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Mon 16th April, 2012

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Zach777 commented on Video: You Can Turn Boss Weapons Against Their...:

"Mega Man Legacy Collection will contain plenty of goodies, and one of the most appealing is the challenge mode which features speed runs, remixes and a boss rush element."

Not really anything mind blowingly worth buying this game again for.

"That's right, you can fight the characters who are arguably the stars of each title, and even use their own weapons against them - something that naturally isn't possible in the originals games, as you have to defeat each boss to claim his weapon."

So basically... Dr. Wily's boss rematch level... Only timed?

"The sheer number of classic titles contained in this collection will keep you busy for some time, but with the addition of this challenge mode, the longevity is extended even further."

You mean all six original Mega Man games?!?! Sheerly huge numbers! All six can be beat in 6 hours. Busy for "some" time, I guess...



Zach777 commented on Here Are Some Handy Tips for Viewing Splatoon ...:

Why does no one like Moray towers? I think it's pretty fun. They should put in some of the ink sky lines to traverse a little easier. The ones like cables you swim through in squid form from single player.



Zach777 commented on Rayman’s Creator Is Designing One Of The 60 ...:

The Rayman developer is making ONE Mario level?!?!? Ohhhhh man!!!! Hopefully it doesn't get delayed the month it is finished and pushed onto other platforms over the course of a six month delay. Tell him to shove it. In French.



Zach777 commented on Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold is Out Now in North Am...:

I got this yesterday morning and burned through the whole day getting to the second stratum. Fantastic game and as always Atlus has done a great job with their Etrian series. I wholly recommend this to anyone looking for a deep RPG.



Zach777 commented on Super Smash Bros. Is Getting A Massive Update ...:

What if.... The ballot is ACTUALLY for future character popularization reference like they said when the ballot was announced and will be utilized for future Smash Bros games in the series and we only get Costumes for the higher ranking characters?!?!



Zach777 commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

"A few years from now the Wii U will have surely become 'last gen',"

Surely you mean the day the Wii U was released was when it became and remained 'last gen'. It barely runs a slight amount ahead of the PS3 and XBox360 as it is. Current gen systems like the PS4 and Xbox 1 are the up to par technology systems. Odds are that the NX will hardly even stand beside those when it releases and Nintendo is going to be in the same spot it was with the Wii U.



Zach777 commented on Dave & Buster's is Planning Location Testing f...:

Do you truly think that the NX is going to be some kind of major blockbuster? As it stands, the NX is a mystery system and is releasing pretty quickly on the heels of the Wii U, which has not and is not getting a whole lot of support from Nintendo itself. All of this already on top of the Wii U leaving a bitter feeling towards Nintendo from quite a few consumers; It just sounds like it will be an uphill battle for Nintendo to win back consumers themselves, let alone drawing support from 3rd party developers. Sure this game would be a desirable addition for the Wii U, but I doubt Nintendo really cares a whole lot about the Wii U anymore.



Zach777 commented on Nintendo Has No Plans For amiibo Support In Th...:

I agree without on this post when I say in a game with costume content why wouldn't Amiibo costumes be supported? Seems lackluster for an excuse and lazy at best. The whole Amiibo situation just looks lazy in general.



Zach777 commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

@Nassov What lineup though? The delayed lineup from e3 last year? Honestly this stuff shown last year was supposed to be out by spring this year, not winter. They have nothing new for Wii U owners and they have mediocre 3DS games that are better off on cell phones. That's it.



Zach777 commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

So basically even what appeared to be "the best" Wii U game at e3 sucked. Ouch. Nintendo really is losing people with their shenanigans on the Wii U. I'm more than likely not investing in the NX after the way they've led people on with the Wii U.