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Tue 8th Jan 2008

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James commented on Feature: James's Favourite Nintendo Life Moments:

Well I don't know what to say to that, other than "thank you very much." You've all been great to write for and work with, and the fact I'm writing this at 8am on the start of my holiday probably shows you how hard it'll be to take NL out of my life.

Thanks for everything and hopefully I'll see you all again in the future!



James commented on Feature: Bizarre Emails Sent to Nintendo Life ...:

I really, really shouldn't have to say this but here goes:

Do not send in intentionally stupid emails. I've been doing this long enough to know what's real and what's fake, and if I catch you I will ban you.



James commented on Project Sora Disbanded:

@Hyperstar96 I love fighting games — cut my teeth on Virtua Fighter and Street Fighter Alpha in the 90s, still play VF5 and SF to this day. But Smash Bros. just doesn't cut it for me; too much chaos, not enough refinement. Take away the fan service and nobody would give it the time of day — not the mark of a good game in my eyes.

But hey, I know many, many of you love it, so that's cool. It's just that I don't.



James commented on Project Sora Disbanded:

OK, now that cat's out of the bag I can tell you: I'm going to oversee the next Super Smash Bros. game and actually make it fun. You heard it here first!

(not actually true)



James commented on Site News: James Finds a Warp Zone:

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your kind words and congratulations. I'm really touched that so many of you have enjoyed my work over the years, and that you're all so happy here at Nintendo Life.

Just wanted to answer some recurring questions:

1) No, I won't send you free stuff.
2) No, I won't leak Nintendo secrets.
3) Ask James will finish this Friday. I don't think Nintendo would be happy if an employee ran an all-questions-answered video series on a Nintendo fan forum!
4) I absolutely hope to be a member of the community after I leave, but see answers 2 and 4 for more.

My last day is Friday so I will still be around for news and question-answering for a while longer! If anyone wants to keep in touch the best way is to follow me on Twitter