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Mon 8th Oct 2012

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phoenixology commented on Sega Sorry That It "Betrayed" Fans, Hopes To W...:

After owning a Dreamcast on Day One and them scrapping it so soon, that's when I lost my trust in SEGA.

Others have said Dreamcast 2. As much as I'd love them to bring a new console out, I doubt it will happen. It would have to be as powerful and feature rich as the Xbone/PS4 to even be recognised by more than old SEGA fans these days.



phoenixology commented on Wii U Isn't Getting Need For Speed: Rivals Tha...:

Need for Speed Most Wanted on Wii U actually happens to be on my 'Most Wanted' games to buy list, but have quite a lot of games still to play so will be buying it soon. Shame about Rivals tbh, but I have an Xbox 360 to buy it on if I'm desperate.



phoenixology commented on Nintendo: 3DS eShop And App Store Comparison I...:

Shame the Nintendo 3Shop app doesn't open near as fast as the iPhone app store.

Wish Nintendo done something about that so you didn't have to sit and wait for the silly jingle to stop playing before you can browse.

A Japanese touch I'm sure.



phoenixology commented on Access Miiverse On Your Smartphone And PC By T...:

I'd like to see Twitter and Facebook integration to Miiverse.

Nintendo have said on many occasions that social networking has helped boost awareness of their games so if I were to create a post or drawing in Miiverse and it would also optionally posted to my Facebook friends it would gain awareness of Miiverse features.

If Miiverse IS coming to PC/smartphones then this would be perfect as Miiverse content can easily be hyperlinked to from the social network webpage you posted to.



phoenixology commented on Miyamoto Teases the Possibility of a Real "Nin...:

Rather than building a whole theme park which I consider is probably a risky business venture why not work with a park like Thorpe Park and open a Nintendo area of rides?

At Alton Towers there is a Sonic the Hedgehog ride called Spinball Whizzer. Nintendo could do something similar without fear of delving into something they have no experience of.



phoenixology commented on Wii U UK Price Reaches New Low As HMV Slashes ...:

I know it's not Nintendo's fault they are selling the Wii U at less than trade price but having spent £340 for a Wii U and ZombiU 4 months ago, I feel robbed and sad.

Would be really nice if Nintendo gave a free game to early adopters.



phoenixology commented on Club Nintendo Accounts Can't Be Linked To The ...:

It's silly really, Nintendo should have thought of this when writing the Wii U Software.

Even the 'Wii U Mode' is stupid. You should just able to put a Wii game in the slot and it comes up as a game to play on the Wii U's own dashboard.



phoenixology commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf Has Been Downloaded ...:

Glad Nintendo are realising the potential of smartphones (and tablets too maybe).

Being a long Nintendo fan, I'm a fan of their games more than consoles so I'd actually welcome Nintendo games becoming officially available on smartphones or tablets.

Animal Crossing on a iPad with retina display... imagine that?! One can dream



phoenixology commented on Indie Developers Speak Highly of Wii U eShop:

Here's a challenge guys. If you're an indie developer and want to develop a game for Wii U where do you go and signup? I googled and got nothing, no wonder why Apple/Android have so many apps as they are clear and easy to find out how.



phoenixology commented on Could This Be The Finished Wii U Interface?:

Not sure why Nintendo didn't show us their dashboard on their last big Wii U announcement or at E3 2012? It's not like it's something they need to hide.
Microsoft love to show off their Xbox dashboard updates as an example.



phoenixology commented on Ninterview: Howard "Gamemaster" Phillips:

Good interview but get the feeling Howard Phillips is really stuck in the past isn't he. 'NES the best gaming system of all time' and the 'original Zelda best Ninty game ever'... it's as if he didn't play on any Nintendo post-NES and I've been gaming since the 80's from the NES.