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I'm awesome. I like rock, classical, jazz, and VGM. Uh, give me your money.

Sun 31st Jul 2011

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scrubbyscum999 commented on Dead Or Alive Producer Feels That A Cultural D...:

Ok, going to keep on supporting Japanese creations filled with fanservice regardless of what people say. I don't tell people what they should buy based on moral grounds, they should do the same. I love Senran Kagura and think it's a fine series. If people got a problem with it don't buy it. I can assure you the sort fanservice you see from Japanese media is iconic and popular among a pretty decent group in the West and isn't going away. Just live with it.



scrubbyscum999 commented on Fresh Super Smash Bros. Screens Show Zero Suit...:

I didn't even realize people were in a hissy fit over ZSS but I'm not surprised. So she has high heels, so? Who cares. I just don't get anything that can even be interpreted as "sexual" is treated like it's the devil. What are we in, Puritan times? This just annoys me cause it seems nowadays we can't have a female character pop up without it being some long discussion about "oh I can see assets, there is some sexy, that's now sexist." Nobody cares about Captain Falcon or Goku from DBZ so why is it a big deal once a woman is involved. If this is sexualized it's REALLY tame. Like, it's honestly not even that risque. What I am basically hearing is that ultimately you either don't want ANY sexual references in games or you want your own approved tastes to be the rule. Either way, never going to happen.

So yeah, excited about Smash. It looks like Greninja will be a main of mine along with Rosalina and Zelda.



scrubbyscum999 commented on Video: The Dubious Charm Of Senran Kagura Burs...:

@ShadJV Thank you.

@simonhwsn Because the moral police are coming to get you. If it's not their personal cup of tea be prepared to be imprisoned. #Nofunallowed

I played Senran Kagura Burst. It's a good game with solid gameplay and an actually decent story. If you like quirky games you should really pick this one up. Then again, I am always buy Atlus and Xseed stuff at this point.



scrubbyscum999 commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

The comments section is already poopypooppoopystorm. People can't accept some people don't want other systems cause they don't like the games on the other systems. Nope, just fanboyism. No way people don't like the AAA Western titles. Everyone has to have the same tastes.