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Sat 1st Dec 2012

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JayRydah commented on Video: Xbox One vs. Nintendo 64:

I loved my n64 when i got it on my 13th bday.played mario 64 for endless hours.loved it..on another note I bought my lil bro a gamecube when it 1st launched but I never played it.I was always working at that time and never played much games cuz didn't have the time but I recently bought a gamecube 4rm my coworker and bought a stack of 10 games off someone for $20 and 3 of the games are Super smash bros mele,mario kart double dash,and mario party 6.come to find out there kindy pricey so im very happy and am loving my im hooked and am trying to build up my gamecube library



JayRydah commented on Nintendo Download: 20th June (North America):

Luigi U for me tonight n mario bros as well.would love to get wario n game but all in time . Nintendo has a tight hold on my wallet this year.

Edit: I didnt realize little inferno was only $5 so im def getting that..all though im not so sure how much fun a game about burning stuff will be.ill find out soon enough



JayRydah commented on Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox On...:

I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear when I read this earlier on another site and just wanted to read all the comments and reactions from us Nintendo a early adopter of wii u and I honestly dont regret it one actually proud to be a early adopter.Go Wii U



JayRydah commented on Wii U Virtual Console Launch Lineup Is Revealed:

Wow honestly when I 1st started reading the list I kept scrolling down thinkin to myself this cant be it cuz 4 of those games were released n I got em all so im disappointed but nothing to cry over . hopefully it gets better.wii u must succeed! !!



JayRydah commented on New Research Claims Wii U Success Hinges On A ...:

I bought my wii u da wk after thanks giving and I dont regret it 1 bit. I use it almost everyday. I know things will pick up.ive never bought a game system so early at launch the wii u is the 1st and once new games n apps start popping up that take advantage of the gamepad people will buy.i cant say I feel sorry for any1 that regrets buying the wii I always say take it back or sell it or man give it to someone that will appreciate it.



JayRydah commented on Darksiders II to Disappear From The Wii U eSho...:

For anyone that doesnt have this game Best Buy is having a sale for Darksiders 2 for only 19.99 from the 59.99 that it still is at any other store. I dont have it yet but will after work today. Glad I waited. Im in NA just thought I'd share it



JayRydah commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

I dont download full retail games.i usually buy big releases even though I wouldn't consider myself a collector.i guess I jist like how they look on the shelf only games I download from the eshop are games I caant get on hard copy. Sofar I got T2, Runner 2, indie games ill download.



JayRydah commented on Review: BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Leg...:

Man I put in sooo many hours on this awesome game this wkend. Im on the 4th world now n it just gets better n better. Both my thumbs r still kinda sorefrom all the cconstant button pressing but its so much fun. I recommend any1 to get it. Great review n rating. Cant wait to get home n pass some more levels tonight. ..



JayRydah commented on Gaijin Games: Runner 2 Fix is On The Way:

Its only froze up on me once so definitely not a deal breaker. I played dis game for hours lastnight and had a blast playing. I cant help but jump over the checkpoint every time n try to go for the high score. Hands down 1 of my favorite games ive downloaded off the eshop. Worth every penny.



JayRydah commented on Nintendo Download: 21st February 2013 (North A...:

I already downloaded f-zero lastnight n it was great. Today I will probably download the monster hunter demo..TBH I never really seen what the big deal was with this game but im more than willing to give it a go n see for myself. We are about to get hit with a blizzard in a couple hours so ill need games to keep busy.



JayRydah commented on Watch Dogs Confirmed For Release On Wii U:

Well what do you kno..ubisoft kinda coming thru on this 1. Still mad bout rayman but was totally hoping this came out for Wii U. I hope they make good use of the gamepad and not just throw a map on there even tho that would be fine n all..I just imagine the game pad being a high tech hacking machine. Cant wait. 1st day purchase here.



JayRydah commented on Rayman Legends Challenge Mode Coming Exclusive...:

Well my hat goes off to Mr.ancel n his team for taking a better approach to this and giving us something to say they know we are ticked off. I have no problems with the developers but Ubisoft on the other hand I still feel some hate towards them. If Ubisoft wants to make it up to wii u owners then give us upcoming big title releases. So to support the dev team I will download this.does seem like some fun.and I love the fact that it will be updated daily.



JayRydah commented on Nintendo 3DS Direct Bringing the Love on 14th ...:

Really hard not to get pumped for this. I have hopes that nintendo is trying to give us wii u owners good news sinve the whole raymans legends crap that ubisoft pulled. Hopefully its something awesome. Plz dont let us down Nintendo. Confirmed release dates for wii u games releasing soon would be nice



JayRydah commented on Rayman Legends Boss and Dev Team Protest Wii U...:

Now that is a great thing to see. Im still kinda upset over the whole delay.ubisoft better listen to us and release earlier.theres 100s of angry gamers on here alone and if you go on facebook to all of ubisoft pages from north america to everywhere else there isliterally 1000s of angry people and comments flooding there pages .



JayRydah commented on Wii U To Get An "Exclusive" Rayman Legends Dem...:

Thats just pathetic of ubisoft to acknowledge that we are mad and to try and offer us a demo which we already have. They are obviously listening to alot of the uproar from nintendo fans all over.this still wont make up for nothing.



JayRydah commented on Reaction: The Rayman Legends Delay Is a Low Bl...:

Ubisoft knows nintendo fans all over are mad. They are taking some notice. We gotta keep emailing them and anything else to get there attention. Every game site ive ben on der has ben 100s of pple furious. And der facebook pg is flooded with angry pple.



JayRydah commented on Reaction: The Rayman Legends Delay Is a Low Bl...:

I just read on ubisofts facebook pg dat they are listening to our comments and know we are furious and to make up for it tjey said to stay tuned cuz they are working to release another wii u xclusive demo. Haha. Are they serious. They are trying to make up for this by giving us another demo. Wow. Boycott ubisft and keep complaining till we get our release sooner.



JayRydah commented on Ubisoft Confirms Rayman Legends Delay Isn't Do...:

Of course the people that feel betrayed the most is us actual wii u owners who own the system and were eagerly waiting only wks away from a already delayed game. So understandably I am outraged as a wii u owner that ubisoft simply spit in our face and said screw Nintendo fans all over. And others could say we are being childesh or unreasonable but the fact is that we arent mad cuz of multi platform release we are furious cuz our wii u version is done and ready to ship. Ubisoft will not get a purchase from me for this game. I promise I will stay true to that and any other ubisoft games at that. Sorry to the dev team for ur wasted time but ubisoft will make dis game fail miserably. I really hope it bombs.



JayRydah commented on Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive, De...:

Wow this is very disappointing news. Was really lukin foward to this at the end of the month. Why make us wii u owners have to wait longer if the wii u version is already ready to go. Makes no sense at all. Screw ubisoft!



JayRydah commented on Talking Point: Time for Wii U to Treat Us Like...:

Well im in north america so it must b a state policy for europe. Plus I usually buy my games hard copy. N as a 26yr old adult I usually dont go to bed till after 1 every night so wouldn't be a problem for me if I had to download at night. A lil in convenient bt no deal breaker. Im luvin every minute with my wii u.



JayRydah commented on Feature: Taking Off to the Miiverse:

I have came to find out that im spending a whole lot of my time on miiverse. I mean I cud scroll da communities for hrs n b entertained by all the creative drawings n helpful tips on levels amd games. I think hands down 1 of the best features on the wii wud think more then half of the people on there are artist with amazing not even close to bein a artist and I somehow drew the guy on my profile pic.haha



JayRydah commented on Review: Nintendo Land (Wii U):

i finally got my wii u and am half way through the update..until now i would admit that I was a hardcore ps3 gamer but Nintendo has finally got my attention and I'm so pumped to see what this new system could do..i feel a all nighter coming up..setting it up was so easy n the 2hour update everyone keeps talking bout is only takin me about 30minutes..