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Male, United States

Sat 30th April, 2011

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HeroOfCybertron commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd January (North America):

I might get Retro City Rampage DX since it's on sale, I've been waiting for a sale on the game, even though the discount is not that much of a discount. I'll also check out today's throwback sale. I wonder what Midnight is since I can't find any info about it anywhere.



HeroOfCybertron commented on Little Mac's amiibo Appears to Have Actually B...:

I never expected to get a little Mac amiibo but sometime after the amiibo had sold out at my local TRU one day (at TRU) I saw a single Little Mac amiibo so I grabbed him and when I brought him up to the register and as I was paying the guy told me it was one someone had preordered but never picked up, so after two weeks they were allowed to put Little Mac on the shelf.



HeroOfCybertron commented on Nintendo Download: 27th November (North America):

I already downloaded the HW DLC earlier, I might check out Heptrix for $1.99 because it seems like the only Tetris like game the Wii U has at moment, I'll also check out the sales like Wario Land 4 and Superstar Saga and maybe Rocck Zombie.