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Thu 24th May 2012

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goldbricks23 commented on Stick It To The Man Will, Erm, Stick It To The...:

The thing with PS+ is that you've paid the subscription do once the £40 is down the games you get after the first month feel like they are "Free". Value wise it's certainly worth the price. I don't how many games I've played on PS+ that I loved but maybe wouldn't have bought because I wasn't too sure. And I've certainly skipped a few games on Wii U because of my subscription.

It's the reason I bought a Vita; because I had a long list of games waiting on my account gat I wanted to play.



goldbricks23 commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd May (Europe):

Definitely downloading Project X Zone demo, I have it on per-order so hopefully this doesn't make me regret that. I'm getting Donkey Kong through physical cartridge, but I didn't realise Lego Batman 2 was out this week. May wait for a price drop on that one.



goldbricks23 commented on Nintendo of Europe Offers Free Game in "So Man...:

Already have Luigi's Mansion and I'm planning to get Donkey Kong on release (never had the Wii version). I was interested in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate but was going to wait for a price drop. This promotion has pushed to consider getting it sooner now. And this in turn will allow a free download for Animal Crossing which I wasn't too sure was for me, but I'm willing to try it for free!



goldbricks23 commented on Rumour: Wii U System Update Could Go Live Tomo...:

VC titles on a Tuesday and New Titles on a Thursday sounds good to me. Gives each type of games to shine on their own respective terms. And I'm sure it would help sales of VC titles compared to releasing them next to bigger, newer games. Or vice versa, depending on consumer preferences.



goldbricks23 commented on GAME Bags European Exclusive On eShop Download...:

If I'm going to download 3DS/ Wii U it will be through GAME if the prices stay the as reasonable as they are at the minute. Would it be possible for someone at NintendoLife to contact Nintendo or GAME and ask if they will be selling download codes of 'download only' games? I would do it myself but I've a feeling I'd get a useless answer. Thanks!



goldbricks23 commented on Wii U System Update Coming Next Week:

I was kind of expecting more, but I'm sure what. My anticipation for the update probably created that. I'm really happen about the automatic updates/ downloads/ installs- those were a bit annoying when going to play a game.



goldbricks23 commented on Europe Now Receiving Club Nintendo Stars For A...:

I just noticed this earlier today- while checking this out my Club Nintendo account (you can get stars for past purchases).

However I noticed in the Stars Catalogue that there is an option for selecting/ ticking to search for "Online Items" next to "Physical Items", "Nintendo Points" and "Mobile Items". There isn't anything in the "Mobile" or "Online" category though.

Maybe they are going to introduce new items soon... I don't want to get my hopes up for download codes!!!



goldbricks23 commented on Nintendo to Pull the Plug on Several Online Wi...:

I liked using the Nintendo channel to see how long I had spent playing a game. I'll be disappointed that I can't continue this with my Wii games. Other than that no big loss. Hopefully this will free up server power for Wii U/ 3DS services!



goldbricks23 commented on Video: Nintendo Europe Highlights Key eShop Ti...:

I want an account system too. The fear of my 3DS/ Wii U breaking or being stolen and losing all downloaded games forever scares me. I've stopped downloading games because of it. I let Nintendo know in a customer survey when they asked why I wouldn't download Animal Crossing upon its release. I'd suggest others like myself let Nintendo of your fears. ...Or someone at NintendoLife could put a word in for us!! ....



goldbricks23 commented on Wii Mini Generating Little Interest in The UK:

I think Nintendo's marketing department need a complete makeover. I love Nintendo but I can't comprehend what they are thinking at the moment. The launch of the Wii U has been a complete mess, especially with their relative silence on releases for the next couple of months- 3/4 games in March/April aren't enough to hold up a console. And launching a revised Wii onto the market when consumers were already confusing it with the Wii is ridiculous. I really hope they do have some master plan up their sleeve- especially when they begin talking to retailers in the next couple of weeks.



goldbricks23 commented on New Patch Released For Call of Duty: Black Ops...:

Its a good game, just because it has "Call of Duty" written on it, doesn't make it crap. It isn't too my personal tastes, I will admit, but I recognize its qualities. And to be fair its better than a lot of thrown together pieces of code.



goldbricks23 commented on Interview: Vblank Entertainment On Bringing a ...:

I have only started to play this game but so far I've been having great fun. I'm probably missing a lot of references but that isn't taking away from my enjoyment. I encourage everyone to download it. It's a great game! And it may guarantee more great games for the eShop. Also it plays great with a SNES Classic Controller!!



goldbricks23 commented on Rayman Legends Challenge Mode Coming Exclusive...:

I understand peoples hurt but not buying this game on Wii U will give them the excuse that there is no market for non-Nintendo games on Wii U and no point in releasing any other major games on the console.
If you really want to hurt Ubisoft never buy a game for theirs again (no matter the platform) however show them how passionate you are about Rayman Legends through actually buying the game and supporting the dev team behind it. Otherwise you may never see their talented work on Wii U (or 3DS) for while.



goldbricks23 commented on Rayman Legends Boss and Dev Team Protest Wii U...:

Fantastic! I hope this causes some discussion between the publisher and developers that results in an early Wii U release. I'm still buying the game on Wii U whenever its release; to show there's a proper audience for the game on Wii U!



goldbricks23 commented on Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive, De...:

I really want a Wii U but I cant justify £300 on promises. The amount of delays this console is suffering from is worrying. The only good games to buy are launch titles. The two games I was waiting to be released were Scribblenauts and Rayman Legends. They have both been delayed and I can now play Rayman on my PS3. If third party support dries up I'm going to wait another year until Nintendo have released enough games to avoid it gathering dust. I did enough waiting when I bought the Wii and 3DS at launch.



goldbricks23 commented on Nintendo Download: 31st January 2013 (Europe):

I can't believe the 3DS got no games at all on its eshop. What would have been wrong with increasing the VC library by one title or adding a retail title from the back catalog, just to avoid the embarrassment of an empty week?

Its not like they have third party publishers falling at their feet to release stuff on the eShop to fill out the empty spaces that could occur- even DLC. I think Nintendo need to realise the importance of a steady steam of content to the eshop on a weekly basis; not just just to entice confidence in publishers but also consumers. Its worrying when the eshop goes a week without content. It displays no future planing on the part of Nintendo.

Though I'm Secretly hoping for a surprise announcement to prove me wrong.



goldbricks23 commented on Project X Zone Fighting To a Worldwide Release...:

So happy this is making its way to UK. I thought it wouldn't have a chance but maybe a wider market will give it better sales. The summer is a good time to release as well so it isn't overshadowed by better known IPs. If its a good price on the eShop I'll probably download it.



goldbricks23 commented on Review: Wario Land 3 (3DS eShop / Game Boy Color):

I loved this as a child. Never owned it, had to keep borrowing it off a friend. Ive played the other Wario Land on my 3DS so I'm really looking forward to this. Also I'm getting Wario Land Shake Dimension, for Christmas, because I missed it first time round. I'm going to be a pretty happy gamer this Christmas.



goldbricks23 commented on 3DS Continues To Decimate The Competition in J...:

That's unbelievable. I wish it was selling as well over here. Quite a turn around for Japan, considering the reports of everyone playing being too interested in smart devices before the 3DS was launched.

Also the PS3 lifetime sales has to be wrong, its only couple of thousand above the PS Vita.

Edit: Seems it took me too long to write my comment considering everyone else has pointed out what I noticed too.



goldbricks23 commented on Wii U Software Storage on USB Devices Detailed:

This has actually put me off buying the Wii U. I intend to download many retail games along with download only titles. If I have to move my games on and off an external hard drive every time I want to play something I simply wont do it. Downloads are all about convenience. This isn't convenient! I hope there has been a mix up in communication. I would rather pay extra for a 350GB hard drive installed in the console.



goldbricks23 commented on Rumour: GameCube Coming to Wii U Virtual Console:

I hope its a matter of when, not if. I didn't get to experience many GameCube games so I'd throw my money at this service. In fact if the Wii U launched with some GameCube titles I'd no longer be on the fence about buying it.



goldbricks23 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Focus on the 3DS eShop:

I am very impressed with the line up of eShop exclusive games coming out over the next three months, even the pricing for many of them appear to be on the reasonable side so there's no real need to complain. Most of purchases this Christmas will be on the eShop rather than retail and I'm very happy with that. Though that's not to say I'll not be buying any cart based games through retail, Paper Mario looks too good to miss!



goldbricks23 commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Will Cost £39.99 to D...:

I would never pay £39.99 for a retail boxed game, let alone a download, no matter what console it is for. I always wait for the price to come down. I just cant afford to take that big a risk on £40 for a game every time, especially for a download. £30 is the sweet spot for a game I really really want.

Its the same for any product in the world, if you see it priced lower anywhere else its only human nature to get the cheaper alternative.