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Haywired commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Beware the Slip...:

So that's why there hadn't been an F-Zero or Starfox game in ages, they're being rebranded as Coke-Zero and Starbux...

Seriously though, while I am a purist and I think this does look out of place and a bit tacky, I'm not really bothered. Nintendo is a business and this sort of thing is perfectly normal.

However I would say to all the people who are referencing games like Wave Race, 1080 Snowboarding, sports games, etc. that this isn't quite the same as those games are set in the real world, so it makes sense to use advertising/product placement because that fits in with the realism. Mario is not set in the real world and while it would be silly to take the Mario universe/canon too seriously, we do take it somewhat seriously, or at least, it's somewhat precious to us, which is why for some, this jars. But as I say, I personally don't particularly mind.



Haywired commented on Star Fox on Wii U to Support Local Co-Op With ...:

Well I say "clutching at straws" because it sounds so contrived. It sounds like solutions to non-existent problems. It seems clunky and inelegant (lol Simpsons...) It doesn't seem to add anything good enough to warrant the discomfort of having to hold the controller up to your face the whole time. It seems like being wacky and different for the sake of it (though admittedly I am probably way too much of a purist for my own good...) The writer who played it in the Kotaku link didn't seem that impressed.

Not everything has to be simple of course, but it's much, much better for a company like Nintendo if it is. The Wii philosophy (and I say this as someone who didn't particularly like the Wii. The Wii and Wii U are the only Nintendo consoles I haven't loved) saved Nintendo from the brink. An approach that by keeping things simple and by going back to basics and moving away from the increasingly complicated games and control schemes that they could (and did) recapture a huge audience (of non, casual and lapsed gamers) who had become increasingly alienated by all that. Nintendo are fools if, as you suggest, they've decided to abandon this philosophy. For me, those few paragraphs above from Miyamoto kind of encapsulate why the Wii U has so far been such an unmitigated disaster and currently on course to be their worst-selling home console ever. Nintendo fans may get it, but Nintendo needs to appeal to a hell of a lot more people than that. All these crazy, confusing uses of the Gamepad just create a barrier to their amazing software (I've seen this first-hand when playing it with casual gamers).

Now I'm worried with that explanation that I've left myself wide-open for attacks, but oh well...



Haywired commented on Star Fox on Wii U to Support Local Co-Op With ...:

I'm more than happy to be proved wrong, but his description makes it really sound like clutching at straws for uses of the Gamepad (particularly for a game that traditionally controls simply and beautifully). It's strange because such convoluted control schemes are pretty much the exact thing the Wii philosophy was created in order to get rid of (which is why Nintendo Land's failure to take off with the masses should never have been a surprise to them). To hear Miyamoto say that the controls are hard to understand and take a while to learn, etc. seems completely at odds with his old design philosophy.



Haywired commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's GamePad Bet Could Pa...:

"It's software that sells systems not control methods". Exactly. Nintendo used to understand that the controller was merely the conduit to play the game. The NES and SNES were never sold on the back of the controller. The controller was barely ever mentioned. Nowadays they're trying to make the controller the main-event itself. Mario Kart 8 has just had a very successful launch and will probably end up as the biggest-selling Wii U game and yet it makes no meaningful use of the Gamepad. No one is buying Mario Kart because of the Gamepad. They're buying it because... it's Mario Kart! It should tell Nintendo everything they need to know (ie. that people love Nintendo's software, they don't really care about the hardware).

“The hardware is just a box you buy only because you want to play Mario games.” Hiroshi Yamauchi

As for the article in general, I'm not so confident there was anything in terms of usage of the Gamepad at E3 that's suddenly going to make the general public interested in it. There have already been plenty of Wii U Gamepad showcases in Nintendo Land, Game & Wario, Wii Party U, etc. and they haven't worked.

Also, @Mahe I understood your original NES point even if others took it far too seriously/deliberately misunderstood/twisted it and then declared themselves the winner of the argument...



Haywired commented on E3 2014: Getting To Grips With Amiibo, Nintend...:

It's funny, I've noticed NL keep sneaking in words like "innovative" and "revolutionary" when writing about the amiibos. I'm guessing it's phase one of the operation, with phase two being the eventual re-writing of history that amiibos came before Skylanders and everyone totally ripped off Nintendo's innovation yet again...



Haywired commented on E3 2014: Three Different Modes Detailed for St...:

I don't know, isn't the problem with Star Fox that they keep trying to do something different with it, when everyone just wants a traditional, pure Star Fox game like the first two (ie. the two successful ones)? If it controls like Nintendo Land's Metroid Blast (which I thought was quite clunky tbh) and you have to hold the Gamepad up to your face for the whole game, I'm not sure, if the main action is already on the TV screen, what exactly a cockpit view offers to offset the discomfort. I would hate to see Wii U Gamepad features crowbarred in to turn a game that controls beautifully into something needlessly convoluted just for the sake of it. But perhaps that's Miyamoto's remit at the moment.



Haywired commented on E3 2014: Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Star Fox fo...:

That was my reaction as well. I don't think the younger Miyamoto would ever have designed games in such a way and it's worrying if he has a "brief" to shoehorn in Wii U Gamepad features. To be honest my synopsis of the interview was "the controls are a convoluted mess", like a bad Star Fox motion mini-game from Nintendo Land, but I'll say no more as I don't want to be a buzzkill with the exciting news.



Haywired commented on Mario Kart TV Web App Goes Live:

I must say I don't really get this sort of thing (but fair enough for those who do). I appreciate that social media/sharing has to be in everything now, but I just don't really understand why anyone would care about watching my races and why I would care about watching theirs? It's not as if there isn't plenty of video footage of the game out there anyway. Yes, you might see tips, shortcuts, etc. but that stuff is already all over YouTube, so it seems kind of redundant. Though I suppose the stuff mentioned in the penultimate paragraph could have some appeal. But isn't it just going to be thousands upon thousands of unwatched videos?

It's kind of like they made an app of the boring, annoying bit of MKWii's online where you have to watch other people race before getting to play. But fair enough if there's a market for that.



Haywired commented on Mario Kart Month: Expanding the Universe of Ma...:

A definite no to the idea from me. As I said in the previous article, Mario Kart should be kept in the Mario universe. Smash Bros. crossover works; Link, Samus, etc. in combat, makes sense. Link, Samus, etc. in wacky go-kart racing, no thanks. Also, as @absuplendous said, it would devalue the appeal of Smash Bros. itself. Smash Bros. should be the only mass Nintendo crossover. That's a huge part of what makes it so special. If all Nintendo franchises became messy, nonsensical crossovers it would be horrible.

However, yesterday @ThreadShadow mentioned that it could work in the style of Nintendo Land as its style is very separate and removed from the actual franchises themselves and their (at the risk of sounding pretentious) canon. This I suppose would be acceptable.



Haywired commented on Interview: Mario Kart 8 Director, Kosuke Yabuk...:

Wouldn't like to see a Smash Bros-esque Mario Kart at all to be honest. Should keep it in the Mario universe which it's much more suited to. Smash Bros crossover works; Link, Samus, etc. in combat, makes sense. Link, Samus, etc. in wacky go-kart racing, no thanks.



Haywired commented on Video: Check Out This Mario Kart 8 And Mario K...:

@Goginho @WaveBoy
Exactly what I was going to say. While the Wii U one technically looks amazing, it's a bit too realistic for the Mario universe. I prefer the look of the Wii one with its much brighter colors and simpler shapes, much more in keeping with the Mario style. The Wii U Moo Moo Meadows looks kind of drab and depressing in comparison... I think Mario 3D World is more the way to go in having amazing graphics while keeping the cartoony Mario style.



Haywired commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:

I'm really not sure that the dual-screens was the "one" feature that made DS such a smash-hit. If it were anything to do with the innovation aspect it would have been the touch-screen surely, not really the two screens (I would say most of the touch-heavy games I played could have easily been achieved with one touch-screen). Plus also the fact that some of the biggest-selling games on the console that pushed the DS into the stratosphere (New Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart DS, Pokémon D/P/B/W, etc.) made no meaningful use of the feature.

People tend to forget that the DS's first year on the market (when it was being sold almost entirely on the back of being "the dual screen console!") wasn't massively successful. It did well, but it was pretty much level with the PSP in their first year. Having two screens was never its biggest selling point. I suppose kind of similar to the 3DS's first year when it was being sold explicitly on the 3D and it nearly killed it. Nintendo then rescued the console by removing all focus from the 3D and onto (shock!) the games themselves!



Haywired commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:

I don't know, I haven't seen any 2DS marketing that's specifically targeted towards under-7s, particularly when the console's minimum recommended age (as with most Nintendo consoles) is... 7.
I think the 2DS was made for anyone regardless of age to get the console for significantly cheaper by removing a feature that they don't want or need.



Haywired commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle for a Presence in UK ...:

But the Wii U is struggling everywhere though, I'm not sure why that's exclusive to the UK. The biggest selling console of all-time in the UK is the Nintendo DS and this list of the top 10 biggest selling (single SKU) games of all time in the UK (from a couple of years ago) doesn't exactly show a country that's anti-Nintendo:



Haywired commented on Rumour: Mario Golf: World Tour To Offer Additi...:

Yeah, there is a bit of hypocrisy when it comes to DLC. I remember a few years ago, when everyone was doing DLC and Nintendo had yet to, Nintendo fans of course saw this as a prime opportunity to take the moral high ground and were all like "DLC is terrible. Totally indicative of modern gaming and greedy companies. Nintendo would never do DLC because they're better than that." Then Nintendo started doing DLC... So they desperately had to scramble around for a new moral high ground (because they can't just, ya know, let it go...) and that became "Nintendo does DLC right" and that "Nintendo would never release something as DLC that they could've put in the actual game" (though without working at Nintendo I'm not sure how they could possibly know that).



Haywired commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

I think that, when Nintendo reveals information about a new Mario game and a large proportion (perhaps even the majority) of the reaction of actual Nintendo fans (people who love Mario more than anyone) ranges from indifference to disappointment to even anger, maybe that's a sign that Nintendo have been putting out too many Mario games recently.

The 3DS already has 2 (the DS only needed 1, that had evergreen sales throughout the console's life, as it should be in my opinion. The GBA didn't actually have/need any new ones). If they churn out Mario games at too high a frequency then the franchise will end up as exhausted and (relatively) irrelevant as Sonic is now, which seems to have a new game every 5 minutes. Releasing too many games in quick succession of a popular franchise will kill it in the long-term. The reason NSMB was so insanely successful was because people had built up a massive hunger for a new 2D Mario for many, many years. The reason NSMBU wasn't anywhere near as successful is because they hadn't. There have already been 2 Super Mario games released on the Wii U in just 1 and a bit years. The fact that neither one had any significant impact would worryingly suggest that it's already happening.



Haywired commented on Mario Kart 8 Producer Explains The Absence of ...:

I've never really found "create your own track/level/stage, etc." stuff as exciting as I think it's going to be. I feel like Nintendo giving the opportunity to design your own levels in a Mario platformer, or design your own tracks in Mario Kart would kind of devalue their own content.



Haywired commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

What I find strange about the "more of the same" accusation is that "more of the same" is pretty much Nintendo's bread and butter. Not that I use that as a criticism at all, but that's what they do; Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Animal Crossing, Metroid, Kirby, Pokemon, etc. and have been for decades, so I don't know where this moral high-ground has suddenly appeared for Nintendo fans regarding "more of the same". This thread will be full of people accusing other companies of producing "more of the same", then their next comments on the site will probably be like "can't wait for Mario Kart 8/Smash Bros!"



Haywired commented on Infamous Series was Originally Inspired by Ani...:

No, you just misunderstood my point. I have no problem with people preferring Animal Crossing to Infamous. The fact that Animal Crossing is one of my favorite franchises and that I've never played Infamous would put me in the same bracket. It's the fact that some people have commented on this article just to say that Animal Crossing is better than Infamous, even though that's completely irrelevant to the article and completely uncalled for. You usually get those sorts of comments if the article was like "Infamous creator says Animal Crossing sucks" or something, but it's nothing of the sort, if anything he's paying tribute to Animal Crossing.



Haywired commented on Super Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai Se...:

Agreed. But of course, at the time you did need a powerful system to play Zelda: Majora's Mask, as the N64 was (to quote Nintendo's slogan): "the fastest, most powerful games console on earth". That game couldn't have been made on less powerful, older systems like the NES and SNES. It needed the power of the N64 (the Xbox One/PS4 of its day). It's all relative to the era.



Haywired commented on Monster Hunter is Ten Years Old Today:

So glad that this amazing series came to Nintendo consoles. It's a franchise that takes a bit of getting used to and a fair amount of learning, but it's so awesome once you get into it.



Haywired commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

Totally agree. I really think this is an often overlooked problem for the Wii U. I know many people think options are a good thing, but not always. The Wii U controller situation is too convoluted and messy. I miss the more simplified, streamlined days of the NES, SNES, N64 and GC. You knew where you were.

For a casual/newcomer I would think the Wii U controller situation is completely impenetrable: "So I use the Wii U controller, but I can also use the Pro controller for a lot of games, but that changes certain aspects of the game as it doesn't have a touch-screen? I can play entirely on the Wii U Gamepad screen, but that also changes certain aspects of the game as it negates the two-screen set-up? For some games I can also use Wii Remotes which have a completely different layout? For multiplayer, only one person can use a Gamepad and others have to use Pro controllers and Wii Remotes, despite the different layouts and functionality? Can I use the Classic Controller Pro or just the Pro controller? Do standard Wii Remotes work or just Wii Remote Plus? What about a standard Wii Remote with a motion plus attachment? What about Wavebirds?" [head explodes]



Haywired commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

To be fair, the Street Fighter comment was mine. It was a general dig at the idea that pausing the game to look down at information on a second screen on the controller instead of pausing the game to look at information on the screen that you're already looking at represents mind-blowing innovation (and somehow; immersion....), instead of actually making barely any difference at all.



Haywired commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

@XCWarrior @beautifulstrong
I found that looking away from the action to look at the Gamepad screen in Monster Hunter is absolute suicide. A surefire way to becoming a Barroth's breakfast or getting gobbled by a Gobul. And that having the HUD information on the TV screen, right there in my peripheral vision, that I can see at a second's glance at all times is most convenient.



Haywired commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

Ha! The funniest thing is that while they may not be pressing pause, they're still pausing the game to look down at the controller to use this stuff, so it makes barely any difference. Plus they're probably having to take their right hand off the buttons, onto the touch-screen, then back onto the buttons again. I also would have thought having to look down at your controller constantly is the most immersion-breaking thing you could do in a game, for those who like to bring that constantly misused word into it.

Do you remember when we used to play Street Fighter and how we really hated how convenient it was to see your health bar right there on screen while you played. It was right there in your peripheral vision. It was so quick and intuitive to see it at a glance. It was awful. Oh how we yearned to have this information put onto a second screen to make it needlessly convoluted.



Haywired commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

I like how, whenever a Wii U game doesn't do amazingly in Japan, there's always of group of commenters saying that said franchise/genre "isn't as big in Japan anyway", but based on no actual evidence. Today it's seemingly that platformers and/or Donkey Kong games aren't popular over there... despite the fact that nearly all 2D Mario platformers and the original SNES Donkey Kong Countries are among the biggest-selling games of all-time in Japan.