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Male, 35, United States

Long time Gamer and comic collector. I've owned every core Nintendo system since the NES except the Virtual Boy. Although a big N loyalist, my favorite system of all time is the Dreamcast. I play all game types but RPG's is my passion. Hate Disney. Trying to not hate Sony.

Wed 9th January, 2013

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Zodiak13 commented on Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Ta...:

I have never played a single SSB game ever. Last fighting type game I played was Killer Instinct on N64. Love Nintendo and I usually buy games from them that I may never play, but I know I will never want to play Smash, so this I will skip. Only thing I can say about this game is that it seems to have a massive amount of content. Looks like everyone else will have a blast, so have fun.



Zodiak13 commented on Soapbox: Sonic, It's Time to Talk:

I actually never liked the 2D Sonic games. I played the ones on the Dreamcast, and my son played one on 360 and those were enjoyable. Lost World seems like I would enjoy it. It is disappointing that Sonic fans seem to be forced to endure extreme varying degrees of quality in games. As a Nintendo/Mario fan, there have been no games that "I" played of the series that I thought wee bad. I hope the Sonic series finds its footing for the sake of Sonic fans and gamers alike.



Zodiak13 commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

PS4 and XBone games are waaaay worse than launch year WiiU yet the mindless masses still bought them in droves. If you like actual good games that are just fun to play, go Nintendo. You want to follow the herd and play FPS and sandbox crap like GTA Sony and MS got you covered. Thank goodness the only other college educated person in my shop also loves the WiiU/3DS, otherwise I would fire everyone talking about how they FF killed each other and whine about the quality of everyone's skills. 3 of these guys borrowed from there 401k to buy XBone's or PS4 just for COD. Wow, just wow.



Zodiak13 commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

I have curbed my Sony hate slowly but surely over the last year and even picked up a Vita and PS3. The Vita is a nice system, but I only own 4 games, and those I enjoy. The main reason I play it is for the free content that comes from PS+ which of my countless downloads 3 were actually fun. The system is great, but the quantity of quality games is lacking. I am sure my "fanboyism" plays a role but I log waaaaay more time on the 3DS and I can't even catch up my backlog when another "must have" game comes out for it. Wii thing may be true, but I love my WiiU as well.



Zodiak13 commented on Review: Flapp & Zegeta (Wii U eShop):

@Pod Deserve? Nothing is forcing anyone to buy this game, having it on the e-shop does not somehow make any other game around it worse, like it could infect other games with its crappiness. Obviously if you can get on the eshop, you have the ability to go to or metacritic and find reviews to make an informed purchase.



Zodiak13 commented on Review: Flapp & Zegeta (Wii U eShop):

@sinalefa I know, I think I was on that thread at the time. I prefer the honesty instead of blowing smoke. Got to make a living and I know that RCMADIAX is trying to create a game he has actually been putting a bunch of time into, or at the very least more time.



Zodiak13 commented on Review: Flapp & Zegeta (Wii U eShop):

@sinalefa I have all of RCMADIAX's games and they all function correctly. Heck, I have enjoyed the even. Spikey Wall's was not my favorite but the price is very low and the developer has never claimed to do anything but inexpensive quick play games. I have personally sunk 22 hours on Poker Dice Solitaire Future. Play it during commercials while I watch tv shows.



Zodiak13 commented on Review: Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (Wii U...:

Glad to see this game come to WiiU. Not sure if I will get it, as the first title I got free on PS+ (the only way I am willing to get games on the PS3) did not really keep my attention. It was a solid game, and I may pick it up to support Curve, but I am not sure. Possibly this style of gameplay is not for me.



Zodiak13 commented on Review: Paper Monsters Recut (Wii U eShop):

@Fletcher-Mobot I do not think this plays at all like LBP, and I for one am thankful. Your game I enjoy immensely, but I do not find LBP at all fun. I am sure many do though. Best of luck in the future and I hope to support another quality project from you down the road, mind you that is if it comes to a Nintendo system.



Zodiak13 commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

Glad to know its good. I may pick it up as a last hurrah into gaming. Maybe it will quell my interest in gaming again. Here's hoping.



Zodiak13 commented on Talking Point: History Shows Us That Nintendo'...:

I don't worry over Nintendo's viability in the future. If they stick around, I will continue to enjoy their games and other products. If they don't I will save thousands of dollars a year. The PS4 and XBone offer nothing to me and heck my PS3 still only has 4 games for it and I only really enjoyed 2 of those. Man, I should have never listened to dudebro gamer coworkers and got The Last of Us, uggh. Terrible.



Zodiak13 commented on Review: SPIKEY WALLS (Wii U eShop):

I must say I enjoy the games @RCMADIAX makes. I play them while watching tv and feel I have received good value for the price. The developer has never claimed to be creating wholly original work. However every game made has worked as intended and the price is low. My WiiU says I have played Poker Dice Solitaire Future a total of 12+ hours and me and my son had a blast clearing Block Drop U, Sadly that took only 1.2 hours between us, and 1 hour was my son. I don't want this one but it just doesn't interest me, not a statement I am making.



Zodiak13 commented on Square Enix Wants To Bring Dragon Quest VII To...:

I would buy it. Saw a comment about using an Ipad with a controller, and they needed a bag. Yeah, that's portable. Plus the XL feels awesome in my hands. Asked everyone at my work what they thought, and they say it feels great also. On top of that, the XL fits in my pocket. But that is just my opinion.



Zodiak13 commented on Review: Demon King Box (3DS eShop):

@Undead_terror Cool. Just don't try to write as someone your not, than it will sound fake. Just add a bit of your real personality and put it into the review. Not everyone one may like it, but more people will in the end. Heck there is a reviewer here I almost never agree with, but his style engages me, so I read them anyway.



Zodiak13 commented on Review: Demon King Box (3DS eShop):

@Undead_terror I guess game related. I did not have to grind hardly at all. In fact I used the "big" monster and 4 others from early in the game all the way through my first run. Now I am trying everyone else and getting them all max leveled including heroes. Possibly disagree with control, but maybe just the interface. Pressing certain buttons backed me out that I felt should have gone to another screen. Minor detail really.

Your review is informative, although I would say each paragraph seems to lack flow. More of a style issue, since when I write I flourish a bit much. Hope that is not offensive, because I don't think its bad by any means. Just hard to keep people interested unless you create your own voice, especially if its not a game someone is interested in. I read all the reviews here even if I don't care about the game, because the reviews have a good voice, mixed with humor from time to time.



Zodiak13 commented on Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS A...:

@DarkCoolEdge Huh. Overreacting much? Most Nintendo handhelds have been upgraded, with games exclusive to them. Gameboy- Gameboy Color. DS-DSI. Now this. I think the Advance- Advance SP did not, so there is that. So 3 out of the 4 generations will. That is a pattern, but just now it makes you mad. Makes you want a company you say you care about to fail. I don't like DLC, but I get why they are doing it. $$ man, and they can't make anything if they run out of it. That is a business fact. they think this may help them make money, so they are going to try it.

Anyway, I think it is a cool update, not sure how to transfer all my stuff from SD to micro SD, but that is my only concern. XL version for me.



Zodiak13 commented on Tappingo 2 Release Pushed Back a Week on Ninte...:

@HugoSmits Not really my style of game but I will get this anyway. I do my best to support the indie scene. Plus, whenever I let people play my 3DS's I make sure they try games that other people love that I am not into. Keep making the quality games, I want you and other indies to succeed.



Zodiak13 commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

Don't play MK or SSB series so I guess I just don't care. Its just advertising, which happens all over the world, and honestly, in a lot of games. I play games all the time, and I don't even notice product placement until I read that it is in a game somewhere. Also, I saw that TBD was busy today, so this must be really pushing people's buttons.



Zodiak13 commented on The Letter Plummets to a New Low With eShop Di...:

Everyone gets so worked up on this game. Have we all forgotten Superman N64?? Bad games come in all price points, thankfully this was $2 originally, so your out less than a cup of coffee if you bought it unknowingly. Just remember, there are those games from RCMADIAX that are dirt cheap and yet functional and fun. Win some lose some, in the end its just a game.



Zodiak13 commented on Review: SHUT THE BOX (Wii U eShop):

@accc That's what I think too when a FPS gets anything above a 5, thankfully this is way more enjoyable than every FPS ever made.

Oh, and its not garbage. It is a simple yet functional game like the other one's he has made. It's less than $1 for crying out loud. Have you tried any of this publishers other games. Fun inexpensive time killers.



Zodiak13 commented on Review: Steel Empire (3DS eShop):

I don't want this game, but it is not because of price. I just don't like the genre. However, price should not matter when it is a good game, within some realm of reason. I bought Yumi's Odd Odyssey, Unchained Blades, and Senran Kagura Burst for that same price. All digital only in the USA, and they were well worth it. I like physical copies too, but it is still just a bunch of data on a chip that shows up on your 3DS. To not get a game because it does not fit a materialistic need is sad, and will only hurt the industry as a whole.



Zodiak13 commented on Atlus Teases New Game Announcements Plus Brand...:

@CanisWolfred We have. The original's on PS1 were ok but nothing that engaged me. Persona 3 I gave 4+ hours of a try but almost made me throw my PSP against the wall. My friend hung out with me and showed me the ropes on P4 Golden Vita, because he said I just did not know what I was doing and therefore did not like them. Long story short he gave me $40 for making me waste my money although I will never get that terrible day back.

Keep in mind I have no qualms with those who dig the game, I just can't fathom the attraction.



Zodiak13 commented on Bravely Default Flutters Gracefully Past The O...:

Just for fun I checked my activity log and this was #1 ranked for this year for playtime which was surprising because I did not think I had played it that much. It was awesome, I loved the job system and leveling each person in every area was very gratifying. Fun story and great aesthetics helped make those many hours (70+ if I count demo time) go bye almost too quickly. Looking forward to the next one.