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Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive, Delayed to September

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh dear...

When talking about upcoming releases that will give the Wii U a timely boost and sell systems, one that's been consistently mentioned, including here on Nintendo Life, is Ubisoft's Rayman Legends. In a blow for Nintendo's system, it's been revealed that not only is the title now also coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it's also delayed until September.

Below is an extract from the press release confirming the news:

Today, Ubisoft announced that its forthcoming title Rayman Legends, already announced for the Wii U system from Nintendo, will also be released on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. All versions will now hit shelves in early September 2013.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 versions of Rayman Legends are being developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, the same team behind the Nintendo Wii U game. Rayman Legends has been praised for its stunning visuals and innovative gameplay by media around the world and labelled as one of the most anticipated platformers of 2013.

“We heard from many Xbox & Playstation owners and Rayman fans who told us they really wanted to play Rayman Legends on their current system”, says Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA Chief Marketing & Sales Officer. ”We decided to give the fans what they wanted while at the same time broadening the audience exposed to this innovative and memorable game.

Although Ubisoft was careful last year to avoid saying this title was definitely a permanent Wii U exclusive, this news and subsequent delay is undoubtedly disappointing. With gameplay elements that incorporate the GamePad so predominantly, we certainly hope the Wii U version will keep those distinctive features, especially as "all versions" are now set to arrive together later in the year; clearly changes are required to remove these touch screen sections from the 360 and PS3 versions. This follows the news that Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge is also going multi-platform.

What do you make of this cross-platform release and delay? Is it a minor disappointment, or potentially a big blow for Wii U's Spring release schedule? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Everly said:

Nintendo had better get on the ball. They have offered very little to Wii U owners. Everything is delayed or no longer an exclusive, in this case both. I would have a hard time explaining to someone why they should invest in this system.



TheEmerlLad said:

When you Have a console that's doing above sub-par sales it's only common for a company such as Ubisoft to be wanting better results.

This only means Ubisoft is going to be looking at Nintendo differently.



Smitherenez said:

Boooooooooo This was the game I bought my U for and it has been delayed again! I also find it strange to see a game tailored for wiiU coming to other platforms as well.



Svengoolie said:

I'll be the one to say it. This is bull.

Porting it is one thing. Delaying it to September? You just lost my business, Ubi. Wow.



Everly said:

I find it interesting (and sad) that when fans of Xbox or Sony want a game the publisher "decides to give the fans what they want" and will delay the release of the Nintendo platform. When the cry goes the other way, half the time nothing is done and the other half the Nintendo platform is released long after the others.



Wonder_Ideal said:

While I don't mind the whole multiplatform thing as much, the massive delay is what really hurts. I was so looking forward to getting Legends later this month. Why Ubi...?



WiiLovePeace said:

Well that sucks, I was looking forward to playing this beautiful game, now its been delayed so Wii U doesn't get it ahead of the competition...



AceSpadeS said:

Nintendo fans get upset about not getting games released on other consoles.

Nintendo fans complain about a game getting released on other consoles.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in what some people are doing here?



shinpichu said:

I don't care. It still looks like a good game, doesn't matter that it's not a Wii U exclusive. A good game is still a good game, no matter what platform its released on. It's not like it's not coming out for the Wii U.

The one thing is I wonder if there will be differences between different versions. 360/PS3 don't have tablet controllers, so I don't see how that functionality will be ported.



Haxonberik said:

The heck is wrong with them?!? Delaying until September?! I still have that game preordered since I preordered the Wii U. And why? To take away the exclusivity. Ubisoft really lost some respect there. They'd better release Watch Dogs for Wii U now.



Swithom said:

I'm not bothered about it going onto PS3.
I am bothered about the fact I expected it at the end of the month, in fact I put a £50 gift card I recieved for christmas down on Amazon to pre-order it three days ago.


Can I get that £50 back when it was a gift card?



SYZYGY said:

I think it's cool that more people will be able to play this game, but at the same time I think Nintendo Wii U will loose a lot from this and Ninja Gaiden, Wii U needs exclusives, and shouldnt be loosing them this early. - and btw what about the games Wii U players want that are only on PS3/360/PC?



sketchturner said:

I was not excited about the tablet functionality anyway. Now maybe my dream can come true and a non-tablet version of Legends will be ported to the Wii.



real_gamer said:

Ubisoft: Nintendo we want to support the Wii U and it has everything we want for Rayman Legends!

Nintendo: Exclusive? You have my support!

Unisoft: Deal!

Months later

Ubisoft: We are bringing Rayman Legends to all the platforms! PS: We pushed back the Wii U version until September!



AceSpadeS said:

@real_gamer A company wants to make the most money by selling their product to everybody who wants to buy it. Amazing how that works out.




Although i will still buy the game, i will purchase it used so ubisoft doesnt get my money. Very disapointing indeed.



shonenjump86 said:

Wow... This along with Bayonetta were my main reasons of thinking about getting a Wii U. Looks like I will be getting this on 360 now. May still get a Wii U down the road, but now I'm not in a hurry to get one just yet.



elekid said:

Delayed until September? That's so disappointing. Between this and Scribblenauts, the Wii U is seriously losing momentum in Europe



Exile20 said:

Screw you Ubisoft and nintendo. I wish I could throw this console out the window.



SimonB79 said:

Scribblenaughts, Aliens now Rayman .... 3 WiiU titles I've had ordered that've been delayed ... Why did I bother with the WiiU?? (bet Zombiu is PS3 / XBox bound aswell)



BenAV said:

This has gradually switched from a maybe launch window purchase while I wait for games I want to an unlikely purchase unless I find it dirt cheap because by then I'll have a lot of better games to play (well, I already do, but still).
If it's as average as Origins (which it seems from the demo), then I wouldn't really care if it didn't even come out on the Wii U at all.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

@Everly Nintendo is on the ball the wii u is only months old and they announced sooooooo many great games coming this wear and beyond for EX. smash bros U, new mario kart, new 3d mario game, monster hunter ultimate, Windwaker U, New zelda title... the list goes on! who cares about rayman anyway it to me is a overrated game. i rather play trine 2



Everly said:

@AceSpadeS I've never had an issue with exclusive title other than I don't really like them. It is the constant delays (everything from Zen Pinball to Pikmin 3) that are irritating me.



andreoni79 said:

I don't care if it's not WiiU exclusive, but six month of delay... they dont' give a damn about WiiU



TotalHenshin said:

The problem isn't that it's coming to other platforms, the problem is it isn't coming this month for the platform for which it was announced, so that, in all likelihood, it can release with other platforms. This was one of the key games I bought a Wii U for and now it's being delayed AGAIN. That's a load of crap.



gidde78 said:

This is bull,i was a real fan of Ubisoft,bought the Wii U for Zombie U and Rayman legends.And now they delay the game to September,why dont release it on Wii U now,and PS3 and Xbox in september,now my Wii U is crap,no games coming up,i really wanted Rayman at the end of this month.Ubisoft suprised me,im gonna reconsider of buying games from them in the future.



andreoni79 said:

and I still buy Nintendo consoles at day one to support them... I am the real stupid!



citizenerased said:

Less than a month before release? In other words, it's delayed because of the ports? Awesomesauce...



fchinaski said:

Michael Ancel, few months ago:

“What surprises me with Wii U is that we don’t have many technical problems. It’s really running very well, in fact. We’re not obliged to constantly optimize things. Even on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions [of Origins], we had some fill-rate issues and things like that. So it’s partly us – we improved the engine – but I think the console is quite powerful. Surprisingly powerful. And there’ a lot of memory. You can really have huge textures, and it’s crazy because sometimes the graphic artist – we built our textures in very high-dentition. They could be used in a movie. Then we compress them, but sometimes they forget to do the compression and it still works! [Laughs] So yeah, it’s quite powerful. It’s hard sometimes when you’re one of the first developers because it’s up to you to come up with solutions to certain problems. But the core elements of the console are surprisingly powerful.

"And because we’re developing for Wii U, we don’t have to worry about cross-platform optimization.

“We can push what the console can do; push it to its limits. And of course, we have a new lighting engine. In fact, the game engine for Origins was mostly just classic sprites in HD, but now we can light them and add shadows and all these things. So there is some technical innovation with the engine itself."



SteveW said:

So we have to wait because the PS3 and 360 people have to? that is so stupid!!!! if they don't want a Wii U just make them wait!!!!!



Tasuki said:

I like the idea of it not being exclusive but why do we have to wait for September. I remember Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas coming out on the PS2 and about a year later it coming out on the Xbox, why cant they do that with Rayman? Well by the time this game is released I will probably not be interested in it anymore which is a shame cause it did pique my interest.



Peach64 said:

I don't see the multi-format thing being a problem. How many people were really going to buy a Wii U because of this? And even less will have bought one to play Ninja Gaiden 3.

And people getting mad at the delay? If it was a Nintendo game, as it so often is, people say stuff like 'I'd rather they delay it than rush it out'.

Here's a tip for people. If you're buying a console for a specific game, maybe wait for that game to come out before buying the console? There's a very good chance the Wii U could drop in price by September. I know Nintendo said they're not planning a price drop, but they're not dumb enough to say 'yeah, we'll be dropping the price before the end of the year' because then everyone would just wait.



edcomics said:

Wow, this is big news. WiiU exclusivity is going out the window, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Bayonetta 2 is no longer exclusive (is that old news I've forgotten?). With Nintendo relying so heavily on old formulas for its core franchises, the WiiU is starting to look more and more like a useless brick.

As TotalHenshin just said, the delay is a huge problem as well. My friend was frustrated over the long wait for Luigi's Mansion on 3DS — a game he bought the system for. It seems this is happening more and more. Too many delays, plus loss of exclusivity... the WiiU is becoming redundant.

I love NintendoLand. I think it's great fun, but it's not enough. WindWaker HD isn't for me. I actually find that release to be kind of insulting. It's like Nintendo only cares about its hype machine, and not about what kind of content it's actually offering. That may truly be the case, which makes all of us idiots for buying their machines.



Everly said:

@Ryo_Hazuki-san We have been promised the world, it is the delivering that is the issue. In the recent Nintendo Direct the president stated he recognized the responsibility to provide a constant stream of games. All we have seen are promised titles and dates that continue to slip.




Ubisoft you are such utter gits! They'd never do this in the reverse situation I bet (delay the game so they could develop it for the Wii U after prev being PSBOX only). Not bothered about exclusivity at all, but this bites and is poor treatment of Wii U owners.



rjejr said:

i don't think Rayman Legends was going to be a big system seller, but this news sucks in so many ways -

1. No rush to buy a Wii U - this isn't out until Sept., maybe after a price drop
2. Non-exclusive so you don't even have to buy a Wii U to play it
3. Ubisoft just royally screwed over Nintendo w/ thsi double - whammy, what other Ubisoft problesm will there be?
4. Has the system not sold enough consoles, or is it too "last gen" to run the game properly?
5. When will Pilmin 3 or The Wonderful 101 ever come out

No silver linings, just more Wii U crappy news



AbeVigoda said:

I wasn't going to buy this anyway, but it is kind of weak for UbiSoft to do this.



citizenerased said:

@AceSpadeS Seems like most people are upset about the delay, obviously caused by the ports. I was fully expecting this to be released on the PS360, but this is delaying my Wii U purchase. In fact, I'm likely to pick up a PS3 or 360 instead, after all they have Bioshock Infinite and many more releases.



DRL said:

Wow. I thought Rayman would be the Wii U's saving grace this quarter but apparently my system is going to be collecting even more dust. This, is the most bummerific news in a while.



Sean_Aaron said:

I don't expect any third-party release to be exclusive to the Wii U, regardless of what that third-party says, but if the game is ready to launch and they're delaying it just to have a simultaneous release then the only message I could take from that is they're afraid of reviews of the Wii U version putting off people who own other platforms. Consequently it's gone from a title I would have bought day one on the strength of the demo to one I'll be waiting for favourable reviews before purchasing.

Ah well, by then there will be Nintendo releases to amuse I'm sure!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I swear we need to start some sort of protest or something to at least release it for Wii U this month instead of forcing us to wait for the other systems.



ThumperUK said:

Who at Ubisoft has business sense? WiiU owners are crying out for new games so would have bought Legends en masse. By September however, we'll all be too busy playing Lego Undercover, Pikmin, Zelda, Mario Kart et al to bother with Rayman. It would have made business sense to release Rayman on the WiiU now and the other platforms when ready in September(ish).



Spoony_Tech said:

This news is getting massive hits fast. Nice Ubisoft. Tick off Nintendo fan base to cater to the other systems fan base!!



Wonder_Ideal said:

@AceSpadeS - I don't have much of a problem with it being a multi-pat game, what annoys me is the seven month delay. The Wii U version could still be released on time, and the other versions put out in September. That way it would still have a period of Wii U exclusivity, and the other systems would still get it.



Sean_Aaron said:

Absolutely so ThumperUK. Makes it doubly lame to have both the demo and an eShop placeholder for this title. To reduce confusion I think Nintendo should remove both.



SheldonRandoms said:

But I thought the other versions would be "Missing something from the Wii U version" this really makes no sense, to quote what people keep telling me on flipnote hatena..........




Everly said:

@Tech101 I certainly don't see Zen delaying the new Star Wars pinball release so Wii U and 3DS versions can be launched at the same time.



gidde78 said:

Can they really do like this,i mean it was an Wii U exclusive? Dont Nintendo have any saying in this? I don't understand why they cant release it on Wii U now,and other consoles in Septemper,i own a PS3 as well but i still want it for Wii U,it worked so great with the gamepad.



ThePirateCaptain said:

Why the hell do we have to wait to play Rayman Legends when it's obviously almost finished? The game was going to be released in less than 20 days but they delay it so its released at the same time as the other consoles. Other publishers haven't been delaying their games because the Wii U version isn't ready. Screw Ubisoft.



Lituison said:

I'm starting to get a sinking feeling about my investment in Nintendo's latest console, all the delays, the lack of any true 'killer apps', the lack of TVii in Europe...and on another note, seriously, do Ninty not have an exclusivity contract with Ubisoft for this game?



SheldonRandoms said:

Something tells me that this game won't sell as good now, because isn't it going to be released around the same time as GTA 5, and GTA is the game that people would rather get, I was gonna get this game, but now i'll replace it with the Wonder 101.



rjejr said:

I guess this news confirms the new PS4 controller will have a touch screen



Bulbousaur said:

Slow clap

Well done Ubisoft, now I might as well not buy a Wii U until Mario Kart U comes out... This was the game that was being used to promote the Wii U with demos everywhere, and now its a multiplatform game... This is a very harsh blow for Nintendo indeed...

We need a petition for Ubisoft to at least stick to the Wii U version release date. I mean, its basically finished from what I hear...



Wildfire said:

Here it is what I was saying on the other article about Ninja Gaiden 3. They(3rd parties) do everything to please the PS360 fanboys. But when we ask for their games to also be on Nintendo systems they don't give a damn!!
Why the hell do we need to wait 'till September?
Well Ubisoft you lost a sale here!



Vampire-Jekyll said:

I can understand the delay if the game just is not ready yet, but if we now have to wait longer simply because they want to release the game across all consoles at the same time then this is simply madness. If this is the case, Ubisoft is only hurting their sales here.



CliffordB said:

Totally gutted with this news, one of the main reasons I got a Wii U at launch was to play Rayman Legends, had it on pre-order for ages now, it's already had one delay (was supposed to be a launch title) now delayed until September, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

As for it not even being a Wii U exclusive anymore, that really feels like a massive kick in the teeth, how much more bad news can the Wii U take?
I'm getting really concerned now, huge blow IMO.



GazPlant said:

I wish I could have been at the meeting where the exec said "hey guys, let's delay this finished game and release it during the busiest season of the year! It worked SO well for Origins, right?"



BenAV said:

I hope the game does sell rather terribly like some people are predicting.
Based on Origins, it really doesn't deserve to do well.
Plus between this decision and Assassin's Creed 3's completely dysfunctional multiplayer, I'd quite enjoy seeing Ubisoft suffer the consequences.



edhe said:

F### right off, Ubisoft!

There goes preorder #2. My next game (to be delayed no doubt) is Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate.



Einherjar said:

A bit of a conspiracy theory but:
More and more companys announce their games for an early, exclusive release, delay it and make it multi platform.
This, along all the other negative press seams to me like someone wants nintendo out of the picture...

On topic: Sure, its always sad to hear that an exclusive game for a nintendo console gets released on other platforms, loosing a bit of its charme. But thats really the smallest problem.
The WiiU is an excellent console. But you can almost watch it die before it even fully lived... Almost no new games. the exclusive lineup grows thinner every day (Kens Rage 2, Ninja Gaiden 3, Rayman) many games get delayed, some without a specific date or reason, the eShop gets ignored EVEN by nintendo itself.
In all honesty, the WiiU could end worse than the GameCube, if this BS keeps happening.
And to be honest...tell me a reason to buy a WiiU now ? Im glad that i got mine but seriously, how are they expecting good sales if the games lineup is even thinner than the 3DS.
Nintendo should do something QUICKLY. If all the "3rd party partners" theyve gathered to boost the WiiU pull such punches, the system is dead in a year...



TechnoEA said:

Yeah I see no point in getting a Wii U until Wind Waker HD and Mario come out. I'll stick with my PS3 until then.

That said, the delay is irritating, this was actually what sold me on the system in the first place.



Lituison said:

Anyone want to bet the exact same thing won't happen with Lego City Undercover? Anyone?



AVahne said:

Well then, from now on it seems the only Wii U exclusives we'll be seeing are the ones developed and co-developed by Nintendo. And the IPs mostly owned by Nintendo, but not exactly first party (Fatal Frame, The Last Story, etc. ).



citizenerased said:

@Lituison Nintendo is publishing Lego City Undercover, it won't go multi-platform. And surely even Nintendo must feel pressure to release at least that for Wii U in Q1.

3rd party-wise, it's getting more and more likely the Wii U will be getting similar 3rd party support that the Wii did. In other words, not a whole lot.



Peach64 said:

Are people surprised they try harder to please the PS360 fanbase? Come on, there's 150 million of those consoles out there, and not even 3 million Wii Us. A massive success on Wii U still won't sell a fraction of what a 'flop' makes them on the other two.

IF they have delayed the finished Wii U version so it appears the same time as the other two then it's a dumb move, but I can't see why they'd be that stupid, as they'd almost certainly shift more units now, than in September when there's actually competition for it.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Vote with your wallet people!!! Just don't buy it for any of the consoles. If Ubi wants to screw over Wii U owners for a finished game then let your voices be heard! Money talks, bullpoo walks!!!



Einherjar said:

Im more concerned about Monster Hunter to be honest. Capcom is known for their stupid decisions in the last couple years. If they also get the idea that the system sales are not enough, MH3U could also be "japan only" for good...



Lituison said:

@ tealovertome: doh, just realised that. Still, the way Wii U is going, Nintendo torpedoing their own platform doesn't seem that insane.



K1LLEGAL said:

@Ryo_Hazuki-san That is the EXACT problem. They ANNOUNCED all these great games because they have to. The games should be here already. I'm not saying this second, but within the next couple of months. Nintendo pulled the same bullpoo with the 3DS. I remember the Paper Mario sticker star video being one of the first used to show the 3DS. When did that come out? Oh only 18 months after launch.

I know this particular game isn't Nintendo's fault. But seriously, they need to sort themselves out. Especially with Europe. Where the hell is my Fire Emblem, Nintendo?



Ryno said:

Did a lot of you forget to take your antidepressants this morning? My word, even a morgue is not a as depressing as this comment section.



CanisWolfred said:

This never really was Exclusive, BTW. It was confirmed to be coming to the Wii U, but Ubi was never clear as to whether it would be the only platform.



Haywired said:

"When talking about upcoming releases that will give the Wii U a timely boost and sell systems, one that's been consistently mentioned, including here on Nintendo Life, is Ubisoft's Rayman Legends"

People were banking on Rayman to sell systems...?!



K1LLEGAL said:

@andreoni79 Maybe they are finally wising up to the fact that a console with no games is poo. Promises are great but having to wait until a year after the systems release for the game you really want is pathetic.



SonataAndante said:

I personally have a strong dislike for third party platform exclusives as I think it's best if games are released to the widest range of potential players possible. I understand why they happen though and losing Rayman Legends as an exclusive is quite the blow. I'm fine with the notion of it being multiplat, and Wii U is still going to have something over the other versions due to touch screen features. That said, this is a rather crappy move on Ubi's part. The game has been pushed back by, what? 6? 7 months? I forget if it was a February or March title before now. I think it would have been better to just release the damn game on Wii U as intended, then release the 360/PS3 versions in September. Giving excited Wii U owners the middle finger isn't a good way to get new customers.

I'm fine with multiplat, but that 6-7 month delay is ridiculous and unacceptable.



Exile20 said:

I am sorry to say but I hope this game bombs. I really do especially releasing the same time as GTA. I said I was going buy used but I am boycotting this game. Damn and I loved ZombiiU too. Damn you UBIsoft.



Einherjar said:

If you have nothing else...i guess so.
There were no other system seller games "exclusive" games to be seen in the near future



Spoony_Tech said:

Nice over a hundred replies in less then 45 mins. Let's take this all the way to 500! After all it was put above the dl news of the day for a reason!



citizenerased said:

@Haywired I was going to buy a system to play Rayman Legends, yes. Maybe it's not a system seller perse, but it's one a lot of people added to their list of "launch window" titles they wanted. Now I'm not buying a Wii U until at least autumn.



Whopper744 said:

Come on really? Disapointed in Ubisoft on this one. I hope this isn't because they are losing hope with Nintendo. Not sure how this will port...they need to make the Wii U one the best somehow for once..



Wildfire said:

@Koto I was thinking the same. If this is what Rich from IGN thinks interesting, I really don't know whats interesting anymore.



citizenerased said:

@Koto How many third party titles coming out this year have been announced for Wii U? Everyone knows the PS4/720 are coming, the Wii U has one or two years to enjoy multiplatform titles. It seems like it's not getting any in the first year.

I'm not even complaining, I've always known that when I buy a Wii U, it'll be for Nintendo goodness and quirky 3rd party games like No More Heroes. If I get to pick between multiplatform titles, and an indie-supported eShop, I'll pick the latter.



SonataAndante said:

“We heard from many Xbox & Playstation owners and Rayman fans who told us they really wanted to play Rayman Legends on their current system. We decided to give the fans what they wanted while at the same time broadening the audience exposed to this innovative and memorable game."

Honestly, I think that's a fine reason for revoking exclusivity. It makes sense after all. But that delay for the Wii U version is still disgusting and stupid. I was looking forward to this.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I don't even care that it's coming out for other systems, just that they're delaying it for Wii-U owners for no reason.

That's really unnecessary and unneeded. I'm thinking of canceling my preorder now. That's a really lame and pointless thing to do to Wii-U owners.



AVahne said:

Makes me wonder if you know how video game and console releases work...
It's not an iPhone, developers show you the games beforehand to let you know: "Hey this is coming, get excited."
That's how it works with almost EVERY GAME and EVERY CONSOLE RELEASE. ESPECIALLY in the day and age of longer dev cycles. Games don't come out of anyone's butt when you want them to, you know.



Peach64 said:

I don't think the fact Nintendo is publishing Lego City Undercover as any guarantee that it will stay exclusive. Unless Nintendo have got Traveller's Tales to sign an exclusivity agreement, then they won't have any say in TT porting it to other consoles.

If Nintendo DO have an exclusivity agreement, then I think they probably need to put out some kind of press release, to make people aware that if they want to play Lego City Undercover, they'll need to buy a Wii U.



ArkOne77 said:

Really disappointed........Why do we have to wait for the wii u version to release? Couldn't they give the wii u owners an advantage by releasing it earlier than other console versions? Considering we always have to wait for sub-par ports 6-12 months after release on PS3/360...... if that! Most of the time we're excluded all together!......Sigh.



K1LLEGAL said:

@Koto Right, i'm not an idiot. My point is, Nintendo keeps releasing their console at a time where nothing seems to be ready for it. Remember Mario 64 releasing with the N64? Absolutely legendary and will always be remembered as one of the best launch games ever. As will Halo for the original XBOX.

Nintendo made the mistake of releasing the 3DS with practically nothing. Making the mistake once is acceptable, they apologised and acknowledged their mistake. Yet they made the same error with the Wii U.

Don't insult my intelligence please.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@Five-seveN The Wii-U version is DONE. It was coming out in two weeks. That's what makes this terrible news. They're doing this to cater to PS3 and 360 owners with no regard to those of us who were already buying it on day one.



astros75 said:

Well this just went from a day 1 purchase to a wait for a cheap used copy purchase



Wildfire said:

@K1llegal Rich is actually the head of team Nintendo on IGN so when he says that something interesting is going to happen, we're not exactly expecting bad news for Nintendo systems.



ArkOne77 said:

They might as well start porting Super Mario and Zelda so PS3 and 360 fans don't get butt hurt!!!! >:{



K1LLEGAL said:

@Wildfire Sure but he might not be referring to this. And if he was, this is "interesting" for sure. To a lot of people. Just look at the amount of replies. If it wasn't interesting then there would be a severe lack of comments.

It's just not interesting in a good way.



theblackdragon said:

Hey guys, I understand we're all upset by this news, but if we could watch the profanity (as per our Rules), it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :3



shinpichu said:

Bayonetta 2 is being published by Nintendo, so that's not multiplatform.

Seriously, people? I understand being upset about the delay, but are you really getting this upset at this game being made available on more platforms? It's not like the Wii U release isn't happening. This is worse than the complaints about the Bayonetta 2 thing.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@astros75 Yeah I'm thinking of canceling my preorder now and waiting for the bargain bin like Origins.

Punishing Wii-U owners for no reason like this is terrible. The game is freaking done.



FullbringIchigo said:

while i can understand Nintendo being a bit peeved at this news that fact that it is now on multiple systems doesn't really bother me because i'm still getting it on Wii U anyway




Im not even bothered by this. I didnt enjoy the demo, it didnt challenge me at all. Nice graphics but thats it. They can poke it up there arse.



Einherjar said:

This whole situation reminds me of Resident Evil 4...and you know how many heads rolled for that...



AVahne said:

Seems there are still third party games that are unannounced for Wii U. Nonetheless, I hope people will get delusion out of their mind that when PS4 and 720 come out, that there will be a plethora of MUST HAVE exclusives right out of the gate and that they will make Wii U completely irrelevant. Hoping they'll also get it out of their heads that those systems will sell very well in their first year, and again KO the Wii U in year or two. Third parties will still release Wii U games. Count on it.
The Internet seems to be in a dream state now...



ShadJV said:

Well, I lost a lot of respect for Ubisoft; I've nothing wrong with a company making games multiplatform but Ubisoft pledged their support for the Wii U and this is a huge contradiction. Sure, it's great news for non-Wii U owners interested in it, but it hurts the sales of the Wii U version (though the other versions more than compensate that) and hurts the Wii U sales. I haven't been too worried about the Wii U taking off but now I am. I hope Nintendo can start compensating for the unreliable third parties, I doubt they'll be as lucky this generation as they were last...



Wildfire said:

@ K1llegal I guess you're right. It is indeed "interesting" for some people but just not for the majority of us here.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@koto All console launches are terrible. I predict some meltdowns from MS and PS fans when the respective systems get dry support early on like the 360 and PS3 did.



SilentHunter382 said:

"Ubisoft pledged their support for the Wii U and this is a huge contradiction"

How is it a contradiction if the game is still being released on the wii u. If they cancelled the wii u version but released it on the other platforms then ya it would be. They are still supporting the wii u.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@Five-seveN There is no logical reason for delaying the Wii-U version except lack of respect for those who already own the system. The game is not going to magically do better with two other competing versions HALF A YEAR from now.



cornishlee said:

A very bad couple of days for the Wii U.

And to think, just yesterday Ubisoft were telling us how great the console is.

I really enjoyed the demo and was going to buy it day one. Now? I may not get it at all, there'll be a lot more competition then. I guess at least my bank manager will be happy.



Candido0411 said:

Bad news for this being Nintendo's great third party exclusive game but honestly I kinda saw this coming in some way shape or form. This is a smart move by Ubisoft because I want Rayman to do well and the best way to do well is to release it on all the platforms. Besides, the Wii U version is probably going to be the best version of the game.



DarkCoolEdge said:

What a back-stabbing. Not exclusive is ok but the delay is outrageous.

I'm startting to worry about WiiU's future. It is going to be like Wii but with worse sales :s



Nareva said:

This just went from THE Wii U game to get in February to a lesser title among many in the fall. Odd decision.



AVahne said:

Then don't make yourself a target then, but fair enough point. However, as I said, dev cycles are longer nowadays and Nintendo wants to make sure that the games they put out now are great quality. And with the frequent devkit updates before release, we're lucky we even got Nintendo games at launch. Sure NSMBU isn't ultra pretty and revolutionary, but it's a great 2D Mario game. And Nintendo Land may not be "hardcore" and all, but it's hella fun. Personally I haven't had that kind of fun with games since Mario Kart Double Dash.



Peach64 said:

Argh. Stop saying that Nintendo being the publisher for a game means it definitely won't be ported. They published Ninja Gaiden 3 in the West too. It means nothing unless there is a signed agreement, and as I said above, if Nintendo have signed agreements for games being exclusive, they need to put out press releases so people know they'll have to get a Wii U to play those games.



bizcuthammer said:

It doesn't make sense to delay the wii u version. Release it on wii u now and then in Sept, release the PS3 and 360 versions. This is the last straw for me with Ubisoft. I was going to get this game, but by the time Sept comes around, Wind Waker and Pikmin 3 will be out and 3D Mario and Mario Kart U will be right around the corner. In doing this, Ubisoft has officially lost my business and probably for good.



andreoni79 said:

@Einherjar I don't need to believe in sabotage... I just have to look at my poor WiiU game collection to believe that there are some problems...



ultraraichu said:

Wow, I am speechless about the amount of 3rd party support that have been going on for Nintendo lately. Developer not releasing their future/recent "Multi-platform" games to Nintendo around the same time period as well or ever and any game that doesn't use the WiiU gamepad in a unquely exclusive way will become multi.

So far this knife is cutting one way. I'm not too upset about Rayman itself (not much a fan) but more about this and similar action that cheapens the console.

Well maybe Rockstar releasing GTAV or Namco with Naruto UNS3 will reassure me about "wider audience" hopefully since I would love to play it on the WiiU.



DePapier said:

Lol, what was it that I was saying back then on the Ninja Gaiden post? lol

I haven't finished reading all of our comments, but I would suggest we demonstrate to the best of our abilities on Miiverse.



Einherjar said:

Nintendo is the reason why bayonetta 2 even exists. Platinum didnt have the money to make it and nintendo, wanting another exclusive, funded the game. So the chances that this game gets spread to other consoles is slim



AVahne said:

IMO, I think this is a bigger blow to the game than to the Wii U. The delay that is. It'll be multi-platform, which is great, but there will be competition on ALL consoles by the time it releases. It'll have copies sold, but Wii U owners may forget the game even existed by the time it launches.



Zach777 said:

That's too bad. My wife and I were quite excited for this. In 6 months it probably will get pushed out of the must buy list since Zelda will be arriving, Resident Evil Revelations HD and Pikmin 3.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Yep, it's being sent out to die.

Great that the game was coming out in a few weeks and now it's being delayed half a year. What an awful company.



retro_player_22 said:

Don't care, still getting this for the Wii U just like Rayman Origins for Wii. Platform games usually does better on Nintendo's console anyways.



K1LLEGAL said:

@Koto Don't get me wrong. I don't have a Wii U, but I really want one to play Nintendo Land. However I can't justify the purchase just for that. Gotta wait for the usual suspects to be released (smash bros, 3D mario etc). And you're right about development times being longer. I just feel like Nintendo shouldn't have launched when it did. It's all well and good being first on the market and releasing for Xmas aswell but with stock problems and a lack of high quality games I can't help but feel the launch was rushed.

And another thing, Nintendo definitely need to stagger their releases. No point putting out all their big guns at the exact same time, even if it is launch. But right now there is basically nothing to look forward to in the coming months besides the new Lego game (my opinion of course).



SilverLightning said:

3rd game delay this week!!! starting to get annoyed with these game developers they should get them selves back in order and stop letting us all down!!!



bezerker99 said:

If I put a lot of money and resources into making a great game, I would probably want it across all three platforms too.



SparkOfSpirit said:

That's fine, but the Wii-U version doesn't need to be delayed half a year to compete with heavy hitters like GTAV in September. It would make more money NOW.



AyeHaley said:

So many comments! Anyway not going to bother with this game anymore. Maybe if I find it used for 10€ max.



ultraraichu said:

Well I I can see this and Ninja Gaiden becoming the base for a future Talking Point. I'll save more of my opinions for that.



Lunapplebloom said:

This is not what I wanted to see when I woke up in the morning...

I wouldn't have a problem with it also releasing for the other systems, but to delay the Wii U version just because of that is unfair... But I guess that's life for ya. I'll still be picking this game up regardless for the console it was intended for, but this hurts nonetheless.



SilverLightning said:

never wanted to say this but wii u is failing in europe 3 delays in the past 3 days! and the Wii U isnt even finished yet no TVii in europe yet! what is wrong with game develops they are starting to slack off, and ubisoft going against there word of it being an "exclusive"!!! and Nintendo where is Miiverse on the 3DS it was ment to come last month is that delayed too. if nintendo want to sell Wii U's heres a tip actually FINISH MAKING IT!!! and actually release games!!!



arderin64 said:

Seems like Ubisoft's show of praise for Wii U yesterday was all a bit of a diversion for the stab in the back coming today. I fully expected Legends would appear on the ps360 before the end of the year but to push the Wii U release back almost six months to cater for their version is absolute bullish*t. I'll be picking it up second hand which I don't like to do when I feel a developer has made a good game (which I'm positive Legends will be) but I'm quite irked about the situation, was planning to play it over Easter. Grrrrrrrr!



SteveW said:

I'm canceling my pre-order and buying a Wii U game from a deserving company.



-KwB- said:

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE !! COME OOOOOOOOOOON !!!!!! WHY THE FREAKING DELAY ? THANKS UBISOFT ... I'll PROBABLY WILL NOT BE BUYING IT ANYMORE, great news to tell us that, like damn two weeks for release .. was so looking forward to it ..



SteveW said:

Newsflash! ZombiU is going multiplatform and the Wii U version will stop functioning tomorrow! it will begin working again once they are done with the PS3 and 360 versions! would that actually surprise anyone at this point?



K1LLEGAL said:

I have to say I think there is a massive difference in attitude between those of us in Europe, and those in the United States. With good reason. Delays are hitting everyone these days but moreso those in Europe.

Scribblenauts was meant to be out soon right? Like very soon? (I may be wrong) But that just got delayed, when it is already out in the US.

Fire Emblem is out in the US, but still months away in Europe.

Not to mention the price of the console. Honestly the way I see this whole thing relates back to Operation Rainfall (to an extent). It doesn't feel nice being in the region that gets the shaft. That being said I do realise this particular game is delayed for everyone; I just feel like it's reaching breaking point in Europe.



phoenixology said:

Wouldn't it be great if Rockstar announced GTA V on Wii U, and because of it delayed all versions until 2014. Touché.



K1LLEGAL said:

@phoenixology Not really. Those of us with an XBOX and a PS3 didn't exactly ask for this. It's never nice especially when it was so close to release.



AVahne said:

Nintendo's just releasing their console on their normal 5-6 year cycle. Other than the OS, the Wii U wasn't really rushed. The hardware is built very well and efficiently. The games may be a problem, but that's hardly Nintendo's fault (other than the frequent devkit updates).
Now personally, I have plenty of games in the coming months to buy for Wii U. However, this is where facts step down and opinions start to rule. If you don't see any reason to buy a Wii U yet, then more money for you! Hopefully you'll be buying one EVENTUALLY

EDIT: Now, Nintendo knows they gotta work better when it comes to timing their releases. I believe they'll be making sure this year that there will be plenty of games from THEM to play throughout the year and into 2014, if their recent Nintendo Direct is anything to go by.



OverturePT said:

Wow, this was supposed to be released last year, on November or something. Are you serious? What a freaking delay... I knew it was going to be ported to other consoles sooner or later and I have no problem with that, but this delay? Douche move Ubisoft, this game won't even feel right on my hands when it comes out, and it was a sure buy for me.



K1LLEGAL said:

@Koto Yup, I agree completely a lot of it boils down to opinion at the end of the day. Oh don't worry I will definitely be buying one. I can't resist. I know I will want the games that are coming in the future so I will definitely get one. I just don't trust that there won't be a price drop or a special edition model or something before those games actually arrive! I'm trying to be smart this time (for once)



JayRydah said:

Wow this is very disappointing news. Was really lukin foward to this at the end of the month. Why make us wii u owners have to wait longer if the wii u version is already ready to go. Makes no sense at all. Screw ubisoft!



SteveW said:

Wow, look at all the complaints! great job Ubisoft! lets see how good the sales are in September



DePapier said:

... I'm trying to type down my comment, but honestly I just don't know what to say.



Jellitoe said:

Wow, I just lost all interest in this game, I was gonna pick it up day one because my son and now I will not get it at all.



Kamalisk said:

Not releasing a game because of multi-platform support is bad business. Even if the WiiU has only a few million sales, those owners are clearly looking for more games and are much more likely to buy this now than in september.

Also releasing the same month as huge releases like GTAV is just beyond stupid.

So, this smells of MS or Sony telling Ubisoft they can release it on their console only if it is released at the same time as the WiiU. That is the only sensible business reason as to why a company would do this. Pretty sure this done a lot in this business.



Void said:

I might be unhappy, except.
1. I have Fire Emblem: Awakening.
2. I didn't really like Rayman Origins.
3. I didn't like the demo for Legends, and I don't think I would like the full game of it either.
4. I have plenty of other games besides Fire Emblem: Awakening that I have to play anyways.
5. I think it'll be funny to see Ubisoft complain about it bombing. (If GTA V is going to be as popular as everyone expects.)



Pikachupwnage said:

Ubisoft really pissing me off.


"Nevermind its coming in feburary"

"Opps now its september because we are releasing it on PS360 as well! We did this for you though! Because we know how much you love waiting!"

****ing morons



SparkOfSpirit said:

Yeah, it was originally supposed to be out last November. It's basically been delayed a full year since it's original release date.



JayRydah said:

Someome has to start a petition to ubisoft to release it on time for us. This is so heated right now and I rarely comment but I cant stay quite on this. Ubisoft will lose alot of support for the game.



SilverLightning said:

MESSAGE FROM 3RD PARTY SUPPORTERS OF NINTENDO**** 'we are sad to say that every game we are going to make this year has been delayed, were not going to tell you why because we dont have too, its just that we've finished them but we've desided to sell the rights to sony and mircosoft so they can make ports which for some reason will take just under a year even though they are finished and ready for the Wii U and 3DS we just feel like being a bunch of peepee heads'



Mollutje said:

Well.. there goes a whole chunk of respect for Ubisoft.. They'd better not scrap the cool Gamepad-based gameplay for this one! I was looking forward to this so much! A delay I can stomach, but a delay ánd the news that it's coming out for the other platforms as well is just crap..



SilverLightning said:

2013 the year of disturbing facebook videos, #cut4bieber, "facebook famous" people, and the year of video game delays and lying game developers



NintyMan said:

Whoa, that is a disappointment! Good thing I'm not that big of a Rayman fan, but I was looking forward to this game. Getting delayed by six or seven months is a seriously tough move and now that it's not going to be a Wii U exclusive is more salt on the wound. Looks like there won't be anything for me until the crowded month of March.



GoombaSlayer said:

Well, Ubisoft has said this right from the very start. They have always had PS360-versions of the game in mind. Me, personally, believes that there is something magical about exclusive-games (not sure why, though) so my hype went down a bit and as weirdly as it sound i might actually wait for this to end up really cheap. Which problably will be soon after its release due to it going up against GTA V the very same month and the fact that many Nintendo-lovers wont as eagerly buy the game now.



SteveW said:

I'll just blame Microsoft.... they have done things like this in the past, I'm sure Ubisoft had some pressure to delay the Wii U one...



Gamer83 said:

The delay is total bs and I'd be furious if I owned the Wii U and was looking forward to this game. That said anybody crying about PS3 & 360 getting the game, stop, just like Ninja Gaiden this is a third party franchise Ubi can do what it wants. Time for Nintendo to step up and get the big guns out there. Right now there is very little reason to be even slightly interested in the U and I'm somebody who has always bought Nintendo systems day one in the past.



Wildfire said:

Rich from IGN wrote an article about this and it's funny as he seems to be amused about the situation and I can't believe he actually thinks that this is a smart move by Ubisoft!! :0
Anyway as someone said here already this is a concerning signal about the Wii U future and I don't think that this time Nintendo alone will be able to pull through. With the long time of development and all...I really hope I'm wrong...



drunkenmaster76 said:

First scribblenaughts now rayman if the wii u fails i dont think i will ever purchase or play another console game ever again, ive owned near enougth every console created fom the nes to the atari lynx to the dreamcast and never have i been so dissapointed
with a console launch.



Schprocket said:

This was due in two weeks... and it was left until now to announce... sounds like either MicroSony have been throwing serious payola at Ubisoft or the once-iminent Wii U version is - unlike the demo - utter cack.
I see no other reason - hmmm except possibly to cheap out on only paying one lot of advertising but even then, most Wii U owners and prospective buyers already know about Legends already.
No problemo with the other platforms but the delay needs some 'splainin' or peoples gonna gets hurt... by the angry mob above



Rapadash6 said:

Definately disappointing news, but hardly surprising. What's worse is this sets a precedent early in the systems life by which third parties will likely follow in the future. Nintendo just couldn't get the sales figures high enough to entice third party developers, even those who've already pledged thier support. I think we're looking at another N64 here, to be honest; superb first and second party games with next to nothing on the third party front. Time to accept it people.



Drawdler said:

Being a Nintendo fan feels awful right now. Besides the beloved company themselves, it seems- it's certain- that we get shafted by near every other development company some way or another. Even Nintendo sometimes disappoint with their delays and waits. I'm happy that I purchased my Wii U and play it twice a week at worst thus far, but commercially I fear for its sales a fair bit.
By no means did Ubisoft lose my business, because I still want the GAME, but... GRASS. WHY delay the Wii U version? It was obviously very nearly finished and now you choose to make people who would have purchased it not do so, you've potentially jeopardized what might have been sales moving it to a far more competitive season than March, and generally urinated off people who have been looking forward to the game(particularly considering it was already delayed a while ago).
The Nintendo community just feels bad to be in right now, with all of the doom and gloom that's been going on, I'm honestly fearing Ninty becoming a new Sega. I feel like the press giving negative impressions is actually what's causing said impressions to become partially likely and Big N just hasn't been selling as much with their shiny new systems' cost and initial losses.
At the same time, I guess the same is true for the industry as a whole.
I realise I've gone largely off topic, but to cut things short, I'm with this crowd of people: I honestly think we may be due for another industry crash soon with all of our biases and more inexpensive gaming taking so much prevalence.



drunkenmaster76 said:

Do these people not see the potential i see in nintendos new system, it makes me sad the lack of support wii u is getting.



Jese_1 said:

Multi-platform: fine. But then release the Wii U version (which is presumably nearly finished) and let PS3 and XBox get their versions in September.

By the time it releases now it'll be drowned out on Wii U by 1st party titles, and people will be waiting for the new Sony and Microsoft consoles, so I don't see it doing much better there either. Bad move Ubisoft.



FullbringIchigo said:

just thought the WiiU version is done right so why delay it ubisoft? release the WiUversion now and if people want it on the PS3 or 360 they will get it when that one releases no point in holding out when a version is already done




Gutted by this news. I am just about to cancel my pre-order from I ordered it on the strength of the demo, but by the time it eventually releases there will be too many other games I want.

If Ubisoft claim to have listened to consumers who want it on their current console, then they must listen to all the people posting here stating that they want the Wii U version when it's finished. The only way I will accept this game not being released for the Wii U before September is if it's not finished. Which is unlikely but you never know.

Very poor Ubisoft.........



SilverLightning said:

just bought some plane tickets to germany found out where NOE is, and where the CEO of unbisoft lives. now do i put a pitch fork and torch in carry on or it a suit case?



JebbyDeringer said:

The delay is a surprise the exclusivity is not. I knew as soon as they announced the game being exclusive I called B.S. Since when has Rayman been exclusive.



Slapshot said:

It cost a lot of money to develop a triple-A HD title. This is something that loyal Nintendo exclusive gamers aren't used to, but it's the absolute truth. The cost to develop Rayman Legends is very likely far greater than what Ubisoft can reclaim from a worldwide Wii U install base of only 3 million units - not all 3 million Wii U owners are going to buy the game, maybe somewhere in the 30-40% range with the current lack of game releases.

I know many people here are upset, but Ubisoft is a company that has to make money to stay in business. By going multiplatform, they can now offer their game on around 150 million consoles - not to mention the game was never a concrete "exclusive" title to the Wii U, that happened because of wishful journalist and excited fans, not the mouth of a CEO at Ubisoft.

My guess is that the game was going to see a delay for the Wii U already and now they're announcing both the delay and the multiplatform decision.

For those who think this is just an issue with "Nintendo," you should open your eyes a bit wider. The Vita is in the exact same situation and the PSP fell into this as well. In fact, any time a console struggles and a company doesn't think they'll be profitable, they change their business directions so that they have a better chance of sustainability.



Gamer83 said:


Losing Legends hurts. NG however was a slightly upgraded port of a very mediocre game, losing that one doesn't mean much.



Shanksta said:

Not buying this now. Thought the demo was great and loved the first one. Screw them now, I think I can safely say instead of gaining more profits from selling on other systems (since so many people bought the first one on PS3 and 360 lol). They might break even since alot of WiiU owners are going to be like me and show no support for crap like this.



TrueWiiMaster said:

"We decided to give the fans what they wanted"
While making Wii U owners wait another 7 months on top of the more than 3 month delay they already had. Nice Ubisoft. Real nice. You have now lost a day one sale from me. I'll wait for the almost guaranteed substantial price drop, and then I'll probably buy used.

And what was all that about the game being better because of the Wii U's stronger hardware? Are they going to dumb down the game now, so it can play on other systems, or were they lying to begin with?

Not to mention the Gamepad features...



drunkenmaster76 said:

Ubisoft would of cleaned up if this was still being released launch day for wii u and then september for other platforms, it dosent make sense.



Fafulec said:

It's ready. Release Wii U version now and other platforms later as they are ready and everybody is happy. Other that it would be really disgusting.



drunkenmaster76 said:

Just wait Ubisoft until my wife and son quite playing tekken, im gonna give them grief on miiverse zombieu community.



SilverLightning said:

just re-read the statement a not once do ubisoft apoligise for the delay what a load of low life idiots!!!!!!!



Farmboy74 said:

So the Wii U has lost exclusivity for this game, with two weeks to go like others I cannot see why the Wii U version is delayed. The game must be complete and ready to go. It would have been better for the Wii U having this game exclusive for a while. This game has been built up from the ground for the Wii U supposedly, I just hope that they are not now going to take out the gamepad features and leaves us with a crappy version just to chase PS3 & 360 sales



Exile20 said:

Well with Rayman out of the way, lets make Lego City Undercover a success. Buy that game. Let Rayman fend for its life again the AAA games in Sep. Show Ubisoft what poo heads they are.



SparkOfSpirit said:

The delay is unacceptable. If anyone says otherwise, they're wrong. The game was due out in less than 3 weeks. It's finished.

Delaying it over half a year is inexcusable.




Kohaku said:

Exclusive games nowadays are only games which are made by the developers of the consoles Like Halo, Mario and GT5. But Ubisoft shows now that you can't trust them as a reliable partner.
Too bad, the launch is a bit of a disappointment with all the delays.



zionich said:

My problem with Nintendo's last 3 Hardware releases is they are not showing what thier hardware is capable of. Dont get me wrong Wii Sports and Nintendo Land Show off implimentations, but dont show off the console. Steel Diver and Piolet Wings, same case can be made.

I know im not as smart as Nintendo's think tank, but in my opinion they should start leading the charge with some killer software, not just tech demos made into a game.



Blaze said:

Haha, so many people saying they're no longer going to buy the game. Well, if the sales do end up being low, that's sure to regain Ubisoft's confidence in Nintendo.

Why does nobody understand that game companies go where the money is? The Wii U is selling just barely reasonably; they've hardly got much of an audience to sell to with the current user base of around 2.5 million.



TrueWiiMaster said:

When Ubisoft originally slated Legends as a launch title, they knew the install base would be tiny. It's not like they just realized that their game wouldn't have a huge market. That's not a valid excuse. Also, this is a side-scroller, and a relatively small time franchise. Its cost can't be compared to that of a true AAA title like the next 3D Mario or Zelda, or games like Battlefield or Assassin's Creed. Compared to big games, Rayman Legends is cheap.

The Vita comparison doesn't really work either. The Vita's been out for about 1 year, and it's install base is less than double the Wii U's, and the Wii U hasn't been out for 3 months yet. A small install base near launch is expected and completely normal.



Marioman64 said:

maybe they're taking out that stupid Murphy mechanic so people playing alone can actually control the player instead of Murphy



SparkOfSpirit said:

@Blaze There's no extra money in delaying a game for seven months into the busiest time of the year. I mean, come on.

There's no extra money there.



Blaze said:

@Spark_Of_Spirit There is in releasing it on multiple platforms though and reaching out to an audience of about 70 times the size of the one currently on Wii U. There's no point running the pointless risk of losing money just so they can go 'Hey, we kept the game exclusive!' to a few Ninty fans.



Exile20 said:

@Blaze Why reward a company with this stunt? They litterally said they game is finished on Wii U but we are going shelve it for 7 months, which is going head to head with other AAA games including GTA, two weeks before the previous release date? Come on man. I am not buying this game but will buy Monster Hunter, atleast it stayed Nintendo exclusive, and lego city undercover to show Ubisoft what a mistake they made. Screw Rayman.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@Blaze I'm not talking about exclusivity. Nothing prevents the game from coming out on those systems seven months from now.

But the Wii-U version is done. It's finished. It's ready to go. Releasing it NOW with no competition seems like much smarter business.



Weedy said:

Wow, this is a sad news story. I was suprised how little Rayman Legends was talked about in the last Nintendo Direct, should have seen it coming.
Well at least Ubisoft kept quiet until Nintendo's financial report!!
Sad times.



Marioman64 said:

People are saying they aren't going to buy it now just because they're delaying it? That makes no sense. That means those people never actually wanted it in the first place, but were like "oh noes I need to throw my money at something, oh look a game"



Milton_Burle said:

This is B.S. The Wi U game is ready but we have to wait while the other two ports are developed. BOYCOTT.



FritzFrapp said:

Rayman Legends will not sell well, just like most Rayman games before, unfortunately. But the Wii U version had a better chance in the Spring with Wii U owners hungry for new games than it will in September on 7 years old mulitplatforms, and against GTA. All those pre-orders will be cancelled because everyone knows it will going for a tenner a month after release, just as Origins did.
I've still got my pre-order in because I love Rayman and Ancel's games – always have since I played the first Rayman on Jaguar pre-release at a games show. But I don't think delaying the Wii U version is good business sense. Neither is it a good idea to create ill-feeling amongst a userbase.



ueI said:

Why are WiiU exclusives even such a big deal? It's not as if the PS3 and Xbox 360 have many.




@Blaze If the game is finished on Wii U then it makes sense to release it now, make some money and then rake in the rest when the ports to the 360 and PS3 are complete. As I said earlier and many others have also said - the only way this delay is acceptable is if the Wii U version of the game is not actually finished. Many people seem to believe the game IS finished for the Wii U but I cannot see a company like Ubi making such a poor business decision.

For a final time, the exclusivity of the game is not the real issue here, it's the delay (of what should have been a finished product) at the last minute.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@everyone The upsetting news is a completed game getting delayed seven months for something that has nothing to do with said version.

This is not about exclusivity.



AceSpadeS said:

That comment was directed at the people complaining about the exclusivity in general. I don't enjoy the delays either, but I won't drop my support of Ubi because of it.



drunkenmaster76 said:

On a more possitive note wii u as these games for march release, Monster hunter, Lego city, Need for speed and Scribblenaughts is apparently out on 1st march now and 3DS as Castlevania, Monster hunter and luigis mansion 2. Hopefully they wont get delayed.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

@Marioman64 I agree. I'm still getting it whenever it come out but I personally think its just the WORST decision to make to force us Wii U players to wait just so the PS3 & XBOX 360 players can get the game even though our version is complete!



drunkenmaster76 said:

With the money you were gonna buy rayman with go and spend it on a wii ugame you dont have, maybe a bit of c.o.d or batman, darksiders or mass effect 3 all good games



Blaze said:

@Spark_Of_Spirit Perhaps Ubisoft feel if they release it at a later date on the PS3/360 that will decrease the sales on those platforms? Then again the clash with the release of GTA V would then have to be either a huge mistake or an oversight on their part; which only makes me think we may see another delay in the future.

But still, I don't feel people should boycott a game just due to a delay. Then again, the only ones losing out are themselves, right?



Everly said:

@AceSpadeS Yeah, I didn't take it that way. I just wanted to comment that for myself, I have no problem whatsoever with a company wanting their product to be on as many systems as possible. That is just good business sense. Sitting on a finished game for 7 months without really giving a reason or offering an apology is not.



WanderingPB said:

@Spark_Of_Spirit: i completely agree with u having this great game on multi-platforms is not the problem but if the game is ready why not release it? Especially after delaying it a few times already. It does feel disappointing that its not an exclusive but at the same time i understand Ubisoft wants to reach all its fans and of course their business…im still going to buy Rayman Legends & know that te best version is going to be on the WiiU



Mqblank said:

I did hear this once about a Xbox Live Arcade Game so not sure it applys to retail but Micro$oft refuse to have any game on their system unless it is as good as or better than any other version. Also if released on another platform first, the version that does get released on their must have extra features exclusive to their console (see Joe Danger). At worst this means their version won't be better than WiiU



AlternateButtons said:

They just lost all respect I had for them. Not only is this being released to other platforms when it was PROMISED to be exclusive BUT their going to turn around and delay OUR game until September? I hope they flop. That's betrayal to Nintendo and its fans. Never again will a buy a Ubisoft game. That was seriously low. Nintendo better give them a huge fine for breaching contract.



LavaTwilight said:

while i understand why they've done this, i still feel really cheated. if they want to bring it to a wider audience then fine, but why delay the Wii U version when it's practically ready? There's just no need for that! Ubisoft... you're losing a lot of popularity with this move!



ejamer said:

Rayman Legends was probably the one Wii U game I was most excited for - at least, before the Monolith X teaser. I'm ok with the game going multi-platform (and quite frankly expected that to happen eventually) but am very disappointed in the lengthy delay.

Hey, look at the bright side Nintendo fans! Rayman Origins was released 6-8 months later on 3DS than ANY OTHER PLATFORM... so at least this Wii U game isn't getting pushed back into 2014.



Knux said:

280 comments on a game being ported to two other platforms...holy crap.

You people need to realize that Ubisoft is doing this for the sake of money, and money is pretty much the most important factor in the gaming industry.

You still can get the game on Wii U when it comes out, so I don't see the problem here. As for me, I'll likely buy the PS3 version because of trophies.



Shiryu said:

Crapiest news all day, first the delay of "Scribblenauts" in Europe, now this... so Ubisoft, when will ZombieU arrive on PS3 and 360? Can't you work your greedy way to make it work on those platforms too? I am one unhappy costumer.



mandemote said:

i bet on Ps3 that they will make you play as Murphy with the ps move or ps vita
but i have no idea what they will do for Xbox.
or i might be wrong and they might take away the whole Murphy concept.



SilverLightning said:

@Knux its not just that it is being ported its because unbisoft has done this 2 weeks before its relase and basicly turned there backs on the whole "exclusive" thing P***ing off a lot of fans and they dont even appoligise for the delay in the statement



FiveDigitLP said:

Whatever about it coming to other platforms, but I don't understand why they have to push back the Wii U version. I was highly anticipating this, but I'm likely not even going to get it when it comes out because I'll be busy with other games at the time. Right now there aren't many games for the Wii U, so I should think they would get MORE sales if they released it when the plan was.



-KwB- said:

Nope sorry, this time Ubisoft is not forgiven .. I'll not be buying their games anymore .. not till they fix THIS !



Discostew said:

I'm not upset in the slightest about the game not being Wii U exclusive anymore. What I'm upset about is that the game is likely completed for the Wii U, but Ubisoft is holding back on releasing it because they want a simultaneous release. It was meant as a launch title in November 2012, then got pushed to February 2013, and now September 2013.

If it was likely that it would not have been completed with either of the initial release dates, then why announce it so early in the first place? That's why I think it is complete, and Ubisoft is making a terrible mistake in delaying a completed game.



MasterGraveheart said:

So, not only are we getting screwed out of another exclusive that we could happily call our own, we've got to wait another SEVEN MONTHS because of the other two consoles when, by all rights, the WII U game was ready THIS MONTH? Yeah, you know what? Screw you, Ubisoft. I'll may still buy your game on WII U, eventually, but I hope you lose big money on the PS360 ports. BIG money. You deserve it.

Does everyone realize that the delay is to kill any Wii U uniqueness and essentially warp it into a game that WASN'T the game we've been looking forward to? Garbage.



ejamer said:


I didn't buy a Wii U console, but one of the biggest reasons I even considered doing so was because Rayman Legends looks fantastic. If I had bought at launch in anticipation of the game (since it was clearly announced as an exclusive launch title for that console and was used as a demo title for the system before release), then I'd be carrying some sour grapes right about now.



SigourneyBeaver said:

@andreoni79 It's a few years away yet. I can see the PS5/Xbox 1080 generation having downloads but also physical copies for special editions that come with figures and stuff.



Kaeobais said:

The problem isn't that they ported it, it's that the push is almost definitely just to port the game and have them all release simultaneously.

Yes, it sucks that it's no longer exclusive. It's a hard blow to the console. But is it really so bad? If the game is actually good, I'm glad others will get to experience it too. Besides, I'm pretty positive the WiiU version will still be definitive, since the game was developed with the tablet in mind. The other versions will most likely have some sort of shortcut or clunky control scheme to get around it.

Unless they change the Wii U version to match the other two more, or add a bunch of bonus stuff to the other two versions to make up for it, in which case, yeah, up yours Ubisoft.



SigourneyBeaver said:

So, Rayman was the only Wii U game I had pre-ordered. I wasn't going to get Monster Hunter but it looks like I'm going to have to now.



Discostew said:

Ubisoft is only hurting themselves by delaying a completed game. We have E3 coming up, and it is very likely that other hard-hitters are going to be coming around in September as well alongside GTA V.



Slapshot said:

@Spark_Of_Spirit "The upsetting news is a completed game getting delayed seven months for something that has nothing to do with said version.This is not about exclusivity."

See, this the same thing that's gotten everyone upset in the first place. There was no "official" statement that Rayman Legends was a concrete elusive to the Wii U, just like there isn't an official statement that Rayman Legends is ready to ship! You are speculating on something that you don't know. The only thing that people are doing is that they are assuming that the game is ready for the Wii U, because the release date is three weeks away. You do know what they say about making assumptions, do you not?

Here the facts: you don't know that the game is "completed."



HawkeyeWii said:

On multiple fronts, so far the last month has not been so kind to Nintendo. The news we have received over the last month has almost made getting a Wii U seemed pointless...
I mean, I have one, but just saying. If Nintendo is wondering why they are disappointed in their sales of Wii U consoles, the reasons have been laid out in front of them for the last month..



HawkeyeWii said:

Watch Nintendo is so not confident in their own system, they announce Pikmin 3 is no longer an exclusive haha XD



Farmboy74 said:

But the question surely must be: Was it an exclusive in the first place? And if the answer is no there is no way Nintendo will get any money out of Ubisoft



Peach64 said:

There probably wasn't ever any kind of deal or agreement in place for it to be exclusive. People are just assuming it was, but Ubisoft nor anyone else ever 'promised' it was only for the Wii U.

Like I said, would not be surprised to see Lego City Undercover also get ported. It doesn't matter that Nintendo published it, because they published Ninja Gaiden 3 and Scribblenauts too. Bayonetta 2 is different because Nintendo is partly paying for it's development, maybe the same with Wonderful 101? But publishing a game doesn't give them any exclusive right to it unless they have exclusivity agreements signed.



duskao said:

Honestly, I could care less about the exclusivity, but the delay is very uncool and i could care less about an explanation. Pretty sure that is supposed to be around the same time of release of wind waker hd, and if that is correct then sorry ubi and rayman, but my money will be going to zelda. 2 weeks before release is kind of like a kick in the groin, I was very happily going to buy this but now I'm not so sure. Guess it depends on how he line up for games is come sept.



Luffymcduck said:

Well it´s a 3rd party developer so it´s not really strange that it´s not exclusive anymore, just a little lame. It was expected though: do you know to how many platforms Rayman 2 has been ported?

I have so many games still in progress so the delay doesn´t matter. Just the fact that it´s not exclusive anymore.



Slapshot said:

IGN just cleared this all up for you all:

[Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot] "With next-gen consoles in mind, Guillemot says he expects third-party exclusivity to evaporate. This notion comes alongside the Wii U losing exclusive ownership on Ubisoft's Rayman Legends, which is headed to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the wake of a delay."

Rayman Legends was delayed - it wasn't going to release in three weeks on the Wii U. In the process of the game being delayed, they've decided to go ahead with a multiplatform launch.

So, there's the facts.



Silvervisiona said:

That's it then. Nintendo should have launched Wii U in January so that all of the REAL launch titles would come out without this current two month delay Nintendo is currently dealing with while publishing ther next batch of games. Rayman Lefends was supposed to be the system seller for me when I got my next paycheck. Now I might as well wait. Nintendo is not going to bode half as well, and for what? The chance for Ubisoft to hype up their multiplatform game that would sell just as much if they didn't wait? 6 months is an incredible length of time of lost 1st wave Wii U sales!



ejamer said:

Facts, or spin. Your choice.

If the game wasn't being (possibly re-) developed for three platforms and was a Wii U timed exclusive release, then perhaps it wouldn't be delayed for so long. I'm willing to bet that doing a simultaneous release across three platforms isn't doing anything accelerate the Wii U release.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

Price drop, price drop, price drop! Why does Nintendo have to be the cheap ones? $300 is too much for the NEW Wii U but $300 for a USED Xbox 360 is just right??? Where the heck is that logic???



3Daniel said:

i get that ubisopft doesn't want to have to market the game twice but they did this exact same scenario, minus the exclusivity which doesn't phase me, with Rayman Origins on 3DS. They release an awesome demo and then delay the game by several months. only problem is GTA5 is expected to drop in september so the majority of ps3 xbox gamers will be grabbing that. i ended up passing on origins due to the delay and i guess ill pass on this as well. had the money for it in feb tho.



Schprocket said:

@Slapshot So given that Ubisoft have never said it was a Wii U exclusive - your post @ #302 - IGN are sticking it to the Wii U again by inferring that it was?
"...This notion comes alongside..." read the actual Ubi quote, then that part as one quickly, and it looks like Ubisoft said it was - one for ignorant fanboys to latch onto on all sides of the latest effort in internet futility...



Lalivero said:

@Slapshot There is still no mention of how close to completion the game was, not every delay automatically means that they need 7+ months to finish things. If anything, it could as well mean a few to just make sure things are completely ready. Now look who's assuming things.

If the game was close to completion and just needed a little extra time to be 100% on things, they could have easily capitalized on the upcoming drought of Wii U games in the Spring/Summer to squeeze as much as they can out of sales.

You were also misreading @Spark_of_Spirits ' comments. He was simply stating what most others here are: Next to nobody is upset about the exclusivity but more so that the entire Wii U game(if it was semi close to completion) is being pushed back just to satisfy a simultaneous release. Along with GTA V coming out then and E3 coming up, now, or within Spring at some point, would have been perfect to capitalize on Wii U sales with owners' hunger for releases.



Slapshot said:

@ejamer If that's the angle that you want to take with this, then that is your choice to make. The only people who truly know are the developers and top executives at Ubisoft who made the final decisions.

This is what I think: Ubisoft wants to make money, they're a business. If they could get the Wii U version of Rayman Legends out in three weeks, it would most likely be of great financial benefit for them to do so. Something substantial is most likely causing them to not do so (they do want to make the maximum amount of profit), so they're announcing that they are both delaying and going multiplatform in one blow - best to get the negative press over with at once, instead of two separate blows.



K1LLEGAL said:

@3Daniel Great point about the marketing; i'll admit I didn't even think of it. Still doesn't excuse the huge delay though.



Slapshot said:

@Chriiis It's common sense that it would be best for the game to come out sooner than later on the Wii U. There are big titles dropping on the consoles later this year and it's prime time for it to drop, like... now.

But, why would a game publisher not release the game now (or in the next month or three) if they knew they would make more profit off of it that way? Because they have a bias against Nintendo, or its fans?

I'm sorry, but I'm not making assumptions here, I don't have any sort of bias and I'm also not naive. I understand why people are upset - I get it, I really do - but my comments are based on information that's actually released - not from emotions.



cyrus_zuo said:

BIG miss by Nintendo not to pay to make this exclusive and market the heck out of it.

My BIGGEST fear is that the game is worse b/c it doesn't have more focused WiiU gamepad integration. THAT WAS WHAT made the demo great. Take it away to make the game work on PS3 & X360 and you JUST LOST ME!

Tears...I have been pushing this game and its demo on EVERYONE who walks into my house, works with me, or is connected to my facebook account. I recall it all . I expect the change will MATERIALLY DAMAGE the product.



SCAR said:

I don't really care. I do know Xbox 360 kids were pissed when Bioshock made the jump to PS3, too. When it comes to 3rd parties, this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. I always bought multiplatform games on PS3, because I thought it was better and had free online so I'm not trying to play TONS of games on my limited/paid Xbox Live. Dead Space, Prototype, Assassin's Creed, Bayonetta, Dead Rising 2, etc, why weren't you PS3 exclusives?! No reason to be mad or anything. Ubisoft will get more money probably, and make a better multiplatform game.



VeinZ said:

I probably won't pick this up anymore. SEPTEMBER?! It was supposed to be a launch title. Pretty silly about the delay. If it was supposed to be exclusive they could have at least given the Wii U the benefit of an early release.

I've never played any other Rayman games anyway, but I tried the demo and thought it was decent. I imagine there will be far superior games in my opinion on Wii U, PS3, and 360 by the time September gets here. It won't fit into budget by then.



oOo-Sega-oOo said:

Couldn't care less about this game! Never been a fan of any Ubisoft game really. I still think it's a blow to both fans of Rayman and to Nintendo themselves. Things are looking a bit dry over the coming months game wise. I'd really like Nintendo to concentrate more on the Wii-U e-shop and get games out like Two Brothers, Abram Hawkins And The 1001 Spikes and Pier Solar sooner to the e-shop. Help the indie devs out there Nintendo as I see them as the future of games and helping to secure the Wii-U as a platform worth investing in. Forget about publishers like Ubisoft when their pulling stunts like this.



rjejr said:

I'll believe Ubisoft that the game wasn't quit ready to come out in 3 weeks, but 6 or 7 months? It's a 2D sidescroller based on an engine from a prior game and the demo has been in Gamestop for months. So I'll believe it needs a few more weeks, maybe even a month or 2, but it probably only took them 6 or 7 months to make the entire game so that delay is bogus.

Of course Nintendo promised us Pikmin 3 as a launch "window" title and that still doesn't have a release date yet, so Rayman may still come out before Pikmin 3



WarioPower said:

Woah, over 300 comments already?! Anyways, this does kinda feel like a slap in the face, but it doesn't hurt me that much..



Lalivero said:

@Slapshot I'm talking about you calling out others for 'assuming' it was close to release(which was in fact based on real info, just like how you were basing your case on the article you linked) when you have no more info than they do. The game may have needed some more time, but that doesn't mean it needed close to a year either. None of us can really know exactly how far/close it is to being completed.

I'm also not being biased here if that's what you thought. Releasing it on other platforms is only good news when it comes to third parties but a delay with no real reason put behind it truly is questionable. What's stopping them from capitalizing on sales asap? None of us know.



Jellitoe said:

If the game was to be released in three weeks, the drives had to be burning disks by now to accommodate demand. The game is most likely complete and they are just not shipping in order to get a higher install base from 360/ps3 without the "PORT" sticker being tagged on



renaryuugufan92 said:

Iwata during the last Direct: "there won't be any new titles from Nintendo until march"

what does ubisoft do....

they delay the one major Wii U title to come out in February by SEVEN MONTHS! not only that, this delay might hurt Wii U in terms of February sales now...~ :



WolfRamHeart said:

I don't really mind that they decided to release this game on other platforms such as the Xbox 360 and PS3. They want to maximize their profits which is understandable but to delay the Wii U version which is likely already finished is complete bull crap. They should have released the Wii U version on time thus giving Nintendo temporary exclusivity and release the ports later. I will still pick up the Wii U version but now I am waiting for it to hit the bargain bins. Ubisoft doesn't deserve my money for pulling a peepee move like this.



moomoo said:

Jeez, Ubisoft, what the heck? At least give some semblence of forewarning before delaying your games. Don't say, "oh, this game you were looking forward to play in less than 3 weeks? Yeah, that's getting pushed 7 months". That's not very kind to consumers. Give people at least a month in advance (and to be honest, we should have gotten more, since 7 months is an incredibly long time).



DePapier said:

Reggie Fils-Aimé on Twitter:
"I'm proud to announce that Wii U is still the only console where you can play "Rayman Legends Demo""
Beautiful. At least SOMEONE at Nintendo who reacts!!! Come on Nintendo Life can't you make an article on this???



cornishlee said:

Are you reading the same comments I am? Seems to me that most people are upset about the delay rather than the loss of exclusivity.



FonistofCruxis said:

Its fine releasing it on other platforms but do they really have to delay the Wii U version by 6-7 months? Even if the releasing it on other platforms isn't the only reason, I doubt they need 6-7 months for the Wii U version as it looked like it was almost ready to be released so it seems illogical to release it late in a much busier time of the year for game releases when the Wii U will likely have a lot more big releases rather than in a few weeks as it wouldn't have much competition.

I do think some people are overreacting though by saying that they won't buy the game at all. I think its incredibly stupid when people decide not to buy a game at all because of it being delayed and I've seen people say that they won't buy other games for the same reason. Wouldn't you rather a game was delayed than cancelled? Waiting to buy a game is better than not being able to buy it at all.



Sean_Aaron said:

Parody Twitter or not, it's still funny!

I wouldn't boycott the title over this move, but the fact is that I would have bought it automatically at release as my daughter liked it and I think she's ready to move on from Trine 2 and The Cave. By September I expect there will be many options beyond this game and my attention will be elsewhere. You really don't want to prime the pump this early and not deliver. They really should have held off on the demo unless the game release was imminent; the situation really makes no sense.



timp29 said:

Yeah, the delay is the biggest slap in the face. Ubisellout should have completed the WiiU version then announced the port.



TheKingOfTown said:

Oh no the internet fanboys will go crazy now....

...And that's about the only bad thing that could come out of this.



carlocunanan said:

Launch title exclusive turning into a delayed game then turning to an even more delayed game and now multi plat.... Ubisoft is really just pushing Wii U owners buttons...



SparkOfSpirit said:

@Slapshot Games are finished months before their release dates. Either Ubisoft is a terrible developer who can't make a 2D platformer without seven months of bug testing (this never happens by the way, but try to find some examples) or they're holding back a completed game while they port said game to other platforms.

It has so far been delayed a total of ten months. It doesn't take ten months to fix bugs in a game. You will not find any examples of this ever happening.

Those are the facts.



FluttershyGuy said:

I was only on the fence about getting this, but this a real BLEEP move by Ubisoft, only weeks from release and after it's already been delayed once. Obviously, they're concerned that sales will be weak, but I'm not sure such an extreme move is justified. Isn't ZombiU the third best-selling game on Wii U?

Aggravating thing about this, as has been pointed out in the thread, is that third parties would NEVER delay a game's release by many months in order to release it on a Nintendo platform. Ubisoft is proving themselves a fair-weathered supporter of Nintendo, and after all the public support of them before. I guess they're going to drop out as a Wii U supporter next because they didn't see the results they wanted in, what, almost 3 whole months? And don't you just love the positive press spin they try to put on moves like this, when it's clear as day that this is a big "eff you" to Nintendo and Wii U owners?

It does make me worry for Wii U's future. 3rd party support is already weak, at best, and now one of its biggest supporters is wavering. Then, there is only Pikmin 3 in the near future, 1st party-wise. I knew going in that the Wii U may be "The Nintendo Show", with Nintendo mostly supporting it by themselves, but there most of the good stuff from Nintendo is miles away!

Seems like every day there is more bad news Wii U. Oh well, still doing better than Vita... Right? :/


+1 Internets for you, for awesome Jeremiah Johnson GIF!



RandomNerds said:

I kinda regret picking up those Nintendo Shares the other day… I guess things can get worse



Jellitoe said:

This will be releasing at the same time more or less as Wind Waker. Guess who gets my money



moomoo said:

@TheKingOfTown For stuff that's more minor, I'd be with you, but we were getting this in less than 3 weeks. It just got delayed for more than 6 months, and there wasn't any real explantation as to why the Wii U version was delayed outside of the fact that Ubisoft wants to put their focus on a multiplatform launch.

@Slapshot It takes more than 3 weeks for the process of a game to go gold. The game was ready, at least based off of the release for every major console game released. So people aren't assuming in saying this is a move solely to focus on a multiplatform launch (which makes sense from a business perspective, but to do so right before the game's release is a really low-blow to Wii U owners that were looking forward to play something truly captivating on their system).



SCAR said:

Because of all the comments, I finally found a reason to press the LZ and RZ buttons simultaneously to use motion control to scroll the page faster. Ubi hatin'.



ejamer said:

You are very generous to give full benefit of the doubt to such a blatant PR line. But I'm not naive either, and have no illusions that finishing the game as initially planned and announced for Wii U wouldn't have resulted in a delay this big.

Note that I have no bias - I don't own a Wii U console and wasn't about to anytime soon. In fact, I'm much more likely to buy a PS3 in the coming year than a Wii U, so this news probably benefits me.

I understand that Ubisoft benefits from hitting a MUCH larger audience with a simultaneous release. And I have no doubt that the game will be excellent when it does come out. But no matter how much you try to rationalize the delay, it's still an ugly announcement for Wii U owners - especially for anyone who bought the console looking forward to this specific game.



Slapshot said:

@Chriiis Sorry, if I that came off as me saying that you were "biased," because that wasn't my intention - I apologize for that.

The story that I linked to was the original source of the story. I also write news for the industry myself and I know how to read between the lines - I'm actually quite good at it. Journalist write things to make them seem like they're something/more than what they are. This is why things get pulled out of context and things become "exclusive" when they aren't. It's overly easy to do this when you've got a passionate group of gamers who are biased and the rumours (and site hits) come flying in - no, I'm not speaking about Nintendo Life when I say this.

Anyhow, back on topic, the game was delayed. It happens and it almost always happens for the best of the game. From a business perspective, the sooner they get the game out on the Wii U, the more profit Ubisoft will potentially find. That tells me that something game-breaking was found and needed fixing or they might (yes, I'm about to make an assumption here, as it has no substantial evidence to make it in any way plausible) be adding another feature to the title that could take months to complete. We don't know exactly what is causing this delay, but whatever it is, it is keeping the game from releasing in the near future when the sales potential on the Wii U is at its highest. This latter part is where I get the basis for my previous comment. Ubisoft is looking for maximum profit. If they could release Rayman Legends in the final form they desire it to be in within the next few month, they would.

But they aren't doing so - are they? So the "assumption" is that the other piece of news of the game going multiplatform is the reason, when there is no substantial evidence to prove this to be so.

What we do know is that Ubisoft's development tools are extensive and multiplatform ports are everyday business for the company. Their development teams and resources are matched by no other third party publisher/developer in the industry as well. They've got the manpower to port the game over no problem. This leads me to believe that the delay on the Wii U is just that - a delay on the Wii U. Otherwise they would be launching the game as soon as possible for maximum profits.



DePapier said:

@Swiket That one exactly. And if you're unhappy you can pay $100+ to get it brand new on your Gamecube.
Enough with the dumb comments.



Knux said:

Ubisoft never said that this game would be an exclusive for the Wii U in the first place. You want to know why they are probably delaying the Wii U version? Either because they wanted to spend extra development time on the Wii U version or because they want to market the game properly in order to increase sales of all versions of the game.

Also, the simple fact that the Wii U isn't exactly selling like hotcakes is probably one of the reasons why Ubisoft did this. It's all about the money, because Ubisoft releasing this on multiple platforms will increase sales (although releasing it in the same month as Grand Theft Auto V might not be such a hot idea), regardless if you agree with me or not.

This makes perfect sense from a business perspective. You can whine and moan about it all day long, but it's not going to change a d*mn thing.

Oh, and you can refuse to buy the Wii U version, but you know what will happen? The PS3 and 360 versions will sell better than the Wii U version because a bunch of Nintendo fans overreacted about a game not even promised to be an exclusive in the first place being ported to other platforms refused to buy the game at all.

Ubisoft sees the sales numbers, shake their heads, and starts supporting the Wii U even less. In the end, Ubisoft benefits while Nintendo-only gamers shoot themselves in the foot for a silly reason and miss out on a probably awesome game.

Honestly, tell me how in the world does that make any sense?



Slapshot said:

@moomoo How do you know that they didn't just delay the announcement of the game's delay why they were securing the multiplatform deals with Sony and Microsoft?

I just don't buy this whole idea that "Ubisoft is punishing Wii U owners." I'm sorry, I just don't buy it one bit.



CanisWolfred said:

@Slapshot Like they'd seriously need 6+ months to release the game. I'm sure maybe at most it would've had to have been delayed 3 months, then they were like "why not just delay it more so we can get it out there the same time as the other systems?" Maybe it saves them a little on distribution fees? Probably not enough...because sadly, it appears they forgot to look at their release calender. You know what comes out in September? I'll give you a hint: A lot.



SCAR said:

Anyone not buying the game after this announcement is biased for Nintendo, and is denying Ubisoft a sale out of spite alone. I have a Wii U, and will still get it for Wii U, if at all.



ejamer said:

Why PS3 over Wii U?

  • An abundance of cheap ($10 to $20) games that I want to play and missed out on
  • Having several friends that already own the console, as opposed to none with Wii U.
  • Expectation that I'll be able to get a console for under $200, as recently there were some on sale for $180.

I'm not hating on Wii U. Looks like a great system that will have many great games. When those games are already released, I'll be sure to reconsider buying.



sc100 said:

I don't care that it's going multi-platform. Ubisoft will certainly make more money that way. The delay until September really stings though. This was going to be my next Wii U purchase.



Knux said:

Also, people like me don't have a Wii U yet and may not buy one anytime soon (or not at all). For people like me this is actually great news, especially since I still might not have a Wii U by the time Rayman Legends is released.



Slapshot said:

@CanisWolfred Yes, yes, yes! I meant to drop that in my last post (I really need to get back to cleaning my house and playing Ni No Kuni), but I forgot to add that. If they delay for the Wii U was, say, 3-4 months, then there really isn't a reason to not go with a simultaneous release any longer.

I'm willing to bet that Ubisoft is going to make up for this delay on the Wii U to loyal fans of the game after launch with more exclusive content and free DLC!

@SCAR392 And you should if that is what you want. The game will very likely be in its ultimate version on the Wii U.



SCAR said:

For sure. I have a PS3 and a Wii U, so I'll be getting multiplatform games for Wii U if any, and don't play video games with friends online most of the time. I go solo online, unless my brother plays Mario Kart or Sonic Racing online with me.

Ya, it was intentional. Haha.



Jellitoe said:

@SCAR392 I think the anger is more on the fact that people (including myself) were readying up loot to purchase this in 2-3 weeks and just got mouth smack with a bogus release date. Yes their spite, but its more to do with the feeling that they put us on hold for their greed.



SparkOfSpirit said:

It's like people are willfully ignoring that the seven month delay is the real issue here so they can smirk and laugh off complaints. Maybe read all the comments?



TsunamiSensei said:

I might not get this now. Not because of it going multiplat, but because of all the other games coming out then. Oh well, more time to play Fire Emblem, I guess.



FluttershyGuy said:


With the significantly larger user base they've built by a head start of many years over Wii U, there's a pretty good chance the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will outsell the Wii U version regardless of how Wii U owners react to this news. Then Ubi will STILL say, "well, our games don't sell on Nintendo consoles, because Nintendo gamers only want 1st party offerings... better scale down our Nintendo support."



aaronsullivan said:

I'm usually on the side of cook it 'til it's done and what does it matter if it lands on other platforms, etc. I'm sorta ticked off right now, however. I want an explanation why we can't have this on Wii U now and then port it to the other platforms later.

This also means that the focus is going to shift back away from GamePad play and onto something more platform agnostic. In other words, the work that was going to flesh out more firefly levels is probably stopped in favor of something that works on the other platforms, too.

So, it's not just a big delay announced painfully close to when it was going to ship, but it's a delay that will probably have very little to do with making it better for the Wii U.


Of course, I'll eventually buy it. Difference is I'd have bought this full price in the original time frame, but it's likely to be a choice between it and a couple other games at that time of the year and frankly, Rayman Origins went bargain bin price super fast here in the US so I'll probably take that gamble.



Lopezdm said:

The delay is just for the dev time it takes to make it for PS3 and 360. There is no other reason, then wanting to be fair to everyone for a release day. This game was almost gold.. They released a demo for f sake. So this is all political give me more money bull poop. Nintendo has to start stepping it up.



Knux said:

I feel sorry for TBD having to deal with all of this crap at the moment.



Lalivero said:

@Slapshot It's ok, the way you worded those previous statements made it look like you were one of those people who try to make Nintendo gamers look even worse than they are already are seen as. I didn't mean to go off on you like that and apologize for it as well.

@Knux I've also laughed my *** off at your comments as well. It's like you only read a few hate comments and are basing the entirety of posts off of it.

It has next to nothing to do with exclusivity, nobody really minds that, so I'm not sure why you are making that out to be a bigger deal than it is. It's that they are ignoring a huge opportunity afforded to them. With the upcoming drought of Wii U games in the Spring/Summer, they could have used that to capitalize on sales by Wii U owners, it's not like that would have scrapped the PS360 versions.

You honestly think most of the no-buyers are going to skip out on the purchase? XD It's like the people constantly saying how new Pokemon gens suck and they won't buy the games yet, in reality, they still make the games a runaway success.



daveh30 said:

wasn't really looking forward to this one myself, but i know a lot are and this is a prick move by Ubisoft., especially after already giving a Wii U release date. Major blow for Nintendo.



FluttershyGuy said:

Anybody remember: "Sit, Ubu, sit... Good dog" from the end of old TV shows? I can just hear Sony & Microsoft saying, "sit Ubi, sit... Good dog."




Almost 400 comments in 4 hours?? Wow!

Anyway, if Ubisoft wants to release this title at around the same time-frame as the major AAA titles on the other consoles and the other games for the Wii U, be my guest.



Slapshot said:

@Chriiis Apology gladly accepted. And no, I could never do that here or anywhere else. I mean, how could a former Nintendo Life writer ever hate Nintendo fans - it just isn't possible!



Jellitoe said:

Isnt Ubi a show for 2 year old with learning disability they use to give on Nick Jr with some hands acting like people.... oh wait that was Oobi



SirSmugleaf said:

Instead of producing the biggest rage the entire internet has ever seen, I'm just going to say that Ubisoft's decision is wrong in SOOOOOO many ways and what they are doing is actually more DAMAGING than BENEFICIAL.



ejamer said:

I'm betting that some (certainly not all) comments are affected by the loss of Wii U "exclusivity". After all, Nintendo has advertised this game pretty heavily at E3, in their Nintendo Direct segments, in Wii U demo kiosks, etc. Surely there are a bunch of Nintendo fans who feel very attached to the game - even if deep down, most knew this it would go multi-platform one day if at all possible.

In some ways, I can even understand how losing timed exclusivity would feel like a... betrayal of trust?.. even though Ubisoft hasn't come up short on any of their promises except for a last minute delay.



ejamer said:

In the end, I bet that Ubisoft's bottom line would disagree with the damaging/beneficial ratio. I still hate the decision... but it's not hard to understand from the $$ standpoint.



Lalivero said:

@Slapshot You can never tell with anyone these days. I even question my own stance at times, haha. Jk but seriously, everyone's constantly swapping with this and that.



blackknight77 said:

Well hopefully Wii U version will get some exclusive features or something. Anyway its time to release Red Steel 3..make it happen



PinkSpider said:

Wow what alot of comments, some truly pissed off people.
Anybody wanna have bets on what will be the next Wii U exclusive we will lose?



ElMastero said:

I'm really considering waiting a week after launch so I can buy the game Used at my local Best Buy. This way Ubisoft doesn't get a penny from me. But then if their game doesn't sell well on the Wii U they may decide to not develop games for it. So it's like a catch 22.



Shining-Void said:

Okay, WHAT!? Why do they need to delay the wii u version for the other ports? Great, now there's not a single game I want in the span of 5 months! This is extremely frustrating!



moomoo said:

@Knux Dude, almost no-one seems to have a problem with it losing exclusivity. It's because of a 7 month delay right before the game was about to release.

You've got to keep in mind that lots of people bought a Wii U this early on to play this game. To have it be delayed so far off and this close to release is going to be devastating.

Which is part of why I don't really get it. This is the perfect time to release the game. This will sell really well right now. September is a horrid time to release any game that isn't GTA V, especially this one. People don't have that much time to play tons of games. Part of why I just can't really accept the thing mentioned by @Slapshot is because Ubisoft didn't say anything about it. It was simply delayed. And that delay was also announced with the title coming to other consoles.

Now, there are worse things to have happened. I remember Japanese Xbox 360 owners got livid when Tales of Vesparia got announced for PS3 right after the game's release. To buy a system for a specific game and to then have it announced for a system that you may very well already own is pretty crappy. This situation isn't quite so bad since I doubt Wii U owners chose to get the system just for Rayman, but there are many early adopters who did.



artofmana said:

Ouch! That's a really disappointing announcement. Doesn't it seem like releasing the game as a Wii U exclusive would do nothing but help Ubisoft and Nintendo? Ubisoft would be looking at having the system-seller/killer-app on a Nintendo console which is a rare place for a third-party developer. I think they should have taken advantage of it.



TheAdza said:

Yeah its not that it's not exclusive any more that has me wearing my cranky pants. It's that the Wii U version must be 99.9% finished and they just wont release it. Why wait Ubisoft? The first game was a bit of a flop in sales on the HD systems, the Wii U is the perfect fit for a game like this. Now you have pissed off enough Nintendo gamers to the point of not wanting the game any more, and not being a first person shooter, well it's doubtful it will sell well on the other systems. Good move Ubisoft. Morons.



Knux said:

I KNOW that people are overreacting because of the delay in addition to (for some) losing it's ''exclusivity'', and I can easily say they are overreacting.

People who bought a console early should expect to be disappointed in some areas, which is why I have not bought a Wii U yet. People who are complaining about a Wii U drought ought to look at the games coming out this spring/summer and be content, because this what you get when you own a console in it's first year.



SteveW said:

I don't care about exclusivity, I wanted the game this month!

I also don't remember any console this new going an entire month with zero releases.



SteveW said:

Forget Rayman now, I will be busy with other games like Skylanders 3 this fall, Ubisoft lost out on a lot of sales



DePapier said:

@Knux Dude, I know folks who said they're waiting for Rayman to buy the Wii U. As you might now from Razor's Edge, I was just about to buy the game on this very day. Please, it's not exclusivity then delay: it's HUGE DELAY then WTF exclusivity.



Knux said:

What about the 3DS and Vita? Those went through dry spells, didn't they? Gaming systems are going to usually have ''dry spells'' in their early years.

People act like this is something new.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Ok, so we might have to wait until September, but at least Wii U is the better version and Xbox and PS3 are ports.



RevolverLink said:

That they're pushing back the release of an almost completed game so far is irritating, particularly for those Wii U owners that bought the system partly because Rayman Legends was coming within the first 6 months or so, but that they're producing PS3 and 360 versions is one of the least surprising things that has ever happened. Ubisoft is almost as notorious as Capcom and Nintendo are for porting their games (and Rayman especially) - everyone knew that part of the story was always going to happen, and it's perfectly understandable. And, to be perfectly honest, releasing all three versions simultaneously will probably be better for Rayman Legends.

What annoys me much more is that, once again, another (likely fantastic) Michel Ancel title is probably going to be screwed over by a poor choice in release date, when it will now have to contend for sales with high-profile mega-sellers like Grand Theft Auto V. Has Ubisoft really not learned from what happened to Rayman Origins and Beyond Good & Evil?



triforcepower73 said:

Whew! After a long, hard journey, I made it to the bottom of the comments section! Seriously, this is the most commented story on this site that I've seen.

Anyway, so much for selling a crapload of wii u's. I don't understand why they don't release the wii u version, then release the other versions in September when they're ready.



KingDunsparce said:

Wow, tons of comments Anyways, Ubisoft had spent so long supporting the Wii U and how they had exclusive titles and now they just change their minds? Its as they are trying to destroy the Wii U's rep.



Wintendo said:

Wow, I honestly can't believe people are complaining about it not being a system exclusive. More people will get to play the game as a result, resulting in more fun for everyone. Don't be so shallow.



Knux said:

@DePapier Then those people should wait on buying a Wii U. Buying a Wii U just for one game that's not even released yet is usually not a good idea. I'm thinking about buying a Wii U, but that's because they are SEVERAL games on the console that I actually want.



moomoo said:

@Knux The game was coming out in less than 3 weeks.
Games take about 2 weeks to go through the process of being manufactured, shipped, and delivered to retailers. AKA "going gold".
The game was about ready to release, yet it was delayed for 7 months. Can you not see why people would be pissed?



Snaskyman said:

Why do they keep delaying this game? I thought this was going to be an exclusive launch game for the Wii U.
I've been getting the impression from Ubisoft ever since they showed the game on e3, that they were really excited to make this a Wii U exclusive title. But I guess they were not.

I don't mind at all that this game will be released for ps3 and 360, but couldn't they have come up with that a little sooner??? Why did they make this desicion now? Couldn't they have made the game for all platforms in the first place... Why not release the game like planned and let the ps3/360 rayman fans wait for the port?
This is starting to piss me of!



MrGawain said:

You can see why Ubisoft have done this- they've spent X million on the game and they don't want it to disappear on a small customer base and be reduced to half price within 2 months. I don't blame them for wanting to make money- this is what business is all about. Without selling enough product, they go out of business. If 5% of all console owners bought Rayman, it would be better sales than 50% of current Wii U owners.

What astonishes me however is Nintendo didn't do better to tie more games down for early release and exclusivity. Very bad release strategy with all the downloading problems, uncertainty if they're going toe to toe with Microsoft and Sony or being something different, and very little Advertising. I question if Iwata is a little bit delusional with fame. The Nintendo direct promises are fun for Nintendo fans but in reality the product is too thin and unreliable with release dates.

I'm sure when the Mario 3d/Zelda/Smash Bros franchises kick in things will get better, but if the system would have been released with one of these, the customer base would have been bigger on day 1, and 3rd party would be more committed.



Intrepid said:

Ubisoft made no promises and can do as they want. Having said that, this still deals a blow to Nintendo. This game is now twice delayed, and is prevented from releasing at a time where we don't have many games to choose from. The incentive to purchase a WiiU is now non-existant to those who wanted to play this game. The only thing we can really do to protest, and some have already decided to do this, is boycott Rayman Legends. Trust me, Ubisoft not getting your money will make them more recepive to changes they can make to better satisfy those fans; you. I personally don't play Rayman, but I feel sorry for those who wanted this sooner/exclusive.

To look at this from another angle, though, Ubisoft has did just that. They listened to fans who expressed concern on missing out on the game and decided they should experience it too. Since more people will buy and play the game, the franchise becomes more profitable and guarantees subsequent releases. This is good news to all Rayman fans.

So really, depending on your opinion, you could feel very happy or mad/sad, its up to you.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@moomoo And that's exactly what people keep missing. There's no way the game isn't already done unless Ubisoft are incompetent at making a 2D platformer. You don't need to delay a 2D platformer for 10 months for bug fixes. This delay is nonsensical.



SteveW said:

When this page reaches a couple thousand we need to send it to ubisoft, it's as good as a petition



moomoo said:

Just took a look at Ubisoft's Facebook page. Found this.

"We never want to delay a game and for that we're sorry. We made the tough decision to push back the release so we could offer it on multiple platforms. Stay tuned for more."

So that officially confirms what we already knew. I gained the a bit of respect for them because they at the very least stated the delay was for the purpose of emphasizing a multi-plat release.

Now just to be clear, I believe this is a dumb, dumb move by Ubisoft. The move to timed exclusivity would have garnered more sales for the game, since there wasn't really any competition at all for Rayman Legends. Now they're releasing it in what is arguably the worst month to release it in. They're shooting themselves in the leg with this one.



ToxieDogg said:

Awwww. Even if they do release it on the PS3 and Xbox 360 later in the year, why do us Wii U owners have to wait until then for the Wii U version as well, which is probably already finished? (considering there's a demo up already). What a crock know what. And surely it's the kind of game that would sell much better when it's not up against all the other big 2013 releases? Ubisoft really are shooting themselves in the foot here by delaying the Wii U release.



Knux said:

@moomooo And people are still overreacting. Regardless if the game is done or not, Ubisoft delaying it makes perfect sense from a business perspective. It allows Ubisoft to market the game and build up hype for it. You may disagree, but better marketing equals better sales. Like I said, it's all about the money in the end.



Knux said:

@ToxieDogg Nope, Nintendo gamers are shooting themselves in the foot by refusing to buy Rayman Legends due to overreacting. Both Ubisoft and gamers who don't own a Wii U will benefit from this though.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@Knux... Ubisoft is going to get more money from WiiU owners by launching it near Wind Waker HD and other games as opposed to no competition?

I'm afraid I don't understand.



ToxieDogg said:

@Knux Better marketing doesn't equal better sales when you're launching a game around the time GTA5 and others are out though.



theblackdragon said:

hey guys, just a question — i know exclusivity isn't the problem here, it's the excessive delay, but i've seen people in here arguing that it was never officially confirmed to be a Wii U exclusive and yet the Gamescom 2012 RL trailer clearly states at the very end that it was to have been a Wii U exclusive (and released in December of last year, no less)? Is there something I've missed that I should know about that trailer? Was it a fake? I went looking for the source of the 'wii u exclusive' thing, and now i'm just confused because that claim seems to be legit, even though some of you are arguing otherwise...?

@Weegee: Give it a rest, you know as well as the rest of us do that people here are just sounding off because they're angry and frustrated.



Peach64 said:

I can't believe how many people think these huge companies make decisions based on wanting to either support or damage another. Look, nobody is ever going to make a Wii U game to do Nintendo a favour. It's all about money. Likewise, they don't put games out on other consoles to 'get at' Nintendo... it's all about money.

The move to delay the Wii U version if it is ready, is pretty dumb, but they'll still get far more sales overall, even competing against GTA in September, than they would from keeping this exclusive. It would sell maybe 400-500k units now if they're lucky. Being a PS360 flop will still shift a couple of million copies.



Knux said:

@ToxieDogg Yeah, I agree that launching it around GTAV is not a hot idea, but I still think they will get more sales from doing this.



MasterGraveheart said:

You're not wrong at all, @theblackdragon. But I think the fact that gamers are so hurt by this, being so close to the Wii U release date, that they're trying to find something to make them feel better when there's really no good news about this at all for us Nintendo fans.



moomoo said:

@Knux Agreed on people over-reacting regarding no purchase. But the fact of the matter is that there's a ton of games releasing in September, with GTA V releasing that month. Historically speaking, that's suicide.

Not to mention the fact that Legends had virtually no competition prior to the delay. I fail to see how this makes sense from a business perspective. The amount of marketing required to make an impact right now would be nothing compared to what they'll have to do in September.



SparkOfSpirit said:

From Ubisoft's Facebook:

"We never want to delay a game and for that we're sorry. We made the tough decision to push back the release so we could offer it on multiple platforms. Stay tuned for more."

So they're delaying it even though it's done. They said it. It's right there.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I'm trying to figure out how a 2D platformer that's not made by Nintendo is going to have visibility in a season swarming with blockbusters as opposed to a time with no competition. As far as I now, there are no successful retail 2D platformers not made by Nintendo released in the Fall/holiday season in recent history




@Knux Overreacting? It's called anger, which can make people irrational.

First of all, it was granted that this was to be a launch-window title that was already delayed once. Because it was assumed that this was going to be a launch game, interested people bought the console. Maybe the people should have given their purchase more thought, but Ubisoft is still responsible for making the decision to delay this game for another several months and making them unhappy.

EDIT: not to mention that this decision can also tarnish Nintendo's standing with the consumers, which is still bad for both companies.



MagicEmperor said:

You gotta be [censored] me! And I just paid the game in full, expecting it to come out in a few weeks! Damn it. I believe in waiting for a game for its problems to be fixed, but, I mean... September? I mean, really. :c



starshaped420 said:

both sony and microsoft are sitting ontop mountains of cash lol... i think there's some bribery involve ..two giant conpanies that run many aspects of life with music media software and film ext.... here we see company called nintendo outselling xbox/ps3 consoles with handhelds and killer historic franchises i think scares sony and microsoft, so they have to resort to bribery ....... just my thoughts!
shame on you ubisoft :]



K1LLEGAL said:

@Knux You keep saying people are overreacting. Isn't that a good thing? If enough consumer pressure is placed on Ubisoft they might actually decide to do something about releasing it sooner on the Wii U. I'm not interested in Rayman Legends. But I know that consumer power is growing larger and larger... Just look at operation Rainfall. The consumers fought and they won. So okay, you sit back and complain about the complainers. At least their complaints might mean something, unlike yours.



dps5pt said:

Can we get a poll up? i.e.

Which was the most annoying?

The September delay?
The multi-platform release on day 1?
Belief that the delay is due to the multi-platform release?
Not really bothered?



moomoo said:

@starshaped420 I doubt MS or Sony are concerned about this game at all. This was all on Ubisoft.

If that was an attempt at satire, try a little bit harder. I couldn't tell.

@dps5pt It's not a belief. Ubisoft stated on their facebook page that the reason for the delay was to focus on a multiplatform release. It is a fact.



NinGamer85 said:

Well Ubisoft... You delayed the Wii U version for diminish it's sales. Eat a bowl of cereal you pieces of sugar I will buy no more of your software...please go have fun with yourselves.



FluttershyGuy said:

I have no problem with it being available for other console owners. I have a PS3 AND X360 myself! I do have a problem with this shabby treatment of Nintendo and it's fans, though, when it was already delayed once and was so close this time.

And there is no upside for those who wanted it on Wii U. It wouldn't surprise me if features on the GamePad were "dumbed down" or eliminated, in order for the three versions to be "equal", in an effort to keep from ticking anybody off. But, Nintendo fans will be ticked off and shun the game because of the delay, and because they could eliminate features that they were going to get when it was exclusive.

Plus, it irritates me, as I mentioned before, because there's no way in Hell there would be this delay if the roles were reversed. If it were originally scheduled for PS3 & X360, they would get it on time without a hitch, and Wii U would get it months later. How many times has that happened to Nintendo consoles, getting a port much later? The salt on the wound is that this delay is for the sake of systems over a half decade old rather than for the next Sony/MS systems.

3rd parties are just abandoning ship, because they were reluctant about Wii U to begin with, and are now excited about PS4/X720. Now we have to hope Nintendo turns it around, like with 3DS, or we're going to see one empty release calendar, save for first party games.



SparkOfSpirit said:

The new consoles from Sony and Microsoft are also coming this fall aren't they?

Yeah, this isn't looking smarter the more one looks into it.



Everly said:

Their post on Facebook is getting hit with just as many comments, basically arguing against the delay. My questions are: Isn't Farcry 3 and Watchdogs from Ubisoft? Didn't Wii U fans want those games and aren't you wanting to give the fans what they want? Did you delay the release of those games so they would be multi-platform?



K1LLEGAL said:

Lol the censorships by TBD or whoever are pretty funny. Keep them up you bucket of candy floss.



FJOJR said:

Not sure why people would not buy the game cause it's not exclusive. If you're so concerned then buy the game on Wii U and show them the audience is there for them to do more releases.



dps5pt said:

Its a business decision made by accountants -respect for either xbox360, PS3 or Wii u Rayman fans does not factor.



blinder2 said:

Im sorry Unisoft I can understand why you want to put it on the PS3 and 360, but what is absolutely Not acceptable is the Wii Us delay, if this was an 360 or Ps3 game then it was said it was coming out on the Wii U you would not have delayed the other version release date nearly 6 months later, does Wii U owners deserve less I think not.I not buying your title's again and im selling ZombieU as a protest.



ShinRPGGamer said:

More than 450 comments to this news. This makes MML3 look miniscule by comparison. Still this is a pretty suicidal move for sales delaying it till september.



Slapshot said:

@theblackdragon I do remember that, but at every showing that I can recall, nobody from Ubisoft said that it "was a console exclusive," only that it "had console exclusive features." Wordplays, they're a royal pain in the rear! If I remember correctly, Nintendo has heralded it as "exclusive," just as they did Ninja Gaiden III: Razor's Edge. They can do this, because it was a "timed exclusive," which they aren't obligated to disclose, if they don't desire to do so.

If Rayman Legends was indeed already packaged and about to ship out to retailers on the Wii U (which I doubt that it was) - Ubisoft top executives are a bunch of ****** idiots!



moomoo said:

@FluttershyGuy For what it's worth, all that Wii U stuff will still be there. Ubisoft is on record for saying that. And I'd hope the dev team wouldn't just let the game sit around for 7 months without touching it. That's a long time for an established game to sit.

@Everyone Guys, we're consumers. We have a choice in the products we buy. I'm not trying to emphasize that we should boycott the game. I'm actually saying something on the opposite side of the spectrum on how we don't have to be treated the same as the other systems. We're not born Nintendo owners. It's okay to be pretty pissed though, but don't go over the deep end.

@TBD Doing great. If I were in your position I would lack self-control and replace all F-bombs with "Gently Caress" and S-bombs with "poopedy poo".



theblackdragon said:

@moomoo: i do have to admit that 'gently caress' has always been a favorite of mine thanks to Something Awful, and I hope whenever Ant gets around to a profanity filter he rigs it to replace 'em with silly stuff like that :3



Shining-Void said:

It's going to be very hard for me to buy this now. Between Wind Waker & Pikmin 3, I won't have any money for this. Not to mention mario kart will probably be released during christmas.



moomoo said:

@theblackdragon Yeah, I look forward to seeing stuff hilariously out of context. Seeing "loving" in place of certain other words can be quite interesting. Also, the time saved on having to look at stuff could be considerably decreased. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of reports I've made have been regarding cursing.



Lalivero said:

@moomoo So 'F*** this S***' could potentially turn out to be 'Loving this poopedy poo'? That's going to make things interesting, haha.



FubumblR said:

I have no issue with this becoming multi-platform.
I'm just curious why they can't just release the WiiU version on schedule and release the other two platforms when they're ready.

Because, no doubt the WiiU version is practically ready to go?

Why wait?



starshaped420 said:

ubisoft and capcom should be pressured by nintendo fans to release there upcoming ps3 and xbox only games to the wiiu



Neram said:

Why do I get the feeling that third-party developers are abandoning the Wii U ship? I think the fact that EA has recently stated they are investing in the next-gen (which may mean not the Wii U) and nobody is releasing their games on Wii U right now or even planning to, combined with this new announcement is making it all the more disappointing for Nintendo fans. To me, this isn't just about Rayman Legends, it's about third-parties not fully supporting Wii U. Yes the game is still coming out on Wii U, that much hasn't changed, but it shows that Ubisoft is losing faith in the platform which could mean less support in the future.

Man, it sure is funny how people act over the internet, hiding under the blanket of anonymity. I'm looking at you @K1LLEGAL! Have some respect for TBD, they're just doing their job.



ivanmata said:

I wasn't thinking of getting this one but it's pretty bad to see how third party developers support is getting weaker.



moomoo said:

@Neram From what I could tell that was a compliment. Candy floss is like the best of both worlds. It is healthy, since it is floss, and it is also delicious, since it is candy. Perfection in dental care, but used as a metaphor for a mod.



SparkOfSpirit said:

The third party thing doesn't bother me since I'm sticking with Wii-U/PC/3DS this upcoming generation.

The new systems coming out this fall aren't going to help visibility of this title, though.



Moshugan said:

Whoa!! What's going on in here??
I thought April Fool's Day was another two months away...



drumsandperc92 said:

more money.
i'm not surprised at all, but i wonder how this will impact their relationship and whatever deal they struct that had this game an exclusive before.



MadJay1664 said:

The wiiu version should have been released on time and the others should wait this is not fair at all.



Slapshot said:

@Neram This isn't exclusive to Nintendo, this is a market wide trend. The market is absolutely flooded with games and for these third party developers to make a substantial profit, they need to get their games on as many consoles as possible.



moomoo said:

@Slapshot Then why not release it as a timed exclusive? I get that you're staying by your belief that there's some other sense of reasoning in the delay, but when Ubisoft states the delay was for the purpose of focusing on a multiplatform release on their Facebook page without a mention of any other reasoning, it's pretty hard to make sense of it all.

However, with this delay it's likely that Legends could be something truly special. Ideas get cut all the time in games, with time constraints being the primary issue. There's now 7 months to put more stuff in there, and that could really bumb up the quality even more. Sales-wise... not so much, at least from my what I (and you) can see.

@Pikminsi Welcome to the internet.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I doubt they're going to add anything, though. If anything they'll probably rip the Murfy sections out of the other versions.



Placlu said:

PIsses me off that its being delayed... how many times now? Meant to be a launch title! This was the game that made me buy a Wii U, Do i regret buying one? well, no.. cause obviously there will be the first party nintendo games I want, but dam ubisoft. I'll probably be picking this up on PS3, two reasons. 1. No Murphy bullpoo. 2. My OCD Likes to keep series on the same console.

ugh, Seriously ubisoft you make great games.. sometimes, but you sure screw up a lot.



Oscarsome said:

It's a real bummer that Nintendo is lacking some quality games (first and third party titles). I feel that Nintendo released the Wii U at such an inappropriate time. They should have waited and finished up some strong first-party titles and then reached out to other third-party developers for some exclusive games. But, alas, I'm a hardcore Nintendo fan so of course I was going to put down the near $500 for a Wii U and a game. My mistake. The system itself is also quite buggy (not to mention horribly slow load times) meaning it seemed to be released a bit too early.

Now that Rayman Legends has "abandoned ship", it makes me pretty nervous for the Wii U's future. I'm also disappointed in Ubisoft for shafting fans like that. I'm glad they are releasing Legends for the other consoles, that's great! I hope they keep that in mind with the Wii U too, but the fact that Legends was completed already and less than a month away from being released only to instantly be terribly delayed just because it was going to go multi-platform? Why not just release Legends now and then release it for the other consoles later? Is Ubisoft worried people will have negatively reviewed the Wii U version, therefore hurting chances to sell more for the other systems? Or is there just some new-found hatred for Nintendo? I'm confused, Ubisoft.



TKOWL said:

I'm really more disappointed in the delay more than going multiplatform. I just want something besides Nintendo Land to play on this damn system.



FluttershyGuy said:

Glad to hear there will be no changes. And I would hope they do something more. Ubi has some serious making up to do with Nintendo & its fans now, and I would hope for some bonus content to help make this right. Not holding my breath, though.

Oh, for "wirty dord" euphemisms, you could use "birds and the bees", "coitus", "reproduction", and "procreation" for one of them (or "interpersonal relations", as Ducky once said on NCIS ). For the other, you could use "excrement", and "defecation" has such a nice ring to it.

Just thought of something: Nintendo fans are blessed with games with "Legend" in the title, but cursed with "Legends" in the title. Adding that "s" is a sure sign of trouble! So, bigger outrage: Mega Man Legends 3, or Rayman Legends?



123akis said:




123akis said:

seriously ubisoft has given so much support to nintendo and now they just screwed it



irken004 said:

It should have been multiplatform from the beginning, so this was somewhat not surprising.



Oscarsome said:

@Moshugan Really? Signing a petition? That's not gonna do anything. Ubisoft seems very sure of their decision, knowing the backlash it would produce. They aren't changing their mind. But I'm changing mine on purchasing that game.



Rect_Pola said:

Wow... what happened to how liberating building to one platform was? People cryed a little and you gave in? Like you felt bad for them missing out? THAT'S WHAT EXCLUSIVES ARE FOR! Then why the hell aren't you making BG&E 2?



FluttershyGuy said:

I wonder when things first started going south between Nintendo and third parties? With then-SquareSoft, when they jumped ship to PlayStation, because they didn't make Nintendo 64 disc-based?

I'm sure they wouldn't give in to Nintendo fan demand for games they've released on other console, with accompanying "by popular demand" press release. Nintendo fans have a bad reputation, that I think hurts console and handheld support, and that is that they'll "only buy first party games in huge numbers." And I don't think it's necessarily true, but third parties use it and lack of console power for an excuse.



Emaan said:

This seems to be the new record for comments it seems.

News of the delay doesn't really affect me personally, I wasn't really interested that much to begin with. I think its lame that Ubisoft is making the Wii U owners wait for the game just so they can make it multi-platform. How about that now? It's gone from an exclusive launch window title, to a multi-platform late release. So now another third-party Wii U exclusive bites the dust. What's left? Bayonetta 2? For all we know it'll be announced next month that its going multi-platform just like the rest.

On the bright side, at least the Wii U is getting some big name third party releases at all. Yeah, they may not have the precious status of Wii U exclusive, but its still getting the games period. Unlike the Wii with most third party games.




FluttershyGuy said:

Ubisoft is doomed.

I'm not sure last year's E3 coverage got this many comments (not that it deserved even 300, as uneventful as it was ).



Pichuka97 said:

If they will listen to fans of other consoles and bring an exclusive like this to other platforms, then Ubisoft should listen to fans of Nintendo and release a game that should have been on Nintendo systems when it was originally released, Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Don't be like this Ubisoft!!



moomoo said:

@FluttershyGuy Uh, what? They just showed their earnings recently. They seem to be doing very well. All of their games got to or exceeded sales expectations. They seem to have quite a future with AC4 announced today and Watch Dogs, not to mention more iterations of Just Dance. And, it's not like this game got cancelled. 7 months is a long time to be bitter about something, especially when it's something revolving around video games.



FluttershyGuy said:

I was just being silly, turning around the usual "Nintendo is doomed" thing, right after SMEXIZELDAMAN posted it. I know, Ubi is top of the mountain right now, while my favorite developers are in major decline/not supporting Nintendo at all. I wasn't much of an Ubi fan BEFORE this...



Everly said:

@Tech101 I was #2! I could have been #1 but my first post was too long. Since it had something to do with the Wii U, that meant it had to be delayed.



Void said:

My, lots of people are unhappy about this...
@Ant, or anyone that knows, what is the most comments on an article, and which article is it? I imagine it'll be this one eventually.



FluttershyGuy said:

If you changed the one in the meme being clobbered to "Wii U owners" and showed progression over the course of months, with all the hits we've taken, we'd look as battered/bruised as a boxer who managed to make it to round 4 or 5 with "Iron" Mike Tyson in his heyday.



Slapshot said:

@moomoo Ubisoft's Facebook page is ran by one of their PR people (possibly outsourced), so I wouldn't take that on a word-for-word basis, so that's why I was going off of what Guillemont state only.

Just thinking here, but my best guess is that the reason they aren't going to keep it as a "timed exclusive" after this delay is likely based an a few things:
1) This is probably the most important reason - it's getting into the holiday sales season and Ubisoft wants to have the game released on all platforms for maximum sales potential.
2) If the new gaming consoles do release at the end of the year, which I do think at least one of them most likely will, the game will need to have the maximum availability to keep from being completely overshadowed. Again, this is another reason that I feel that this delay is something more than it at first seems to be. Ubisoft would be crazy to purposely move a high profile title into this madness (that also includes the release of GTA 5 ).
3) Sales are already going to be lost by this delay for the Wii U consumers already, so is a "time exclusive" really going to have much of an effect against all of the new Wii U titles that will release by then? Just my opinion here - I don't think it would make much of a difference.
4) While they're taking away the "exclusivity" aspect of the game for Wii U, they can now ramp up the marketing at release for the Wii U - showing off all of its exclusive features (including yet to be seen features that will most likely now make it into the final release). This could potentially have an even larger effect than the now lost exclusivity if they put enough hype behind it.

I think once the shock wears off a bit - 7 months is plenty long enough - all will go well for the title on the Wii U. It's still shaping up to be a definitive platformer on the console that potentially rivals Nintendo's offerings, just like it did yesterday, before this news broke loose. It makes brilliant use of Wii U's multitude of unique control features already and it'll be a great title to add to a Wii U owner's library.



Cranky said:

It could be a good thing; the delay is surely to create more levels that don't rely on the Wii u gamepad, in order to make a fully fledged release for Xbox and PS3. If this is true then it could mean more content than originally planned for the Wii u version.



dananlau said:

Surprising and frustrating - but not the catastrophe it's being made out to be IMO.

The most disappointing part of it for me is that it just adds to the hate the Wii U is getting at the moment - are people/sites/forums so desperate for the Wii U to fail??! I agree more games need to follow soon, but we know from the Nintendo Direct they're coming, not to mention various hints from Nintendo of surprises we're yet to hear of. Lets hope we also hear of a few multi platform titles coming Nintendo's way aswell (GTA V anyone?).

Have to say I really hate people strategically talking of waiting for a price cut - if financially you have no choice but to wait then I respect that and I hope you can grab a console as soon as you can. But for those just unwilling to support early on - please dont complain when companies like Ubisoft look to release their games across multiple platforms to reach the bigger audience. When a new console launches there has to be commitment there from us gamers, through the initial headaches, in order for 3rd party companies to feel confident they can sell their games on the machine. If you don't support the console at the outset, don't expect them to.

Hopefully the games at E3 will persuade those people waiting to commit, rather than a cheaper console.

The Wii U has its issues at the moment, but I'm more than satisfied with it so far and positive Nintendo will come through (experience tells me they always do).



epylon said:

maybe the games so bad they dont want seven months of bad press to spoil the sales on other consoles (you know those five who choose this over gta v), at least its saved me some cash.



Oscarsome said:

For anyone that says that Ubisoft claims that they are holding the Wii U version back based on other reasons than a multi-platform release should read this:

The game WAS delayed just because it's habit to release all multi-platform games at the same time. Yep, fans are screwed over 20 days before release because Ubisoft does not want to break habit, completely ignoring common sense.



LztheQuack said:

I honestly doubt the exclusivity of this game meant anything. But at the same time...publishers never learn that the second half of the year is not very good



jayblue said:

rayman not that great anyway im wanting mario kart,zelda,fzero,new mario 64 big open world game,lego city.any these will get my money before rayman.



Moshugan said:

I bet the guys at Ubisoft who made this decision are reading through these kind of comments and are all like 'teehee'! <:



CaPPa said:

Well Ubisoft just lost another sale. By September they'll be lots of other games that will command my attention, which means I'll pick up Legends used instead.

After the poor sales of Origins I'd have thought that they'd want to maximise the sales potential of Legends but instead they've killed it.



Slapshot said:

A quote from Xavier Poix, managing director of Rayman Legends:

"“When we saw all the comments when we announced the game would be focused on Wii U, all of the people that have both the PlayStation 3 and 360 were really disappointed,” Poix told IGN. “So we thought it was making more sense to also bring the game to where it was originally from. That means Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So we decided to go for a multiplatform launch simultaneously.”"

Yes, I've said a lot on this topic today, but I stand by the fact that I stuck with the facts and not emotions, but now that there's hard evidence on why the game has been delayed on the Wii U, here's the only thing I've got to say: Ubisoft is low-life piece of sh*t for doing this to all of the Rayman Legends fans that have been hotly anticipating the game's release!



K1LLEGAL said:

@Slapshot I don't want to revel in the fact that you may have been fighting the wrong corner for a bit there; all your comments have been mature and you took the time to do a bit of research; but i'm just wondering, what made you think it would be a legitimate delay for the Wii U version when it was so close to going "Gold"? I mean sure games get delayed all the time, but it's a special case when it's 3 weeks from release and gets delayed 7 months.



Funkynugget said:

Was planning on getting this game this month but with the delay to sept just to port it, no thanks Ubisoft, i'll spend my money on wind waker hd instead.



Gridatttack said:

wow...pretty long discussion for a release date

Also I dunno why they cant release it first on the WII U and then on the other consoles. Like the Skyrim DLC that first appears on xbox, then after some time it gets released on the other platforms.



Slapshot said:

@K1LLEGAL Sure, I've said it a few times already, but primarily because from a logical business decision (I did sales for Pepsi years' ago, so I know a little something about it), there would be no reason to not release the finished game on the Wii U as scheduled, even if it was to go multiplatform in the future. Pushing the game back, solely because of the this decision would potentially be suicide for its sales on the Wii U, because of the immense backlash against Ubisoft from loyal fans - fans who were just recently teased with an exclusive demo to get their anticipation boiling for what looks to be one of the best platformers ever developed into their hands.

I see absolutely no logical explanation as to why they would do this. None. From there, the only logical explanation for such a delay is that something major crept up late into the game's testing that was overly difficult for the team to get a handle on. Maybe it was a memory leak, which we've seen the effects of and how difficult they are to get a handle on with Bethesda's Fallout 3 on the PlayStation 3. Then again, maybe a great idea was sparked and they just had to implement some great new feature into the game (my one assumption that I made).

It could have been a number of things, but not this. I'm a journalist and I also just flat-out don't have a bit of a bias within me. I have my preferences, but I don't have a bias and that allows me to make my assessments off of the facts up to that point in time, and not off of an emotion. In journalism, it isn't always about being right or wrong. It's better to stay with the facts and make your best assessments from there, or you risk damaging your credibility. In this situation, I did just as I would have if I was publishing about this piece here. Yes, I knew that I could be fighting in the wrong corner, but I was fighting on the side where the was something factual to build my assessments upon. Turns out, the fans' emotions rang true and I tell you this much, I wish I would have been right - I don't care a bit that I was on the wrong side of the fence, but I care very deeply about what Ubisoft has done. I also feel very deeply for all of the Wii U owners who were so excited about getting Rayman Legends in a few weeks. Ubisoft has really upset me with this one. I don't like seeing loyal fans being treated this way one bit.

I'm stunned and confused by this revelation, and it's severely diminished the way that I look at Ubisoft right now too.



bboy2970 said:

Wow Ubisoft...just wow. Though I'm upset about it, the loss of exclusivity is not the core issue here. The game is clearly finished now or very very close to being finished so just because you have to tend to the PS360 crying babies, We who originally supported you have to wait until the other versions are done. That's just a dirty move Ubisoft....I'm certainly gonna be finding this one used. I'll be damned if Ubisoft gets MY money after this horse crap!



Slapshot said:

@bboy2970 Dude, don't blame this on other gamers. It isn't their fault one bit. This was a business decision by Ubisoft, not Xbox 360 or PS3 owners or their respective parent owners.



gsnap said:

The biggest problem is once the Wii U version makes very little money, Ubisoft will feel justified in their decision and say, "See, we told you we needed to delay it. Look how little the Wii U version sold! Clearly Wii U owners don't have interest in our game."

People keep telling us to vote with our wallets, but we can't do that this time. If we do the company won't understand the reason behind the poor sales. They'll just blame the Wii U. Every one of you who is actually going to cancel a preorder, or not buy the game because of this needs to also email Ubisoft, or say something on facebook, or do whatever you have to do to make them understand that the ONLY reason you're not buying this game is because they delayed a complete game.

Make yourselves clear, or they may not support the Wii U at all in the future.



luminalace said:

Kill me now! I have been waiting for this and was really looking forward to it. Now my next retail purchase will be in March..way too long.



MatthewRPG said:

Curious to see what Nintendo does to counteract this treachery...release some more vc than was anticipated? Have to do something to keep the fans at ease.



StarBoy91 said:

But seriously though, I'm not that bothered by that; I'm sure it might enjoy equal success in various consoles. I do feel bad that the game won't be around for another seven months now. I really enjoyed Rayman Origins on the PlayStation 3 when I played it with my cousin, and I hope the sequel is good (even though I won't be getting a Wii U for awhile now).



WaxxyOne said:

Strange. I was sure I was getting this game. Now I get this weird feeling like my pocket book is going to feel differently in another 7 months. Too bad for Ubisoft, huh?



Inev said:

Seeing all these comments got me wondering what the most commented article on NL is...

Anyway, delaying Legends until nearly a year after its original launch date is borderline unacceptable, and Ubisoft better make sure it is FLAWLESS with all that extra time.

I'll still pick it up for Wii U, but I'm canceling my preorder and waiting until it's cheap. Not that it'll matter, though; releasing this game at the most competitive time of the year, against giants like GTA, Skylanders, and Pokemon, will do more damage to sales than what any single person on the internet says they'll do.



CaptainAmerica5 said:

@AceSpadeS Hey, if they really wanted to make money they would put the Wii U version (which is presumably done as it was to release later THIS month) out as scheduled, and release the other versions when they were ready. Pushing it back to September can only possibly be bad for them, as it will now be competing with huge Nintendo games on the Wii U and GTA5 on the other consoles. This was not only a slap in the face to Wii U owners, but a poor business decision as well. The only way it would make sense is if Sony and/or M$ paid them off to hold it back.



K1LLEGAL said:

@Slapshot Thanks a lot for the reply. Yea I agree, I can't see the logic behind it whatsoever. In fact it seems detrimental in every single way bar one. And that is that marketing for the game wouldn't happen all at once, they would have to market it twice. However, by doing this they have upset Nintendo fans, whereas if they released the Wii U version now and kept the PS360 versions as delayed; I don't think anyone would have been upset.

I'm not the biggest fans of Ubisoft's games; just don't have much passion for any of their franchises. That said, they usually seem to conduct business in a fine manner. The only compaints i've really seen against them are the Uplay system (which i'm not very familiar with so won't say anymore about that) and the fact that they have switched to yearly releases for Assassin's Creed.

Oh well. Very strange story.



moomoo said:

My condolences to the devs of this game. It would suck to have a game you've been working so hard on in constant overtime mode to just have the game you were about to ship out delayed for over half a year. All the work you put in was for naught, basically.



Slapshot said:

@K1LLEGAL No problem at all man and I appreciate you asking too. I also agree with everything you've said, even to the point that I don't care too much for Ubisoft's games in particular either, with a major exception to Rayman Origins, of which I absolutely adore. The game goes most anywhere that my Vita goes. Haha Oh, and Uplay is just like EA's Origins - they're both an intrusive pain in the rear and completely necessary as well.

It is indeed a very strange story and one that I feel will live on for a very long time within the industry. This is one of the most hurtful things I can remember a major publisher doing to its loyal fans. The fans have a reason to be upset and I only hope that they do the right things and release the game on the Wii U in three weeks. Though, I don't blame anyone who doesn't pick the game it after all of this either.



ArkOne77 said:

...a strange feeling of deja vu warms over me.....(waiting for rayman origins on 3ds).....good job ubisoft, your yearly "let down" quota has been met! a buncha poopy i tell ya!



hamispink said:

I'm sure it's been said above, but I don't have the time to scroll through this massive list of comments!, but can we confirm that this is the most comments on any Nintendolife post ever?



cyrus_zuo said:


We **NEED** this to release now!
Otherwise Ubi WILL GO BACK "Make it more appropriate for the X360 & PS3 platforms and userbase!"

This game WILL BE DESTROYED if it is modified. The goodness of the Wii U gamepad will be destroyed, the family fun game will be lost. It will be made generic and be focused on sophomoric humor. Ubisoft needs to hear our's time to answer the Nintendo users for once!



hamispink said:

@cyrus_zuo I think you're upset for the wrong reasons, they won't take away different ways to interact with the game that the gamepad provides, they just won't include those extra types of interactions on the other versions. That's the way I understand the situation.
Now you Should be upset about the needless delay.



ArkOne77 said:

hurry up bit trip runner 2! please no delays!!!! otherwise my shiny new console will be collecting dust for a while....



MitchVogel said:

I can deal with it going multiplatfrom and even with it being delayed, but WHY WITHIN 3 WEEKS OF ITS RELEASE!?



sdcazares1980 said:

I'm not sure why people are so up-in-arms about the game being "defected" to the other consoles. News flash: third-party developers owe us NOTHING! They're their own companies. If that's where the money is going, then that's where they're going.

Don't hold your breath on Bayonetta 2, Lego City Undercover Stories, etc.



moomoo said:

@sdcazares1980 I'm assuming you didn't read most of the comments. That's fine, since there are so many. Most people are up-in-arms about how the game (that was finished) got delayed for the sole reason of having it release simultaneously with other platforms.



Will-75 said:

Ubisoft pulled a move with this one there is no reason this game can't be released as scheduled on Wii U, to me this shows that the game is really not that good and they are after quick cash- so maybe they have just saved me from buying a bad game cause I now have no interest in getting this game - Thank you Ubi-suck.



Token_Girl said:

Meh, we all knew this was coming. It's a shame it's not dropping first on WiiU for a period of exclusivity at least though. The delay sucks for those waiting for new games.



sdcazares1980 said:

@moomoo I don't know. I really don't care much for it. But I'm amazed that they felt like they've lost their best friend. Take a chill pill here, people. Delays suck, but being a little overdramatic here?



scrubbyscum999 said:

F this, I am no longer getting this game. Releasing it on other consoles, ok that hurts but a delay till SEPTEMBER. NO UBISOFT, YOU NO LONGER DESERVE MY MONEY!! By that point I would have forgotten about this anyway. Jeez, this has been the worst piece of news in a while.



SpaceApe said:

What games do you have Nintendo that will make your console more appealing to players ? Let me guess, zero... Why ? Because you launched the Wii U way too late and missed all the good games in 2012 and so far in 2013 you can't even get Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider and Dark Souls 2 to even touch your console in 2013. Now that Rayman is not an exclusive anymore you are in big trouble. You need to pull a rabbit out of your hat real quick for you to survive in 2013.



DRL said:

It makes me SO happy to see how many people care about Legends. Hopefully Ubisoft realizes just how immensely disappointing (and possibly devastating) this delay is.



Oscarsome said:

@SpaceApe Agreed. Nintendo is in desperate need of some piece of redeeming software for the Wii U or it's just gonna get lost and become easily forgotten by the market. Sadly, I don't see Nintendo releasing anything anytime soon to redeem this. Perhaps Pikmin 3? But I doubt that'll be the strong hitter that will pull up the Wii U. They need more.
glances at the specks of dust quietly sitting atop the Wii U



shinpichu said:


Yeah, the delay sucks, but I've seen people calling Ubisoft the new Capcom because of this. Sorry, but no. I may not like everything Ubisoft has done or is doing, but they are NOWHERE near as bad as Capcom.



KingDunsparce said:

@007 Well, Pikmin 3 is getting a lot of people really excited. You could probably say it was the most anticipated game after E3 2012. (Well, Nintendo's)



Onett said:

Ubisoft's lack of faith is somewhat understandable. However, the decision make it multiplatform is premature. I guarantee you that Ubisoft along with everybody else who is skeptical will change their mind after Nintendo's presentation at E3 2013. The massive amounts of unnecessary hysteria is obnoxious. E3 couldn't come any sooner.



FluttershyGuy said:

Somehow, I don't think the tremendous response to this, here at NL and elsewhere on the Internet, is just about Rayman Legends' delay. I think this is months of frustration and disappointment coming to a head. On top of the empty release calendar, hardly a week goes by that you don't hear something negative about Wii U. Poor sales figures, news of another AAA title that a publisher has no intention of bringing to Wii U, a prominent game developer ripping the Wii U hardware, Patcher or some Industry analyst saying Wii U is doomed and Nintendo needs to leave the hardware business, game delays, various frustrating/puzzling news from Nintendo itself... I think it's come to it that fans are really getting fed up. And this is after the system itself (along with its launch lineup) being dissed for its name and lack of power from the time of its unveiling at E3 2011.

This is all even more aggravating, because I think a lot of us saw these problems coming, with Wii U barely more powerful than half decade-old consoles and about to be a generation behind again, just as Wii was. I think the Wii U needs a 180 turn around worse than 3DS did, because it has some horribly bad mojo and negativity behind it right now. That can't make it very attractive to third parties OR potential console owners.

I just fear the day that we read "Mario is no longer a Nintendo console exclusive", or "Zelda is no longer a Nintendo console exclusive."



FluttershyGuy said:

btw, it would be... entertaining to be a fly on the wall of NoJ, NoA, and NoE executive offices right now. I imagine the mothers of many Ubisoft execs are being insulted!



Henmii said:

I feel pity for the development team! But it shows that all the Wii u praise from Guilemot was utter nonsense!

On the other end we all know that Ubisoft is a real multiplatform company!

However, not only does it piss me of that the game gets delayed so much. But also that it won’t be a Wii u exclusive for even a few months!

Ubisoft doesn't have fate anymore! And they aren't the only one: The retooled version of Ninja Gaiden 3 also goes multiplatform! If the few developers that went to Wii u are already leaving, that's terrible!

And to make things worse Nintendo is already talking about a third platform! Have they also lost their fate in the Wii u? To put it as simply as it is: Choosing for a tablet-like controller was a biiiiig misstake!!

I will wait! Maybe I'll buy a Wii u in the summer or holiday, but I first want to see what happens! Of course I don't want to invest in a console that gets replaced in maybe just 2 years!!



mastersworddude said:

Wow. lol
Nintendo really needs to step it up with the Wii U, seems like there is a constant stream of dissapointing news.
Has there really been any pleasant suprises Nintendo has shown with the Wii U?



XCWarrior said:

Wow, this is comment #589. This a new record Nintendo Life? I'm very disappointed about this, but folks. It's Ubicrap. What do you expect from them? The only thing I'm shocked about is that they didn't change the the title to, "Imagine Rayman Legendz"



erv said:

Well it'll be a great game, so what's the biggie? I hope they get to perfect the heck out of it:)

I would've waited buying this anyway since it's time for some monster hunter soon. I think ubisoft knows the game publishing scene is crowded.

And nothing to play on wiiU? Seriously? There's a lot of fun games available in practically every category. That plus the new nintendoland is absolutely awesome - a great launch if you ask me...



Oscarsome said:

@FluttershyGuy I agree with that. It does seem to be a built up of a lot of problems. Ubisoft's mistake here was just the last straw. Ugh, I'm nervous for Wii U's future now.



Oscarsome said:

@erv Really? I wouldn't really say there are many great games, just very few and most definitely not in every category.



OptometristLime said:

This saga of comments has gone on so long...

@HappyHappy [#574] said:
Why Ubisoft, why?

@Cloud-San-VII [#1] said:
Darn. Why Ubisoft, why?

... we are seeing repeat comments! D:
(I just wanted to post on this, an historic NL moment u_u)



timp29 said:

I think this is the most posts ever for a nintendolife story. Take note ubisoft.



DreamOn said:

Business decisions don't have feelings but I wonder if the PR could have had a bit more tact when talking about getting the game to the fans. I don't think many begrudge the fans with other systems but the history of this game especially its delivery and its initial audience felt somewhat forgotten with their revelation.



19Robb92 said:

What a load of b/s. Why couldn't they just release the WiiU version early? From February to September.. SERIOUSLY? What in the world can possibly take that much time, I bet the WiiU version is already done.

I'll be voting with my money.



KeeperBvK said:

And it's not even about to stop anytime soon, I guess. Looking forward to rant - sorry, "comment" #700!



-KwB- said:

Man, top commented story ain't it ?! I hope Ubisoft is watching Miiverse, twitter and their facebook account to make a slighty different approach to their betrayal of 7 months ..



Matty2310 said:

I wonder how many comments there's been commenting on how many comments there's been in the comments section? O_O



Peach64 said:

Guys, do you really think a couple of thousand abusive messages will change their mind? Losing a sale off 700 people here wouldn't affect them in the slightest. If they were going to loose a couple of hundred thousand sales then maybe they'd change their mind, but they won't.



sym1 said:

My wiiu is gathering dust, I really have nothing to play!! That's ridiculous it's only 2 months old!!
Completed mario,zombie,trine&nano now there is nothing.....,,,,,,,..,. Nintendo this is worse than 3ds launch.



Will-75 said:

In the end it was not 3rd party games that saved the 3DS it was Nintendo and their games - I predict the same for Wii U , like most people I didn't get a Wii U to play 3rd party games I got a PS3 for that I got a Wii U to play Nintendo games .



Spooky said:

For most other games I really wouldn't mind loosing exclusivity as a good game is still a good game regardless of the platform but this one was clearly built with the innovation that is integral to the Wii U gamepad. If the versions of this game are all the same then I don't really want those features stripped out just so it can play on the last gen consoles too. The delay is just a twist of the knife. I'm deleting the demo and cancelling my pre-order right now.

On the plus side and least my wallet will let out a small sigh of relief now



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

maybe the reason for the delay is that they are struggling with the rights to the songs in the musical stages. still is annoying, it is one of the few third party games i am interested in. the demo was awesome.



gavn64 said:

i wonder will iwata have to appogies for this too. Dumb third parties shafting nintendo



chewytapeworm said:

Insane scenes to wake up to!

Thank you all at Nintendolife and your spiffing community!

And ubisoft can go fall down a well, it'd probably be better if this game never saw the light of day now anyway.

Have a good day chaps!



mastersworddude said:

Apparently the devs are pretty broken up over this, said the were working overtime to get the game done and it turns out the higher ups at Ubisoft decided they'd release it in the Fall as a multiplat.




Man, Nintendo better be ready, they are having WAY TOO MUCH TROUBLE:

-Ninja gaiden 3: razor's edge no longer being a exclusive
-Fire emblem awakening delayed in America
-Wii u virtual console's slow movement and re-buy of your previous wii games if you want them in the main menu along with the fact that most wanted games like mutant mudds deluxe keep getting delayed.
-New and exciting games for wii u far and away: Mario kart u will be presented at e3, which I can calculate will be released august or september to say the least; Wind Waker HD, from what I've read is still in development, again, watching nintendo's schedules, it will be released september or october; Super smash bros u and 3d will come at Q1 2014 if we're lucky enough; Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 have no updates of how development is going; Pikmin 3 I can see it coming june or july.
-Now this, the final kick in the nuts: Rayman Legends, a must-buy for this system, no longer an exclusive.

I mean.... COME ON NINTENDO!!!! whatever happened????, you had the power with the wii, fantastic release after fantastic release and a terrific end for the system with skyward sword and the kirby games; if ubisoft, capcom, konami, etc etc etc etc just keep ditching you, F--K THEM!!!!; if you ask anyone which are the best games for the wii.... 75-80% of them were developed directly or indirectly by Nintendo.

I really hope E3 will be their trump card because things aren't looking neat for the Wii U.....




@sym1 I was planning to buy a Wii U, because the system really looks awesome, but after 2 months, to my interests in games, there are only 3 worth buying: new super mario, nintendo land and zombiu (I already got batman for PS3); so I can relate to your frustration, mostly 'cause I REALLY wanted the system.



goldbricks23 said:

I really want a Wii U but I cant justify £300 on promises. The amount of delays this console is suffering from is worrying. The only good games to buy are launch titles. The two games I was waiting to be released were Scribblenauts and Rayman Legends. They have both been delayed and I can now play Rayman on my PS3. If third party support dries up I'm going to wait another year until Nintendo have released enough games to avoid it gathering dust. I did enough waiting when I bought the Wii and 3DS at launch.




@shinpichu It's not the delay per se, it's about the ridiculous amount of time it has been delayed and the fact that it was supposed to be a nintendo exclusive. First it was scheduled for nov 30, so ubisoft said: MMMMM, we need more time, let's release it feb 26..... And now that we are so close of having another CRUCIAL REASON for picking up a Wii U, they go full Yao Ming on us and say: You know that game with the awesome trailer you've been wanting all this time????? Well, f--k it, 'cause we want to milk money from PS3 AND 360 owners too, so wait for it another 7 months!!!!!.

Pardon me for this ubisoft, but that is a DOUCHE move if you ask me.



md1986ok said:

I understand that developers make these games to make money. It makes sense that Ubisoft wants to release this game on other platforms as well, but why delay the Wii U version?!



TysonOfTime said:

But they ARE Going to lose sales. The Wii U version will have no reason to sell in September, and those with XBoxs and PS3s will have their attention being taken by one of the MOST ANTICIPATED games of the past year or two.

How is this a smart business move? @Slapshot, who knows what he's talking about, said there's no logical way that delaying the game makes a bit of sense. All they're getting is lost sales.

The Devs. have said the game was complete. The development had finished. That is a FACT.
"Maybe they'll change their minds"? I doubt it. It takes a lack of a mind to make this decision.



WindWakerLink said:

I'm excited that there R over 600 comments on this under 48 hours. That's how serious this is! Hmm...



cheetahman91 said:

Unbelievable. Ubisoft had at least better put in some exclusive content for the Wii U version rather than just let it sit somewhere and forget about it for seven months. Still can't believe it though. It's only February and we already have a contender for the dumbest video game related business move of 2013.



OGGamer said:

@Everly This is exactly how I feel . I normally just sit back and read the articles and some of the comments but not this time . I have been a loyal nintendo customer since the NES and a gamer since the atari 2600 and THIS is the type of crap that should not be happening . Back in those days there were many many many exclusives for each individual system each with their own charms that made you want to go out and get all of the systems . This fiasco with Ubisoft just confirms to me that the golden era of games and gaming in general is gone . I just needed to get that off of my chest , now back to Ubisoft .

I downloaded the Rayman legends demo as a nice stopgap until the game actually released in FEBRUARY . But now forget it . Not only am I deleting the demo but I am not going to be purchasing the game at anytime in the future . Nintendo should make certain contracts so as to keep things exclusive for a time so that their new system can build an audience . At this point those that truly consider themselves "core "gamers won't even look at the Wii U and frankly if things keep going like this I am considering getting rid of my Wii U altogether . Do you really think that these people will even look at the Wii U after sony makes their big reveal on Feb 20th and microsoft not long after ? The nature of people these days is to abandon whats considered last gen tech as you can clearly see with T.V.s phones tablets ect ...I hate to do it nintendo but I'm being pushed after so many years of loyalty . If MH3 U is delayed then thats it , Wii U is gone and it's back to gaming on the Dreamcast until the nintendo I remember is back . This very well may be the big N's last gaming console .
The recent nintendo direct was great . The only problem is that release dates are far far away and can't be counted on . Rant over .




@OGGamer The main problem right now with nintendo is exactly that: THE DATES, the best games just take forever to be released and there are horrible gaps between them, at least the gap between fire emblem and luigi's mansion 2 isn't that much.



roryscott said:

Looks like I will have to keep playing Nintendo Land until another good game comes out for Wii U. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate looks okay...



HouseofBees said:

WTF? The excuse that some poor XBOX and PS3 fans really wanted to play the game holds no water whatsoever. Anyone that chooses a Nintendo console seems to be told to get lost when it comes to multiplatform games.

Now it seems we can't even have exclusives. Monster Hunter Tri has already been released on the Wii, so regardless of a few touches, that simply does not count.

Watch for Bayonetta 2, people...disappointing stuff, but not unpredictable.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

LOL at the reactions here. Yes boycott them over a minor delay. That way they can have even worse sales and maybe never make another Rayman game again. No patience from people today and so what if its exclusive or not? At least WiiU will get it.



OGGamer said:

@Vayby_Brown It's not so much the multiplatform thing , It's the fact that it has been delayed another 7 months . This being done mere WEEKS before it's projected release date , not months , not even one month , a couple of weeks .
You're right in that we still get the game but it will be at a time when we are no longer interested . Monster hunter tri ultimate will be out Pikmin 3 will be out Wind waker HD will be out or on the horizon GTA V will be out and many other games will have been announced after E3 . If ubisoft thinks that the hype around rayman legends will be the same or greater by the time september roles around they are dilusional . The PS360 fans that they claim to be appeasing will be so wrapped up in whatever new things are out for their systems that they couldn't care less about legends . Just look at the abundance of rayman origins available brand new for under 20 bucks even less in the bargain bins for proof . Origins was released around christmas time up against Skyrim . Skyrim . It looks like ubisoft hasn't learned their lesson from that . It is an idiotic business decision . One that makes me wonder if something else is going on .



TravisTouchdown said:

Well I certainly won't be buying Rayman Legends now. It's a shame too, because I've never played Rayman before, and I was looking to buy what I could of the series from the various Nintendo eShops, as well as any hard copies for GBA & Wii not already released digitally.

I guess I don't really care that it's not an exclusive anymore. I mean, as long as we get the game, that's what matters in the end. It's sad, but Nintendo fans should be used to losing exclusives because we've seen it before. We lost great exclusives like Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Chronicles series, Resident Evil: Revelations, House of the Dead: Overkill, No More Heroes, Killer7, Viewtiful Joe, MySims series, and now Raymen Legends just to name a few.

The thing that's a deal breaker for me though is the delay. It's done solely so Wii U doesn't get ahead of the competition. The Wii U is purposefully taking a hit and being held back. It's a finished game. Why not release it? Developers don't seem to have a problem porting a game from the Twins over to Nintendo months after the original is planned for release, but when the shoe is on the other foot, we have to wait for the Twins to catch up before we get our game. It's just stupid. And I own the Twins, so it's not like I won't be able to play the game in some form or another. Just the action itself has turned me off from Ubisoft and Rayman from here on out.

And here I had all kinds of faith in Ubisoft for their seemingly never-ending contributions to Wii U. Well, forget that. I thank you Ubisoft for ZombiU, but that might be the last game of yours I buy for a while because this move just flat out pisses me off to the point to where I just don't want to support you anymore.



dragonight23 said:

Why should a game that is done and ready for one console be released at the same time as the others.



DarKevin said:

Minor delay xD...
Its not that I even gave that many fuks about rayman, but they delayed a finished game(!) until the end of the year.
So how the hell do you think people will react?
Maybe you are just a troll?



P-Gamer-C said:

ubisoft is trying to support wiiu but but with sales of software and hardware its silly from a business prospective to make it an exclusive it seems no one is really buying games on wiiu

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