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aaronsullivan commented on Weirdness: Legendary Composer Koji Kondo Drew ...:

@CaviarMeths yeah, cool link. There is still a unique and more adventurous spin in the Zelda music. Nothing against the range of those guys, I was just noting Koji Kondo's work in relation to his inspirations. A couple moments in those two pieces above feel one step away from a direct lift but I'm giving Koji Kondo credit where it's due as well :)



aaronsullivan commented on Impressions: Nintendo Made The Right Call With...:

@MasterBlaster As long as you'll try it later, you may have the experience I've seen repeated many times here by commenters: It looks better on the device. Furthermore, I wouldn't call it muddy. It's colorful and has comic book outlines and it's stylish. To, me everything is a little muddy on the 3DS though because the resolution is so poor, but in comparison to other 3DS games I don't find it to be smeared and gray with indistinct sections of color (which is what I take muddy to mean).



aaronsullivan commented on Impressions: Nintendo Made The Right Call With...:

@Kirk If you haven't you should try playing the demo anyway. I wasn't thrilled with the theme. Thought it was original but didn't particularly like the look of it in the promo videos. I found the theme and graphics and presentation much better "in person." Was expecting to like the gameplay, but I really got into the theme, myself. It felt more cool and less silly, even though it is pretty over-the-top with the characters.

Oh, and the viewpoint isn't clunky, it's the game. It's all about getting a better vantage point and keeping tabs on the enemy from the ground. Moving around is smooth and easy, though you have to be careful thanks to the way the steam builds back up if you backtrack (without being shot at or taking action). The environments are so much more interesting than top down fair to me, personally.



aaronsullivan commented on Impressions: Nintendo Made The Right Call With...:

I noticed the author of the article didn't mention the ABXY camera controls. Maybe, like me, he didn't notice them as an option at first? They really help for when you want to look around 360 and the touch screen can be good for the more precise aiming.

@Moon @Sevex Also, the camera DOES follow aliens when they are moving if they are in your line of site at all. It's a time of figuring out where they are before you move most of the time. If you are positioned badly you won't see much and just wait. It's not a "load" time, either. It's calculating moves. Not sure if it's able to be fast forwarded at all.



aaronsullivan commented on Weirdness: Legendary Composer Koji Kondo Drew ...:

@ollibald Woah, right at 2:00 the Deep Purple one "goes Zelda" or I should say it inspires Zelda. I'd say you are clearly right about this.

The Friendship one is more obvious with the bass line so very close to the melody.

Both of these got quite a turn for their games and the genius of Koji Kondo comes out in how he matched the mood and play rhythms with his own take on these inspirations. I especially like how Zelda turned boldly adventurous where that Deep Purple tune is anything but. EDIT: listening to more of it though it does turn almost medieval chamber music later.



aaronsullivan commented on Code Name S.T.E.A.M Demo Available Now on the ...:

@Luna-Harmony Wow. Gears of War. I guess armored guy with gun. Third person viewpoint. Rip off, though? Junk? Perhaps you didn't expect the turn-based strategy game that it is?

I'm just at a loss why you are thinking Gears of War. So, I looked up cole in Gears of War. Oh, there's an African American in it. It must be a rip-off. Well steel-driving man John Henry came way before Cole. lol.

I don't want to pile on, but it doesn't seem like you gave it a fair chance. If you don't like turn-based strategy and expected it was something else, I can understand that. It's probably going to happen to many people who are expecting something a little different. Means the demo was a good idea. Just don't be surprised when people really like this game because for it's genre, it seems pretty sweet to me.



aaronsullivan commented on Code Name S.T.E.A.M Demo Available Now on the ...:

@jj87 So folklore hero John Henry in a steam powered world of the past invaded by aliens was plausible to you, but Abe Lincoln. Now we've gone too far. lol.

I think it's a pretty awesome mix of alternate history, folklore, legends, and characters from classic fiction. Pretty sure Lion is from Oz, too.



aaronsullivan commented on Video: Learn About the Nintendo 64 in Stop-Mot...:

@OneBagTravel The transition to 3D was a bit painful wasn't it? 2D games vanished and only a few 3D games really had tight controls or great game play. Even the fall to 30 fps was pretty tough for me to take. One reason I loved consoles over PC gaming back then was that silky smooth frame rate and tight controls. Suddenly everything got choppy and ugly overnight! Still loved a few of them, though. Mostly the obvious ones.

We have SO many options now, though. I'd call it a gaming renaissance but I don't see the appreciation for it all yet. The masses still don't study it, but simply play it and maybe argue about their favorites. :)



aaronsullivan commented on Code Name S.T.E.A.M Demo Available Now on the ...:

@rjejr Didn't catch your comment on CPP but the game would benefit. You are wanting to control the camera all the time. Most of the touchscreen is the camera control and not being able to just hold it to continue spinning your view is frustrating at times. Works well, but CPP or C-stick will be much nicer for this game.

EDIT: Oops just tried it out and ABXY buttons control camera that way and it helps quite a bit. CPP or C would be better but the combination of touch and ABXY is pretty good now.



aaronsullivan commented on Code Name S.T.E.A.M Demo Available Now on the ...:

@rjejr How dare you not know!!??!? I kid, of course. It was pretty clear to me, but I watched the extensive initial reveal at E3 (it was the last surprise game). It is a bit of a hybrid that can introduce those not used to turn-based tactical games gently. At first it just feels like you can't move more because you ran out of steam so then the aliens get to attack while you wait. It's 100% turn-based strategy, though.

I played it last night and I'm really digging it. Like so many others I find the graphics much better in person. Everything seems, I don't know, more cool and important without all the big flashy words zipping across the screen (during gameplay).

As for the pause, it depends on the situation. Sometimes it's annoying because you aren't learning anything new or you are watching an animation of a creature who decided to stand still, but like @JaxonH said, the AI is working. While that creature is animating, the decision of the next one is being calculated. They seem to be pretty smart (once they are aware of you) and very often you need to pay close attention to what you are seeing when it's the enemy's turn to keep aware of the changing battlefield.

All in all I love this take on tactical strategy. Keeping in the perspective of the soldiers only and allowing you some freedom of movement is a combination I've never seen and it's fun. Far from a gimmick it keeps you fighting for awareness and adds a greater feeling of control. It's living up to expectations for me and it got me to dig out my 3DS and actually play it for awhile!



aaronsullivan commented on Week Three of the eShop Throwback Sale Goes Li...:

@TheItalianBaptist It uses a Wii Remote plus nunchuck and it's not really motion controls (until you get to Prime 3) but aiming. It's a nice middle ground between slow/clunky analog stick and hyper accurate and fast mouse pointing. You don't have to hold your arm up in the air or anything. I just rest my wrist on my knee and enjoy super fluid movement and aiming. No "waggle".

@invictus4000 That was ages ago. Give it a try. :)



aaronsullivan commented on Masahiro Sakurai Once Again Highlights The Pos...:

@Zach777 He was asked a question and he answered it. What makes you think he could retire?

@Ralek85 Exactly.

I think trying to make this next Smash Bros. viable for competition is part of what made it so taxing, and I hope he just does another Kid Icarus and has fun with it. I think some are right, however, that he needs to find a way to delegate some of the decisions he feels he has to make to a partner or a team. Either that or just work on much smaller projects.

I'm not a big fan of Super Smash Bros. I own it. I appreciate it, but I'd much rather play another Kid Icarus myself. And how annoying must it be to work so hard on something that is SO similar to what he did before with it. Blech.



aaronsullivan commented on Code Name S.T.E.A.M Demo Available Now on the ...:

Cool, I hope the US gets a demo, too, but yeah, @rjejr, this seems early!

Does that suggest some confidence? Nintendo is thinking that an early release gives some time for word of mouth? I hope so.

I do think this is the kind of game that people need a demo for. The theme is hard to categorize and even the genre of the game can be confusing at first blush, but being this early must suggest something.

Not sure if I'll buy this game (mostly because of time), but I'll try the demo for sure. My son loves turn-based strategy stuff on the iPhone and plays that Fire Emblem demo on our 3DS quite a bit. He wants me to buy that one, but the content isn't exactly 5-year-old friendly from what I understand.



aaronsullivan commented on Satoru Iwata States That Around 5.7 Million am...:

I've loved my Wii U since launch day, but if it could rocket Nintendo into console success, I'd be all for a new home console release by Xmas 2015. No kidding.

Problem is, I'm not remotely repesentative of the average consumer. :P

I'm mostly at a loss to when Nintendo should target a new console release. My gut says to launch mid-cycle of the other guys, but really it all depends on what exactly Nintendo has to offer next.

I also think a release within a year of the next handheld would be a good idea if they're going to leverage the similar architectures and programming environments.

So... 2016 for 3DS successor and 2017 for Wii U successor?



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Stays in Profit With Wii U on Target,...:

I'm so late to this discussion, I hesitate to say anything, but I'll just say it's expected but disappointing to see Wii U where it is at. I'm glad there are some sales but I want Nintendo to be in a stronger position than "we returned to low but sustainable profits". Like others, I want them to keep taking risks.

I think the current lineup is showing some bravery. Challenging conventions with the new Zelda, new franchise opportunities from younger developers like Splatoon, and STEAM. Then there's the critical success of Hyrule Warriors which felt like an odd matchup but worked great.

I'd hate to see Nintendo pull back from those attempts.

Another point I'd like to make is that Nintendo doesn't need to be Sony or Microsoft in this industry. It's kind of a horrible place to be, big numbers of sales but actually losing money for the companies for most of the life of those consoles. Having the most consoles is great to get developers to make games for your console and losing that so abruptly and completely did hurt the Wii U, but it only needs to find a way to sell its games and remain profitable. I'm pretty sure the XBox or PS way is not the only way to do that.

Compare it to Android phones and Apple phones. Apple has never tapped into the lower cost phone market and has been criticized for years as their marketshare sank compared to Samsung. Apple is laughing all the way to the bank with the highest profit ever earned by any company in one quarter. Apple has far less phones out there in the world than the Android market or even Samsung phones.

Now, I'm not saying Nintendo is in the same position as Apple at all. It's just an illustration of a company in an industry that doesn't play the game the same way as the others, is constantly criticized for not offerring what others offer and has proved to be insanely successful.

My hope is that Nintendo can find its way to something like that. It sure isn't happening now, but I think trying to BE an Xbox or a Playstation isn't going to be good for Nintendo, either.



aaronsullivan commented on Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Misses Out on Topp...:

For a Wii U game in that market, it did pretty good. Especially since it's not a Kirby "proper" game. It's basically a spin-off with an unusual control method to be skeptical of. Always sad to see Wii U sales for me. Love it so much.



aaronsullivan commented on Weirdness: Hands Up If You Knew About the Supe...:

I had forgotten. I'm almost sure I knew this once and in fact, like someone else on here I remember trying it in places (and that may be how I found the Target Earth continue trick although it was in a different place). Still, what I can't remember is how early I knew the trick. I'm pretty sure I finished it without the trick. I remember figuring out the best warp paths to get there.

I always knew the first warp from watching someone play it in the arcade. I think the first time I saw the game ever in the arcade I saw someone go over the exit and do the warp. Blew my mind. Then I saw the console had an identical looking and performing "port" and I had to have an NES. Memories. :D



aaronsullivan commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Flirtation With Micr...:

As a mobile game developer (not remotely successful yet) I've been studying free to play models for a long time and here's the thing:

It can be done right.

There's a balance where kids play and enjoy it and can use time, patience, and skill to find ways to avoid ever paying. How, then, do these things make money? Whales. There are some players with lots of disposable cash who are willing to spend it. The sad part as a developer is that it's a bit like fishing for gambling addicts. You don't want to ruin anyone. :/

Anyway, it's too early to tell where Nintendo has landed here with Pokemon Shuffle and it seems Steel Diver is walking the balance beam admirably. I'd think Nintendo would be even more careful with a kid oriented game, but even if they don't, the beauty of modern games and pay models is that they can be instantly adjusted.

Anyway, don't forget that buying a retail game is a bit of gamble as well, and if you spend less than $15 - $30 on a free to play game on the 3DS... well, it's like buying it retail.

Personally, though, I still pretty much hate it. Don't really enjoy playing most free to play things because I don't like mixing real money with my game play experience. I just want to balance time and fun. That third element is just a bothersome distraction that I want out of the way before I play.



aaronsullivan commented on Koei Tecmo Releases Awesome Hyrule Warriors Wa...:

I guess it's sad and you have a point on the oversaturation of Mario you bring up from time to time, but honestly, this is a fantastic matching of franchises that elevated it above its original series in the opinion of many gamers. Not just a character on the box, but the cross section of gameplay ideas are helping to make it successful.

In fact, I remember a large amount of backlash against the game from Zelda fans. I was highly skeptical myself. It was the opinions of others talking about it on this site that finally swayed me to give a try. Even the demo didn't convince me.

Anyway, the Zelda name certainly helped sales. I just can't find a way to see it as a negative development.

I'm seeing progress in the area you are frustrated with as well. Nintendo is still pushing Pikmin against limited success and Splatoon is all original. STEAM is all new and Nintendo is pushing it pretty hard. Nintendo is also pushing Fire Emblem which has been almost invisible to Western audiences in the past. Nintendo made Wonderful 101 possible and championed Bayonetta as well. Animal Crossing is being treated in marketing as a whole set of characters, now. I think it's trying to diversify it's franchises a bit more... Even Yoshi is getting a game that seperates it from the other Mario games quite a bit at least in style.

I'd expect Nintendo to be falling back on known money making names even more while Nintendo finds its legs, but we are getting new ideas along with the other. Star Fox is coming back. Marketable? I'm not sure, to be honest. But it shows Nintendo is trying hard not to be just Mario and Zelda.



aaronsullivan commented on Koei Tecmo Releases Awesome Hyrule Warriors Wa...:

Really love this game just for winding down. Was a big surprise really and I'm still churning through new things. I love how every new weapon (not just character) totally changes the style and rhythm of combat. Impa's naginata is currently my favorite, though it's still a bit low level.

Bottom two are the best images. :D



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January (Europe):

@Moon @xMetrusx @rushlosan
IMO, you are seriously missing out if you don't use the wii remote aiming. You just keep your wrist on your knee and get 10x the precision and interactivity than slowly drifting analog stick aiming and locking only. If you haven't given it a try you really should. It's especially cool in Metroid Prime 3 as there are more interesting uses of motion controls.

The thing to remember is that they don't diminish the sort of core gaming experiences these games are in the least. The challenge is roughly the same but it's much more fluid with pointing. You can still lock and strafe and all that, but then you can aim with out spamming the lock button to get to the correct target like I often had to do in the GameCube versions.

In Metroid Prime 3 I wished they'd have been able to get Motion Plus support to make some of the levers and switches a little less twitchy though. There's only a few of those in the whole game though and they aren't during intense gameplay or anything.

YMMV of course



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January (Europe):

@Pod Haha me, too.
I own all 3 and trilogy disc and I'm sitting here thinking about buying it. I have to check for scratches, but I think that trilogy disc I have is pristine. I did buy Galaxy 2 because the music plays back all glitched sometimes due to scratches.



aaronsullivan commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Feature An "Outsta...:

@kurtasbestos I partly agree with you and live action movies dubs almost never work for me. There's so much more subtlety that comes from actors' visible interactions. Video games aren't there yet. Not even most cg animated movies are there yet. I'd rather hear it.

My problem is that reading is taking your attention away from the moment. There's a rhythm you can get into and skill you can develop to get more out of subtitled entertainment but it's an extra layer of detachment that is causing you to focus on something other than the what creators of the story were hoping you'd be focused on.

Like you I find overwrought voice acting just as distracting so this is all predicated on the hope I'd be getting great voice work and natural nuanced performances in my own language.

Also, the option for the original native language performance with subtitles is always welcome. :)



aaronsullivan commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Feature An "Outsta...:

@DiscoGentleman We are worlds apart on opinion on what to have voices for, I see, and I did almost qualify the "all games" thing, but really... I think I mean it. There are very few that wouldn't benefit from well done voice acting.

Any game with a paragraph of text needs a voice in addition to it, imo. It's just silly. I can talk to my phone and it helps me and talks back to me but I have to read while playing an interactive video game? I love reading, but stopping everything to read while engaged in a game is feeling very disjointed and strange nowadays.

Having some hyrulean language in a Zelda game could be cool if it was wonderfully done like the elvish and dwarvish and languages of mordor from LOTR as I like the texture and nuance and culture that emerges from hearing a spoken language, but I'd want most of the talking done in the language I understand. Because that's the language I understand, and story and character and emotion rides on that understanding along with the visuals.

Also, I like stories with no speech, but, again, once the game decides to show you a paragraph of text, it's wasting an opportunity to enrich the experience at best and at worst taking me out of the game and putting me into a book just to be pulled right back out again.

Most games could benefit. Party games? Definitely. Nothing kills a party like an invitation to everyone to suddenly stop and just start reading to yourself. Sports games? Every televised sports game is covered in commentary, but even without that (as some people don't like it even in real sporting events) sports are a very vocal entity. Puzzle games? Explanations are much better when there is emotion and emphasis.

Imagine if Kid Icarus didn't have voice acting throughout. Totally different (worse) game experience, IMO.

Anyway, I'm just rambling on. I'm going to go read a book. :P



aaronsullivan commented on Animal Crossing Announcement Community Launche...:

I guess APPetizer works for that type of an app as well! Now I need to get something to eat. :P

Animal Crossing Amiibos... they have been showcasing the animals as distinct and recurring characters more haven't they.

Animal Crossing needs a bit of an overhaul for me to really get into it again, it's just such a giant time suck without a lot of activity. I really enjoyed it on the GameCube, but there's no place for it in my current lifestyle. Still, it should be on Wii U already. Maybe they are going for something ambitious with it.



aaronsullivan commented on Second Week of Throwback Sale Goes Live on Nor...:

@Grumblevolcano Right? It has to get a sale soon, somewhere. :D I would never say that about Nintendo even a few years ago, however. The landscape is changing.

You know what else? I'm realizing that these sales have gotten relevant enough that they have really pulled me away from bargains on Steam and the App Store for my Apple devices where I usually drop money on games I might not play until a later date. That's a big change.

Hmm... going to go buy Punch Out now...



aaronsullivan commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Feature An "Outsta...:

It's beyond time for Nintendo to commit to voice acting in (almost) all their games and I think they knew it awhile ago. I'm guessing part of the problem is Metroid Other M set the whole plan back.

Hyrule Warriors' solution is an extension of how other Zelda game's non-voice acting... grunt-acting I guess? has evolved. They added character and voice to conversation without having to translate. In those games it was usually at the start of a conversation or an occasional highlighted moment. In Hyrule Warriors they then really tried to make sounds for all sorts of conversational moments. They should just be speaking the words... especially in that game where hearing the events of the battle would be more powerful and useful.

So, Nintendo, put it in the budget and develop a good trusted team of directors and casting directors over a few non-risky games and then it will be in place for future games. A good place to go looking is people who have been previously involved in the excellent Ghibli english dubs. They will have just the right kind of experience. Maybe it's already happening. One can hope.



aaronsullivan commented on Animal Crossing Announcement Community Launche...:

Why isn't there an animal crossing on Wii U, yet? Huh.

I really liked the idea of that community app thingy on the Wii U. There should be more like that. I think @rjejr mentioned having one for the Amiibos and I think that's a great idea. Amiibo needs a centralized appvertisement anyway.



aaronsullivan commented on Video: This Guy Loves Nintendo Way More Than Y...:

@Crimzonlogic @ikki5 @ROBLOGNICK @Purple @mercurio2054 @S3OL @adeceku
Sounds like he is close to breaking even from what he says in the video. That means it did take money to get started but he is being careful to not pay much at all in total. I imagine he is doing quite a bit of selling and getting revenue from videos he posts on YouTube/Twitch. Clever guy.

Also, the article is so tongue-in-cheek and clearly sensationalized enough to rile people up into paying attention. It worked a bit too well, I guess. I don't know that the author has any workable definition of what makes one person love gaming more than any other. Seem likely that he hasn't thought about it nearly as much as some people on this thread. :)



aaronsullivan commented on Video: This Guy Loves Nintendo Way More Than Y...:

Love all the defensive posts here. Very amusing.

I quite like this guy and his collection. Seems to have his heart in the right place and he's trying hard to break even with it all. Ultimately, he really seems to enjoy the stuff and isn't just obsessed with it because it exists.

@pinemeowth God help me, I watched almost every minute of this, too.

My favorite part is how it's a functional space. He uses it to play with friends and his wife and it's ready to play with. A nice touch with the table full of handhelds all charged as well.



aaronsullivan commented on Gallery: Fresh Images Aim to Show Off Creative...:

This is not a game yet. :/ It does look a bit more polished than U Craft but it's just a tech demo so far and the pictures REALLY lean on that simple but pretty water effect, and now some overblown light effects. It's cool and all, but the game is the thing.

I'd love for it to be awesome, but I'm not feeling it yet. There are better mobile games. (I wonder if the Survival Craft guy has contemplated Wii U)

Very disappointed about no Minecraft for Wii U the more I think about it. It's just such a good fit. Nintendo realized it a bit late and even hinted they were looking into it, but Microsoft wanted it as a killer game app for their new --and very promising-- HoloLens hardware. Microsoft doesn't have to hold it back from Wii U, right? :P



aaronsullivan commented on Video: Donkey Kong Country Returns...To Wii U:

These wouldn't be coming out so fast if they had to dig out the old code, make changes, go through QA, etc. Plus, those would be pulling people resources away from newer games. It's just better this way overall.

That said, it would be so nice if there was some universal process all these Wii games could filter through to give us HD resolution and maybe an in-between software/hardware layer to allow the GamePad to work like a Wii Remote. You know it was probably all on the table as an option for the Wii U and it would just cost more and more and that wouldn't have flown, so oh well.

This is still a way to get some hard to find games or games I missed, or games I have scratched-up discs for at a very reasonable price — especially during the first week!



aaronsullivan commented on Rumour: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Demo To Be Distr...:

This strikes me as a game that could benefit from a demo. If I hadn't seen all the actual gameplay demonstrations I don't think I'd be very interested in it on looks alone.

Anyway, that demo code should have been blurred out. :/ Or at least, it shouldn't be given to anyone, now.

Also, I give this a 98.85% chance of being legit. It's just motive right? Who'd mock something like this up and why? Plus, that rating on the front wouldn't be there on a fan made card mock up, I'm betting. There are other details, too, that would cause me to be pretty shocked if it was a fake.



aaronsullivan commented on Second Week of Throwback Sale Goes Live on Nor...:

NES Remix 2. Was still enjoying NES Remix 1 and figured we'd get a price drop eventually. So, jumped on it. Probably@ $10 both would have sold a lot more from the start, right?

Punch Out is very tempting. I never did buy that but was always interested. Starting these with the week long 50% discount is very effective against my psychology. lol.

The whole indie sale is awesome, too. Last week, since we already owned bit trip runner 2 we didn't have to buy in to the sale prices. I bought every last one on the list!

Uprising and Zelda Link Between Worlds are nice deals, too, and great games, but I already own them. Kinda hoping for Ocarina to go on sale as I bought into 3DS late in the game and am holding out for price drops on that and Star Fox...

Somehow I fooled myself into thinking I have time to play all this stuff. :)



aaronsullivan commented on Interview: Wales Interactive on its Wii U Brea...:

Agreed. Unfortunately, people think they are better with dual-sticks just because they are used to it. People say using a mouse isn't better either which is just completely insane to PC gamers who know better.

For couch play, nothing beats a well-designed wii remote pointing camera and I agree that the compromise with the gyroscope in the GamePad is a good alternative for those who can't adjust to the superior wii remote pointing.

I was so disappointed when I learned that the Wii U Pro Controller didn't have a gyroscope in it. Really a shame because after you've used it in games like Wind Waker it just feels so backward to use stick-only.

All this said, I do understand why people keep going back to the standard dual analog stick controller design. It's like old comfortable shoes. I loved the controls in Skyward Sword, loved how I had to think differently about everything and got me more involved, mobile games with touchscreens also, necessarily, have inventive ways to play games, but I get a tired of it. It's nice to just grip a controller and know how most things will work.

To ramble on a bit, I would much rather the modern designs were closer to the GameCube controllers with bean shaped buttons and other hints to differentiate controls by feel, but the Wii U Pro Controller is great... just wish it had that gyro.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd January (North America):

Hmm... really wanting some discount eshop cards. That indie sale last week... I bought everything, I think. It felt like snatching up mobile games. So far Steamworld Dig is cool and Swords and Soldiers HAS to be wroth $1.20 or whatever it was.

I'm thinking I might do Punch Out. Not used to the downloadable Wii games thing yet! It almost needs another category. I kept thinking it was some sort of HD remake for the Wii U eShop. And I bought and played Mario Galaxy 2 last week so I should know better :P (our disc is pretty scratched up)



aaronsullivan commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Adventure on Wii U an...:

If I had tons of time to just laze about and sink my life into an RPG I think I'd be interested in all of these. I think it's cool that many people can get into Xenoblade on the 3DS before the big Wii U version comes out. Me? I've gotta stick to my Zelda. :D



aaronsullivan commented on Wii U Enjoyed Its Best Ever Month of US Sales ...:

I love my Wii U unabashedly and my wife and kids do as well. It's not too hard a spin to get the negative here, however.

I'm glad Nintendo is doing some strong sales of software and I'm betting we are going to see decent profit this year. That, I believe, was Nintendo's number one goal as the intense cash bleed last fiscal year was alarming. It doesn't take much reading between the lines, however, to see that the worldwide Wii U and 3DS sales were disappointing to Nintendo and would look embarrassing enough that Nintendo suppressed them.

The story is: 3DS is a healthy environment to release games and two first party games did respectably well on the Wii U. Plus, people who were interested bought more than one amiibo.

Nice and all, but hardly exciting from a business perspective or even for anyone hoping for Nintendo to gain some ground against competing consoles and mobile devices.

To me, it says Nintendo is going to hang in there and give some more solid and fun games with the hardware they mismanaged. I'm okay with that and personally can't wait for several games.