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Mon 4th January, 2010

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JebbyDeringer commented on Forgotten Classics: Resident Evil Code: Veronica:

Capcom should make the next RE game a little more like Dead Rising. Remove the comedy from it, remove the timer, make it less about sheer number of Zombies and more creepy/scary. Keep a similar game engine & control scheme but put the focus more on guns than melee.



JebbyDeringer commented on Nintendo Releases An Awesome Mario Kart Infogr...:

The arcade ones kind of suck anyway. They are interesting and it's fun to be able to play as Pacman or Blinky but the constant announcer is annoying, and the gameplay is very dumbed down. The tracks are also a bit repetitive in style. They just don't have enough similarities with console Mario Kart.



JebbyDeringer commented on Video: What Could The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward...:

This is what I didn't understand when I heard the specs of the Wii-U. THEY COULD HAVE DONE THIS EASILY. They could have setup the system to render all Wii games in 1080p but they chose not to. They would have had to use more powerful but compatible original Wii hardware but it could have been done. They could have even supplied texture upgrades in downloadable form. Instead they invest years into making HD updates rather than have the hardware do the work for them...The resolution alone is what most people want, the extra stuff is an added bonus but 1080p is more than half the battle and way more than acceptable for most.



JebbyDeringer commented on How One Man Is Giving Sonic Fans The Game They...:

The sad part is at this point Sonic has been a crap game longer than it was a good game much like Metallica has been a crappy band for longer than it was a good one (for anyone that actually liked them). It makes you wonder if the early years weren't just experimentation and all the games now are the true vision of what Sonic was meant to be.

Oh and if you don't want this to happen, don't put guys in suits in charge of figuring out if a game is good or not. Blackberry has the same issue, they let guys in suits run the company. Business men have no clue when it comes to design, they are good at doing business. When you are running a company and approving projects though it means you approve crap and become really good at selling it.



JebbyDeringer commented on Disney Interactive Cuts Around 700 Jobs, A Qua...:

Some people seem to forget you can't survive on making crap. Just because you made a video game featuring well known characters and you yourself are a well known company doesn't mean you can just pat yourself on the back. When you have a bunch of non-gamers pushing for products for gamers their judgement is completely skewed. How can someone who has no idea what a good game plays like decide their game is good enough to sell? So many huge companies are so detached from what they sell and what their customers want. You might as well put ties on all your game boxes so we know their all business.



JebbyDeringer commented on Month Of Kong: The Making Of Donkey Kong Country:

I love all your articles about gaming history. All this info that none of us knew at the time is such a great revelation today.

While I did prefer a lot of their games to the Nintendo equivalents, it's true that they couldn't exist without Nintendo. I did prefer Super Mario World to DKC though mainly because the control & gameplay was a lot tighter.

Nintendo tended to make simpler games that were very strong in what they did offer while RARE went beyond in almost every department and still produced a quality product. People raved over Zelda OOT graphics but almost everything RARE produced in that era looked far better. Still when it came to the absolute tightest controls in gaming Nintendo couldn't be matched even by RARE.



JebbyDeringer commented on Donkey Kong Country's Fate Was Determined By A...:

And the biggest mistake Nintendo ever made was letting them go.

I loved the game back in the day and still do. It's a tight package in every regard. I've never been a big fan of pre-rendered graphics and the look of the trees always bugged me in DKC. Even so I find it still looks great provided you play it on an old CRT screen. It definitely translates much worse than hand drawn sprite games to modern televisions. The later games tended to look a little bit more polished in their environments but there is something about the first one that sets it apart. I love the loneliness you feel when playing them and the atmospheric music and sound.



JebbyDeringer commented on Month Of Kong: The Making Of Diddy Kong Racing:

This game had so much replay. The coin collecting and then reverse world added so much gameplay and I never really got tired of it. The added air racing and water racing made it much more than a Kart game. This and Goldeneye made me constantly push myself to improve.



JebbyDeringer commented on Guest Blog: Shut up! Nothing is Wrong With The...:

Unlike some people here I do like a lot of games not on Nintendo's platform including shooters. I don't however like so called "AAA" games for the most part. They are just like "AAA" movies. Poor overly dramatic story that you are supposed to care about but don't and are constantly interrupted by Quick Time Events. There's usually a long tutorial and constant on screen display of what controls to press. Usually fighting and jumping in these games is computer aided so that your punches or jumps are slightly "assisted" so you rarely miss. Women are usually treated as purely eye candy and the games feel like they are probably just printing money on the back end. 'AAA' titles, about as deep of a gaming experience as a slot machine in Vegas.



JebbyDeringer commented on Dakko Dakko's Rhodri Broadbent Emphasizes The ...:

The new consoles aren't only focused on graphics, in fact they are focused on profits and the graphical hardware is a much less impressive leap this time due to that fact. I haven't played the Wii U but judging by the Xbox One I don't think it's fair to say the Wii U doesn't have next gen graphics because I imagine they aren't THAT far off especially for first party games.



JebbyDeringer commented on Cliff Bleszinski Thinks Super Mario 3D World I...:

There's still the problem that people KNOW the only reason to own a Nintendo system is for the Nintendo developed games which end up being few over the course of a consoles life. There are always other cool games but the system sellers are the Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, possibly Metroid type games which don't add up to a lot and pretty much require any heavy gamers to own multiple systems. The portable market is different but the home console market has not been well enough backed by third parties since the SNES. The N64 would have been an immense flop (for me at least) without RARE.

I still think Nintendo needs to aquire more dev studios especially outside of Japan. Europe is a safe bet for great talent or look into emerging markets like India for talent. I'd love to see the incredible games India would come up with once they have some established development teams.



JebbyDeringer commented on Developer Session: Nifflas and Ripstone Talk O...:

Sometimes games aren't made for children, he made the decision to target this to 16+ It's too bad for young kids but it's his game. Sadly my bathtub moonshine is too potent for children too.

I'm not a huge fan of swearing or violence just for the sake of it. Sometimes it works and get's the point across but in a lot of other cases it's done to impress 14 year old boys. I haven't played this so I have no idea how it comes off.



JebbyDeringer commented on Aonuma Keeps Returning To Zelda In The Hope Of...:

Zelda will NEVER be perfect without proper controls. OOT was great but I knew it was flawed as soon as I found that jumping was an action confined to an "action" button. It's by no means even close to a game breaker but it does knock points off which pulls it further away from perfect territory. Also this plays into the targeting system. Targeting is good and somewhat necessary but it exposes a move set only possible within the targeting system (including jumping on demand). These sorts of things pull you out and scream "GAME" rather than immersive experience. I don't have a better suggestion but what they are doing now isn't "ideal". The waggle controls were also poor even in Skyward Sword, I'd much prefer regular stick/buttons. It's not that much fun when buttons are 100% reliable and waggle is only 85%.

These are just technical issues, there are other game play issues but they are more opinionated. The games aren't bad by any means and in some ways they are better than almost everything out there. I think that's the problem I have with them. They are perfect in some ways which makes me wonder why they can't be perfect in all.

The problem with the rest of the game relates specifically with Japan and their "old people" run everything mentality. Bring in some new blood and you will get your perfect Zelda.



JebbyDeringer commented on Nintendo "Would Like to Enrich" Its Virtual Co...:

Ok if they are going to do this they NEEEEEEEEEED a unified store. These games are emulated so really the only thing difference is the embedded emulator that is system dependant, the ROM data is exactly the same. They should have a unified account system and the games should be purchased and useable on multiple devices. I'm done with buying games multiple times and tying games to a system rather than an account is 1990s technology. Making it available for iOS would be very smart especially with the now available off screen controls in iOS7.



JebbyDeringer commented on First Impressions: Stardust Amazoness:

Fan Service? Sorry this is in no way empowering to women. Most of the women that think this is completely harmless are the type that don't have the body to pull these outfits off. The ones that do know what it's like to be ogled on a daily basis.



JebbyDeringer commented on Review: Super Castlevania IV (Wii U eShop / Su...:

I didn't get into this game at all until a couple years ago. Strangely I never played it when I had a SNES and while playing most of the others this one never held my attention for more than 5 minutes. I gave it more of a chance a couple years back and enjoyed it quite a bit.



JebbyDeringer commented on Review: Pinball (Wii U eShop / NES):

I use to play this game, It was a fairly decent time waster at the time but I'm not sure it would be worth anyone's time today except maybe for Nostalgia. It's solid but very simple and weak as far as pinball goes.



JebbyDeringer commented on Aonuma Demonstrates the Challenges of Creating...:

@Kirk Exactly! Nintendo needs some better artists and 3D modellers that's for sure. They are so worried about camera angles when their art just plain sucks. It's SO generic it could have easily been automatically created by a computer conversion process. There's no personality or style at all.

The 3D look they have been applying to games like this and New Super Mario Bros. looks cheap and much like early pre-rendered art assets. It looks like a budget game. I mean at least systems like the N64 were low-resolution and played on blurry TV's in 240p.



JebbyDeringer commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains Why The Legend of Zelda I...:

5 years is way too long and while I have been a bit annoyed at how stale the franchise is becoming I can't knock the quality one bit. I think 3 years is about right, also timing is key, Skyward Sword was way too late in the life of the Wii.



JebbyDeringer commented on "Uninformed" Store Staff Are Hurting Wii U Sal...:

Go into almost any place that sells games and most of the people working there will have a hate on for Nintendo. They'll virtually never point you at a Nintendo console if you are unsure which to buy.

The Wii U was a terrible naming choice on Nintendo's part, they really should have done a better job distinguishing it, even the console design should have been given more thought. It makes sense what they were trying to do, continue on a legacy much like Apple products but it hasn't worked in this case especially since they are now the underdog.



JebbyDeringer commented on Illegal Nintendo Clones Are Running Rampant On...:

"can't automatically decline new submissions" Apple does it, everything is vetted before it is posted which is why there aren't apps that have trojans in them and usually no serious bugs. Microsoft's store sucks though so they have to compete on volume.



JebbyDeringer commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants the Wii U Zelda's Hyrule to ...:

The problem is despite flaws games like Skyrim, or the Witcher 2, or even Final Fasntasy have a much grander scale. They leave a lot more up to the players imagination rather than the developers. I don't think Zelda should become an open world do whatever you want with no guidance type game BUT I think they have become too strict and linear path story driven. I prefer games where the game doesn't play EXACTLY the same for every person, and I like taking my time yet actually having things to do with that extra time I take. I also dislike how specialized the dungeon items/weapons have become and control swinging just isn't fast and accurate enough for entertaining enemy battles.