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Wed 12th Aug 2009

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TKOWL commented on Shin'en: If Developers Can't Make Great Lookin...:

Can we please go three days without an article being posted on here with the Wii U's downfalls that are just bait for comment hordes that just honestly make me hate the Nintendo fanbase more and more day by day



TKOWL commented on The Wonderful 101 Struggles In Its First Week ...:

I think part of this is due to how poorly advertised this game was. Even with an entire Nintendo Direct focused on it, I still have not seen a single print or online advertisement anywhere.
I think maybe releasing a demo for this game to try out at game retailers/stores would help sales over here: I was not interested in this game at all until playing the Eshop demo, and now I can't wait to pick this title up.



TKOWL commented on Review: Super Mario World (Wii U eShop / Super...:

This game is a completely overrated, clustered, way too loose, boring, slippery mess of a game

I still have no idea how people consider this to be the best Mario game or the best platformer, or even the best game: I see almost nothing in it.

And before you ask, yes I've 100%'d this game and got every single nook and cranny including the Special World and the Top Secret Area: I barely felt satisfied in it. Just when I'm asked to play any Mario game, this is the last one I'll ever go to; hell, I'll even play New Super Mario Bros. 2 or The Lost Levels before this.



TKOWL commented on Video: Mega Man Unlimited - The Fan Game That ...:

This is looking absolutely fantastic, and I really hope that Capcom gets a major kick in the balls from this and realizes that people really do care for Mega Man and we can't take any more of this crap.



TKOWL commented on No Circle Pad Pro In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moo...:

I think the game controls just fine as it is. I really felt like I had more precision control than I did in Luigi's Mansion 1, there were only a few times where I had wished I had a little better camera control (such as when you're trying to fight ghosts with the Toads running around like morons).



TKOWL commented on Feature: A Short History of Luigi:

What I honestly like a lot about Luigi is that he's definitely an outlet for Nintendo's artistically creative side. While Mario is the icon and gets his good but relatively uninspired games, Luigi's games allow Nintendo to create a new character that actually separates himself from Mario both in personality and in gameplay style. I still consider Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga the definition of gaming perfection, and for what I've played of Dark Moon so far, it's fantastic stuff. Luigi is another representation about why Nintendo's characters are the best in the industry: Luigi still gets confused nowadays for simply a Mario pallet swap, but his animations and things he does in games screams personality.



TKOWL commented on Review: Mega Man 3 (3DS eShop / NES):

"Unfortunately the game does suffer from some slowdown, a glitchy weapon and relatively careless level design"

I'm sorry, those are all the things that ruin the game for me. I've never seen any appeal to Mega Man 3 at all besides some of the music, and every time I play it I find it a massive chore to do so.

Definitely passing until 4 comes out.



TKOWL commented on Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph:

I honestly connected so much to this movie when I first saw it that I went back and watched it three more times in the theaters. Honestly one of my all time favorite movies, and one I'm going to watch dozens of times over.



TKOWL commented on Pokémon Video Game Winter Regional Championsh...:

@Nibelilt If you're scared by the competitive scene just because it seems to overwhelming, then NuggetBridge is a great place for beginners to edge themselves into the metagame.

Trust me, it took awhile for me to learn it, but competitive battling really adds a whole new level of replayability to the game.



TKOWL commented on Review: Kirby Air Ride (GameCube):

This game deserves a 9, hands-down, I'm sorry.

If there's one video game I've played to repetition ever since its launch and STILL haven't gotten bored of it, it's this one. City Trial is the PERFECT multiplayer mode, and literally everyone that I have known and talked to that has played this game agrees KAR is fantastic.

Again, City Trial is the real selling point to this game, and has given me and hundreds of other people endless fun. As I decide a lot of a game's merit based on how much I'll go back and replay it, this game definitely has massive replayability, and is still one of my all-time favorites.