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I have a top hat and an eyeglass. Therefore, your argument is invalid!

Sun 12th Aug 2012

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SirSmugleaf commented on Developer Interview: Bertil Hörberg On Being ...:

I purchased Gunman Clive along with Hydroventure: Spin Cycle last night and I gotta say that I'm impressed with it. The platforming is fun, the art style and 3D are beautiful and the music is great as well. Very glad I dropped the $2.50 for it!



SirSmugleaf commented on THQ Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy:

It will actually be quite sad for me because back in the day, THQ used to publish a fair amount of children's licensed games, which I bought a lot of, so I thought THQ was basically "video games", if that makes sense.

Sure, I haven't bought a THQ game in a while, they were a huge part of my past gaming, even if those memories weren't quite as fond as I would have wished.