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Sun 13th May, 2012

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LavaTwilight commented on GAME Sends Out £10 Gift Cards and Apologises ...:

They'll only compensate if you could prove that you would not have incurred those bank charges had their error not have occured.

Since they overcharged customers 6 or 7 times in some instances, that shouldn't be too hard to prove. It's good to see them reaching out tho and not waiting for everyone to contact them.



LavaTwilight commented on Retailers In North America Merge Wii U & 3DS L...:

Yeah the UK have had this pretty much since the launch of the wiiU. They're usually pushed to central shelves too without even a banner so you have to look for them between 'hidden object and other pc games' and 'dvds we paid nothing for but people gave us anyway'



LavaTwilight commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Top 10 Super Mario Pl...:

The good thing with this is that it's not just one man's opinion but the accumulative opinion of over 3,000 members, making it a fair representative. I voted for Sunshine to take it. It was so much happier than a lot of the others and i'll always have fond memories of bouncing on the Piantas heads!



LavaTwilight commented on GAME Apologises for Super Mario Maker Pre-Orde...:

The key phrase is 'consequential loss'. GAME have the responsibility to put each customer back into the position they were in before the mistakes happened, and had the mistake never Took place at all. I would def aim for some compensation too.



LavaTwilight commented on GAME Processes Additional Charges on Super Mar...:

In my professional opinion, GAME needs to refund the additional charges and also compensate for bank charges as well as any other charges resulting from this. So if u were late paying another bill because of these charges. In legal terms this is called 'consequential loss' - GAME have the regulatory right to do so, but not the necessity to offer it. So make sure u complain to them and provide evidence of those charges in order for them to compensate u. If you need to, u can ask for additional compensation, for 'distress and inconvenience'.



LavaTwilight commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

I share the same thoughts as a lot of people here, i'd hate it to be digital only. But my limited experience of patent diagrams tells me these are awfully simplistic. Perhaps there's more to come? No optical disk drive doesn't mean digital only. They could be looking at something else.



LavaTwilight commented on Talking Point: Considering the Future of Ninte...:

I think as much advertising Nintendo can do the better. Direct is for the fans and I sincerely hope it continues even with the sad vacation Iwata-San has taken. His successor will do a similar job. Only this time be a bit more ruthless with the competition. Sony and MS are certainly not doing Nintendo any favours, not that they need to.



LavaTwilight commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

The thing is Iwata-San only mentioned the NX as a pre-empt to quell concerns that Nintendo are abandoning dedicated consoles following the announcement of the partnership with DeNA. If he didn't say anything, the forums would be filled with 'this is the end of nintendo' (moreso than they already are lol). Tho I'm sure he said it more for the investors and shareholders than forum-goers. Essentially, we'll find out more about the NX when Nintendo are ready. Any sooner is good too.



LavaTwilight commented on Masahiro Sakurai Confirms That Recent Super Sm...:

I'm still voting for Simon Belmont from Castlevania, but I expect the Inklings will get it, they seem popular and would be a good fit for the franchise. I wouldn't be disappointed either.

Interesting to note that Iwata-San only suggested one character would get the vote. But above Sakurai-San indicates that there may be several. Let's hope!



LavaTwilight commented on Super Mario Maker:

So tap a Link amiibo and get a Link costume... I wonder what happens if you tap a Mario amiibo? Or does it work the same as the new 8-bit amiibo?



LavaTwilight commented on World of Goo and Little Inferno Developers Ann...:

It's Little Inferno! Little Inferno just for meee... I've got a fireplace that burns at a hundred million degreeees, Little Inferno just for meee!
Love that game! And I love World of Goo too! Brilliant editions and i'll have to invest in this if it comes to the wiiU!



LavaTwilight commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach is Often Peculi...:

If they can, their next console should be 4x like the PS4 is. As well as being able to support an easier programming code with a simple sony-esque controller. They don't have to produce the games that could cater for it, they can continue to produce HD or even 'HD ready' games, as well as games requiring use of gamepad and/or wiimote. That would then leave the system open for eternal 3rd party support, whilst they work on their own quirks!



LavaTwilight commented on Rumour: GameStop No Longer Taking amiibo Preor...:

What I don't understand is the figures are still online NOT being sold. I'm sure one or two have been bought but is it enough to turn a profit? I hope Nintendo re-release the amiibo again to make it more obtainable and drive the value these scalpers are trying to get from it back to a non-profitable position.
Gamestop in Ireland seem to still be taking pre-orders, tho I'm sure it's 1pp too.



LavaTwilight commented on Art Academy: Home Studio Heading to North Amer...:

People seem to be complaining a lot on the price... wasn't there a good article on this kind of griping a few weeks back? Anyway, what people don't seem to understand is Sketchpad was just that... a sketchpad. Sure the full version includes more variety in what you can draw/paint with but essentially what you're paying for are the lessons. If you can draw/paint like a pro then this probably isn't for you anyway and the cheaper sketchpad version is sufficient.
People who have Sketchpad have only got a small fraction of the game. That's how it always has been and how it was sold when it was released. I'm grateful that Nintendo had released it as early as they did, otherwise no one would have it now anyway.



LavaTwilight commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

This is exactly why I prefer to have physical copies of the game than downloaded versions. I've always read the Ts&Cs and always encourage others to do so. Those who don't are asking for nasty surprises. Even I get the occasional nasty shock if I forget about a certain clause but as I know I've read the Ts&Cs I know it's something I agreed to. 1984.



LavaTwilight commented on A Totally Complete Version Of Star Fox 2 Reall...:

@joemama93 "who's that crossing my bridge?" snarled the troll. "It's me, big billy goat gruff" replied the goat. "I'm going to gobble you up" shouted the troll. "O no you're not" replied big billy goat gruff and then charged at the troll with his mighty horn, pierced his spleen and the guts of the troll poured out all over the ground. The troll died a horrible gruesome death. Then all the goats could enjoy the green grass on the other side of the bridge".



LavaTwilight commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

I completely agree with this article.

People are being groomed to a culture of expecting something for nothing, and expecting their voices to be heard if they scream loud enough.
The problem is, money is tight everywhere. People will only buy the games they want to buy. They may end up buying a game on discount if it's appealed to them but their funds don't allow for it. They may 'treat' themselves.
I have an interest in Lone Survivor but there's always been other games to demand my money. Now it's on a 50% discount I'm seriously considering buying it, but that doesn't mean I've been waiting purely for a discount.
Point of Interest, Nintendo seem to have it spot on. When both Mario Galaxy 2 and DK Country were released I made sure I put my money down? Why? First Week discount. I had no reason to believe these discounts would be repeated at any time during their lifespan. If they weren't discounted I probably wouldn't have got them, most certainly not yet. If eShop games stop going on discount and instead opt for a 'First Week' discount, people would be more likely to part with their cash straight away and then not complain about the price later on. They would know they had a fair opportunity to get it at a discount. If they still really wanted the game, they'd get it later on. Maybe exceptions could be made for when a sequel is released or something similar, like an anniversary. But not sporadic discounts. It only cheapens the product and causes a backlash like this.