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Sat 28th November, 2009

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THENAMESNORM commented on Rumour: Mario Golf: World Tour To Offer Additi...:

Great news! Nintendo never reduces the amount of content in a game to offer it as DLC and I don't think ever will. Therefore as long as the game lives up to my expectations then I'll purchase all DLC, provided it is reasonably priced. And no, Nintendo won't release this DLC day 1. And even if they did, who cares? If you don't want it, don't buy it!



THENAMESNORM commented on You Can Now Pre-Order eShop Games Via Nintendo...:

Some people pre-order because they have the money at the time. For instance, I have the money right now, so will pre-order it. If I don't, I'll likely spend the money before it's released. Therefore, Nintendo make a sale without the game being out yet.



THENAMESNORM commented on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Finally H...:

Brilliant game, loved it at launch and was the real surprise of the launch. Absolute Gem of a game. Not often a game excels on WiiU over it's counterparts but this is defo a game that does. People looking for a game to tide them over until MK8?? This is it. And it's cheap!



THENAMESNORM commented on Nintendo And SEGA Have Yet To Reveal Another E...:

I would love this to happen, there are some great ideas in Sonic & All Stars, but i prefer the execution of Mario Kart. Handled correctly, it would be epic. I'd personally love to see Nintendo & Sega Kart than Sonic and Mario Kart, but whatever transpires with Mario Kart U I'll accept anyway.



THENAMESNORM commented on Talking Point: The Wii U Virtual Console Has S...:

I think it will be around xmas time before we really see many "new" vc titles, and maybe next year before Gamecube games become available(which I'm convinced they will at some point) But I'm really excited about the possibility of GBA releases.



THENAMESNORM commented on Feature: Robust DLC Ensures That Fire Emblem: ...:

DLC is optional. I love Fire Emblem games, and I'm always really sad when they are over, and want to replay them. Dlc for FE:A means that if I WANT a fix, I can get it easily! And the fact that it's not essential to get the most from the game actually suits me and most people - If you don't want it, don't get it! But I have it, and I don't regret it!



THENAMESNORM commented on Hands On: Seeing The World in Wii U Panorama View:

I like the videos, however we all want this these things for less. I'm happy to have paid the price, but I feel there should have been a little more included. Call me crazy, but I tried this at a Wii U event pre-launch, and I'm sure it gave objectives like Wii Sports Resort jogging does(to spot certain things and test your memory) but I can't see any trace of it here. Did I just imagine it was there in the preview build? Or did it not make the final cut??



THENAMESNORM commented on Wii U and 3DS Online Connection Rates Exceed 80%:

Im in the UK and I always encourage others to go online. I cannot tell you the number of people - even just within the last week - that I have shocked by telling them that they can download old N64, NES, SNES and Mega Drive games from the virtual console! It really is incredible that so many people do not know one of it's major functions!



THENAMESNORM commented on Miiverse Now Available In Your Browser:

This is great, just had a quick look and bookmarked it! Works great! Although I'd rather be able to create new posts, I can accept for now that it's not available - though I'm expecting this to be addressed soon!



THENAMESNORM commented on Wii U Virtual Console Will Arrive Shortly Afte...:

@rdenton85 Baloon Fight was released as 50hz at the start of the VC trial campaign, but both F-Zero and Punch Out have been 60hz versions - and most likely because of massive feedback from the Miiverse community!! Result! However going forward I do not know what the intentions are.



THENAMESNORM commented on Wii U System Update Coming Next Week:

Launch day VC titles are still to be confirmed, but the previous 30p/30c releases will defo be there, as will Super Mario World(which seemed to take forever to come to the Wii VC!!) but I'm not that bothered if there's not a massive number of games of available from day 1, I'm more interested in a steady and consistent stream of games arriving for the service!



THENAMESNORM commented on Nintendo Download: 21st March 2013 (Europe):

I agree, we should be able to choose more than one download! Punch Out!! Is a must for me again this week, but I selected Need for Speed Most Wanted U as I'm making it my first retail download! Plus Harmoknight demo. Its a great week, made even better by another 60hz VC game! Well done Nintendo of Europe for listening!