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aaronsullivan commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Shipping This Time Next Ye...:

Missed this conversation. Will just say: If the fusion thing happens to the extent that there is one product that is supposed to cover the handheld space and you plug it into your TV to cover the console space, I'll be so disappointed.

It would mean that any new Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero, Pikmin, Star Fox game will be ~2 generations behind in graphics capabilities. I'm not a big graphics person, but those games can really benefit in creating a visual environment that convincingly transports you via hints of realism at least.

I can barely watch 3DS videos on the internet. I don't want that (relative to consoles) for another 5 years on my TV as the prime example of Nintendo visuals. Sigh.



aaronsullivan commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

Yeah, I'm into it. I do wish it was all the same but on Wii U, but we know why that isn't happening. The idea is sound, the creative approach to the missions that I saw in Treehouse and now his explanation tell me this game is worthwhile. It's sad that it made such a horrible thud when it dropped and then took the whole stage through the ground with it. And I had a similar sour reaction to so many others at first. :(



aaronsullivan commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

Looks like a good game. Would have been much better if it was announce alongside a major entire in the franchise that is closer to what fans were expecting/hoping for. Just like Animal Crossing. That amiibo festival game would have been fine, if we were also getting a proper new Animal Crossing game at the same time or at least announced for the Wii U.

As for Federation Force the reveal was botched but Treehouse Live presentation made it look very fun and it was honoring the Prime Universe just fine. The game style was obviously very different, but the little reveal video gave us only the primary color identified mech suits that looked like Chibi robots and too little to go by for understanding the game. Also, very little to convince us it would even feel connected to Metroid Prime games.

Four player cooperative gaming in the Metroid universe is a fine idea and it looks like the execution will be solid from what I've seen. It would have gone over far better if we weren't also finding out there is no big 3D Metroid game coming. Either that, or if it was a console game to do the visuals more justice and actually remind us of Prime a bit. Opportunity lost.

Keep in mind, no one at Nintendo has said a 2D gameplay Metroid isn't in development right now.



aaronsullivan commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Director...:

Since the prophecy is about a guy, the girls that are trying out are clearly incognito. Plus, the Zelda dress. Not seeing a problem here.

I don't see why there can't be a female Link in one of the generations, though, either. I mean... it seems like the hero is supposed to be a guy by their account? But it's a different person each game. It is also, by their own design, meant to be an avatar. There may be story elements that they'd prefer to lock in so that it would be awkward to make the gender be either or for Link, but if a particular entry were made around a female Link I think that would be fun. Of course, the fan-base would go into an uproar because... not sure why... I guess that different person every game would be ruined because... no I don't know, really.



aaronsullivan commented on ​Miiverse is Getting a Massive Redesign this...:

Seems like good stuff. What doesn't work can be changed, folks. Also, for those hoping for things going faster, I think that's a big part of this. Regular comments should load much faster now that the drawings and screenshots aren't included right? I guess we'll find out. ;)



aaronsullivan commented on Rumour: Former Rare Composer David Wise Is Wor...:

It doesn't make much sense, but I don't care much. Give me Diddy Kong Racing 2. :D

That's about the only release that will help me forgive Retro for not fighting hard enough to make a new Prime-style Metroid game.

The other release that would help me forgive them is a 2.5D Metroid game. lol. But I don't think they'd get David Wise for that soundtrack.

Here's the thing about Diddy Kong Racing. The chief difference is that it is an exploratory adventure game mixed with a kart racer. That is very core-oriented for a kart game, IMO, and if that is the direction NX is going, then it makes a little bit of sense.

I want that Taj the Elephant genie to say, "This is for you" when I get something... but that will never happen thanks to Rare... and really, that rumor feels way out there.



aaronsullivan commented on We Could See Some Cult Lucasfilm Properties Co...:

I'm just happy about the what little Tron love has made it into DI. Actual figurines this time. It's all because Tron 3 almost got started, but I'll take it anyway. ;) If things went by quality and scheduled channel programming was dead — it's taking too long! — Tron Uprising would have its own playset, too and and a few figurines to go with it. Then, we could have Tron, himself. sigh. Oh well. Tron is about an alternate reality, I guess it has to live there. :P



aaronsullivan commented on Cypronia to Offer Future Release for Free as C...:

@Einherjar Being fair, this is the one that looked the best out of them and I think it delivers just enough (from reviews, I haven't played) to make it work. But , on Wii U there is no Minecraft and that's all it needs to start. I get the feeling that the free game people are going to get is going to be a more ambitious clone rather than build on this one with free updates.

That's good. These things build up and hopefully it will separate away from the basic Minecraft formula more. Survival Craft for mobile started this way and is now a really impressive alternative to Minecraft focused on more realism in the survival department (you need to stay dry and keep from getting too hot or cold, clothing matters, etc.)

Anyway, I thought this showed promise, but I'm impressed and a bit surprised how it turned out as early trailers gave me some reservations.



aaronsullivan commented on Dark Pit amiibo Exclusive To Best Buy In North...:

The problem is that retailer exclusives are paid for. It's a way to offset losses from stock that sits on shelves ad-infinitum, I guess. From a consumer point of view I hate it and I'd rather see at the very least timed exclusives like DI does it. Yes, they have retailer exclusives, too, but then they just go everywhere. All but those bizarre and ugly only-a-collector-could-like-it crystal DI figures.

Anyway, the fact that it's Dark Pit could be good as it's not like some of the other bigger properties. I just hope they make tons of them. :P I don't even have Pit yet.



aaronsullivan commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Cuddles Up to Fourth Spot...:

@Tate24 I just always thought those were suggesting what was coming in the full version. It was a little confusing but I wouldn't call it a promise. I thought you had some evidence of a promise of added features to the cheap version.

I'd never expect the content from the full Art Academy to be handed over that cheaply. It's pretty thorough with lessons that have real thought put into it.

I find it really cool that the cheap one let you do so much myself. I mean the tech and tools work well enough even without paint, but again I wouldn't expect them to give it away.

I would have liked a less traditional color art set made for digital painting for miiVerse actually. That would have been nice, too.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Is "Exploring" The Idea Of Early Acce...:

Some types of games thrive with Early Access and the developers get a game closer to what consumers want and the release has a community of supporters. Other games make more sense to go the traditional route.

If Nintendo 1st party developers wanted to go early Access I'd be all for it because they would have a good reason, I'd expect.



aaronsullivan commented on Super Mario Maker Producer Tells Fans Not To E...:

@RupeeClock I don't think the differences between versions matter that much. Especially in top down adventures. If you went with the tile based game play there's plenty the same and the multiple styles wouldn't need to be a main feature, IMO.

The point I didn't really think about before is the pick-up-and-mess-aroundability of the editor. I think many people who don't consider themselves creative or the type of person to make levels will indeed make a level and find it really fun with Super Mario Maker. It's half playing, after all.

With Zelda, I think there are less action experiments and more cerebral puzzle experiments. Not as accessible to as many people, I think.

All that said, it could be worked on to a point where its irresistible in my opinion. I do think it would be more difficult to grab the less creative players.

Metroid might work better, actually.

My dream scenario with Zelda and Metroid is to have a high-level designer set up a set of conditions for a larger quest: order of item acquisition and limits to enemies and difficulty to different zones.

Then, you could task yourself with meeting the needs of a zone in some of these larger quests. That way there could be dozens of combinations of actual zones made by individuals that fit into the larger quest conditions. It could even become a complete Zelda or Metroid game of sorts.

I guess at the start there would be a few quests already set up.

Anyway, it'd be a fun way to enjoy making the levels to spec and also to play through longer adventures. You could even play through a longer adventure where your own zone or two is in it, but still have it full of other new things.

Zones you've created wouldn't need to only be in one quest either. If it matches the conditions already it would just rotate right in there.

That way, if you create a new quest layout, you might be able to immediately play as there are enough zones that meet the conditions already.



aaronsullivan commented on Stay Fresh With This Funky Splatoon Themed Alb...:

Hey, good try. Mostly very hard to listen to for me. It all seems pretty pointless as none of it is different enough and certainly added nothing to the original tracks. I think I want something official. This stuff gets repetitive and boring fast as they do so little with it. In all fairness I didn't listen to more of a minute of any of them before skipping around to see if anything caught my ear.

I mean, when you are playing you hear these tracks a ton and none of them get boring (though I'm ready for a couple more tunes in the mix), but these got boring in 20 seconds and then barely change through their length.

Not for me and I love "remixes" especially in the OCRemix vein where they try to spin it or take a different slant, or add something new or switch up the genre, or give primitive retro tunes a new depth. This just flattens everything for me. I recognized some of the artists, too, so that's disappointing.



aaronsullivan commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Suggests Low Key and Accessib...:

If Wii U is still $299 at end of year it would be insulting, IMO. As far as Star Fox fans already owning Wii U: probably but I don't know. First of all, it's a relatively small group of fans sadly. It does fit in that group of Nintendo games that have touched a level of "cool" without being super cutesy: Star Fox, F-Zero, Metroid and sometimes Zelda. yeah, I know, animal puppets. I think there are some gamers that just wait for those games to appear on Nintendo consoles. Notice how many are on the Wii U so far.

Problem with this theory is Star Fox could have gone way further in the direction of "cool" many fans were probably hoping for.
So in the end, probably the type of Star Fox fan that is already sold on it also owns a Wii U. Lol. Oh well. There's some time to convince the others.

Remember the plan was to bring this and Zelda this year and I think that type of Nintendo fan for the "cool" games would have been swayed. Nintendo will still try to paint that picture by the end of the year I think.

Maybe that's the big bundle: Wii U with price cut, Star Fox and an exciting news stream about Zelda. ;)

Plus, Super Mario Maker for the old school Mario fans. That has street cred with people who abandoned Nintendo a few generations ago.

For the Gamers keeping up with things online, though, the battle is against the perception that Wii U is dead, though.



aaronsullivan commented on Video: Mario is Unreal in This New Take on The...:

Horrible. I hope this never happens. What is supposed to be good about this? When it asked "Too Realistic?" I thought, "Oh, good, they realize how stupid and horrible this looks" and then they went to that unimaginably ugly, lifeless toon-shaded style that practically made my eyes bleed. Is this supposed to somehow look better than Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World? Because, wow.

I mean, Unreal Engine is great and some of those environments are nice separately, but so glad Nintendo isn't capable of this kind of "art direction". I'm also all for Nintendo taking some big turns in the visual style regarding Mario, but — Gag. I mean, this is the complete opposite of immersive. My brain rejects it instantly and then begs me to turn away.

If this is what people want, please Nintendo, let yourself go bankrupt. :)



aaronsullivan commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Suggests Low Key and Accessib...:

Well, I'm actually more excited for Star Fox than DI 3.0 that's for sure and it is entirely different than Battlefront. Battlefront flight is going to be intermittent and okay in bursts but the single player experience and progression is just a different gaming itch to scratch for me.

As much as I'm psyched about Star Wars I don't think that will keep me from anticipating Star Fox. It's a kind of specific gaming and the type of controls they have been showcasing have me convinced it will be something special, I know I'm not the norm on this, but my track record with knowing myself with that sort of thing is pretty good.

Plus, that type of game is so rare nowadays that I don't mind having an embarrassment of riches in it for a short time. ;) in fact, bring on console Kid Icarus!



aaronsullivan commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Suggests Low Key and Accessib...:

@rjejr Optimism I love it! Lol. Not sure what we are doing July 4th but I really want to be there for splatfest. Reminds me of Animal Crossing and not wanting to miss events.

I'm just at 11 (taking a little break while the kids obsess) and even I was surprised that the June 30th patch notes didn't mention a higher level cap.

Most importantly though, the new modes sound awesome and like I said before I was struck how the slight tweak of splat zones was an entirely different experience and I still like both modes.

It's almost stunning that Nintendo is pulling it off so well but I guess they did have Metroid Prime 2 and Hunters and now Federation Force — with the reaction to Splatoon you can see the mental processes that made it look like a good idea and I actually think it is a good idea: for a console or a handheld with much higher visual fidelity and alongside a big mainline Metroid game.

Anyway, happy inking!



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

Woah. Mobile interactivity as well? Not sure about that. Such a different interface and seems to divide things up a bit more as far as controls go. But I get it, we're dreaming here. :P

Like you are suggesting, I was thinking the base console comes with a controller that has no screen. Basically a Pro controller with Gyro and maybe nfc reading. Normally I would say that would crush the idea of second-screen gaming, but I'm thinking that bringing a GamePad to it works, as does, of course, using the new NXMobile hardware, so there are some nice options that all perform the same basic functionality.

Sigh. Plausible as it is, the backwards compatibility thing keeps rearing its ugly head in my mind. I mean, "starting from 0" is very suggestive isn't it? I really think the Wii U library could help this launch as it is an attractive set of games with some decent buzz that many gamers know about but have never played or have only played at a friends house once.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@mjc0961 I don't even...

@Ristar42 Yeah, I played a lot of Atari, C64 even 128, and Amiga and had my Apple ][ for programming and Ultima. Maybe it was the timing but the action games paled in comparison to Nintendo games for me. Even with the PC gaming after IBM clones, I was struck how none of them could touch my Nintendo action games really. Of course computers had their strengths as well.

I even loved my Master System even though I can count the worthwhile games on one hand really. :)

I'm not trying to say things weren't different, they obviously were. Thing is US is a beeg market and like you say UK already doesn't care about Nintendo. I'm sad to say that it must be a little like how Microsoft views the Japan market just not as extreme.



aaronsullivan commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Suggests Low Key and Accessib...:

@rushiosan I hear you on that. I kind of wish there were more interesting storage uses. Oddly enough, the Mario Party game (which I don't really recommend) does that part best with bonus coins you can keep and use between games.

On the other hand, I kind of prefer the little bonuses I get from them. Yes, I'd like a dedicated game to really make them Toys 2 life that isn't as automated as SSB, but I like how it is really expanding into many games and you can bring just a touch of your favorite characters to games where they'd never belong.

You better believe I'll be trying every one of amiibo looks in Yoshi's Woolly World and Super Mario Maker, and if the Arwing paint jobs look cool and not goofy, that's actually a cool addition to that series. That look has remained solid over all the games and to break that would be pretty rewarding to me at least.



aaronsullivan commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Suggests Low Key and Accessib...:

Splatoon. My kids both made it to Level 10 over the last two days and I was a little worried how they'd take to the Ranked Battle. My daughter went up to C in no time. lol. They are passing me because they are playing more, but this thing is magically universal, IMO. I'm completely into it myself and I even care what my avatar looks like not just the gear bonuses.

I saw people talking about an NX sequel in the plaza, but I'm just thinking about how much more there is to get out of it from just a mode or two.

Imagine if the Wii U had been more popular.



aaronsullivan commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Suggests Low Key and Accessib...:

@GammaPhonic Gave me a belly chuckle.

For many fans, Star Fox is about as big as it gets, but you do have a point about the big Holiday Game. I'm hoping the big Holiday game is a big price drop and some great bundle deals. Don't forget that Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and Lego Dimensions are the big Holiday games for many families as well. ;) For adults, there is XCX, but I don't know if a bundle is appropriate for that. In fact, that is the problem isn't it. Maybe it just needs to be a high profile marketing effort where you get one game free: Splatoon, XCX, Mario Maker, or Star Fox. IDK.

I was just showing highlights of the Digital Event to my kids, and the 3DS AC looked good to my kids. Then they saw the Wii U version and got excited for a couple seconds (just like I did) and then — oh. Really, they should be combined into one game on both the 3DS and Wii U. I wouldn't mind a fun little time-wasting board game with that AC charm if it was attached to the actually kind of fantasy-fulfilling 3DS game that lets you build the village more directly. That would make a great holiday gift with those amiibo.

Also, KK Slider might be the first Amiibo I get that I don't care if it works with any games. ;) I really wish he'd have a little music playing chip in him, though... of course, that's what a game should do. :/



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@JtotheY And yet, we both know it has to be focused on something marketable as well. I guess I just see a focal point where Nintendo could have a solidly performing machine at the center where most of the innovation and features come from software, like you are suggesting and a solid plan about integration with their portable platform in the extreme.

So, I'm thinking Mario Kart 9 is released for both and you can play with any combination of split screen and local NXMobiles maybe 8 players and the games are feature exact when you take it on the go. Of course it will scale up in visuals sharply with the console version, but the actual network code and interaction is identical. The console could even focus it's visuals on an overview with commentary going on like a TV show while everyone plays on their individual devices.

At the same time the NXMobile could receive video/audio streaming from the console for Single-player games and be the GamePad... or produce the visuals itself for some games if need be to let the console concentrate it's power on the main game.

It maintains the local couch gaming strength Nintendo has had for so long and brings console and mobile gaming together even with separate devices. The mobile device doesn't have to magically have all the power of a console and meet all the price/battery/screen needs of a portable.

Of course, this also means that the library would be bigger (maybe 1.5x bigger?) as most games would be on both systems. The single player games would be repurposed and focused on what works best for each platform.

To me, this is an innovation that would not be a gimmick and no one has really pulled it off yet to the degree I'm imagining it anyway.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@nashismo FYI, this is a family-friendly site.
I think there are many reasons to be optimistic, myself. Many of them outlined in these comments, but I can't blame you for seeing things the way you do. A little reactive and maybe too invested(?) but it has been a frustrating time for Nintendo fans and those who used to be. It's not like some here don't agree with you in general. Wii U has been great for me and mine, but a wider success would be better for the future for sure!



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@Ristar42 Right, people build on each other's tech, but it was a bold move to not only include the analog stick on the main (crazy looking) controller of the N64 but base their entire approach to 3D gaming and golden goose franchise on using it. On top of this, Mario 64 pointed the way to using the analog stick to move in the direction it faces in relation to the camera rather than remote-control car style (like Resident Evil relied on for far too long) and implemented many other features in unison to create a foundation for third-person perspective action games from that point forward.

I'm neither saying Nintendo is the only one to do it, or that their accomplishments are meaningless. I do think they added more significantly to video gaming innovations than any other single company, but that's a matter of subjectivity in some areas and it's really shortsighted to either dismiss them or crown them as the only innovator, so I get the agitation. I do.

For instance, that picture of Sony copying Nintendo above. It paints a one-sided picture which is good for making a counter-point but is mostly for sensational drama. Sony is far from just a copy-cat company and have advanced gaming in significant ways. I actually thought Vita had more interesting tech than 3DS, for instance.

Anyways, I prefer Nintendo's brand of gaming but it does get tiresome to hear "only Nintendo" about things. Very dismissive of some great gaming out there. The thing now is that there are SO many games out there, that no one can play them all and it seems people are going to settle into niches not out of spite but just out of necessity.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

Well, even if it's just digital it has to run on the hardware and software platform. If they go x86 that could be dicey to say the least and yet, I really think it's time to get in the same space as the other guys. Mostly for third party consideration. It can be sorted in many ways nowadays but it's not a simple endeavor yet.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@arrmixer Yeah, and I don't usually like making drug jokes, but I was honestly a bit concerned as my daughter has really been getting into it like no other game before.

I mean she'll spend hours on Minecraft because she's creative and crafts, but the competition and growth and intensity of Splatoon. Something clicked. I mean she likes sports, and gets pretty intense in Basketball, but the never-ending quick rounds of play and the combination of gear looking kind of hip and interesting to a tween and even the weirdly satisfying pop-grunge-rock soundtrack. My six-year-old who freaks out at real competition where he could lose has thrown that aside.

They can't get enough.

Just an aside to show how different things are from a kid Nintendo fan's point of few. My son, super-satisfied with Splatoon, spontaneously belted out "Nintendo makes SO MANY games!".



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

It's funny being old. Sitting back watching people skeptical that anyone would copy Nintendo. The company that recreated the home console business in the West and created so much foundation all consoles use now. some of the immediately aped innovations are listed by other incredulous commenters above but I won't list them.

This is how tech is though and should be. I'm not saying Nintendo made all the gaming innovations or even the most or best — subjective anyway. I'm just saying that all the gaming console makers are desperate to keep a lead in the rapidly changing markets with fickle consumers.

Whatever the result was, Nintendo Wii scared Microsoft and Sony quite a bit and no one is predicting things that well. Sony is winning with conservative advances in all but RAM, pretty much, and that was the winning card. Microsoft tried to push things forward the most and the core gamer ripped into them almost as much as they did against the Wii and mobile gaming.

To think these companies are so secure that they don't have R&D copying almost every new tech the other guys are trying and especially Nintendo after the surprise insanity around the Wii is really missing key material for their pet theories.

If the NX idea is great or not it will lose its attraction if Sony and Microsoft add it quickly or before it launches. Of course they are keeping it secret.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@chiefeagle02 There's lots of good stuff to chew on even if there aren't a ton of new games coming. My advice is to embrace Nintendo Land, too, if you have a few people to play with. Many dismiss it early, but It gets better if you give it a chance. ;) I've had Wii U since launch day and haven't caught up on my backlog. :D



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

Here's a few reasons are more bullish on 2016 this time.
Nintendo never dipped so far into bleeding money as they did a year ago post-NES have they? Nintendo has never sold so few consoles in a generation, period. (Few remembered consoles have sold so slowly ever). The Wii took a dive so hard and so fast and was stale for over a year, unlike previous generations. Each of those launches introduced a console generation smaller than the last with the notable exception of Wii, of course. Nintendo keeps bringing it up. ;)



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

But my point was they didn't buy a Wii U or more new games. A new console, even if casual focused isn't interesting to them. Even if it has the same name as the Wii but everything is better, aren't buying in. Dead market. Well, maybe they will buy Wii U once it hits $99? You can't expect Nintendo to consider them very much with the NX.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Didn't Mention Mobile At E3 2015 Beca...:

Yeah, that would have sunk it further. I don't think many people were disappointed at a lack of mobile games demonstrated at E3 and the way things went it could have compounded the messaging and made people think Nintendo was jumping ship for mobile.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

Well, I hope you are right about some of that.
But I don't think it is all necessary to back up the starting from 0 idea.
It may just mean the "Wii" branding is gone forever or the architecture change alone.
I admit I hold onto the hope of Wii U backwards compatibility because some of those games have strong support even from people who don't Wii Us. It would really help with the launch to say, "and you can play all those games you've heard people rave about."
It may be they have to give that up. Not sure which is better, though. I just want both.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@Chaoz @Steel76
Here's some optimism regarding the "gimmick" that Nintendo is hiding so far.

About a year after Wii U launched Nintendo (Miyamoto I think) was throwing those casual gamers under the bus. They just aren't interested in making games for them because they just aren't that interested in games.

Good sign, no?

Also, Zelda open-world. Come on, right?

Getting cozy with other developers with very core gamer games also a good sign. Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, etc.

Nintendo finally found a way into competitive FPS gaming that fit and is right in the wave of co-op online gaming that is rising on PC and consoles. Also in the fray with competitive gaming which is also rising in the core markets. Even Super Mario Maker is getting eyes on it due to its super-hard crazy levels.

Yeah, I know, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival. But that's not getting the serious push.

I'm convinced the next launch will be an appeal to core gamers, honestly. Whether it works or actually meets what they want I have no idea, but it helps when you consider it's next gimmick to put all these things in there with speculation.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

Not sure about the Wii analogy, though.

Those people that came to the Wii only had a short visit and only bought a couple games. The installed base was huge but the gamers who would buy more games had to get a 360 and/or a PS3. Doesn't mean it has to be that way again and there were many factors: Wii epitomized the casual/core-gamer split that moved over into the mobile gaming space and Facebook gaming.

It got a lot of spite from those gamers willing to buy lots of games. I think it did damage to the brand and many people failed to recognize it, Nintendo included, thinking the Wii name on Wii U would be a no-brainer. "Bring those people BACK". I don't know how many "came back" but if you look at the numbers, I'd gather it was the same people who bought a GameCube plus maybe a fraction of 1% of those "new gamers" that came to Wii also bought a Wii U. If Nintendo did expand the gamer market with casual gamers, they all went elsewhere (their pockets) and dropped Nintendo like a hot potato.

In other words, bring something new, Nintendo, but it better be something core gamers can appreciate or we are getting a repeat of the Wii U. So it seems, at least.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

@rjejr Sorry, man. That sucks. Don't let the milestone get to you.

Forget E3, you've got awesome games right now. Just stretch out that Xenoblades game a bit longer. ;) Try a different weapon than usual in Splatoon. Spend a day and fix that autocorrect to recognize Splatoon and some others, but please don't stop misspelling Nintendo. :D