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Tue 18th Dec 2012

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Boukman commented on Nintendo Titles Fail to Infiltrate the UK All-...:

It's not just a Nintendoproblem. The list is filled with boring shooters en stupid sport and dance games. Look at Tearaway at no. 36. That's a wonderful game as well. First decent game (except maybe assassin's creed and GTA V) is at number 21. Gaming more and more resembles the musiccharts.



Boukman commented on Talking Point: Gamescom Announcements Raise th...:

I really enjoy playing on my Vita. I actually bought it for the PSP catalogue but am now close to 100 hours of Persona 4 Golden. I think it is shame that Sony puts so little effort behind it. Never bought a PS3 because that one has not much games I like. I have a PS2 however. Lots of good Squeenix and Atlus games on that one. On the other hand I also don't have a WiiU yet. That will change however this Christmas. Than there are too many games to ignore it any longer

It's all down on good games. I love Nintendo but I also like playing on Sony gear. No Microsoft for me though.


1. The Vita will sadly die.
2. 3DS will continue to rock.
3. WiiU will sell respectably from the holiday season on but will not match either the Wii nor the PS4.



Boukman commented on Rumour: Nintendo Is Shaping Up To Acquire Trou...:

It would be great move. The games they make are more for the adult market. That's where the competition is. Also there is a growing interest in the West for these deeper RPG experiences. Nintendo has the power to back up that development. Plus: It might be niche here, but it's not in Japan. And that's an important market for Nintendo. Plus they acquire a talented crew of developers.



Boukman commented on Soapbox: When It Comes To Software Support, Th...:

Most of the backcatalogue I own for older Nintendosystems are First party games anyway. Nintendo was en still the most innovative company out there. I haven't bought a WiiU yet but before the year is out I will a have one. Truth be told Sony for me is a good second choice. It's nice to have a little diversity and I'm a big fan of games like Disgaea. Plus they own Naughty Dog who are just as brilliant as Nintendo first party developers.



Boukman commented on Nintendo's Scott Moffitt - Upcoming Wii U Line...:

"We try to make decisions that will respect our fans and their intelligence and win their support."

What a great line! I wish I could come up with a smack in the face like that.


What about Regionlocks?
Downloaded software gone if my 3DS gets broken or stolen?
I have a household with 3 boys and 4 3DS consoles. I have to pay for the same download game 4 times!
Our Nintendo club account is registered to my 8 year old son. We bought 3 games for the free game promotion and a 3DS XL. But you have to 16 to get the free game. We even asked Nintendo if we still could get it. No way they said.

So a little self reflection won't hurt either.....