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Thu 28th July, 2011

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C-Olimar commented on Dahku Creations Announces Departure From Game ...:

@RCMADIAX I got that impression and I think it's unfair. Your games are perfect cheap experiences. They're not going to win any awards but for the price they are fun.

The poor quality line was bitter and rude. A European, Blok Drop U is the only game of yours I've played, and it was sleek, simple and quick to load. I don't get what kind of quality he'd expect for £1.29.

I also feel like Spikey Walls was a cash in. But if people want to play Flappy Bird on Wii U, what's the problem? I would have released a Flappy Clone on the eShop if I was a Wii U developer.



C-Olimar commented on Project: Nintendo 64x64:

So it's Project Nintendo 4096?

Count me in...maybe. I don't like Mario 64, and I don't want to be a Debbie Downer. Maybe Ocarina of Time?



C-Olimar commented on Ubisoft's Latest UK Release Schedule Still Sho...:

@TreonsRealm Ubisoft don't believe the Wii U is only owned by families. They said the game they are holding back is a family game and they are waiting for more of those kind of consumers to buy Wii U systems.

The Wii U is owned by Nintendo fans reluctant to try new experiences.



C-Olimar commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

Oh wow, best DLC ever! This is seriously great, 16 new tracks, 8 karts (plus 3 Mercedes), 6 characters, new Yoshi and Shy Guy colours, only £14! So cheap!
Hopefully this is a long term thing and Nintendo keeps adding DLC 'til MK10 on Wii 3.
(How about a MK7 update for DLC as well Ninty?)



C-Olimar commented on Nintendo Download: 28th August (Europe):

@Ventilator It takes a long time to make a Mario Kart track.
On the plus side, there are files for CupIconDLC00 to CupIconDLC03 on the game disc, so it looks like we'll get a fairly substantial amount of new tracks (16, if we're getting 4 per cup).
Please note that there isn't actually any data, just (possibly) placeholder art and titles for the cup. This isn't on-disc DLC that has been held back from release. The art is pictures of Boo, Shine Sprite, Blue Shell and Yoshi Egg.
I for one am excited to play a MK game with 48 tracks!



C-Olimar commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Delay in Europe...:

What are families going to buy this Xmas???
Seems like Nintendo has written off this year for the Wii U. Which is a smart startegy. I mean, next year, PS and Xbox will start to get good games as well! More competition= more profit!