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midwesterner in the pacific nw

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since colecovision to nes to snes and genesis to n64 and playstation to gamecube and ps2 to wii to wii u. evergamer

Wed 27th Feb 2013

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briwipdx commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

Splatoon, Mario Maker, MK8 DLC, Kirby RC, Yoshi WW, Fatal Frame, XCX
Yokai, Chibi, Stella Glow, AC HHD, Pokemon SMD
and honestly can you evr REALLY beat Hyrule Warriors??
they released the reality-based-game that was amiibo hunt:)
a new hardware iteration saw its release in the new 3DS
...and Iwata's passing:(
2015 was pivotal year imho.
not ideal, yet still productive. they released a HIGHLY successful new IP, dealt with the passing of their president, and mostly met the amiibo demand.
recently they've 'reestablished' a connection with their Direct and announced several GREAT titles to come (DQ VII is everything!)
the mystery that is NX still intrigues with possibility.
as a fan im super EXCITE! and i still have a godamned backlog so how can i truly complain?
it seems people are missing the heavy hitters and i cant say i completely disagree, but its not like its a drought up in here!!
(didnt evn mention the numerous more-than-playable Nindies)
it can only get better, right?



briwipdx commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

it was when they said DQ VII for 3DS! it was everything!!
DQ VIII icing on the cake. Yokai is here and TP is finally using buttons again coming full-circle to its original design minus the waggle.
Star Fox keeps looking more dynamic thanks to the help of Platinum surely.
and amiibo are taking over the world but its a cute, beautiful siege.
Missing Iwata but great to see reverence paid by Reggie; the Trinnen donut skit:DD
It was a very game-focused direct and the Nintendo tone was still present, humorous and child-like weird.
Theres no reason to be disappointed imho as theyr really truly delivering on most fronts - unique games (barring the desire for PS4ONE games) certain ones with gamer-centric SE like the FE fates package or TP wolf amiibo/soundtrack.
Given theres Stella Glow, XCX and im still conquering all that is Woolly World and Persona Q... and then #FExSMT!!!
theres really no end in site, good to see Ninty back in the game. not dissapointed but reassured of their direction. hip hip! hooray!



briwipdx commented on Editorial: A Wii U Price Cut is Still Worthwhi...:

i cant truly believe 50 dollars is what keeps people from buying this system.
its way too easy to rationalize 50bucks as a consumer when it comes to the world of videogame hardware/software.
yeah, they should sell wii u's in 6-packs like the kindle fire ;/



briwipdx commented on Mario History: Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 2010:

i played 2 before 1, but as i judge them personally i prefer 2.
i understand the narrative as being a strength to the first, but 2's gameplay was a cut above, refined even further, exploited to awesome. the music never stopped being (inter)stellar. and yoshi. SMG2FTW



briwipdx commented on Video: Camp Triggerfish is Splatoon's Newest M...:

@Aromaiden im just failing to grasp these flaws and issues u mention,
and yet i totally understand ur position, there are always things to improve on.
its just so FUN! outside of the player wanting it to be more of a competition and less of a pure game for gamings sake, which is ultimately something nintendo never tends to do, i think it is pure-good-awesome-super-happy-color-ink gaming at its best. and nintendos design influence has made it so. we'll just hafta agree to disagree. but lets both keep playin



briwipdx commented on Video: Camp Triggerfish is Splatoon's Newest M...:

@Aromaiden you'd prefer a more customized stage slection and established team-based events? for competition i get thT. i see ur point.
but somehow the way theyve done it tho allows EVR1 to play,
and this game excels becuz of that.
i can understand the complaints but some of these design choices have also allowed a more approachable-evrey1-fun atmosphere for which nintendo is so known. its hard to critique this game imho



briwipdx commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

new games basically:
a new Mario RPG. another Pikimin. a Pilotwings reboot.
console FE games, like very large truly-epic-Suidoken-like FE games.
more IP blends like PnDZSMB and FESMT and HW
unified eshop with crossplay.
but mostly new games and new ideas like they always bring



briwipdx commented on Interview: Splatoon Co-Director Tsubasa Sakagu...:

i really feel like splatoon means good things for federation force and blastball
thats right i said it.
it just is a testament to nintendo and how they present gaming concepts in their most fun and simplest form. highly appealing gameplay



briwipdx commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

i hope ninty continues to forge its own path.
i hope they ignore the graphics/processing power rat race.
i hope they continue to "not compete" with PSONE.
i hope they again have another "gimmick" in NX, as most all their "gimmicky" additions are truly revolutionary.
i hope they continue to collaborate with other developers using Ninty IP.
i hope "having the ability to make an easier port" isnt their goal for their new hardware.
just keep being u nintendo. as a matter of fact, be wii u.



briwipdx commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

the potential for a great epic starfox is immeasurable.
however this universe excels at small focused gameplay bits too imho.
i feel it could be silly or serious its really their choice.
im sure i'll like whatevr they release, im just excited to play it



briwipdx commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

lying, telling the truth, whats the difference.
it was ALWAYS maybe for Wii U. ?>>?
jah! tell that to the backers who donated because of the wii U logo.
what are the developers, politicians? tell the truth losers ;///



briwipdx commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Turns to Classics, DLC...:

@khaosklub - not in portland, OR sadly (
its ok, ive done the amazon, now-in-stock, ebay amiibo race before...
and im guessing given that i'm at work when they "go live"
i'll be internet hunting the following waves as well, grrrr.
i guess its good europe and japan arent that into amiibo.



briwipdx commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

this is so so so bad, everything is over.
"the sky is falling.
my life must be ending next.
theres no way this doesnt affect everything about my entire life."
geez, its not like its cancelled ya'll.
i mean, how did u not see this coming, its like tradition



briwipdx commented on Elliot Quest Has Fresh Release Dates for Both ...:

looks really unique at the same time obviously influenced y the greats.
is 13dollars for a videogame really that expensive?
i mean, watching a 90min movies costs as much these days, im sure the game is longer than that.
im all over this indie



briwipdx commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

just waiting on ike and the king via walmart, supposed to be here this weds. then i'll have the full SSBset sofar. bring on wave four! damn u amiibo.
but really, they'll have a wave five... and possibly a six.
do you think they'll release the ENTIRE roster? evn the unlockables?



briwipdx commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Golf:

excellent mario golf!.
the GC version putt power meter broke the green game for me otherwise i would say it is better-ish.
best control in the N64. luv the 3DS vs too.
10/10 4 MG64