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Sat 14th June, 2008

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gingerbeardman commented on Mario Kart 8 Update & DLC Scheduled for 27th A...:

Seems like a great update! So happy they have been listening.

Remaining gripes for me:

  • no manual switch between cameras or players in MKTV replay mode
  • should be easier to play with friends than waiting for spaces in a room. ie. start room with friends and then wait for random people to fill it
  • an option to say you are happy to wait to join a friend ASAP, rather than it just saying "you are unable to join" and you have to keep trying manually when you think their race has finished
  • no way to see which time trials you have beaten without going into each one
  • no expert ghosts


  • address item distribution
  • remove fire hopping
  • allow jump/tricks whilst drifting (this was in MKWii)
  • green shells should make more noise
  • limited character/vehicle combos compared to MK7 (hopefully the Mercedes cars are not just reskins of existing cars)


gingerbeardman commented on Book Review: Console Wars - Sega, Nintendo, an...:

I recently read The Ultimate History of Video Games (2001) and can't figure out if this is a simple rewriting/paraphrasing of that book, or whether there are only a certain number of ways to write about the historical events. Reading the recently published excerpts left me feeling a bit cheated.



gingerbeardman commented on Nintendo Confirms Kirby: Triple Deluxe eShop D...:

I hope Nintendo sort out their policy. I was bought a download code for Mario Golf World Tour and found that thus method if eShop purchase doesn't include the free DL of the Game Boy Color version—despite being told repeatedly throughout the checkout process that I'd get it.

Just a word of warning.



gingerbeardman commented on Super Mario Kart Action Replay Code Discovered...:

@Mk_II if you read the page on romhacking it says that it only took a few hours, but probably more hours of thinking before hacking away at the debugger.

Apparently the guy is now working on a patch to allow these items to be obtain through the normal means (driving over a question mark block and stopping the spinner)



gingerbeardman commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Tennis (Wii U eShop):

I'd argue that it's an up-res rather than an upscale. I'd perhaps give it a point or two more since it's still immensely great fun local multi-player, so the added benefit of online (which works well the majority of the time for me) is just icing in the cake.



gingerbeardman commented on Soapbox: Mobile And Tablet Gaming Is Creating ...:

There are deep and engaging games on mobile, much as there are shallow and boring games on consoles. Our job is to pick the better games, those we'll enjoy playing, and let the poor ones die off.

There are many one button games on a range of platforms - GBA, Wii, smart phones - that define the concept of minimal control that are supremely deep. MaBoShi being my favourite on console, and Cut the Rope being my favourite on mobile.

As for pre-iPhone gaming, I had some real greats on my old Sony Ericsson phone. Tower Bloxx was a fantastic one button block stacking puzzle game. Vijay Singh 3D was a superb 3D polygonal golf game that is up there with the greatest simulation-style golf games of all time in my experience, somewhere between Microprose Golf and Links 2004. Both of those received sequels (Vijay was renamed Real Golf) with better graphics on modern smart phones, but their core gameplay remained unchanged.

So, my point: platform doesn't matter. Our own choice of game does. We should choose wisely, as the future of gaming will be defined by us.



gingerbeardman commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

@Lin1876 says everything I wanted to. Great response to a thought provoking piece. Essentially, it's worrying that the article is presented as "fact" and is potebtially misleading those who are new to the issue and yet to make up their own minds about why region locking exists.

I'd only add that I don't import to be part of an elite club, which I find preposterous, but rather simply to play the games I want - when I want. Examples: ExciteBots (Wii, USA), Katamari Damacy (PS2, JP), Guru Logi Champ (GBA, JP), Kururin Paradise (GBA, JP), Ouendan (DS, JP). Games I've exported to friends that were only released in Europe include Pang (DS).

As for the App Store, different regions exist but it's very rare you will find an app that is only available in one region and then it tends to be because of licensing issues to do with media content.



gingerbeardman commented on Exclusive: Conker's Bad Fur Day Creator Chris ...:

@Damo my thought was more along the lines of "is a game without a central gameplay mechanic enough of a game?". In its simplest form, would Tetris be Tetris if it didn't have the central gameplay mechanic of disappearing compete lines? Well, it'd still be a game but it wouldn't be as fun. Perhaps they're talking about their game a little bit early? What they're talking about right now is just a scenario, or as Chris says "a story". I guess Mario World would still be good without its story. But would the story be enough without the gameplay? Not for me.

Ps: typo "be a with"