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Wed 4th Sep 2013

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Xaltheron commented on Review: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Cal...:

The Quest Medley and Versus Mode alone sound awesome enough to make this a must buy for me. I heard they extended some of the tracks from the first game too, so they no longer cut off right before your favourite part kicks in cough*The Extreme*cough.



Xaltheron commented on Yoshi's New Island Makes UK Chart Début in 12...:

Good to see that at least some people out there gave the game a chance and tried it for themselves rather than blindly following the internet bandwagon.

I don't think anyone will ever try to claim it's top tier GOTY material, but it's enjoyable if you know what to expect, and trying to get all the collectables is certainly giving me plenty of challenge.



Xaltheron commented on The Nikkei Reports Potential Nintendo Smartpho...:

I don't see what there is to worry about tbh, upon reading the article it's clear they're only using smartphones as a means of advertising their own hardware.
Plus apparantly the services will be completely free, so they're not going to be porting or developing full games for smartphones.



Xaltheron commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

Been stuck in the middle of a system transfer all day, can't play games on it, can't get to Home menu, can't even turn it off, my XL is basically a brick until they fix the servers.
After 18 hours of this, my patience is wearing thin...



Xaltheron commented on Pokémon Art Director Would Like to Simplify t...:

"The art director reportedly also feels that move-sets, abilities and items could be scaled back"

This worries me tbh, X and Y are already the easiest games in the series, and now they want to simplify the mechanics too?
Having plenty of moves to choose from makes customising and team building more fun, and abillties make pokemon more unique, I don't see how cutting back on them benefits anyone other than making a pokemon for dummies.



Xaltheron commented on You'll Have to Wait Until December to Get a Po...:

It's a bit annoying that we can't use our old pokemon for over 2 months after X/Y's release, normally I like to bring my main team over for places like the Battle Subway/PWT. And the National Dex will literally be impossible to complete until then.



Xaltheron commented on First Impressions: Pokémon X & Y:

From what I understand I don't think they're removing the old method of EV training, they're just adding this for those who don't want to get deep into calculations and mechanics.

Now if only they would make IV breeding easier...



Xaltheron commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

So according to some of the comments here anyone who doesn't like GTA is obviously a Nintendo fanboy? Or it could be... y'know, we just don't like those kinda games, regardless of what console they're on.

Look at Chinatown Wars on DS, despite getting good reviews, it was considered a flop. Fact is, a lot of Nintendo fans simply aren't into that type of thing, certain genres sell better on certain consoles. We would think the same about GTA V whether it was on Wii U or not.



Xaltheron commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

That works for the first month, but what about when I want to transfer another one or two pokemon in the future? As I said in an earlier comment, what if I go back and play through B/W2 again, and I catch a shiny pokemon and wanted to transfer it to X/Y? I'd have to pay $5 just to transfer that one pokemon. And if I wanted to transfer another couple of pokemon a year later, that's another $5.

Yes, it's only $5, which I can afford easily, but I just don't see any justifiable reason why they should be charging ANYTHING for transferring pokemon from gen 5, the cloud storage I can understand them charging for, but not the transferring.



Xaltheron commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

Because transferring pokemon from gen 5 to gen 6 doesn't need to cost them money, they could have made an app that transfers the pokemon from gen 5 cartridges to the SD card, which can then be transferred to an X/Y cartridge.

Or failing that, to quote my earlier post;
"I don't see why they couldn't offer a limited version of Pokemon Bank for free, one that would allow you to transfer pokemon from gen 5 to gen 6 but wouldn't store pokemon unless you paid, seems fair enough to me."

By making Pokemon Bank a requirement for using Poke Transporter, they're making me pay for a service I don't want or need.



Xaltheron commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

The only reason it required another DS was because there was literally no other way it could be done, so we didn't resent it. In this case, however, they could easily allow people to transfer for free without requiring another 3DS, but they simply chose to charge for it instead, that's what we have a problem with.
Paying for cloud storage? I'm cool with that
Paying to transfer? Not so cool.



Xaltheron commented on Nintendo Launching Cloud-Based Pokémon Bank S...:

"I'm also getting the feeling that they'll make the box sizes crappy, to further push the use of this service."

I'm hoping GameFreak isn't that greedy, if they really do reduce the number of ingame boxes to force people to use the Bank, then the outrage we're seeing now would be nothing compared to the storm that would cause...



Xaltheron commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

I think some people are missing the point about why people are unhappy about this. It's not Pokemon Bank itself that's the problem, It's the fact that by linking Poke Transporter to Pokemon Bank, people are being forced to pay for a service they may not want.

Yes, you could just transfer all your pokemon within the free trial period and never use the application again, but what if I wanted to transfer more pokemon in the future? Say I caught a new shiny in a B/W2 playthrough, and I wanted to transfer it to X/Y, I would then have to pay $5 just to transfer that ONE pokemon, are you seeing the problem yet? Having to pay to transfer, no matter how low the price is, is just silly and unnecessary.