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Who says adults can't play games?

Male, 36, United States

Been a Nintendo head since I was a wee tyke. Loyal since the early 80's. Had almost EVERY console and managed to play a few of their arcade cabinets. Also, a true Pokemon Trainer as I have played every ORIGINAL game in the RPG series.

Sun 18th Aug 2013

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nWoElite commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

You completely missed the boat with GTA:Vice City and San Andreas.

In VC the soundtrack, if nothing else, was what you played the game for. I spent hours just driving around and listening to the music, which came from a lot of 80's popular artists. The storyline was pretty good as well.
San andreas was another favorite BECAUSE of the subject matter. An AA lead (finally)? The L.A. Riots? Crooked Cops? A Hip-Hop soundtrack feaaturing Eazy-E? SOLD!

I'm a little dissappointed that Big N didn't get in on GTA this time. Opening night sales went through the roof I'm sure.

I'm a N fan for life, but if they plan on maintaining a strong foothold in the home console battle, game like these they CAN'T turn away. It's time for N to grow with a majority of its market.



nWoElite commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

I look at it like this. I'm old school, so for me every new game I bought there was the fun of unwrapping it from the plastic, opening the box and taking the cartridge out. The limited edition Golden cartridges/discs with every Zelda release? Perfect. Anybody else remember the rainbow cartridges during the 64 era? Things like that are what make me but the discs/carts. Also, theres no easier way to converse with other gamers and meet face to face than midnight release parties where one can go in and stand with others in anticipation of the new release.

Is the eShop big N's attempt to cut out the resale market?