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Fri 27th February, 2009

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ThreadShadow commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

If Iwata loses the presidency, he shouldn't be kicked out of Nintendo. I don't want to see him leave Nintendo, because he knows how to make great games. He knows games, imo. I like him as President. I don't believe he's part of Nintendos problems, but if he ever gets fired, let it be fired from the presidency, not fired from Nintendo. He's too valuable as a creator/designer/director/producer/teacher.



ThreadShadow commented on Feature: Bandai Namco Characters We'd Love to ...:

Smash is not PlayStation Allstars. Nintendo does not have such a weak portfolio of characters it needs to dilute it's roster with stolen babies. Smash is a celebration of Nintendo and Nintendo IPs. And with the way Namco continually treats Nintendo (read poorly) it certainly doesn't deserve to be included. It's bad enough that Sonic and Snake were added.



ThreadShadow commented on Two Tribes Shoots Down the Possibility of Toki...:

I've have the GBC original on 3DS VC. I have the Wiiware version. I really like it. I plan on getting 2 as soon as possible.

What I really want is Nintendo to hire Two Tribes to create a Legend of Zelda game in the same style as Toki Tori, 2D, Side view, single room puzzle solving with classic items played like Toki Tori or gathering them in each level each time. Either in classic style Zelda II graphics or a newer style similar to Toki Tori.
I could also see a Yoshi game where Yoshi has to gather Yoshi eggs to complete the level. essentially exchanging Toki Tori and Yoshi.
Toki Tori 2 would be good for the same make overs.

These could be downloadable eShop titles.



ThreadShadow commented on Koji Igarashi, Best Known for the Castlevania ...:

@Hordak "Metroidvania" is a term that refers specifically to a Castlevania game made in the exploration style of the Metroid series. People are playing fast and loose with the term these days using it for any other game that uses the Metroid style. Any game (not a Castlevania) that uses the Metroid format isn't a "Metroidvania". It's a game in the Metroid style, and would need it's own hyphenated name. Contra + Metroid style equals Controid, or something like that.

Can someone tell me what's holding Konami together?



ThreadShadow commented on Latest Mana Game Rises To The Challenge:

We didn't get Seiken Densetsu 3 (SF/SNES), we didn't get Circle of Mana (iOS), and I doubt we'll get this one. The only one I really want is Seiken Densetsu 3. I wish it would get a western translated release on Wii/Wii U VC with 2player intact.



ThreadShadow commented on Interview: Takashi Tezuka on Bringing Yoshi's ...:

With a 3D Yoshi it still comes off more like Yoshi's Story rather then Yoshi's Island for me. I wasn't very happy with the aesthetic of Yoshi's Story. I'll certainly be playing this though. Sometime. I really miss high quality 2D sprites.



ThreadShadow commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part One:

Thinking about Ubisoft and ZombiU; I think Killer Freaks from Outer Space looked interesting in it's production stage. I know it was eventually changed into ZombiU, but I think it would be worth it for Nintendo and Ubisoft to revisit it, finish it and release it.



ThreadShadow commented on Interview: Renegade Kid on Moon Chronicles and...:

I'm interested in Moon Chronicles, but how much memory will both seasons take up and is there a chance for a boxed version? Wouldn't local wifi co-op be cool for Season 2? I really like co-op campaigns for FPS's. It doesn't even have to make sense in the story, just let me co-op campaign with family or a friend.



ThreadShadow commented on Month Of Kong: Meet Donkey Kong's Extended Family:

Technically Diddy is a monkey because he has a tail, so he couldn't actually be related to any of the ape Kongs.

Ever wonder if King K. Rool is actually Wart from SMB2? Or maybe Wart is a brother, or at the least a Kremling? Something to think about.

I've heard many conflicting stories about the relationship of Cranky and DK with regards to DK (8bit) and DKjr. (8bit).
I thought that since Cranky was the original the DKC Donkey was DKjr.. If DK from DKC is Cranky's grandson, then what is the solution to the identity of DKjr.?

Anyway, so many good times with all these games!



ThreadShadow commented on Review: Double Dragon (3DS eShop / NES):

Despite the lack of co-op this is hands down the best version of Double Dragon. In fact you'll find the best version of the whole trilogy on the NES.
Barring Double Dragon Advance, of course.

I read recently that Double Dragon NEON is coming to Steam. Please everyone "Twitter" and "Facebook" Majesco to release the game on Wii U eShop too! Every Double Dragon deserves to be controlled with a Nintendo control pad!



ThreadShadow commented on Retro Could Work On Miyamoto-Led Project In Th...:

I just want to add a couple comments here.
@Capt_N is right about Retro Studios current state. It isn't the same Retro Studios that made the Prime series, a lot of people have left and a lot of new people have come in. I believe that Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze have been "training" games, to help the new Retro Studios get grounded again. So a new Metroid from them could go in a completely new direction. Maybe a Metroid that is more 2.5D like the DKCR series.

2nd. Miyamoto and Retro working on a completely new IP is more then fine with me. Retro has been ramping up it's staff numbers recently, so I could see there being two big projects going with Miyamoto directly directing one. It's the old production line mode. As two projects going and as one nears completion staff and assets are moved to the next one leaving a few to finish debugging and polishing.

And lastly, I was recently considering Shin'en. And with Nano Assault, Jett Rocket, FAST, and even Art of Balance, I think Shin'en might have a pretty good chance at producing a high quality and very fun, creative Metroid game.



ThreadShadow commented on Retro Could Work On Miyamoto-Led Project In Th...:

Miyamoto+Retro Studios sounds great to me for any project be it Metroid 11, or a Zelda game, even StarFox, or StarTropics!

And just because a Metroid game is in First-person doesn't mean it has to be called "Prime". It could just be called Metroid 11.

Retro Studios understood Metroid better then anyone else, maybe even Nintendo themselves, so I'd like to see another Metroid from them. I'm certainly not against someone else having a go.

I think Armature has a cancelled Megaman game they could retool into a cool Metroid game. And I think a Metroid game with a TRON aesthetic would be really cool. Some type of adventure on a "Tech" type world.

I'd also like to see Object Vision Software (Aya and the Cubes of Light - wiiware) given a chance to polish up their concept and turn it into a puzzle-like 2.5D Metroid game. There is a demo on Wii Shop Channel. It's solid and with Nintendo's guidance could be a winner of a downloadable Metroid game.

I'd like to see Renegade Kid, WayForward, and ChAIR get a shot at side-scrolling 2D/2.5D Metroid games, and speaking of ChAIR....

I'd like to see a First-person/and or Third-person Metroid game from EPIC. There was a rumour a while ago about it and I'd like to see's not like Nintendo wouldn't be supervising anyway.

And lastly VALVe could potentially make an interesting Metroid game. Also a fun Metroid/Portal crossover side-game would be great. Samus versus GLaDOS. Maybe another short side game with a Metroid/Half-Life cross over!
Those cross-overs would remain officially non-canon.



ThreadShadow commented on Shenmue's Ryo Hazuki Is Speeding Towards Sonic...:

Dear SEGA,
Please release this Ryo Hazuki content on all console versions of this game. And please make Shenmue 3, oh, and please release Skies of Arcadia Legends (with uncompressed audio) on the Wii U and include the Dreamcast VMU mini-games for play on the Wii U Gamepad. Thanks!



ThreadShadow commented on Review: Double Dragon (Wii U eShop / NES):

@3MonthBeef Sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant "Nintendo" as in the 8-Bit system itself. Developers had to work with the NES limitations and so instead of direct ports of shallow but shiny arcade games, they usually ended up giving us higher quality games in order to fit those limitations. Surprising but true. And putting their work on a Nintendo system seemed to inspire some companies to imitate Nintendo's work ethic, and produce a better product.



ThreadShadow commented on Review: Double Dragon (Wii U eShop / NES):

@SparkofSpirit I've never played Double Dragon Advance, but I hear great things about it, so I'll agree with you!

@unrandomsam You're talking about Double Dragon 2 on PC Engine. I own it and have never played it. I don't own a Turbo Duo/PC Engine Duo/CD. Never will unfortunately. I heard it is one of the best versions of DD2 out there, so I'll agree with you too. But for the complete, high quality, trilogy the only place is the NES.

I was so hoping the Turbo Duo version would show up on the Wii VC. There is a chance yet it may appear on the Wii U VC.



ThreadShadow commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

I don't think this is a cross over in that sense. It's just a Zelda game done in the style of DW. The latest DW game had Zelda skins for their characters didn't it? Or was that Monster Hunter, or both?

Some fan project was making a mod for a Total War game that was along these lines.



ThreadShadow commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

I don't care for the "rock" version of the Zelda music in this. It's time for epic music not rock music. Other then that it seems great. From the trailer it shows that the, imo, shallow Dynasty Warriors combat mechanics has been deepened by the inclusion of combat mechanics from WW/TP.

This is going to be good. I teared up a bit when Link opened the chest. This makes me hopeful that there are at least some simple adventure elements in this game as well as the massive combat-which surprisingly doesn't look out of place in the Zelda world.

I see Link has a sharper nose in this design which is good. I wonder which Link this is and where he fits in the timeline/s.

@8BitSamurai Excellent gif and I completely agree. I wish Koei would make a cool "next-gen" Uncharted Waters game for Wii U.



ThreadShadow commented on Parent Trap: Children Are Our Future, So Let T...:

"And now, because the children are our future, here are the children of Springfield Elementary, with a song they call, "The Children Are Our Future."

"Children, Children. Future, Future."

Ha! All joking aside, great article. Playing games with the whole family is wonderful, and no systems provide that experience better then Nintendo's systems.



ThreadShadow commented on Rare: Relationship With Nintendo Was Built On ...:

Nintendo should never have dumped Rare. It was a foolish decision to let all that Nintendo-connected IP into the hands of a rival company. I know at the time Rare was hitting a relative dry spell, and Nintendo was basking in the love of regained Japanese third-parties, but it just wasn't the right move and I wish they'd never done it. Imagine a Nintendo that had Retro Studios and Rare. That means we would be getting the Banjo games and the new Killer Instincts etc...because let's face it, those games belong on Nintendo systems, Rare belonged with Nintendo, and if it hadn't left then maybe it wouldn't be as different as it is now.

But just keeping it for the IPs lost was reason enough, and forward thinking enough to not get rid of Rare.

This makes me sad. The good ol' days of Nintendo and Rare.



ThreadShadow commented on Nintendo Will Be "Careful" About The Artistic ...:

This is silly. Toon Link was great and is great. There actually hasn't been a "realistic" Link style yet. I've loved all the different styles, and I don't think fans should tie Nintendo's hands in this matter.

It's not about the WW style being your favorite, but I think I'd go so far as to say, if you don't "get" toon Link, you don't really "get" Zelda.

I was surprised at the reveal of WW too, but I didn't hate it. It looked/looks absolutely amazing. I too wanted a Zelda similar to the Spaceworld tech demo, and we got that too. Actually something infinitely better in style with TP.

I do disagree with Aonuma about the Spaceworld tech demo. It does look a bit goofy now, but it's just a sword fight between Ganon and Link, and you can't tell what the whole game would be like from such a closed set piece as that.

Still, TP delivered that fight in spades, and I think the Spaceworld Tech demo, needs to be laid to rest in it's proper place. A cool Tech Demo showing what cool things the Gamecube could do, and was never indicative of any full Zelda game being developed.



ThreadShadow commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants the Wii U Zelda's Hyrule to ...:

I have a feeling it will be "modern day". There is a rumour going around about that too. Some people leaked the beans when they saw a behind closed-doors press conference or something like that.

Imagine Earthbound+Zelda and you'll get the idea.



ThreadShadow commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

I can hardly wait to play this game again!

That being said, I've never shared the popular complaints with the original. My complaints were mostly that it was too short, and there wasn't enough to do. Not enough islands, not enough exploration, not enough happening in the ocean. Goes to show they made a great game, because I just wanted more!

That being said, I'm sad that the Tingle Tuner is out-what a perfect use for the Gamepad, and great for a friend, or parent to multiplay on this game together. And I'm sad that Tetra's Trackers wasn't included. Missed opportunities in my book.



ThreadShadow commented on Nintendo Tested Two Other Zelda Titles in HD o...:

I'd love LoZ: TP HD, and that's the Gamecube version I'm talking about, not the flipped Wii version.

Plus I'd want them to include and finish Beta Forest, Beta Dungeon, Beta enemies, enemies that increase in size, and all the cool stuff in the original pics and trailers that got cut.



ThreadShadow commented on Weirdness: These "Anywhere Buttons" Look Daft ...:

I don't get it. Why are they "daft" and why would these make a person look any sillier playing out in public then they do already? Looks like they provide a needed function (for games/apps that can use them). I'd prefer a matte black for the dpad and buttons, but otherwise they are no sillier looking then the circle pad pro.



ThreadShadow commented on Rumour: Ubisoft Press Day Leak Reveals Rabbids...:

I wish Ubisoft would give us a Sailing/pirate game and drop the stupid assassin's creed story stuff. One thing I've really wanted is a next-gen Uncharted Waters game. Koei isn't going to oblige so I wish someone else would step up to the plate. Open world sailing exploration do what you want with great graphics, mechanics, and gameplay! Somebody...?