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Wed 7th Oct 2009

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GoldenBanana commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:

After reading this post I hoped to find someone stating that they handle the controller like ME !!! But I couldn´t find anyone !

I used to have an impressive ability playing with the N64 controller because I used three fingers to control the stick instead of only the thumb (the thumb, the index and the middle). All of my left hand used for controlling the character and the right for all the rest of the buttons (including Z). In fighting games and in shooting games like Conker´s Bad Fur Day´s multiplayer, I had an incredible accuracy and response playing with Einstein AI that way. Try it , my friends called me weirdo for that but agreed in my arguments. And I have to state, it is a great and unique controller, excellent in ergonomics for me.



GoldenBanana commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

I don´t understand why so many people get so upset with Damo stating his opinion (its their website, they have the right to express what they think). Whatsmore, it´s disturbing how aggressive people get on their responses against Damo. His thoughts are noble and sincere and are quite impossible to deny them.

It´s undeniable that GTA games became extremely violent games full of evil nonsense and its biggest flaw to me, it´s I think its biggest attraction: its undeniable closeness to reality (its "real" graphics, its hollywood-esque chars, its ambients similar to mayor cities).

I live in a highly violent and tormented society, where you can get shot in the head for just 2 dollars. I´m south-american and I´m from Montevideo (it´s a city), Uruguay (it´s a country). To me, all those cursing things that happen on these games so many people love to fantasize being a gansta and play so much, are crude reality here. It´s disgusting to take the role of such disgusting characters that hurt so much society. You would understand it more if it was a part of your reality. You cannot imagine what it could be to have true terror to walk the streets of your own neighbourhood, or to just go to work driving a bus or a taxi. You know what happens to those "kickdonkey ultraviolent dudes" in my country ? They get shot in the head by the supermarket owner defending his life or his family or his customers. You know what happens to rapers, and killers in jail ? They get ultraviolence for what they´ve done, and from their own prisonmates. We have to draw a line here, there´s an idiot among you for example that put murder and blowjobs at the same level?? WTF?? blowjobs are beautiful, best if they are earned free from the love of your own girlfriend. How can murder be great or cool?. Those are truly evil things to do (rape, torturing and murder), even for those prisonmates that maybe, had succumbed to robbery for a money need or personal problems (maybe with drugs, chemicals ruling your mind trying to make you forget your poopiedoodoocacadoggiepoopsiedoodle reality).
I understand some kinds of violence can be in some way fun like killing beasts in a game. I also understand that you can get all Buddah and say: "I can play ultraviolent games, hurt virtual women, torture them, then rob them their money from their misery job, and after that say it was "fun" (or whatever stupid senseless ape comment about it) and then state "but I can tell difference from reality". Oh ! How elevated minds we happen to have here ! How mental you are ! How godly intellectual ! Come here and live with me for a while, THIS is reality. There´s nothing more real than reality itself. I urge you to go to a sociably rotten place, a place truly disturbing of your city or country. Or if cannot find one, come to the south, it´s a heartripping reality in so many places around here, and I´ll guarantee you all brave kickdonkey lads, your donkey hair WILL stand up !

GTA never appealed to me, I reject it and I think it is related to the social environment I live with and all those things that are cancer to society. When I play a game, I search fantasy, I search something that doesn´t exist, I love to watch art and graphics far from real in games. If I want to watch ultra high definition "real" stuff, or I want to love, drive, or hit a ball, I just live (no need escaping to parallel "real" realities). That´s one of the things I love about Nintendo, they know how to make something truly fun without having to evoke that collective twisted mind of the youngsters in believing that being a kickdonkey gansta is fun. I pity you all who play those games, and don´t think I´m saint as Pope Francis (I don´t even believe in God). I believe in living, loving, learning, making mistakes, getting up, trying to be happy and make others happy. Nintendo games go with that.

Loud clapping to Damo who had the balls to drag this topic down to earth and state his noble toughts. To me, Rockstar sucks. They truly do in making profit that way, and in a way so disturbingly well accepted among so many people in the world.
Watch the profanity, please — TBD



GoldenBanana commented on Talking Point: Considering the Methods and Mea...:

I think it´s possible to literally ditch the score but, keep it in disguise in a healthy way that doesn´t induce harmful prejudice against the game, from the people that usually go straight to the final score.
I liked the idea of a final and larger end comment that "Araknie" posted, but for helping visualizing the final comment, I would try to implement adding "stickers" (instead of the score) that summarize the idea of the conclusion for the game. I think the stickers should be meant to be extremely simple and a few, showing a very short phrase each, and altogether compressing the comment somehow, and in a way, also giving the review an idea of the view that should be best taken or was taken by the reviewers playing the game, for example: "local multiplayer must" , "internet multiplayer must" , "good 4 kids" , "must for your daughter" , "instant classic" , "original concept" , "piece of art" , "good gameplay" , "short" , "healthy challenging" , "japanese challenging" , "great OST" , ""hardcore" classic", "unplayable", etc, etc. I don´t know, they could be anything, but for sure, words would be more healthy than numbers, often people like to quantify everything and not everything should be or can be quantified (like Whitehead said, reviews are always imperfect, and thats because there cannot exist an absolute scale in measuring things that are born from human thought).



GoldenBanana commented on Conker's Bad Fur Day Madness and Vulgarity The...:

one of the best multiplayers in N64 !!! Hundreds of hours played with 4 players, didn´t matter the framerate occasional drop with all the madness going on the screen. Great IA, good maps & modes, cool weapons, great learning curve (becoming master was no easy task, but hell it was fun), tons of strategies, it even has cheats to add more flavor to the mix (like the matrix effect when killing using melee weapons).

And the single player... it´s a monument to film and pop culture, hilarious from start to end. This game sits among Mario, the 64 Zeldas, Banjo, Starfox and Donkey inside my heart. It´s an icon of my adolescence =D



GoldenBanana commented on Wii U Box Art Breaks Cover:

I like it too, but I´m not entirely convinced, Teal is too friendly to me. I prefer more the contrast between black and white, or white and silver like with the Wii. The yellow line is cool, the design is very GC indeed, which is a good thing =)



GoldenBanana commented on Streets of Rage Gets Real in Fan Movie:

I love those old fighting games, it has always made me laugh their idea of being one person against an entire neighbourhood of "bad people" that comes across the street.

The videos are great, one can see that they have put lots fan love and time into it, but, has anyone realised that, the videos are shooted with the guys fighting and moving in 3D, while the original game is based on sprites moving on a plane (with a floor painted to simulate the 3D perspective of moving back and front). To me, the 2D thing is one of the awesome hilarious iconic stuff they could have tried to include to honour the game. I can´t help but to imagine Resident Evil 2´s fixed cameras mixed with Streets of Rage =p



GoldenBanana commented on White Tanooki Mario to The Rescue in New Super...:

I agree with Miss Birdo. Don´t see the point in getting upset with the chance of having a power that can get you through a stage without much effort. Not everybody is able to play Mario as good as it is intended by the difficulty of the game designed.

If you buy a game, you do it to have fun. With that in mind, we have to agree that everybody has the right to get to the end of the game (not only the "worthy" ones). So it is a good idea that Nintendo gives people that can´t play that well, the chance to get through the entire game they´ve bought (that lets fun be a continuous function, rather than a piecewise function of fun fractured by frustration).

chiptoon is right, @Chris720 must be hot stuff xD



GoldenBanana commented on Iwata Expects Wii U to Last a Generation:

My motto has always been:

"if you want realistic graphics, go outside and watch nature, and (...)" (no processor will ever beat the complexity and perfect beauty of reality itself)

"(...) If you wanna have fun, play a Nintendo game =p "

I play for the sake of fun and imagination. It is true that I may like HD textures and excellent physics engines (who doesn´t ?), but , when it comes to think about what has always brought me to play videogames at its core, it has always been for fun and imagination. I don´t need to watch realistic water, show me artistic and fantastic water like in WindWaker or in Okami instead, because, that indeed isn´t something that reality can offer me to watch.

I may like slaying "realistic" monsters in Bethesda´s RPGs, but my personal taste, favours gaming that creates fantasy rather than gaming that tries to imitate some kind of approximation of what reality is or can be (we know dragons do not exist, but why do they have to look like a souless giant flying crocodile ? I prefer that the same amount of processing power goes invested in drawing a memorable dragon full of life, colour and personality (art design!), plus something fun, ingenious and well done about the gameplay involved in killing it.

This kind of thinking put into a game, is one of Ninty´s brightest.

(try to deny this fact: the game design, the art beauty and the gameplay put into Galaxy´s stages and Skyward Sword´s dungeons, deliver pure entertainment at its finest core definition. My jaw literally dropped playing them.)

The way I see it, HD will give Ninty more freedom to bring us all of those things we love, plus, graphics capabilities to withstand modern gamer´s taste standards (delivering all of those "mature" titles that "everybody" seem to need so much). To achieve that, I think they won´t need much more "horsepower" than that of the PS3, 360 or anything else that may come next (and they know it).



GoldenBanana commented on Mega Man 10 Coming March 1st:

Looks like Blade Man gives you a weapon that fires 3 blades...... damn!, I thought it would be a cool sword for melee attacks.... anyways..... Megaman is coming soon !! more awesome-retro-platforming-pure fun



GoldenBanana commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:

Totally agree with Objection_Blaster .

I think Zelda can´t be entirely in first person view, it wouldn´t be very much "Miyamoto" to not see Link´s whole body often. Everything about Link´s looks it´s too emblematical for just seeing his arms all the time.
Link is like Mario and Samus, it isn´t himself without his signature clothes and hat, it wouldn´t feel the same, some "link with Link" would be missed =p.
It has to be something similar to what Nintendo did with Metroid Prime but with more emphasis in third view rather than first, maybe switch to first view for "z targeting".
Remember Samus has a signature helmet, and arm, it felt right to see through her eyes and watch her Power Beam often, but Link is "more him" from a third view.

Hope you get my point, I tried hard to explain myself good in english =) , spanish it´s my language. (from Uruguay, South America). I come here since the begining of this site, it´s my trusty site =) , I think most of us are sincere and "true from the heart" Nintendo gamers, that´s what I love from "nl".
Finally posted something, uuffffffffff feel relieved =p

( hope the surprise it´s a new F-Zero !!! I need a deep, challenging, cool, high-speed racing game for my Wii.............. Mario Kart´s not enough for that .... and Yoshi´s Island !!!!!! ... pray it´s not something for "family and everyone play Wii Sports sort of thing".......... it´s very probable, "too" many "hardcore" things announced lately....sniff )