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Sat 8th Jun 2013

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JelloVert commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

I've never liked the GTA series. The most recent one I played was GTA IV when it released. I started the game with high hopes (mostly because most of my friends were praising it), but got bored of it 3 hours in.
I just never understood the praise GTA gets. I mean, sure, the older ones were surprising for their time. Sandbox games were rare, and GTA was pretty much the only series where you could just run around.
The problem, to me at least, is that most developers go towards sandbox style games because they know it will get praised, even if it has mediocre at best gameplay. The market is just becoming a huge dumpster filled with sandbox games, and I feel like that's what makes the genre lose its charm.
There is also the fact that most sandbox game have nearly identical game play. Sure, the map is big, but why does it need to be so big when your options are mostly limited to driving and shooting?
People say you can do ''anything you want'', but that isn't true in a way. You can do anything the game permits you to do. You're always limited to what the game has, and I get bored pretty easily after driving through the same giant map for the second time.
I guess I'll never be able to enjoy those games. Not because of the way they portray women, and not because they're violent. I just find sandbox games plain boring.