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Spoony_Tech commented on Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 Delivers an Artful Lau...:

@CaviarMeths Lol, I just did the same. It's like they have totally cut us off from any communication. I guess it could be worse and we get no games but we have to make a stand somewhere.

Maybe I'll call that phone number I seen listed. I'm sure they've seen some complaints about this but maybe it's out of their control and Sega is calling all the shots on pricing.

I went to Twitter to complain. All I'll probably get is a bunch of fan boys calling me out but whatever. They need to know they're losing support from this.



Spoony_Tech commented on Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 Delivers an Artful Lau...:

@CaviarMeths You can't steal my rant lol. ;)

Has this one also been confirmed at 50$ I know Brake Code has but can't remember if this has.

I'm also quite surprised so many people are boycotting this price increase. I still don't have Persona Q or plan to until it comes down to 30$ as well. What a shame as I want to day one Nintendo's biggest supporter 3rd party wise. I really think this is costing them more money then making them and they should rethink this price point. Make it 40$ on the eshop and I'll day one this.

I also when to their forums a few months back to see if we here are the only ones complaining and was surprised to see they had been shut down. I need to find an email address and formally complain about this.



Spoony_Tech commented on The Nintendo 3DS is Now Four Years Old in Europe:

@rjejr You make some good points and for some you can't really point the finger at Japan this time. NA has dropped the ball far too many times and really hasn't learned from their mistakes. Of course they get some influence from Japan but they really need to step it up. Also not including a power cord/charger for the New 3ds was just plain Stupid. That might work in other regions but not hear as it's unheard of.

I'm not too bother by price cuts but it does help. My theory has always been get the systems in people's hands and let them buy games. Nintendo wants to make a profit and I can't blame them as they have nothing else to fall back on. I say give the systems away and make money on the games. Might be crazy but at least the people will have the system already.



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo ...:

@ThomasBW84 Well I guess Monster Hunter doesn't need to be played for hours but who really doesn't though. I find myself and I'm sure most people that got into it sitting for hours and watching the red light start blinking before I put it down. After all, with sleep mode you can play for 5 mins here and there on any games no matter what type it is.



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo ...:

@ThomasBW84 Wouldn't you say those same things in this review about Monster Hunter 4U though? Both games need to be played for hours in one sitting and tv or not I enjoy my 3ds a lot more these days. I'm looking more forward to playing this in 3d and on the go far more then sitting confined to the tv of which I rarely get to.



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Elliot Quest (Wii U eShop):

@rjejr Didn't burn out on it just haven't taken the proper time with it. As for games like Shovel Knight, I for one ain't the biggest 2d side stroller fan nor a fan of graphics of the old school but there's just something special about SK that needs to be played by all fans of gaming in general. As for this, it looks enjoyable as well. Maybe not on the level of SK but a good game is a good game Reguardless of graphics. I've never cared for graphics over gameplay anyways.



Spoony_Tech commented on Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Experiment Pokémon ...:

@Kaze_Memaryu It's not really dl'ed automatically. It does dl a picture of the game but when you click on it it prompts you to go to the eshop of which you still have to dl it or you can delete it.

With that said I've played 40 hours on a free game and never plan on spending money. I never do for this type of game on smart phones either. I have the patients to wait and play a little at a time throughout the day.



Spoony_Tech commented on Gunman Clive 2 Developer Talks About a Possibl...:

@SpriteMaster Welcome aboard and nice first comment. I'll like your point with what Image and Form did with the Steam World game. Most would think with the success of Dig we would get a sequel but they went in another direction which is fine by me. Too many sequels in both movies and games today. Sometimes all we need is one stand alone games that says it all.



Spoony_Tech commented on Planning On Downloading Xenoblade Chronicles 3...:

@Ainze Normally I would say yes As it was a nice post but if you include a bigger memory card it encourages people to dl more and that benefits Nintendo. It's a low cost for them to even include a 16 gig as they will make up that cost in about 2 VC games. I do agree it's our choice but this here is silly as it Doesn't encourage you to dl If you're a new user to the 3ds. Nintendo makes fat more money off dl's so give a bigger card.



Spoony_Tech commented on Planning On Downloading Xenoblade Chronicles 3...:

I thought we already covered this topic? O.o

Either way I don't care as I'm sitting on a 64 gig anyways. Still have over 200k blocks. Could pick up a 128gb for 50$ on EBay right now but not sure enough 3ds games will come out to warrant that purchase from now till the end of its life.



Spoony_Tech commented on Interview: Nintendo's Hiro Yamada On The Chall...:

@dkxcalibur Then do yourself a favor and get Monster Hunter last. Why you ask, because you won't get the other 2 any time soon if you do. Monster Hunter can be played for 100's of hours and you still learn something new everyday. Steam will take about 30 hours or so to beat plus there's online, Xenoblade will take no less then 80 hours and that's if you ignore everything but the story, and Monster Hunter can literally be played 1000 hours and still mot have everything done. If you get the games in that order you will have ample time to play them all to full enjoyment!



Spoony_Tech commented on Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Edition Bundle La...:

This would actually make for a good to maybe great mobile game (the Mario edition that is). Quite surprised it's not making that jump or will it? Either way I'm happy it's coming out for the 3ds.

Has it been confirmed to actually use 3d?



Spoony_Tech commented on ​Exclusive: Affordable Space Adventures Pric...:

Normally I would say this is too much but when you put some good reasons behind it I can't argue too much with what the dev said. Still (and some of you knew this was coming) if this is priced at 15$ I really think the dev makes more money from more sales at a better price.



Spoony_Tech commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Off More Xenoblade Chron...:

I don't know why but I really can't wait for this. I got about half way on the Wii version and stopped for whatever reason. There's just something about having it portable and in full 3d that excites me. Really looking forward to this!



Spoony_Tech commented on ​​​Parent Trap: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimat...:

@rjejr My 8 year old watches me play this and so wants it too. I'm not quite ready for him to play this just yet but maybe by his next birthday though. He's pretty good at the micro management stuff but I thick it's great that I would be able to help him in game as opposed to just simply taking his system from him when he gets stuck somewhere. There is a lot yo learn about this game and tbh even after well over 1000 hours playing 4 different versions now I still learn something new almost every time I play. This is a game that keeps on giving 100's of hours latter!



Spoony_Tech commented on The Nintendo 3DS Was North America's Best-Sell...:

@ravens326 You're a full grow adult and can't fit it in your pocket? I've had a XL for the last 3 year's and never once had a problem fitting it in my pocket and I'm not a big guy. I'm well below the average male in size so I don't see the problem. In fact the new 3ds XL fits ever so slightly better in my pocket.



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS):

I'm buying this game twice so me and my son can do some multiplayer. I already know I'll enjoy it just from the demo and he enjoys it as well. Hope it sells well enough.



Spoony_Tech commented on TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT, The Game Freak and ...:

Names can be changed people. This is a bit surprising tbh. Seems more like a shaft. Last I looked Nintendo has made them millions and the games aren't really even that innovative. If you played one you pretty much played them all.



Spoony_Tech commented on Nintendo's Implementation of Cross-Buy is Surp...:

@Cyberbotv2 This article doesn't say take your system over your friends house for a free game. Like I just said above the systems must be linked prior to the dl and you can't simply just go to someone's house and get the game for free.

I'm changing my screen name to common Sense is a lost art. These people the last couple of days geez!