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Great_Gonzalez commented on Fire Emblem If Box Art Confirms amiibo Support...:


Really excited for this new game(s). I will try to buy everything Fire Emblem related :D Definitely hope those cover plates come out over here.

And if it is a higher rating hopefully that reflects the difficulty and also the story tone although most Fire Emblems have lots of grizzly story elements in anyway.



Great_Gonzalez commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

The only thing I worry about with all this DLC especially with Mario Kart is what do they do with the next one? If they add too many characters and/or run out of ideas it will have a negative impact on the next instalment. Also a lot of people now will be expecting Link to be playable from the off in the next one and if he's not and get introduced as DLC again well that will leave a bad taste in the mouth. So I think it's a good idea and they're doing a good job but just worry that they might end up putting too much stuff in this game and not saving anything for the next!



Great_Gonzalez commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

@Dr_Lugae I'll be more than happy if each route in this game is a full game worth of chapters it will mean we have double the fire emblem :D

My only concern even if it is, is that a lot of people won't know and will feel ripped off it'll only be the fans who follow the news and are well informed so I just hope it won't reflect negatively on fire emblem's success.



Great_Gonzalez commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

If they do this over here I think it might just end up destroying fire emblem's new found popularity which would be a terrible thing :(

Personally I don't mind cause I adore fire emblem so will be getting it all anyway.

But after the direct I assumed this would be similar to sacred stones where after 10 chapters you choose either Eirika's or Ephraim's side, hell even in the first GBA fire emblem after you completed it once you could choose between Eliwood's and Hector's story. At the end of the day though it depends how big these 2 individual games are I think.



Great_Gonzalez commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

Not surprised really. The game looks massive and ambitious!

While obviously I'm disappointed but I would wait till the end of the world for zelda! :D

Let's hope they use the extra time well and make it the best zelda ever.... no the best game ever!!!



Great_Gonzalez commented on Details For The New Langrisser Title On 3DS Em...:

Ooohh fantastic :D massive fan of fire emblem here and I'll take anything that is similar to It in gameplay :D My Game Boy Advance was my tactical RPG machine what with advance wars fire emblem and final fantasy tactics :D the 3DS is getting close to it's legendary status... just pray this comes west!!



Great_Gonzalez commented on First 4 Figures Opens Pre-Orders For Its New W...:

I'm happy with my WW limited edition ganon :D

But I recently received my Vyse statue from first 4 figures which is absolutely bootyful :D So I can't spend anymore money for a while anyway... But if these guys do a badass toon link i'll bite lol



Great_Gonzalez commented on Video: Nintendo Drops a Legend of Zelda: Major...:

Don't worry about that! There's a special game mechanic that stops you from doing that.. I won't say what it is cause I wouldn't wanna spoil the surprise but when you get to it you'll just be like oh my god this game is amazing!! :D

I have a few worries about this game now after seeing this video

The bomber's notebook is giving to you by the happy maskman.. what has happened to the start of the game then? Is that still in there??

Also Goht.. if they've changed that boss battle I will be so upset!! Greatest boss battle of any Zelda ever.

Hopefully they add a option where you can play a "classic" version and it's just the game unchanged from the original. Also a bit of an annoyance for me and this is from OOT 3D too why can't we play the ocarina with the D-Pad substituting the c buttons?? all this L,R,A,B,X,Y crap confuses me :(

I can play all the ocarina songs off by heart with c buttons and b but can't remember any of them in this new way :(



Great_Gonzalez commented on Zelda: Majora's Mask New 3DS Bundles Available...:

The Nintendo online store is great! I use It for all my gaming needs now yeah it charges full R.R.P for everything but that doesn't really bother me and I like to support Nintendo... "Directly!" (see what I did there ;))

Living in the UK as a Nintendo fan pays off at last! hurrah!

Thanks for the heads up on this guys! Would be sweet if you let us know when wave 4 amiibo's are up for preorder as well! I need ness and lucina so bad!