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drumsandperc92 commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

It definitely looks a lot cleaner and easier on the eyes than the original.
But I can't help but be super disappointed this wasn't given the attention it deserves like the WW remake got.
The WW remake went way beyond a texture and resolution bump. They redid the lighting, added new effects, it was really quite beautiful. Of course I think the WW graphics were simple in such a way that they aged so well, and therefore scaled up super nicely. But this is 100% not a remake. Really a missed opportunity here.



drumsandperc92 commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

Nintendo needs to do one thing only - make their amazing games!!
If Wii U was up to par with PS4, and if it had the third party lineup of the PS4/X1, I would own a Wii U hands down! Choosing between the two, I went with PS4.
The Wii was cheap enough to own two consoles that generation. Until Wii U prices go way down, I can't justify owning two consoles as a hobbyist.
The Nintendo NX, if released in 2016 or more likely 2017, needs to be at LEAST as powerful as PS4/X1, use a CHEAP controller (i.e. update the gamecube controller!!!) and have a state of the art online infrastructure (i think DeNA will help with this issue)

Nintendo doesn't need another gimmick. They've always, ALWAYS pushed innovative games by making great games. The best thing about Nintendo games have always been their gameplay, their stories, their charm, their characters, their FUN! Regardless of the controller! NES all the way through Wii U, the controls really didn't make a difference. They made great games throughout.

They need to stop making gimmicky controls and make a great, classic controller. OR, as Nintendolife and others have postulated, if they are making a controller with a screen on it, it has to function as a standalone device.
Give me the NX that is a home console AND a portable console, with a state of the art touch-screen on par with what's on phones and tablets, and sell it for $300.
Nintendo needs to learn to sell their consoles at a loss, because they will make so much money off of their games if more people bought the consoles!
I know the fusion console thing is unlikely because of financial reasons, so if not a fusion console, then give me a Gamecube 2.
I'm serious.
Gamecube was cutting edge tech for the time (not using DVDs was a mistake in the long term) had an incredible controller and had AMAZING games, some of the best Nintendo's ever made!
And it had third party support from what I recall, more than the Wii did or Wii U does...
Basically Nintendo needs to make their system the one-stop-shop for all video gamers. It can only do that if it was competitive from a technological point of view, and if it was open and easy for 3rd party devs to publish on. No one will go through the hassle of making a Nintendo specific port for lack-luster sales due to a proprietary system or gimmicky controller, especially not after they lost so many with the Wii U.

To bring back consumers they lost, and 3rd parties they've lost, Nintendo needs to just make a straight forward, technologically competitive console & dual-stick controller.
To innovate, Nintendo only needs to do what they've done best all along - continue making amazing games.



drumsandperc92 commented on Nintendo of America Store Offering Refurbished...:

great deal, these are still going for $299 new in stores.
I still haven't taken the plunge for the Wii U though. My budget for my hobbies like video games isn't large at all. I bought a PS4 when it launched and I have a few games. I want to buy a Wii U pretty badly, but I don't want to sell the PS4 and I don't have the money for both.
I think by the end of 2015 I'll own one though, hopefully Nintendo keeps the refurbished consoles in stock, it's a great, cheaper alternative to still support the Big N.
But, I'm holding out for after E3 at the earliest.
Anyone else think they might announce the Wii U's successor this year? If they did, whether or not it was Wii U backwards compatible will obviously play a big role in whether I purchase a Wii U.
Honestly, I hope Nintendo leaves the Wii brand in the past and starts fresh with a classic controller, even bringing back the gamecube controller with some modern updates, which would mean no backwards compatibility. I'd personally be fine with that, though on the other hand having backwards compatibility would be great for someone in my position, as I could easily justify skipping the Wii U entirely and buying the new system halfway through my PS4's life cycle...
sorry for the tangent!



drumsandperc92 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS S...:

awesome! I was hoping for more alternate costumes instead of just color swaps. Link has always been my go-to, hopefully they'll offer variations on his tunic from the different incarnations (OoT green & red tunics, TP farmer costume, green tunic, zora tunic, magic rupee armor, SS sky loft costume & green tunic, and possibly Zelda 2015 tunic as DLC once it's released?)



drumsandperc92 commented on Talking Point: The GameCube Controller Adapter...:

the article makes a great point. I'm of the old nintendo fan base and have owned their consoles up till Wii U, the adapter & gamecube controller support and the prospect of gamecube VC games is a definite plus for me.
i'd buy a black 32gb Wii U bundled with Smash, the adapter and one of those black smash gcube controllers, ESPECIALLY if the new controllers were wireless! for the record, playing with gamecube controllers on wii felt so aged because of the short wire that would get so bent up and twisted. I'm so used to everything wireless now that nintendo really needs to produce new, updated gamecube controllers that are wireless and less clunky than the wave bird.



drumsandperc92 commented on Mario Kart Month: Expanding the Universe of Ma...:

@Kaze_Memaryu you're totally on point.
while the line in the article about using the hookshot to pull an opponent back made me gawk at the possibilities for a moment, you're comment brought me back to reality.
I had a thought while reading the article.
Mario Kart has always had a certain charm, an appeal that makes it a Mario game in the end.
It's exactly like what you said, the Mario universe games are charming, cartoony, light-hearted family fun, with goofy characters in brightly colored imaginative worlds.
Super Smash works because it's a fighting game, the act of fighting makes characters like Link and Samus feel right at home. And when you get into the Subspace Emissary, it worked because it was a more serious story, and it doesn't feel weird at all to see a more serious Mario.
Link, Ganon, Zelda, Samus, Fire Emblem characters, they have too many games with more serious tone and they'd feel out of place in Mario Kart. Sure, Toon Link MIGHT work, Link has had his fair share of goofy charm, and Kirby would certainly feel right at home, some like Fox and Captain Falcon might work too, but overall it's smart that Nintendo has kept it Mario Kart all along.
As much as I'd love to see a Nintendo Kart, perhaps it could be a special thing that's meant to exist separately from Mario Kart, as opposed to Mario Kart becoming Nintendo Kart from then on.
Also, i think it would take away from Super Smash.
And here's a big 'what if'....
how about a Super Smash with a kart racing mode? it could be more like vehicular combat, so like MK but more combat focused, but you still have to race to the finish. Maybe one day....



drumsandperc92 commented on Zelda Williams Will Be at E3 2014 "Doing Somet...:

AH! This "its not what you think" bit is killing me!
We all expect a new Wii U Zelda. Nintendo has been pretty blunt that they are going to show it this E3, so it's not that? or maybe her involvement isn't for that game specifically.
We all also expect a Majora's Mask remake, so that wouldn't be too much a surprise, so not that either??
Wayyy too early for another 3DS original, so that's the only unexpected thing i can think of?



drumsandperc92 commented on Here Are Plenty of Lovely Hyrule Warriors Scre...:

Well, these look great.
A pretty realistic but still stylized Zelda game looks incredible on Wii U.
HOPEFULLY, Nintendo themselves can do even better on Zelda U at E3!!
Just makes me that much more excited, seeing as Nintendo always gets the most out of their systems over 3rd parties.
I really dig Link's alternate outfit, and I really wonder who else will be playable here besides Impa. Hoping for at Zelda, and possibly even an evil character such as Ganon. That'd be a twist.
Also, it's very clear that the main villains are not made by Nintendo though. Sufficed to say we would never see a sexualized Witch in a Zelda game look the way this one does, but that's kind the nature of collaborations though.
And for the record, this is much worse than the Great Fairies of OoT, though I admit that's pretty bad too lol.



drumsandperc92 commented on Tecmo Koei and Eiji Aonuma Outline Origins of ...:

Link looks great in a lot of these screenshots, maybe even better than he does in Super Smash U.
Hopefully when Nintendo rolls out the new Zelda U in a few weeks, it'll be even more impressive though. They can't let Hyrule Warriors out-zelda Zelda!



drumsandperc92 commented on The Wii U Version Of Super Smash Bros. Will Ut...:

while not surprised, i'm a little concerned.
smash's secret characters and loads of trophies and unlockable modes have been a huge part of the incentive to play the games so much since the original on N64, with each entry adding even more to unlock, more reason to play until you wear out your controllers!
But with NFC figurines i'm concerned that it'll either let players bypass the standards to unlock something, or even worse, there will be exclusive content only unlockable by figurines...
As an adult and big fan of Nintendo, I love the games and characters but not enough to purchase figurines. I don't play with toys anymore...this is designed for children and avid collectors.
i really hope they limit the interaction to skins or trophies or something, not anything major.
AND i hope everything they offer through figurines will be available in game some other way, or at the very least, inexpensive DLC. I don't want to miss out on anything smash has to offer just because i don't want to buy toys...



drumsandperc92 commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

I really like the gamepad a lot, it's innovative for sure, and it makes sense after a decade (more more?) of two screens on the DS.
My only issue is the price, still. (i know i know)
but if the Wii U was $200, i'd have one already, or I'd go get one.
I don't want to buy used, because I want to support Nintendo, especially knowing how much the system is struggling.
But even $250 or $300 for a bundle is a bit much for me.
I'd say i'm the average consumer, where gaming is a hobby and I do it when I can. I can't afford a new $300 system + games at the moment. Cheaper is better, and as much as I like the gamepad, I'd honestly much rather own the Wii U at $150 with one of those "Wii U Pro" controllers



drumsandperc92 commented on Nintendo's Plan for "Redefining the Definition...:

in my opinion, releasing a new home console AND handheld console in holiday 2015 or 2016, would be perfect.
As long as they are truly united, it will encourage people like me who haven't owned a handheld since GBA to finally get one again. It will encourage both platforms. Right now, 3DS owners have no reason to also own a Wii U, or vice versa. 2015 or 2016 sounds about right around the time Nintendo would most likely launch a new handheld, and Iwata said, "we will not be able to create a good environment for the company unless projects are undertaken simultaneously" therefore I think the excuse of launching another handheld will be reason enough to launch another home console, apart from the fact that Wii U is ultimately a commercial failure.
But with games like MK8, Smash, and Zelda coming to Wii U this year and next, I do believe the next console NEEDS to be backwards compatible, even if it is devoid of the gamepad.
This is for Nintendo fans who might invest in their new platform, who skipped Wii U. there seems to be a lot of us, given the low number of consoles sold.
Also, it would be for the Wii U owners, who invested money into the console & the games, so that they don't feel cheated or something.
The only thing that worries me, is Nintendo's "redefining the definition" aspect of all of this.
They did it with Wii successfully, and not so much with Wii U.
I'd rather see Nintendo go back to a more traditional control scheme, a brand new UPDATED motion control OR touch screen, only one or the other, as an OPTION (not Wii mote or gamepad, in fact get rid of the Wii brand entirely, start something brand new, and have the traditional gamepad be separate from a touch screen designed for the new system as an accessory only, i.e.what microsoft does with surface, better yet, have the HANDHELD act as a touch screen controller like Vita can with PS4) but have as I said a traditional control scheme. An updated, new gamecube type of pad would make a LOT of fans happy, including me.
Also, i'm sorry, but Nintendo needs to take the, "if you can't beat em join em" approach to hardware design next time too. x86 architecture, powerful components. We'll get 3rd party support, all the same games as X1/PS4, and we'll STILL get Nintendo's amazing games.
Sorry for the rant, but this is just what I want Nintendo to do to truly succeed, in my opinion. In a couple years, a system equal to PS4/X1 will cost less to build then those systems do now, so Nintendo could enter at a competitive price range as they usually do!



drumsandperc92 commented on Video: Mario Kart 8's Balloon-Popping Battle M...:

looks awesome, would've preferred separate arenas for sure but still great.
By the way i feel this is the first time we've seen footage of DK from the players perspective, and can i just say he looks amazing? i think Nintendo did a better job graphically here then in Tropical Freeze.
And on that topic, MK8 is putting Smash U to shame in the visual department. It's making me wish that the Smash team could pick up their game, as MK8 did as the months rolled along. but I feel like what we see now is what it'll be when released.



drumsandperc92 commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

it's really too bad for Wii U.
Thing is, customers often have to make a choice, I myself made a choice between Wii U & PS4 a few months ago. I chose PS4, and i'm happy I did, though Wii U honestly probably has the same number of games on it that I want to play currently. But Wii U has been out for over a year now...and PS4 has a steady stream of games I want to play. More in 2014 than Wii U does.
I have to admit, MK8 & Super Smash lately have been making me question my decision, but until those are released and we have a solid idea on what the next Zelda game is going to be, I'm still holding off.
I have a feeling a lot of people are like me.
Right now, MK8, Smash and the impending Zelda game are the reasons that everyone should own a Wii U asap, and yet, they are also the reasons that I'm holding off on owning the system until those games are out. It's a catch 22.
I'm just keeping my fingers crossed than Nintendo can blow us away at E3 this year (even thru a Nintendo Direct)



drumsandperc92 commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

@kuribo4 I'm not saying 3D world wasn't a proper platformer. I'm saying it wasn't a proper 3D Super Mario adventure game, following in the traditions of the games I mentioned.
Those games being primarily single player, somewhat longer levels with multiple stars, tied together in an open 'hub' world with more of a story.
SM64 & Sunshine did that best as far as i'm concerned, but galaxy's levels were so fantastic it didn't matter that the hub world was so limited compared to Sunshine before it.
Galaxy 2, I was honestly disappointed they basically ditched HUB worlds. Mario's head ship doesn't count in my opinion.
Super Mario 3D Land/World feels like a natural evolution from the New Super Mario Bros games. Very retro, bringing back a lot of elements of NES/SNES classic mario games and bringing it into today's world.
But since SM64, the console mario games have had a separate line of evolution of an adventure/platformer type game, primarily single player.
I want an entry in that line of mario, which is my personal favorite and more along what everyone expected when Nintendo announced 3D World instead...



drumsandperc92 commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

we still haven't seen a 'proper' 3d platforming Super Mario game on Wii U (i.e. SM64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1&2), so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
3D world looks great (haven't played it) but I feel like it might've been pushed out there just to get a Mario game on Wii U quickly. We need an entry in the main line of Super Mario games though!



drumsandperc92 commented on Video: Check Out The Mario Kart 8 Visual Upgra...:

ok, WOW! this is the first time MK8 has made me truly say wow. the differences are astonishing...what they did to that SNES track to keep it the same yet bring it up to 2014 standards is incredible. And the difference in Moo moo meadows from just the Wii to this!!! truly impressive, now I see what Nintendo can do with Wii U.
Honestly, this game is blowing Smash out of the water graphically, which is too bad because Melee & Brawl were graphical showcases on their respective systems.
Btw, Metal Mario as a character! Awesome.
Now I want to see the next Super Mario game (a true 3D successor) that looks as gorgeous as MK8! The art style is obviously a perfect fit.
Also, I don't own a Wii U yet. But this is definitely a system seller to me, it continues to look better and better!
Once this comes out in May & depending on how I continue to feel about Smash, it seems likely that I'll be picking up a Wii U by the end of the year!



drumsandperc92 commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

completely agree with the article.
If VC and eShop games were tied to a Nintendo Network ID, not a console, it would be a brilliant marketing move, and I would be much more inclined to invest in the digital games.
If a cross-buy system (for games like Smash Bros) as WELL as a way to play 3DS titles thru the TV via Wii U were in place, it would be another major reason for me to purchase a Wii U, AND a 3DS. That would make the 3DS the first handheld i'd own since the GBA.
Not having a unified account system is archaic at best, Nintendo really does need to look towards Sony as an example of how to do it correctly, even if it meant purchasing a monthly/annual fee in order for Nintendo to make it happen.



drumsandperc92 commented on Mario Kart 8 Accelerates to Number One on Amaz...:

man i'm so very tempted to pick up a Wii U soon. I bought a PS4 instead this holiday (it had more games at launch/coming soon that I wanted to play than the Wii U) but you always want what you can't have, right?
The more I see of MK8, and after going back and comparing it to MK Wii, it really does look phenomenal.
Smash has yet to impress me as much, but I'd also love to play Mario 3d World & Wind Waker HD.
Still, $350 for the Wind Waker bundle is still too steep for me after shelling out for PS4. But i refuse to buy a Wii U on ebay, I want to support Nintendo!
Guess i gotta start saving up...I feel like by the end of 2014 (hopefully with a Zelda U and maybe something else announced) there will be no reason NOT to own a Wii U anymore.



drumsandperc92 commented on Little Mac Arrives as a Knockout Challenger in...:

@FilmerNgameR i'm with you! I want shadow!! but I've got a feeling tails or knuckles are much more likely to come before shadow. knuckles would have some sweet moves for Smash, but Tails could be interesting to play with as another temporary-flight type (think kirby) and use projectiles and tech weapons, could be very cool.



drumsandperc92 commented on Nintendo Direct: Trailers Round-Up:

in the Direct video, at 1:45, does anyone else absolutely love the graphic-novel/cel-shaded look to the stage & littleMac vs Samus in that little clip? I know it's not gameplay but its a cool look. Reminds me of viewtiful joe.
otherwise, I'm disappointed in this direct. They had a chance to blow the lid off and get some new hype for Wii U after weeks of bad news, apologies, and promises. Would've been a great time to show off an official Zelda U announcement trailer and/or a new game we haven't heard about.
More info on the same games and not even release dates for games that we've known about since before Wii U even launched (Bayonetta 2, Super Smash, X...)



drumsandperc92 commented on Mass Market Price And Mario Kart 8 Will Revers...:

@JaxonH i do agree with you, to an extent. Since N64 (which is when I started buying my own systems) I've always owned two consoles every generation, in order to reap the rewards of playing every game i wanted to play. The 'mountains' as you called it. N64/Ps1, Gcube/Xbox, X360/Wii, Ps4 now, and soon, Wii U. But, as you may or may not be able to appreciate depending on your financial circumstances, I do have to think before dropping $300-$500 on a new console, plus extra $$ on controllers and games.
Consoles are an investment, which I think is your point.
My point in my original comment, is that the Wii U currently does not have any games that I really want to play that I can't wait for. Games that I really want to play are currently on X360 and Ps4, and there is a tremendous lineup of software slated for 2014 for Ps4, which will most likely be too many games for me to spend money on alone, so I am going to have to pick and choose out of those. Do you see what I'm getting at?
I'm a gamer & I love games. I own a system to play games. The Wii U doesn't have any games that I'm desperate to play. When I eventually buy a Wii U, it will be when there is a game that I really, really want to play. Then I will have the benefit of owning the system and being able to go through it's back catalogue to play games I missed, such as Super Mario 3D world, DKCTF, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, etc. But those right now are not giving me that "must have" itch. Not the games, and not the system alone.
If you have the financial means to be able to drop hundreds on every system that comes out all the time, and buy every game you could want to play, good for you. Games aren't that high on my priority list, they come in as a secondary hobby. Life, work, and other things come first for me, often leaving not nearly as much money for games as I'd like.
And to your last remark about sacrificing years of gaming, once you own the system, you can get any games that peak your interest that you missed before you owned the system. So there is no sacrifice. It's just about timing.
I have limited funds, so I chose PS4 when it came out because it had the lineup of games that I wanted to play immediately, and not wait for. I can wait for what's on Wii U right now. When there is something on Wii U that I can't wait for, and the price is right, and I've got the money put aside, that's when I'll spring for it.



drumsandperc92 commented on Mass Market Price And Mario Kart 8 Will Revers...:

to answer the question at the end of the article bluntly, yes.
$200, or $250 deluxe machine bundled with MK8 will move a lot of units, possibly myself included.
Personally as a zelda fanatic I'm waiting on more info about Zelda U, since the games on Wii U I've seen so far look good and i'd buy them if i owned a system, they aren't enough to make me buy the system. Smash looks like a high res brawl to me, Mario 3d world wasn't the mario game i really was expecting or necessarily wanting, DKCTF looks good but the 2d platforming market is becoming fairly saturated again, there's a lot out there, and i haven't even finished DKCR on my Wii yet.
MK8 looks great and who doesn't love MK? visuals look good, and the updates to the game look cool, especially since Ive never played MK7 so the flying/underwater/magnetic stuff is all new to me. If Zelda U looks really good, and MK8 delivers on it's expectations, that would be enough for me to give in and buy a Wii U, but $300 is still too high for me. I'd also need a drop to $200 w/ Nintendoland, or maybe $250 if it was bundled with MK8, Smash, or Zelda.
If they remained at $300, i'd be too tempted to pick one up on ebay for less, which doesn't help Nintendo at all, and I'd want to give Nintendo my money.



drumsandperc92 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

@TheRealThanos ah, sorry! ign is acting up right now, the homepage is even giving me trouble. but if it works, the article is worth a read. to summarize, it says that even if the Wii U becomes a niche console that is a business flop, it's ok for Nintendo. They've got $10 billion in the reserves. Whether they ride out the storm till the next gen with Wii U, or come out with a new console/rebrand and aggressive marketing extremely quickly, Nintendo will be fine. We the gamers still will be able to enjoy the awesome games on the Wii U.



drumsandperc92 commented on We Cannot Continue Without Winning, But It's N...:

Nintendo needs to dip into their enormous wallet, hiring more man power in order to churn out some AAA nintendo games on the double. give IPs we are all clamoring for to a fresh team, and have them take a crack at it. Imagine if internally, Nintendo had all their major franchises going at once? late 2014 and 2015 could be the year or Nintendo if every month they had a new AAA game out or something, that would make me get a Wii U for sure! More of the same though for MK8 and SSB (which looks like a high res brawl to me, they didn't even really change the character models!) isn't enough to sell the system. I want something that feels more fresh. Thats why i'm looking forward to the new Zelda so much. If it does what they say its going to do, it might be a system seller for me.



drumsandperc92 commented on Kensuke Tanabe Highlights Potential Return of ...:

loved DK64, would rather see a new game like that for DK's next entry. But a new Metroid Prime style game is much more enticing in my book!
Still don't own a Wii U. SM3DW definitely had me thinking about it but other than that I'm still holding out! DKCTF is also something i'd pick up if i had a Wii U but is by no means a system seller for me.
I was glad during the Wii era to see Nintendo revisit 2D platforming, but now I'm left wanting more 3D platforming again.



drumsandperc92 commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

I'm amazed by the amount of confusion on various social media (Facebook, youtube) by users thinking this is the next Zelda game. I guess Nintendo could have been clear about it.
Having said that, I've never played Dynasty Warriors but this could be fun. I kind of like how powerful Link is, but I feel this will get boring fast. One redeeming quality in the trailer is that they seemed to at least have taken Zelda's "Z-targeting" system into account as well as Link's typical move set.
The graphics are definitely disappointing for a Wii U game, but DW never impressed me in the past.

Can I just say though, that I'm loving the outfit for Link?
Seriously - the blue accent cape is great, but that armor! It's just a shoulder thing, but Link looks good with some real armor!
As similar as he looks, this might be the most different Link we've seen for that reason alone. I hope Zelda U considers small changes like this to Link's outfit. Maybe this is a hint at what's to come in Zelda U???
Also, let's keep our fingers crossed that Link's outfits in Smash U have some variety! So far, we've only seen what looks to be SS Link. I'm hoping for this Hyrule Warriors outfit to be included! Plus it would be great if they included the Zelda U link skin, if they know what it will be in time.



drumsandperc92 commented on Rumour: Smash Bros. Heading for a Spring 2014 ...:

if both MAJOR nintendo franchises such as MK and Smash are making there way to Wii U in just the spring alone, what the hell else does Ninety have up their sleeve to make us last into the Holiday season 2014???
Can you say, Zelda U Dec 2014?! christ. if those three games came out in one year, that's it, i'd be sold. I'd pick up a Wii U asap.
Thank being said Nintendo has been pretty bad about delays lately. so we'll see.
i'll take this with a grain of salt.



drumsandperc92 commented on VGX Award Ceremony To Include New Footage of a...:

to excite me, it really needs to be the new zelda. also, if it looks good, it will give me confidence that Wii U will still be a success. the new Smash doesn't look much different or better than Brawl, same with MK8 (although that looks a little better to me).



drumsandperc92 commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

Wii U will definitely see next christmas.
However, after a year of extremely sub-par sales for Wii U, if the same thing happens in 2014, which I suspect it might seeing as PS4 and Xone are in the wild now too, i feel that the Wii U may get it's plug pulled.
What would Nintendo do?
Honestly, I don't know.
It's possible that they release another system with a stronger identity and powerful to be on par with ps4/xbone in a year or two, but I sort of doubt that.
It's also possible and plausible for them to focus on the handheld market only till the end of this generation, that's where they are doing the best anyway.
And put the R&D into the next Nintendo home system, develop it for years and knock everyone's socks off. But that doesn't seem wise either seeing as this gen just started.
Idk. Maybe nothing will happen.
Maybe Wii U will be a slug of a system for Nintendo, and only Nintendo will develop for it for the next 6 or 7 years. I could see it happening, but it might end up costing more than it's worth.



drumsandperc92 commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:

I think the Wii U should've been the Wii 2. Wiimote plus ONLY, as well as a "pro" type controller (gamepad controls minus the screen) as an option.
This Wii 2 could've been VERY similar to the Xbone and PS4 in terms of parts and could've been cheaper on account of it using an already existing controller. i.e. no R&D cost or new production cost of a new controller.
Or if it had the same parts as the Wii U does, without the cost of the tablet the console could've launched at $250, had a bigger HDD, and had an enormous price advantage over the new offerings from sony/microsoft.
Oh well. Tablet is cool though, i do like it, it's just something you have to look at with a Pros vs Cons lens, and while it has it's pros, it might just be outweighed by the cons.



drumsandperc92 commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

links look good.
I continue to be impressed by only one screenshot each week...and i'm not noticing any significant graphical changes from week to week.
Look at Super Mario 3D World's E3 trailer and compare to the most recent trailers and screens, and there has been a significant upgrade visually.
At first to me the game looked bland, too simple and plain. The visual effects have progressed nicely for all that subtle detail that made the Galaxy games so brilliant looking. It truly looks like an evolution for Mario.
the Smash screens continue to look more like a highres version of brawl as opposed to a revamped or new engine or a generation jump.
Hoping that as we get closer to release, we start to see some progression.



drumsandperc92 commented on These Wii U Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Scr...:

looks good, possibly a bit better than the ps3/360 version but still not up to par with ps4.
i saw a graphics comparison on youtube between ps3 & ps4, and the ps4 had it beat in pretty obvious ways. Higher res textures (so a lot clearer image, a lot more detail), the ocean wasn't blurred in the background on ps4, it was gloriously rendered, the draw distance was much improved, and overall everything definitely looked sharper and clearer. Wii U seems to be somewhere in between. The railing on the boat in the second screenshot shows higher res textures than the ps3, maybe even as good as ps4? but the ocean in that same screen is a blurred background, akin to current gen as opposed to next gen.
Wii U is treading water between the two generations, like we knew it would, if developers actually tried. Glad to see Ubisoft seemed to actually try!



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each new batch of screens looks graphically more impressive then the last, and more fun too.
in many of the screen shots this actually does look very similar to the Mario Galaxy art style, and a natural evolution of it.
Loving the textural details and lighting, while retaining the classic mario cartoony look!
This is what i expected the game to look like when it was announced (i was disappointed), i'm very happy to see that it's looking better and better.
If only the Super Smash bros screens showed as much improvement...



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jesus. Nintendo gets the shaft AGAIN.
either Wii U misses games completely, or gets incomplete versions (no online) and now, gets charged more? ....what?
Man, let's see how Wii U does this holiday. I hope it the best. But if things don't pick up, the 3rd party situation will only continue to get worse...



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@CaviarMeths COMPLETELY agree with you.
In fact, your mention of Netflix sparks an idea...NES & SNES & even N64 games are pretty darn old now, and easily available for anyone with any type of computer to play for free. I've never bought a NES or SNES title on the Wii, because they were just too expensive to make it worth my while.
$8 for a digital game thats 20 years old? Yikes. Bargain bins at Gamestop sell xbox/gcube/ps2 games for under $5...
I think Nintendo should take their massive VC library and make it into a subscription service like Netflix! Could you imagine?
As of now Nintendo Network is free anyway, but maybe if they made a "premium" Nintendo Network account, say $50 or $60 a year (akin to PSN+ or XBL Gold), you get access to ALL VC games for free! Wouldn't that be something?



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didnt like Other M.
DKCR was great fun so i'm happy their making a sequel, but the Wii U is just so RIPE for a great Metroid Prime game!
BTW, Prime was my first metroid experience. Subsequently i've gone back and played classic Metroid games. The NES/SNES/GBA etc.
But the Prime series was and always will be for me the penultimate metroid experience.
It was the perfect way to do Metroid for the modern era.
I was very disappointed in hearing that Prime was a trilogy, and Retro wasn't going to do another after 3.
I can only hope and keep my fingers crossed that Retro gives us a new Metroid Prime for the Wii U. Idc if they call it prime 4 or something entirely new. A spiritual successor would be fine. But Retro needs to go back and do that style of gameplay again. I'm really not interested in a full Metroid game the way the mini game was in NintendoLand.
Metroid Prime 1 was the best though, wide open to explore, good story, wonderful atmospheres, just exciting stuff!
I'd love a similar game for Wii U.



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i feel like many, including myself, will be disappointed (however briefly) by the new Zelda game's art style.
There are a lot of parallels to the gamecube era. New, powerful system comes out, and we see an evolution of a 'realistic' zelda as a demo (OoT Link vs Ganondorf on gc, and the HD TP Link vs Gohma on Wii U) that has us all clamoring to see this as a game. On gamecube, we then got Wind Waker (which i do love).
Now on Wii U we may see a repeat, especially since they showed so much interested in how the Wind Waker looked on Wii U, the article even points out,
"Takizawa: That’s possible because of Wii U. In technological terms, the Wii U can present a wide range of brightness, but that’s a somewhat dull way to describe it! (laughs) When we make Zelda games in the future, I think that will be one important point."
At this point, over 2 years since we first saw the Zelda HD Demo, I have become detached from the idea of the new game looking like that, i just don't think it will happen and at this point i'm ok with it.
That being said, THAT WAS THE TP ENGINE RUNNING ON WII U!!! Why the HELL did that not get the green light??? Too much time to release? Leaves me disappointed...



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this game looks gorgeous. i'm happy to see more and more games taking an artistic approach. Simple but engaging and fun gameplay, often as side scrolling 2d indie games (or even games from big guns like Ubisoft here) with beautiful art to look at are becoming more and more prominent! it's an exciting time - honestly i'm with Sony's attitude here, i think we are about to experience a renaissance in gaming and creativity!



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xbone and ps4 are just around the corner but not out yet.
wait one more year, then ditch the Wii U and release another system, one that adopts the x86 architecture and equivalent power to the other 2 systems. Price for $400.
Separate it with better marketing. Call it something entirely different.
Include tablet/wiimote support but the main controller is a standard pad.
Launch Holiday 2014 with upgraded Mario Kart 8, new Zelda, Mario Galaxy 3 (or similar, NOT 3D World), and upgraded SSB4.
revamp Nintendo Network with actual accounts and link to 3DS, Wii U, and new system.
Call it "NEs 7" - marketing strategy=playing on how many systems Nintendo has released, showing experience. similar to how x360 included the THREE sixty in the name to go against PS THREE as opposed to xbox2 which would've sounded inferior.

i know im nuts and thats all a pipe dream but i'd buy that system in a second. Wii U just isn't cutting it for me right now.



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woah woah woah, is Link's tunic not green in that screenshot?
The hat is, as well as the short sleeves, but the main body of the tunic is brown.
I wonder if different colored tunics will play a role like they did in Ocarina of Time?
One can hope! I loved the red and blue tunics.
Also, i spy a hookshot, a bow, two different staffs of some sort, and a boomerang for sale.
This screen is definitely full of surprises!



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this was confirmed PS4 footage, but besides some graphical embellishments and a higher NPC count on screen at once, Ubisoft said the game will be basically the same across platforms.
Seeing as this video demonstrates the online integration as well, I hope for Wii U owners that Ubisoft won't skimp out with online modes like some other companies have been doing on the Wii U versions...



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link & kirby look the best graphically speaking.
looks like it's on that metroid: other M stage, and just like last week's screens that stage provides the most interesting and dynamic lighting to show off the graphics.
I also hope that, like Driveclub on PS4, we will continue to see improvements to the graphics in each build.



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i think there are several aspects of Twilight Princess that I favor over other Zelda games, but as an overall package it's not my favorite.
It's sometimes hard for me to also compare 3D to 2D games, since they feel so different.
As far as 3D games go OoT is my all time favorite, Wind Waker is second. I'd say Majora is tied for third with TP. Skyward Sword is dead last for me.
What I preferred in TP was
1. the graphics - for a "realistic" Zelda game it had a terrific marriage of realism and charm!
2. the combat - most flushed out combat system, Gcube version of course. Waggling was a hassle but the aiming made it worth using the wiimote. But the various combos and fighting mechanics was the best the series has seen in my opinion, and some of the best boss battles. Loved the final fight with ganondorf!
3. The feel - what i mean is the weight of Link in running and fighting, the controls were pin point and tuned perfectly. I loved the pace of his step, the ability to swing your sword while still running, and the character felt weighty.
4. Level design & PARTS of the world, not all. Honestly overall it was one of the worst renditions of Hyrule of any Zelda game. Big but empty, and a bore to ride through. However, I absolutely loved every dungeon in the game, and loved finding the subtle clues of the ancient worlds we've seen in previous games. Perfect example being the master sword in the forest, a nod to ALTTP, and Temple of Time, alluding to Ocarina.
The weak links in TP included the wolf sections, the snooze fest that was Hyrule Field, and parts of the story. I liked the story, but it just wasn't as interesting or captivating as OoT, nor as charming as WW.



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one of my favorite games and i'll pick up this "remake" when I eventually get the Wii U.
That being said, I feel like I'm less and less impressed by the "HD remake" aspect of it. They completely abused and over did the glowing light during the day time, it's almost annoying to look at. I think it could've been more affective if used much more selectively. Everything else, looks sharper for sure, but they didn't really re-do anything. I think it gives a better sense of depth than the original, looking more like a cel-shaded game and less like a cartoon. Some of the lighting is nice on the characters. Other than that everything else looks the same.
I'm also disappointed in the "Hero Mode" instead of getting a "master quest" style mode. Granted, that would've been a lot of work, and Nintendo wanted to get the game out to please Zelda fans.
I'd love to see a DLC of a master quest eventually!! One can hope...