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Sat 6th Oct 2012

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dudey300 commented on Packaged Physical Release of Wii Sports Club M...:

I like the fact that it's digital, more so that you can download each game individually. Out of the 5 games, Tennis would be my favourite, so just downloading that is enough for me. I wouldn't go for the physical copy as I'd barely touch the other sports!



dudey300 commented on Day One Update Looks Set to Spin Into Sonic Lo...:

@ThomasBW84 It might just be my internet provider, but it took 2 and a half hours for Pokémon Y to download.

Anyway, I hope those that are looking forward to Sonic Lost World on both platforms enjoy it. Won't be Day 1 for me, but perhaps over the Christmas period if I'm lucky.



dudey300 commented on Poster Hints At An Eevee-Themed 3DS XL Set For...:

I'm going to throw a very wild guess, and say that there will be a 3DS XL for each of the Eeveelutions. Only basing it on how the poster suggests that Eevee is evolving.

A more realistic prediction is all of the Eeveelutions feature on the one 3DS XL.



dudey300 commented on Nintendo Won't Be Holding A Large-Scale Press ...:

I really do hope they figure out something in relation to us watching a presentation of some sort. I can't help but get excited and caught up in the hype of E3, I even tend to book days off work to watch them (and write up articles of course).

But Nintendo Direct has been giving us a lot of information on upcoming games, and revealing titles such as Wind Waker HD and the new Zelda, which would be the sort of thing you'd see at E3. Well, before now anyway.

I mean, we all thought the new Xbox would be shown at E3, but that's not the case. We seen the PS4's controller in February as well as a couple of titles, so I'm expecting the console itself to be shown during Sony's time on the stage.

Makes you wonder what Nintendo has up its sleeve.