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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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jtgillia commented on Soapbox: The 8-Bit Era Laid the Groundwork, bu...:

I personally don't see why people can't just enjoy the games they like playing, classic or modern.... I consider myself a retro gamer, but one that owns a wii u for updates (sequels) of classic franchises. I can't get into modern day shooters and games that rely more on story than actual gameplay. And I'm fine with that, even though others may not understand....



jtgillia commented on Talking Point: The Famicom Was the Beginning o...:

The classic Famicom masterpieces will never be bettered by our modern games. Think about it, people still purchase these games 30 years later because they want to own them and replay them. But the modern gaming mentality is to sell off the latest games when you're done with them to get the latest release. With the great famicom games, they will always be worth revisiting.