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Wed 11th March, 2009

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Metal_Slugger commented on Weirdness: The Makers Of TV Show Resurrection ...:

I seen it. One thing that came to my mind was the child woke up something like 30 years later. So it would be a game he recognized not a newer one. I'm not sure on the exact year he resurrected, but kept thinking is that even legal.



Metal_Slugger commented on Video: This Dr. Luigi Trailer May Be The Perfe...:

@JaxonH your opinion on the game twisted my arm I bought it. I feel pretty much the same way about these type of games, but it looked interesting. Plus I discovered I had a 5 dollar deluxe code that helped really seal the deal. I'm really glad I did it's awesome. I normally can't stand these type of games but its so addicting with the stylus. WELL worth the asking price which I thought was ridiculous at first. I only played virus buster so far its worth it just for that.



Metal_Slugger commented on GamePad High Capacity Battery Now Available in...:

I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it was 8 hours. 3-5 hours? I get about two and half so I am not sure I would get that much of an improvement. I think I will get it though. Looks like some nice deals on wiimote plus's and nunchucks for 20 a pop.



Metal_Slugger commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

I may stick only with the WiiU this generation. I have a ps3 which is still relevant. I don't use it much for gaming more a media player. I could change my mind at any moment, and if I do I may lean towards the Xboxone this time around.