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Ace Attorney + Professor Layton :D

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Fri 8th Feb 2013

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roryscott commented on Plotting Murder in Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies:

I think that the Ace Attorney cases are amazing and each one is very individual. I love the way how it seems supernatural at first but there is always a logical solution — aside from the final case in Trials and Tribulations which heavily revolves around spirit channellings but it is actually my favourite case because the ending is just AMAZING and when you find out what happened and who the victim was (so sad) it is just great! The storyline in the Ace Attorney series is amazing and I really can not wait for Dual Destinies and if someone has never played an Ace Attorney game, I really advise you to play them!



roryscott commented on Ace Attorney Collection for 3DS Has Been Propo...:

I have played them all but having them all in one package would be quite handy! I really hope we hear of a localisation soon for the upcoming titles as well! Ace Attorney is definitely my favourite video game series and I encourage everyone to give them a try!



roryscott commented on Platinum Games: Ask Capcom if You Want Okami 2:

Okami is one of my favourite games ever! I really hope they make a sequel on Wii U! The system is just crying of an Okami game – they're such a match! I really hope Capcom see the potential! Okamiden was a really great game too which ended with a big hint for another game