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Sat 30th April, 2011

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HeroOfCybertron commented on Nintendo Download: 9th July (North America):

I'm probably not going to download anything new this week, I already have everything that I want that's in the epic indie sale though I might upgrade Mario Tennis which I got the Wii vc version from Club Nintendo.



HeroOfCybertron commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

Scalpers have ruined amiibo for me, at first I thought, ohhh cool little figures to collect and they work with games but now it's just frustrating at how hard it is to get these amiibo and there's no other way to get the fun little extra content if you can't find the amiibo you're looking for.



HeroOfCybertron commented on Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition Will Not Be Ava...:

Wii U still gets all the extra DLC game content just not the figure and special box right? I guess I could buy the PS4 Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition even though I don't have a PS4 but I do have a PS3 and Vita which are cross buy with the PS4 retail version right? Will the Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition be available in stores or would I have to order from a website?