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Sat 17th November, 2012

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WindWakerLink commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

As long as the release Mega Man Battle Network 1 - 6, I'm a happy camper! The lack of multiplayer isn't a surprise or it shouldn't come as one. Now if the whole "dual-gameplay with two gamepads" were happening already & couldn't do multiplayer on it for the GBA VC then that would be surprising. Like someone said above, that can get fix with an update later on.



WindWakerLink commented on Video: The Dubious Charm Of Senran Kagura Burs...:

This game is fast-paced action and REALLY fun!! I love the music & aerial combos you can do it the game. It feels so nice especially for getting some rage out. The whole clothes thing kinda reminds me of Sailor Moon but "more involved." Games like this are normal in Japan, so for this coming outside it is cool. Like Vhyper1985 said above: "It's hilarious that a game like this is on a Nintendo system." XD



WindWakerLink commented on Lucario The Aura Warrior Returns To Battle In ...:

Lucario! YES!!!! I'm so glad he's back!

To the very 1st comment about final smash being his Mega evolution.... AGREED! That would be AWESOME! Super Sonic vs Mega Lucario! XD

Now that I think about it, I shouldn't be too surprise at Lucario's return to smash. Why? Well...for those that played Pokemon X & Y, you can see the love for Lucario in the game.
1- There is a freaking statue of his mega evolution in game thats part of the story.
2- A Lucario vs Lucario battle that allows you to Mega evolve on the spot & you get to keep said Lucario.

I wonder if Pokemon Trainer is coming back. If so, which starters will his/she will run? I hope for gene 6 and get some ninja action with Greninja. Heh heh heh.



WindWakerLink commented on Remember, Wii Fit U's Free Trial Offer Expires...:

@ntabruzzo "From my understanding, you have 30 or 31 days to try the game for free from the time you downloaded it. If you don't sync the wii fit meter thing to it before the 30/31 days, then once the trial period is over you can't keep the game." When you do sync the meter to the game, a message will come up saying something like: 'Congratulations! You have synced your meter to the game. For now on, you can keep the game after the trial period is over! Enjoy playing Wii Fit U.' "



WindWakerLink commented on Guide: How To Become The Ultimate Monster Bree...:

@ningeek185 " can go catch the legendaries...For training after you beat the league, there is the Pokemon Village area. However, the best place, I think, is the Battle Chateau place where you can constantly battle trainers if you pay the script that keeps trainers coming to you. [cost $100,000 and they will keep coming. Talk to the lady on right when you enter to pay for that script.] You can even battle the gym leaders there! I used that place to fund-raise my clothes shopping addiction. Hahaha. XD But in the process of fundraising I got my most of PKMN to over level 90 before getting to the Pokemon League. That wasn't the plan, but it just happened that way.



WindWakerLink commented on Pokémon X & Y Update Mandatory for Online Pla...:

Aww man..."now i have ti update my 3ds systems to get this update... I've been avoiding getting the NNID update because I'm trying to come up with good ID without copying my wii u one..."

" it was a hacked thing...I had a couple of wifi battles & found it strange I could see my opponents pokemon before battle. Reminded me of Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2...." This is good I guess.



WindWakerLink commented on Review: Mega Man X2 (Wii U eShop / Super Ninte...:

@Warruz "Well...if you count the Mega Man X Anniversary Collection on Game Cube, then Mega Man X 4 was on a Nintendo console."

I LOVE MEGA MAN X2!!! It's my favorite of the 3 for the SNES series!!!! If I didn't already own the original SNES cartridge and have the MMX Anniversary Collection, I'd TOTALLY get this on the Wii U!

SN:"I hope the Wii U get Mega Man X3 the SNES version and not that PS1 version... 'yuck...' I mean the PS1 version was cool in that they added the animation scenes, but the soundtrack doesn't sound as good as the SNES soundtrack. Plus they changed the intro stage in the PS1 version, which I really hated. If you played MMX 3 intro stage on the SNES, then I think you'll know what I mean. It was SO COOL, INTENSE and dramatic in the first 10-15 seconds."



WindWakerLink commented on Latest Iwata Asks Reveals More on Camera Angle...:

"Team Rosalina!" XD

I love that she is in the game. That actually makes me want to get the game at launch instead of December... This holiday season is looking quite promising.

SN:"It's a good thing the pushed DK: Tropical Freeze for next year, hmmm?"



WindWakerLink commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Clarifies That Local Multipla...:

Online mutliplayer should have been added. End of story. I have friends all over the world that I can't even go to their place to play Mario and vice-versa. I'm getting real tried of playing Mario games on my own because of that. This is were the online play comes into play. Whether it be playing with friends or strangers online, it would have been extra fun. Plus, it builds in the fun & funny environment of the mii verse community.

Maybe Nintendo will realize that most of us that played Mario games as kids have all grown up and have busy schedules and can't always go to our friends house for 'X-Y-Z' reasons [college, university, work, married life, etc.] Again, I get the whole local play thing. There is value in it but there is also value in online play. It's SUPER doable for Nintendo to add it.... (Sigh)..... Maybe the next Mario game after 3D World...."but that's just wishful thinking on my part..."



WindWakerLink commented on Feature: Pokémon X & Y - All You Need to Know...:

@Hiya-all "If you get torchic and then reset you're game 'you should not be able to get it again with that game card. That's how these events work. Whenever you get a event pokemon like Torchic from Nintendo or whatever, as you're getting it,it registers that your card game already gets the event and is not allowed to get it again." Basically its a 'one event per game card kind of thing.'

Don't risk it man!!