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Sat 1st Aug 2009

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homopod commented on Review: Go! Go! Kokopolo (DSiWare):

Wow, thanks for the review. I downloaded it day 1 in Europe (because of that awesome trailer)
It's an amazing game - IMO, one of the best DSiWare releases ever: lots of content, unlockables, crazy characters, high difficulty, colourful and neat visuals, many hours of gameplay and high replayability value.
Must buy.



homopod commented on Biorhythm:

It's an application for checking your biorhythms (physical, emotional and intellectual - the standard set - ). Biorhythms are not real, just like horoscopes or alchemy.
There can be up to 9 profiles, love check. The app looks and feels stylish (oscillator "shivers" if touched, self-test is... er, interesting))). Not much to do.

Thanks, Cinemax, I enjoy it.



homopod commented on Review: Sleep Clock: Record and Analyse Your S...:

I use this app for one week now. When you go to sleep you press "Start Sleeping!" and close the DSi. When you wake up press "End". That's it. If you can't fall asleep for too long you can just edit sleeping times later.

For 200 pts it's a good alarm clock with graphs )) But Mr. Sheep could be more tonguey.

Thanks for the little review, Henry. The score is ok (could be higher though)



homopod commented on Sleep Clock: Record and Analyse Your Sleep Pat...:

Downloaded. Unlike the japanese verson it's 43 blocks, not 14!
Mr. Sheep fell in love with Ms. Alpaka. No how-&-when-to-sleep advices, minimum functionality (alarm, recording sleep time, graphs). Alarms can be VERY LOUD. The volume is independent from the system volume settings. Six presets of alarm sound and the whole DSi Sound-theque. Snoozing at 3, 5, 10 or 15 min (or OFF).



homopod commented on Music On: Electronic Keyboard:

>>Looks really nice.But you can't save the your music to a SD card, can you?

Why do you need that? You can save up yo 8 files in internal memory.



homopod commented on Music On: Electronic Keyboard:

OMG! I've just downloaded it! Freeeeky! Yeah! Great! 200 pts - for simple music product - just what I needed! Muchas gracias, Abylight-amigos!
starts looking for some good tracks in internet...