game Boy...:

The Wii U virtual console emulation is just so good in this game... it's the definitive version of the game. There are some nice touches included, like being able to customize your controls fully, screen smoothness and resolution changes, original manual in a digital form, etc.
The Game pad controls are just heavenly (as usual).