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OptometristLime commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

@Peach64 you bring that assertion without presenting any evidence, which clearly puts you on the same grounds as your fellow "ignorant" persons.

Think about any number of indie studios which are able to develop for Nintendo, with their implicit help which is the whole point of developing for a certain console. You expect to have a learning experience.



OptometristLime commented on Video: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Gets...:


Sorry but I don't quite process what you are trying to say. If it's that a Nintendo themed level should not be compared to the benchmark, that being the original level what comparison would you suggest?

I hope you don't consider this snippet to be impressive enough to stand against modern gen efforts. The only reason I'm going on about the atmosphere is because it's a tangible part of the Zelda experience, maybe for you it's there but I think this could be a tech demo for any game.



OptometristLime commented on Video: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Gets...:

This comes down to whether you feel the N64 graphics carried a charm with them. I feel that a large part of the atmosphere is missed... Kakariko village is a small burg indeed but not abandoned, overgrown with knee-high grass. The sun glinting eerily and drowning out all the surroundings? Zelda titles are king at projecting a vibrant and lived in world. So this kind of modern dubbing is hardly a threat, and more of a gee that's neat. But not befitting of Nintendo.



OptometristLime commented on Video: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Gets...:

Your sympathy is loathsome, I don't judge Sony gamers on their tastes and preferences. Why should I play referee to some other console when I choose not to play it?

As your posting record shows you have rarely deviated from a habit of criticism. Dissing Nintendo makes you a poor ambassador for Sony as well, gaming is a hobby that shouldn't be limited by loyalty to a brand or console.



OptometristLime commented on Video: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Gets...:


You seem hopelessly deluded, and unfamiliar with the history of Nintendo and its role as a cornerstone of the industry. Top of the line graphics require a PC full stop, after that we are just bickering over preference (cartoon style, retro, etc). Those console revisions you cite have kept prices to a minimum and make gaming more accessible; I would argue they push the envelope simply by drawing more and more attention to a diverse and simply fun collection of games.



OptometristLime commented on Nintendo's Awesome Super Mario Maker Overview ...:

Geeze this comment section is dripping with brilliance, special credit for Yorumi who feels Nintendo is being "idiotic", yet has the disposition to call out others for their monosyllabic arguments.

Honestly. Writing the same damn thing over and over does zilch to prove your point, and don't ask me to refute it either. I feel your chagrin with Nintendo (almost personal really) erases any traces of a logical argument.



OptometristLime commented on Nintendo Cancels Camp Miiverse in Honour of Sa...:


Everyone, every business handles these things and grieves in their own way. To compare the urgent passing of a great figure to the anniversary of an event that time has contextualized, it's just not relevant. But you seem eager to troll others with your personal grievances, even on this occasion.



OptometristLime commented on Nintendo Has No Plans For amiibo Support In Th...:

Wow almost hearkens back to ye olde days when game design came first, must be an extinct philosophy in this clime.

TBH the outfits in the game are already cool and it seems smart to limit their presence to a handful of instantly recognizable classes or roles.



OptometristLime commented on Hands On: Logging More Flight Time With Star F...:

I only put in my 2 cents as it seems like a positive take on refurb Nintendo experiences is some how rare or beyond consideration. When I look at a game and can easily see myself having fun, what the hell do I care about 101 details. Granted this is not looking graphically marvelous, which seems to be an odd (deliberate?) choice considering the tech at their disposal. Still though flying around those environments will be a truer test than static models.



OptometristLime commented on Hands On: Logging More Flight Time With Star F...:

How can they possibly innovate when fans like you paint them into a corner and look for by the numbers experiences? For me Nintendo's motives make a ton of sense in terms of trying to meet that new audience. I think it's unfair to expect "carbon copies" and also look for a competitive current gen experience. Sorry to say I don't think Nintendo is the horse I see you riding with during this particularly stormy time in the industry, and that's okay.



OptometristLime commented on Hands On: Logging More Flight Time With Star F...:

I just can't take gaming culture seriously anymore, if I had an axe to grind it would be against this jaded and cynical generation which is impossibly fixated with the past and some how still expecting the future to fall into their orbit. Nintendo for their part are increasingly clumsy and out of step with their own vaunted expectations, personally I could care less about legacy when the games coming out now are fun.



OptometristLime commented on Hands On: Logging More Flight Time With Star F...:

Outlier opinions mean jack at this point, for Nintendo to phone in a mainline Star Fox entry with the console's inage on the line to me seems inconceivable.

The fact that we can't throw stones at the guy without them flying back, tells me pretty much all there is to know... I sure don't mind seeing an honest bit of journalism, but leave the interpretation to the people.



OptometristLime commented on Humble Bundle Issues Official Statement About ...:


I'm sorry but you're taking this charity statement way out of context, in which it simply refers to a free-will offering. Just because people choose to support other initiatives in our world doesn't mean you can talk down to them like a bloody loon. From what you've said I guess Humble Bundle's many other truly generous charity drives have escaped your eye. I find your stance most uncharitable in regards to causes other than your own.



OptometristLime commented on Yooka-Laylee Double-Jumps Through Final Kickst...:

@rjejr You've been burned in the past so you have an increased sensitivity to release dates I get it. But carrying over those fears to a studio that has no track record is irrational; comparing it to Zelda is strange because of the grand scope of that game and the developer involved (delays are common with certain Nintendo franchises).



OptometristLime commented on Fire Emblem's Two Versions Will Offer Very Dif...:


Nintendo gamers are no different than any other demographic, in terms of wanting the maximum amount of entertainment on the dollar. I think you've gone to an extreme proving your point, which is unfortunate because it distracts heavily from any constructive criticism you might hope to levy.



OptometristLime commented on Review: Pazuru (3DS eShop):

A "better" reviewer would complete a game faster? I think that's patently false, not to mention the carefully explained gold star challenge (which extended the length of the game for the reviewer).

And I think affordability is a minor quibble too...



OptometristLime commented on Review: BOXBOY! (3DS eShop):

So many butt-hurt commentators, frankly I think we should expect more from our games. The reviewer is singling out this game, for being unable to impress on even a nostalgic level in their opinion.



OptometristLime commented on Video: The Minimum Percentages to KO with Jigg...:


I think you've answered your own question, this article is targeted towards a broad audience, with only passing value to the hardcore Smash fan. Surely your perusal of the Smash boards would make nearly any tip or strategy article seem trite.

As for Melee news, that is fairly niche compared to the wealth of coverage owed to Nintendo's current heavy hitters. I love Melee and its competitors are owed a great deal of respect, but Nintendo Life has plenty of information for gamers who enjoy brand new games.



OptometristLime commented on Video: You NEED To Play Metroid Prime Trilogy:


The Gamecube method of controls for these games is pretty archaic, and uncomfortable. I mean if you are a fan of analog aiming more power to you, but that means holding down the bumper for the full game session.

I feel that the wii pointer is implemented well, and provides for a more intuitive feel while playing. The lock-on system is still present of course, so there are no worries about the controls being too sensitive.