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edhe commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

The way I see it, if it wasn't in (or supposed to be in) the Japanese version, no-one can complain about it not being in the Western release. What, are Nintendo supposed to rewrite the code to include a gay option? Are Nintendo suddenly "problematic" for not including the gay option in the game?

With that being said, of all the Nintendo games released in recent years, this was the one that really 'ought to have had the gay option in it. You are playing with your own personal avatar, and if you as a male don't personally find women sexually attractive, then I can understand if the person would feel a bit miffed about it - enough to want to pass up on the game.

By the same token, a devout Christian would be well within their rights to pass up the game if it included themes they didn't agree with.



edhe commented on Nintendo Shows Off Upcoming Golden Sun and F-Z...:

I remember owning one of the Golden Sun games. I think there was a feature that allowed you to import your progress into the second one via a password. I probably owned the second one in that case.

I look forward to trying Golden Sun, and I'm sure they'll probably release the sequel too.



edhe commented on Citizens of Earth Coming To Wii U And 3DS eSho...:


It was inspired in part by Earthbound, yes.

Then again, if Nintendo is unwilling to give us a genuine follow-up in the Mother series (let alone localise the ones already available in Japan), I say we should take what we can get.

@Anguspuss As long as Atlus is involved, we can probably expect to wait a year.



edhe commented on The Wonderful 101 Saving Wallets on Wii U eShop:

I've got £20 on my account (saved up for those GBA games), but if they were to extend this deal to Europe, I'd probably buy it. Then I'll have to pzy out for the GBA games on top of that.



edhe commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming Game Boy ...:

I'll definitely be picking up the games I don't already own on 3DS - namely Golden Sun (I didn't know Nintendo were planning to release it in this first wave), Advance Wars and Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga.

There are a lot of games in this first wave though - I hope Nintendo can keep up the momentum.



edhe commented on Julius Caesar Will Be Taking the Battle to the...:

This is an absolute farce.

I'd like to think Nintendolife aren't telling us something important - like the developer is an established (or at least experienced) name subverting our expectations with godawful imaging skills like the one earlier in the comments, before releasing an awesome game down the line, but I really can't see that being the case.

In any case, it's far to early to be showing off the project. If all we've got is two pieces of concept art, then the game will need at least a full year of development before it'll be ready to be released.

If this developer has the skills, then they should have kept it under their hat for a bit longer. They aren't Konami or Capcom. No-one's going to give a toss about their project at this stage.



edhe commented on It's Not Waluigi Time In The New Super Smash B...:

To me, Waluigi could represent a more daring side to Nintendo. They've released games starring other fringe characters before, (Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, Super Princess Peach &, of course, WarioWare), and they've often been much more interesting than their play it safe 'New Super Mario Bros.', Wii Lifestyle or Mario/Nintendoland Party games.

I suppose it's something, that he's at least appearing in the game as a trophy, and to be honest, I'm not too upset he isn't appearing as a fully fledged character, but Nintendo really need to give him his own game.

I'd also like to see a proper Wario game as well - be it a platform adventure or WarioWare D.I.Y for this generation.



edhe commented on Investor Wants Nintendo To Create Mobile Title...:

People like this would sooner see a company go under as long as they can wring enough money out of the bloated corpse before moving on to the next host.

The same thing happened with Runescape - a game I used to love. Yes, the motions were set in place as early as 2005, but nowadays, the game is run by money men. You have the opportunity to pay for items you would normally have earned through your own hard work with real world money - every aspect of the game is geared towards prising more money from your wallet.

And now Square Enix have announced a new "free to play" iOS (we'll see how that goes!) iteration of Secret of Mana.

The games industry is going to crash so hard. It has to be inevitable if this is the only way (paying to make Mario jump higher, for example) to make enough profit.



edhe commented on Nintendo UK Launches a New "Nintendo Girls Clu...:

That's not to say anyone other than the intended demographic can't comment, obviously. I'm not a little girl myself.

I was going to gripe about how Nintendo should try advertising the WiiU, but to be fair, little girls (again, this campaign's target) are more likely to want a portable gadget than a hulking (in comparison) console to hook up to the TV.

Also, I have not watched the videos yet, because I honestly can't say I'd be able to form a valid opinion on them. My taste in gaming (although ecletic) is vastly different to that of a young girl. Judging from the screnshots, though, they seem to feature Animal Crossing, a game many of us (male or female, young or old) enjoy.

@Doma What about Barbiegurl indeed. She doesn't seem to have a problem with this. I gave my self an out by saying "most of us" though.

@Buzzthebatgirl I've now watched the first video, and it seems there's always the chance that they may feature Pokemon in a later video (I see no reason why they wouldn't - Pokemon - especially the newer on is geared towards the younger player)

"...or even request a video of your favourite game." - 00:26

Furthermore, they've put up a trailer for Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask on the channel, and while Nintendo does seem top market the puzzle games like this for women, it's certainly not a pink game.

(Edit - add to that trailers for Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario 3D Land (Granted, both Mario universe games) and Art Academy)



edhe commented on Nintendo UK Launches a New "Nintendo Girls Clu...:

We're not talking about ladies or women here, we're talking about little girls.

This campaign is targeted towards little girls, and no-one should have a problem with that because I'm willing to wager that most of us aren't little girls aged 8 to 12.



edhe commented on Talking Point: What We Expect In Nintendo Dire...:

Personally, I'd like some information on that 3DS calciobit followup and, maybe, confirmation of a Western release of the new Daigasso Band Brothers game.

On the Wii U front, I think it's about time we saw some more of Bayonetta, Hyrule Warriors and particularly X - in fact, anything that isn't just a Mario universe related game.



edhe commented on UK Retailer GAME to Open Two Pre-Owned Only St...:

It sounds a bit pointless to me. I can trade in games at GAME perfectly fine - that is, unless, they are going to branch in to Gamecube era games and beyond.

I always welcome a chance to buy some pre-owned gems, but if this is the case, I fear their shelves are going to be stocked not with classics like Tales of Symphonia or Skies of Arcadia, but with the millions of 'Wii Sports', 'Madworld', '2002 FIFA World Cup' and 'Deal or no Deal' games that no one seems to want to buy.

There are at least 4 game shops in my local city that deal in second hand games (including Game), and it's quite difficult to find anything interesting to buy.

There's plenty of copies of 'Red Steel', 'Desi Adda Games of India' and 'Ellen Whitakers Horse Life' though. Plus, 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire', 'The Sims: Busting Out', Out of date championship/Football Manager/FIFA games, not to mention hundreds of niche 'Sold Out' label PC games.

I often wonder what sort of life these games have lead. Some of them can sit on shelves for years! Then when the little game shop goes out of business, the stock is confiscated and the games are bought by another shop where they sit on a shelf for another 5 years...



edhe commented on Matters of Import: Bahamut Lagoon Roars Onto T...:

The fact of the matter is that Square-Enix aren't going to spend a single cent to translate this game so it can be brought over to the west.

It's a shame these games are so inaccessable in that respect. I suppose it's doable with a gamefaqs translation guide open (providing the game has one), but then there's the act of importing the game (again, doable in this case - it's currently listed on ebay at under £15).

All I can say is gawd bless hybrid consoles. I hope to pick the Retron up when it finally releases, and hopefully, this game too. It looks interesting.



edhe commented on Nintendo Download: 6th February (Europe):

I have Virtue's Last Reward already, and I'd certainly recommend it. I hope they get around to putting the first one on the download service, although to be honest, it's probably simpler to get it on import.

I hear Virtue's Last Reward follows on from 999.

Everything else is underwhelming - for me, personally. Nintendo needs to be putting more stuff out on the Wii U for crying out loud! The regular discounts are nice though.



edhe commented on Recently Departed Official Nintendo Magazine E...:

I should also say, I was devastated when Nintendo Gamer was shut down, and that may have coloured my initial impression of ONM. I can't really offer an opinion on how good the magazine was under him, but I'm glad his hard work has rewarded him with a prestigious job like this.



edhe commented on Recently Departed Official Nintendo Magazine E...:

I've only read two issues of ONM in my life (thanks to my subscription being transferred over when Future cruelly shut down Nintendo Gamer), and I've got to say, looking at the editors page, my first impression was "who's this guy - some sort of male model?" He was posing in a manner not too dissimilar to the one in the article, but with a Derek Zoolander poker face.

I wasn't aware he was so instrumental in changing up ONM - I'm not qualified to say whether it was for the better or not - the last time I'd bought the magazine was literally in the 90's, but I'm glad he's going on to greater things.

I'm also very glad that Matthew Castle gets the helm at the magazine - he's always come across as a nice guy, and his time at Nintendo Gamer made the magazine a very enjoyable read for me.



edhe commented on Atlus is Bringing Conception II to Europe as a...:

THIS is the benefit of downloadable games. Because let's be honest - a game like this isn't going to light up the charts.

I'd be happy to forgo a physical release (and all it's benefits) if it means being able to play the game at all. Then again, if Nintendo were only to remove the 3DS's archaic region lock, I'd have been able to import this anyway.

I'm pleased Atlus is bringing the game to Europe personally - I hope we get to see many more of their games in the future (although I hope they aren't all digital only).



edhe commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

Another anonymous source. Don't know whether to trust it or not, but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. It sounds like the pathetic excuse EA would make.

Also, this quote was a two paragraph extract from a much larger article about how Nintendo should re-invent itself. If that should form the basis for an article in it's own right, well I'm flabbergasted.



edhe commented on BBC is "Working to bring iPlayer" to the Wii U:

If this was 5 years ago, and 'Have I got News for You' was still watchable, this news would excite me.

As such, I have no reason to watch the BBC any more - I can't remember the last time I actually turned it on to a BBC channel to watch something that wasn't the news.



edhe commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata "Has Earned Th...:

"'s not like they are going to discuntinue the console or something that would be suicidal..."

That's not what Michael Pachter and his crystal ball thinks.. Or maybe he does think it's suicidal - he is an analyst that short term stockholders look to for advice, after all.

Worryingly (and understandingly), Nintendo stock plummeted after the announcement that Nintendo have re-assessed their sales projections.

Untitled [Gawker]



edhe commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata "Has Earned Th...:

If it kicks Nintendo into gear, it can only be a good thing.

No one [who's a real fan of Nintendo] wants them to start putting their games on rival systems, but we're crying out for must have games. If only Nintendo had something like Smash Bros. at launch (and bless Sakurai's socks for working so hard on that game - to be fair, he couldn't get it out of the gates any sooner), the Wii U would be in a better place than it is now.

Mario's nice (I'm not a fan myself), and so's Pikmin, but we need another big Nintendo franchise release, and I'm not talking about Wii Fit or Wii Sports. Mario Kart is likely to do as well as Super Mario 3D World, as is Donkey Kong, so we need a Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero or Starfox game to really bring in the sales.

But of course, those games are far, far off.

A greater focus on Virtual Console across both platforms would be nice too.



edhe commented on We Cannot Continue Without Winning, But It's N...:

Yes, this is a disaster of epic proportions, but why is it that Nintendo has to keep reminding people that they'll never put their core lineup on smartphones? Why can't these people get it into their thick skulls that to do so would be suicide for the company?



edhe commented on Sega Has No Plans To Bring Alien: Isolation To...:


I'll have to admit, I tend not to gravitate towards these AAA blockbusters (I'd like to have had the chance to buy GTA V at least), but it could only be good for the Wii U if people were able to buy these sort of games on the console. I won't deny that Nintendo aren't blameless in that respect.

Then again, I don't gravitate towards Nintendo's first party offering either - of the 6 Wii U games I currently own, only one of them is a Nintendo developed game - Wind Waker. Nintendoland and the several Mario games just don't appeal to me. I'm not anticipating Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze nor Smash Bros.

What I am looking forward to is the quality third party exclusives (something which is thin on the gound at the moment) - games like X. I'm yet to buy Wonderful 101, but I'll probably strive to buy it (via eShop) and I will definitely keep my eye on Bayonetta 2.