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Fri 18th Jan 2013

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MatthewRPG commented on Best Buy Will Showcase Playable Demos of Ninte...:

E shop demos? They are marketing the wii u to people that DON'T have one yet, not those of us that do. This is a great idea to get people to play the system that haven't, and educate people about the differences of the two systems ( wii/wiiu). This can only improve sales which will lead to more games, DLC, and a stronger competition for the upcomming consoles that will be the talk of E3. GREAT IDEA



MatthewRPG commented on Mutant Mudds Developer Muses on Wii U Design:

I went to decal and got a cover that makes my wii u look like a retro nintendo as well as game pad. Looks awesome. Doesn't really help out the differential of the two though. Check it out for those of u that already have one if u want some pizazz.



MatthewRPG commented on Ralph Nader Targets Violent Video Games and Th...:

Nadar is an idiot anyway. They probably love the fact that sandy happened so they could use it as a political standpoint. Pretty sure games are rated now just for this purpose really it's parents electronically molesting their own kids for the purchase.