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Sat 27th Aug 2011

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Sam_Loser2 commented on Midora Developer Admits He Knew Kickstarter Fu...:

I understand that pledging on Kickstarter is an investment and not a purchase, so there is obviously risk involved; that's what it takes to make anything worthwhile.

But they KNEW it wasn't going to be enough? That is utterly deceitful. I cannot believe they thought it would turn out any differently than it has; securing more funding or investors now will be ever the harder now they've ruined the trust of their current backers.



Sam_Loser2 commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

Even the announcement of the NX felt really soon to me, as if it was pushed sooner than expected due to poor Wii U performance. I'm certain the NX will kill the Wii U (if it's even a home console, or a hybrid), so I would like for it to not come too soon.



Sam_Loser2 commented on Nintendo Reveals the Final Club Nintendo Elite...:

Down to Galaxy 2 or Tropical Freeze...

Probably Tropical Freeze, considering it's the better deal price wise. Always kinds liked DK platformers over Mario anyway, though the galaxy games may be a slight exception to that rule.



Sam_Loser2 commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

It is an utterly insipid idea. I don't understand the odd fascination of taking established characters and switching their genders. Link is Link; if you want a female protagonist create a new character.

Perhaps I feel a little TOO strongly on the matter, but it would tick me off to no end if Link was female; just as it was tick me off if Samus was male. Don't screw with the characters; create new ones.



Sam_Loser2 commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

Not even going to test the waters. They even have the audacity to put a $47.99 option? I could get a much larger, better retail game that gives more per dollar and still have some left over. Or I could blow it on this and still have to spend more once those jewels run out.



Sam_Loser2 commented on Weirdness: This Video Uses Super Mario Bros. 2...:

@Maelstrom Agreed.

You know, I think it speaks a lot about my character (or lack thereof) that I worry about moving away from Capitalism mostly because I fear of what it would do to my game-purchasing abilities.

But in all seriousness I believe the big problem with capitalism isn't even pure capitalism, it's when croneyism gets mixed in. When government regulations grant special favors to certain businesses who give money to the right politicians, then competition is choked and innovation stilted.



Sam_Loser2 commented on Pokémon Shuffle is a Match-Three Game With Sl...:

No, I can not take this platform and will not spend a cent on it. Nintendo is a business and will do what makes them money; I won't fault them for that, them getting money is what gets me more games. But I will not contribute to making this cost structure profitable and hope it collapses.



Sam_Loser2 commented on Eon Ticket StreetPass Relay Announced for Pok...:

I'm not sure I'm getting this: they claim that all 719 pokemon are in these games (in addition to X any Y) and yet they are making all these legendaries, Latios/Latias (from the original games), and the entire Soar ability event-exclusive?!



Sam_Loser2 commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

I don't find it much of a problem if games have enhanced elements on the NEW as long as the old can still play them. (Like Miiverse and Smash). It let's better things happen while still bringing the basic experiance to everyone. If there are too many games only playable on the NEW, then I'll have a problem. (Though not much of one, since I'm getting it.)



Sam_Loser2 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to 3DS in Japan:

@ricklongo I'm with you there... though I am very tempted to get the new system...

It does raise some strange concerns for me... instead of new system generations, with obvious improvements in power and new libraries, will we get these sort of 'half-upgrades' that have a few exclusives?