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Kiwi boy that loves comic books and Nintendo!

Wed 12th October, 2011

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MeWario commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part Two:

Great list. The one thing that sets apart the Wii U from every other console I've ever had is that I genuinely want to buy the majority of games that come out for it. I've played most of these and can't wait to try the rest. Great little console!



MeWario commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (3DS eShop):

Man, I've been dreading this review for weeks. It's a brilliant game and a 6 is an insult. I've poured about 20 hours into it in the last few weeks and I just can't stop. So many extra levels and challenges and I never had a problem with smaller screen size. Back in 1999 this game was a 10 all day long, I'd give it a 9 now.



MeWario commented on Retro City Rampage DX is "Doing Great" on 3DS:

@Gen0neD Yes but it makes sense. This game is made to look like an old game and I like to think of it as a virtual console title, hence no 3D. It would be a pretty lengthy and painful job converting it to 3D just so we can play what is supposed to look like a NES title in 3D.



MeWario commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (Europe):

Nothing for me :( Still waiting for Retro City Rampage down here in NZ :( Atleast I have Super Mario Bros DX to play! I haven't been looking forward to the review because I know it's not going to get the 10 that it deserves.



MeWario commented on Rayman Legends On Wii U Is Still The ''Definit...:

Being so used to Mario's physics I was lukewarm on Rayman Legends for my first hour or so - I just couldn't get the hang of controlling him. Then, suddenly, it all clicked and I haven't looked back! My entire summer has been spent playing it and I can't not tune in to play the daily challenges every day. Such an incredible game and one that I've played more than any other on the Wii U (including 3DWorld surprisingly).



MeWario commented on Wii Fit No Substitute For Real Exercise Accord...:

The Aussie cricket teams a joke (England's just more of a joke), they suck at tennis, soccer and their rugby teams pathetic. The golden age of Aussie sport is well and truly over - just thought you should know!