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Wed 11th Mar 2009

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Metal_Slugger commented on Monster Hunter X (Cross) Confirmed for Japanes...:

Now thats the game I want on the WIIU. I can't play 4 for awhile damaged my arms playing that tiny 3DS. 600 hours in a very short time. I had to stop plus it was all I could think about in la la land. I'll probably ease my way back in with 3 later. I kind of miss that. I better not think to much about it or I will turn into a zombie. Capcom needs to release that stuff simultaneously because us Westerners don't live forever. This crap of waiting is insane. Damn the PUSHER MAN!



Metal_Slugger commented on Review: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS):

Any of you advanced players use the 3d effect when playing, or does it hinder your play style? I never played this game on one. I'll be getting a big grip for it so my hand doesn't cramp up. When I'm done it won't be portable at all. Probably look into some bulky old school hifi headphones as well.