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FiveDigitLP commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Soundtracks - Where Are They?:

@Pod I get what you're saying, but I'd say that for me listening to the soundtrack actually encourages me to play the game again. I don't think to myself, "I remember the music being good in _______ game. I should go play it again." I don't usually consider just how good the music was until I'm listening to the soundtrack. When I listen to a soundtrack, those sounds are strongly linked with the actions that I was doing at the time when I heard that music--especially when it comes to tracks that are used for a boss and you only hear in certain circumstances.



FiveDigitLP commented on Stick It To The Man on Wii U "Feels Funnier" T...:

I've never heard of this, but it looks really good. Definitely has an old school point-and-click adventure feel to it. It kind of reminds me of Psychonauts.

Also, I really like the way it sounds like the GamePad will be utilized. I agree with you as well, @Einherjar. I really wish more people (both gamers and developers) would get this through their heads.



FiveDigitLP commented on Developer Interview: PhobosLab on XType Plus, ...:

@PhobosLab Thanks for the confirmation. I really thought this interview was cool. I've always thought the idea of developing video games was beyond my reach, but with this framework, it certainly seems a lot more tangible for me as I already know some web languages. It's really cool to see Nintendo trail-blazing in this area.



FiveDigitLP commented on Developer Interview: PhobosLab on XType Plus, ...:

@rjejr Seeing as he's talking about JavaScript, I imagine he's only referencing the online leaderboards for indie games made using the Nintendo Web Framework. Regardless, everyone's enthusiasm about Nintendo's online infrastructure has been lacking...



FiveDigitLP commented on Nintendo Confirms "Super Indie Connection Sale...:

Yeah, I've noticed my light change to orange every now and then as well. Every now and then I'll notice an update to one of my games has been installed, so I guess that's what it is.

As for credit card numbers, I just use Paypal. Not sure if Sony uses them, but MS definitely does on Xbox Live and that's where I've used this type of service the most. And though it may not be useful for all consumers, when it comes to me, the benefit to the platform holder is increased sales. When I hear about a sale or a demo I want to try out, I go to the Xbox Live site and download it. Otherwise, I'm likely to forget when I get home and miss the deal.



FiveDigitLP commented on Nintendo Confirms "Super Indie Connection Sale...:

@rjejr That's a very good point and I was thinking the same thing. Now is definitely a good time to pick up Spin the Bottle before it goes up in price. You know, I really wish Nintendo would get on the ball about having the eShop accessible from a browser. I'd really like to purchase the game and have it ready to go when I get home. (With the background download system, it could theoretically download while I'm away from home.)



FiveDigitLP commented on Nintendo to Step Up Character IP Licensing, In...:

@Raptor78 Lego, yes. Mega Bloks, no way no how. Their stuff is a joke and is not of the same quality as Lego nor does it have the same uniformity.

At any rate, though, I definitely support the idea of more character licensing. For years I've wanted easily accessible figures of Nintendo characters, but only recently have I been able to get Mario and a few Zelda figurines. (And I can't afford to buy the expensive figmas.)



FiveDigitLP commented on Video: A New Bravely Default Trailer Shows You...:

Wow. I think you blew my comment out of proportion a bit. I was under the impression the demo was going to have a small story so i could get a feel for the writing and character development of the game. Instead it's more of a tech demo for the battle system. It's not a bad thing for free content, mind you, just not what I was expecting.



FiveDigitLP commented on Video: A New Bravely Default Trailer Shows You...:

@WYLD-WOO @PrincessEevee9
I do indeed realize it's a separate story. My point is the LACK of a story in the demo. Granted, it's free, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but they made it sound like there would be a bit of something, instead of just "Hey, fix this village and then go fight evil creatures." Maybe there's more that I'm missing, though

Also, @WYLD-WOO, I have mostly gotten the combat system down...I just feel like they make the setup way to convoluted and then don't do a good job of explaining it. Granted, I feel this way about a lot of JRPGs, so maybe it's just me. At the very least, if a game's going to have a super complicated battle system, I like it when they give visual tutorials or hands-on lessons...especially when it comes to some of those menus that are 5 levels deep...



FiveDigitLP commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV Soundtrack Released Next...:

Honestly, I get tired of these special editions that come with the "soundtrack" but then end up only being a sampler. It frustrates the heck out of me. At the very least, be open about it with your advertising.

I had this happen with Alice: Madness Returns, Bit.Trip Complete, and SMTIV to name a few. Though I don't really like most of the soundtrack, at least Solatorobo came with a full disc worth of music.

Sorry. Just had to vent.



FiveDigitLP commented on Video: A New Bravely Default Trailer Shows You...:

I'm really on the fence about this game after playing the demo. When I first heard about it, I was really excited and anxiously hoped that it would be localized. But the demo makes the gameplay seem fairly bland and unnecessarily complicated. Also, based on the Nintendo Direct, I expected there to be a minor side story in the demo, but so far it's just pointless fetch quests. I know there will be more of a story in the actual game, but I hope it's good because that was what initially had me interested in the game.



FiveDigitLP commented on GamePad High Capacity Battery Now Available in...:

Seriously? Why couldn't they have offered this a little bit sooner! My mom tried to purchase one for me from Japan (the batteries are the same no matter where you buy them), but ended up running into issues with the credit card company. They thought it was a fraudulent charge since it was coming from a foreign company, it seems.



FiveDigitLP commented on Video: This New Pokémon Bank Trailer Shows Th...:

Where the heck is that music from? The second one I know is from the game, but I'm not sure where. When riding the bike maybe? But the first song I recognize and have no idea where it's from.

@One-Winged-Pit that's a very good question! I've just assumed you have to them download to the game, but I'd happily be wrong.



FiveDigitLP commented on Nintendo Download: 5th December (North America):

I've never played The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, but that Wii VC review definitely has my interest piqued! Might just have to check it out...

As for Altered Beast, a friend and I actually played that for the first time a few months ago. We didn't really make it very far, but the whole time we were thinking, "What the heck were these guys smoking when they made this game??"



FiveDigitLP commented on Junichi Masuda Confirms That Over Ten Million ...:

I've been a little frustrated here lately with the GTS. Every time I go on there to search for something, the large majority of people are requesting either Xerneas or Yveltal! I don't know if they're trying to do the duplicate glitch like as was the issue in B/W or if just a lot of the people (kids?) on there have unrealistic expectations.



FiveDigitLP commented on Wii Sports Club Will Download Automatically Wi...:

Spotpass on 3DS is not really all that spammy. Every now and then you may get a notification for a new game, but it's not that often and not very intrusive. Usually they're used more to let you know about updates or goodies to games you currently own (eg. the update to Pokemon X/Y).

Also, I think for the most part you can specify what kind of Spotpass notifications you want and for which games you'd rather receive them.



FiveDigitLP commented on Feature: Where Is Your Wii Balance Board?:

We have ours sitting next to our TV stand. I was using it fairly regularly just as a scale to track my weight, but I've started noticing recently that the measurements seem off, so I'm kind of afraid the sensors in it are off.



FiveDigitLP commented on Readers Of EDGE Consider Ocarina Of Time And M...:

For once, there's a list that I can mostly agree with! Sure there might be some things missing that I would put on there, and some on there I didn't particularly like, but this list actually makes sense and doesn't just seem like a stupid popularity contest made up of games from the last five years.



FiveDigitLP commented on "Uninformed" Store Staff Are Hurting Wii U Sal...:

I can certainly testify to this issue being true! I was just in Wal-Mart the other day and some kid was trying to convince his grandma why the Wii U is better. She kept saying, "But why is this one $130 and the other one $300?" The best explanation he could come up with was that the Wii U had a controller with a screen--not that it was also an upgrade with more advanced hardware. So it seems even the consumer who wants one doesn't completely understand the differences...



FiveDigitLP commented on Rumour: Cherry And Mango Wii U Colours Outed B...:

No offense, but that seems like a pointless reason to have two Gamepads. By the time you synced the second Gamepad to replace the one that died (only one can be synced at a time), you could have plugged in the existing one and just play with it plugged in. Surely your money would be better spent on buying that larger battery that's coming out soon, no?



FiveDigitLP commented on Gazooks! Pokémon Favourite Charizard Can Mega...:

Who said these things won't end up happening? They've just been drip feeding us information. I mean, it wasn't until a few weeks ago that we even knew there was going to be the possibility for two different Mega forms depending on the game. Maybe we'll find out that any Pokemon that can Mega-evolve will have two different forms? Or maybe we'll find out that EVER SINGLE POKEMON can Mega-evolve? (Nah, probably not.)

All I'm trying to say is that we really have no idea at this point. Just because they haven't said something is going to happen, doesn't mean it's not going to.



FiveDigitLP commented on First Impressions: Teslagrad:

Man, everything I've seen about this game looks so good. The mechanics look great and the visuals are gorgeous. I've been looking forward to it ever since I first heard about it.



FiveDigitLP commented on Additional Minigames Confirmed for Spin The Bo...:

I've debated back and forth on whether or not I want to get this. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun, but neither I nor my friends are the types to get drunk and just lose our inhibitions, so some of the up-close-and-personal games might be a little awkward without that. I read somewhere, though, that you can go into the options and disable certain games. If that is the case, then that would certainly encourage me to get it. I just watched a "Let's Play" of it, and there were some pretty funny games.