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Thu 16th Aug 2012

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Sanquine commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo ...:

After Bravely default, pokemon X and Smt IV im finally ready to upgrade to the new 3ds! Still havent played fantasy life which i downloaded.. Also bloodborn on Ps4...

I need this game since the wii U will come eventualy when Xenoblade X arrives



Sanquine commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:

@steamtrain What? So. in conclusion buy an American or Japanese 3DS to play those games? Makes sense to buy two consoles because of region locking... Culture yeah....Sorry i don't want to bash you but it's painfull to not play a game you want to play because your system has the wrong region...



Sanquine commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

Hmm, the ps3 was in the same situation itself in 2006 till 2009.. Well look at the ps3 now! Killing the Xbox 360 in exclusives:D

Nintendo fans keep faith! The 3DS did it ( Beyond i ever imagined).. The ps3 did it! The wii U should be fine



Sanquine commented on Nintendo Confirms Major Reductions In Sales an...:

@johndevine Well, i want a ps4 but also want a wii U? Am I an casual for wanting to play the next uncharted or wispers the last guardian. Get of your high horse because not only Nintendo is providing hardcore games. Ever played on a other platform? I just bought a 3ds (always had a vita) and loving it. Being an fanboy results in you missing something special. I couldnt play bravely default if i didnt look to the other side of gaming (Since i am a sony fan from the start). Well, i would felt pretty stupid if i didnt bought a 3ds.



Sanquine commented on Video: A New Bravely Default Trailer Shows You...:

As a former sony fanatic and new/proud owner of the 3DS. I must say i'm totally in love with this game. This game has achieved the same feeling for me as Dragonquest or YS! Superb game!

The artstyle is amazing and the 3D effect amazes me.



Sanquine commented on Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Announced F...:

Good news for you guys! Im upgrading from 3ds to 3DSXL. Furthermore, investing in my 3ds libarary because i only got Pokemon X. So guys any recommondations?

Cancelled my Ps4 pre order.. Heavely investing in 3DS/ Vita and ofcourse every persona releasing Vita/ 3ds/ps3.



Sanquine commented on 25 Year-Old Japanese Man Arrested For Allegedl...:

@DarkNinja9 Raging? Most of NL users point to sony Fans. I admit i am a Sony fan but that doesn't mean i hate Nintendo. My Nintendo Wii U and 3DS XL are the proof of that. Furthermore, i think i played more hours on my DS than any of you ^^ 5 playthroughs Dragonquest alone Grind Grind



Sanquine commented on First Impressions: Pokémon X & Y:

Hopefully it releases fast in Europe. I want this. Last time Nintendo is killing it. I went from a avid sony fan to a guy who loves Nintendo like the same way i did to sony:D



Sanquine commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

@Damo Superior? LOL ! The wii U has not a lot of games.. The last of us is for me beyond pikmin 3 but that is also an opinion. But better doesnt mean superior .. Superior sounds cocky. Even a writer can't love other game experiences.. Where is the love?



Sanquine commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ships Over Two Million Copies...:

@Savino You live in brazil right? The prices are outrages there so:P
@Kasplat For me Monster hunter 4 was the reason to put some serious money down.. The reason for that is : Im still waiting for Monster Hunter 3rd for vita. I love Monster hunter 4 on 3DS but i want twin sticks so i bought that slide pro thingy, Works really well But you never know capcom. Maybe they will never release Monster hunter 4 here in Europe..



Sanquine commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ships Over Two Million Copies...:

@Peach64 Just try to play it! For me my eyes opened on the airport.. I was on holiday with my girlfriend but we had to wait 10 hours because our plane had some technical issues. The 3DS with MH ultimate was my best friend:D ( Also had my vita for the other hours)



Sanquine commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:

@MathRaph I see where you coming from. The common unknown gamer does buy it for 40 dollars. Sorry for being irritated. But if i see all the comments above ..
Why do people hate sony so much?> I bought a Wii U and a 3DS . Im not hating on the wii U because Nintendo is slow in delivering sofware. ( sorry for my english). I know what is coming is great ( Monolith is delevering big time with X) . But that does not give them the right to bash every time sony comes with something. For some people this means they have a portable playstation 4 on the go ( Not a vita but a way to play your PS4 at a friends house) Its briljant. But no one on this site ( Few agree with me) that this is the best idea sony had in years. People need to expect to bring more games to the playstation vita we need a bigger userbase. Playstation vita tv will bring that. Playstation vita TV already sold out ! I tried to but ... i sold out



Sanquine commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:

@ Nintendo fans:

The Playstation vita TV is a wonderfull idea. A new market for people
#1 Don't like handheld gaming but love to play games like killzone mercenary , soul sacrifice, god eater 2 , persona 4 golden.
#2 Not everyone has the ability to shell out 200$ and about 100$ in games. This is 99 dollars plus a game (40 dollars Soul sacrifice or 20 dollars persona 4 golden) ( i already got i GB memory in the device sony listened for one time)

3# Remote play. Not everyone want to do this on a tiny ps vita screen. Some people dont want to share there TV. Im living with my girlfriend. My consoles are in the living room however she wants to see her soups. I can go to any TV in our appartment and play my ps4 games with the remote play feature or a vita game ^^

4# I can take this device anywhere. So if i go to my nephews house he can play on my ps4 because i can remote play with my playstation vita at his house through his wifi connection

For 99 dollars