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Tue 11th June, 2013

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mercurio2054 commented on Nintendo UK's Store Offers The Mario and Sonic...:

@Collz you know what happen to the "next gen console, that was aimed at hardcore gamers & casual gamers alike " ??
the "third" party release bad games that no one like, with no DLC, out of date, bugs, uncompleted games (most EA).... so how do they hope to sell well.... in this case is not Nintendo is fault.



mercurio2054 commented on Wii Fit No Substitute For Real Exercise Accord...:

@johndevine @Nintenjoe64 my wife 3 years a go use wii fit within one month of childbirth, and she lose a lot. she was very animated and committed with the game, like they say "the main problem is people’s lack of motivation when it comes to active gaming." if you start the game with no motivation and commitment you will be doing nothing.

Later she went to the gym and stop using the wii, now she make a combination of both with the wii fit u.
like @Fazermint and @Vanya say, is the motivation that you have... some time at the gym other people help you to get motivated.... of course gym and other kind of exercise can be more complete.