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Sat 12th Nov 2011

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Placlu commented on Nintendo Addresses Confusion Surrounding Wii U...:

Personally i still think it causes more issues cause the kid calls it an Upgrade. Like, it's not really new, it's just the same thing but slightly better. You don't really see PS4 marketing like. It's a PS3 but better..... You see them use words like "Evolution" and stuff, like its superior to the last, not just a slight change that you already have.



Placlu commented on Taiko: Drum Master Wii U Version Bringing the ...:

I bought a 3DS for Taiko & Miku (and hopefully other musical games in the future!) However, I'll wait for the Wii U to be hacked & region free, as I barley use the EU Wii U i have, let alone another one



Placlu commented on Senran Kagura Burst Confirmed For North Americ...:

Awesome, so we will see this in the european eShop....I see...
Well I own the game physically and I can assure you if they don't fix the frame rate.... It's honestly not that fantastic of a game.. It's barley even in 3D!



Placlu commented on AlphaDream Currently Has No Plans For The Mari...:

@Shambo I still stand by Sticker Star should have been a Wii U launch game. It's an okay game no, not the best, but if it had experience.. or some actual reason to play the game rather than dodge all the enemies, it would have been a good game. I liked the whole sticker thing, it was just very.. mmm.



Placlu commented on Rumour: Nintendo Is Shaping Up To Acquire Trou...:

I love nintendo. I love atlus. I love their games. I love the idea of Fire Embelm x SMT.. I hate the idea of Atlus being first/second party.
Idk call me crazy but i wanna see Persona 5 on the PS4.. it would be weird on the Wii U.. Atlus are a great third party. The only pro of this is that we (Europe) would actually be able to play these bloody games.
and yea, what would happen to Persona 4 Golden? pull that off the PSN? It would undo so much stuff for it to be a good thing imo.



Placlu commented on Third-Party Characters in Smash Bros. to be Ke...:

I don't see why they have to make the same characters on each version.
It has no cross platform play.. so there's literally no need to do it.
If the SSB3D is going to have stages based of Handheld games like spirit tracks, add in Toon Link. If SSBU is going to have Skyloft, add SS Link. Have characters based off it too. Obviously mario and stuff would be universal but stuff like that would be really neat and make it different.

If they are going to have like (and this is just me saying numbers) 20 stages. 10 Universal and 10 unique to the platform. Do the same with the 20 characters.



Placlu commented on Microsoft: If You're Backwards Compatible, You...:

The 360 doesn't need backwards compatibility it barley works to begin with because there aren't any must play games on the xbox, very small amount.
Compare that to Wii/DS/PS2 games, yea there's no wonder it was included, even if only a small number of PS3's have it.



Placlu commented on Nintendo Claiming Ad Revenue On YouTube User-G...:

@Araknie Excuse me but I do youtube not for profit, but for enjoyment. The Money helps buy more games/invest in a capture card for the 3DS.

By "boycotting" nintendo games, I purley mean in a recording sense. The Main reason I GOT a partnership was so my account couldn't just be shut down randomly. I have already been affected by this issue for MONTHS.

Monetising or not, I don't think people realise that if Nintendo says YO thats ours, it's okay though, we will just put ads here for us..
They can at ANY ANY time say LOL JK BYE BYE CHANNEL. cough sega That's the real issue I have. IF Nintendo goes on a tirade there goes my hard work.



Placlu commented on Nintendo Claiming Ad Revenue On YouTube User-G...:

While yes, it's acceptable for nintendo, sony, anyone to do this. I mean I'm making money off your game, should they do it? Hell no. Look at minecraft. Why does that have ten million sales? because people uploaded them building a house. Without Youtube, minecraft wouldn't be as popular.. and notch recognised this, now days Lpers are suggesting how to change the game.

Now nintendo doesn't really need the advertising, but the thing with the auto content match thing is its terrible. Most of the time its picked up my gameplay as their own. No Nintendo, My gameplay is not yours. It's how I experienced the game.
You let people (re)upload trailers. THEY don't add to them, they are stealing them, they are stealing your money. Me? I brought the game. Brought a 3DS. Brought a $300 way to capture it. To share my experience. I've gotten tonnes of messages "thankyou for recording this, I wasn't sure about the game but it looks awesome!"
While my 4 sales aren't mind blowing, its 4 more sales.

Anyone who says "youtubers shouldn't get paid because its not a real job"
Honestly F*** you. I put countless hours into making sure my videos are high quality and the best I can produce. Simply put, if nintendo support this, I won't support them. To be completely honest, I get more money off niche games than Mario ones. Just my opinion, and since its the internet it's probably wrong.



Placlu commented on New Adventure Time Game Coming to Wii U and 3D...:

Knowing Wayforward we will never see this on aussie shores
Oh well what I've played from HIKWYSOG?!! it wasn't THAT great, tho it would have been better on 3DS... Hopefully I atleast get the chance to decide If I want ETDBIDK! on 3DS anyway

Its 3am and im typing gibberish acronyms for absurd titles, time for the sleeps.



Placlu commented on UK Mainstream Newspaper Declares 3DS The "Best...:

I hated the bloody thing when it came out. I used it for 20 minutes and my eyes melted. Didn't have any games, waste of $300 IMO.
Got one for my birthday in 2011....3D land was good, but meh. Sat there for a while. NOW? HOLY GOD YES. On my desk, arms reach. Played EIGHTY TWO hours in march. Love this bloody console <3 And with nintendo ignoring the WiiU and releasing a 3DS game every month? Well.. luckily I don't have a job so game on



Placlu commented on Kokuga Looks Set To Be Released In PAL Regions:

When I first saw this I read the comments and saw a lot of "COME TO THE US OMG PLZ" etc on various sites. Always funny EU gets a game and americans are raging and pissed off that they may not get it, US get a game like say Atlus? We think well thats nice, hope you guys enjoy that

Amuses me. Anyway this isn't my type of game but I think at this point I need to just support them anyway. I need to order a new SD card and ill finally just buy Code of Princess.. it may not be worth the $40, but hey!



Placlu commented on Rumour: Ni no Kuni Could Yet See A Western Rel...:

How similar is the story? from what I've seen of the DS game, the intro is identical. It seems to be more fitting to re-release it on vita or something. I don't know if I would buy it again - depends how different the game is - but more L5 localization is good... looking at you Yokai Watch.. D:



Placlu commented on Video: Nintendo Europe Highlights Key eShop Ti...:

Seriously nintendo make i so easy to spend $100 on the eShop, and then spend another $200 on it. Also made me smile downloading Runner2 that it's 800mb instead of 42, you've come along way nintendo. I think its good some of the more unique ideas even from nintendo are via eShop games. It really fits nintendos style imo.



Placlu commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV Coming To North American...:

Yerp, never coming to Europe.. Not to be that guy but it took 2 freaking years for ghostlight to f*** the game up. Pisses me off that in 2013 europe still dont get releases, and heck, we get DIGITAL stuff days/weeks/months later.



Placlu commented on Out Today: LEGO City: Undercover And Luigi's M...:

went and got both today, and waiting for the eshop to update with Harmoknight.
Honestly I thought the next week would be 100%ing Lego City.. so far ive played for an hour.. and Luigi's Mansion has instead sucked up (lol puns) 5 hours of my day today. Hey new favourite 3DS game



Placlu commented on Nintendo Download: 28th March 2013 (Europe):

It's stupid how much stuff is releasing on 1 day, personally picking up:

Code of Princess, Luigi's Mansion 2, LEGO City Undercover, Harmoknight, Fire Emblem Demo, and a bunch of Previously released VC games... so yerp that's around $200.



Placlu commented on Pokémon Scramble U Set To Be The First Wii U ...:

It's not required tho, and aren't there only 6 of them? I don't see why people are complaining. It's there if you want it to be, unlike skylanders forcing it to be.
Hopefully this gets released here, the rumble games are really fun



Placlu commented on Launch of Professor Layton's Final Adventure F...:

..but Phoenix v Layton sold really well right? .. and we are getting that localised yes?.. and we are definitely getting the 6th Layton game translated...? Right Level 5?.. just give us any form of confirmation so I can sleep tonight!



Placlu commented on Pachter: Wii U Will Sell Between 30 to 50 Mill...:

Going to bring this up, again... but didn't we just find out that nintendo can not do anything for like 20 years and still have money? Yearp sure, the WiiU is clearly killing nintendo. Same with the 3DS at launch, yea, that killed nintendo.

Also didn't Patcher say the same thing about the Wii? Waggle? Wtf is that. Move? BRILLIANT 10 POINTS TO SLYTHERIN!

Calling the Wii U a "ds essentially split in two parts" just makes you look like an idiot, you cant possibly downvote nintendo on doing this when your holy savour Sony is doing the same thing with the Vita & whatever that smartglass thing that Microsoft is doing.

My Prediction: Patcher to continue to point out flaws in Nintendo while praising Sony/MS for generations to come.



Placlu commented on Update to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate To Bring O...:

I'm not really getting this game (Played the demo, sucked badly at it ) but that's really awesome that they are updating it that way. If they can update the game post release to have Off TV support, more games should enable it. I think nintendo should really make it standard.