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Wed 17th March, 2010

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Spoony_Tech commented on Atlus Discounts 3DS eShop Titles in North America:

@potatomage7 Depends on the type of game you want. My personal favorites are EO4 and Overclocked. EO4 is a dungeon crawler old school rpg where as the other is more like Fire Emblem strategy. Also SMT IV is excellent as is Untold. You can't go wrong with any of this 4. Also EO IV and Untold have demos in the Eshop and it's the first 5 to 8 hours of the game and if you buy the full versions all data transfers over.



Spoony_Tech commented on Pier Solar and the Great Architects Landing in...:

@shigulicious I'm with you! The time sink is usually too much for me and I never finish them anyways. Plus I really want to give Citizens of Earth a try as at least that looks fresh.

I'll pick this up at some point as it does look good! I want to support any good titles on the shop I can even if it's on sale.



Spoony_Tech commented on Nintendo Celebrates Super Smash Bros. and Wii ...:

This doesn't say how many people returned Destiny either. I'm hearing it has a pretty high return rate.

Also Hyrule Warriors needs more love. The reviews are killing what's otherwise an excellent game. A whole lot better then I thought it would be and it's got the most play time on my system for retail only behind Monster Hunter.



Spoony_Tech commented on Feature: Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life - We...:

@Zyon Thanks for that update, I wasn't quite sure of all the details. I'll most likely get it then since I won't have to wait till I play all the way to level 50. I don't see myself getting there any time soon but who knows, I may not be able to pull myself away from this game.



Spoony_Tech commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Ships Over Two Milli...:

@97alexk The demo did a horrible job of letting you know what to do and how to do it. Also different weapons are faster then others so you can adjust to your play style. Slow weapons equals more power and faster less but each have further benefits even more then that.

Too bad 2 million shipped doesn't mean 2 million in sales as of yet.



Spoony_Tech commented on Preview: Bat-Swinging into Action in LEGO Batm...:

My son will love this and he or I won't miss the dlc. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.

I've never really played any of the Lego games other then the Star Wars ones years ago. I do however watch my son play and he Enjoys each and every one. I usually don't get them though till they come down in price so my next 2 will be Marvel and The Lego Movie first. This probably a year from from now. Good games and long and entertaining worth the investment!



Spoony_Tech commented on Nintendo 64x64: Conker's Bad Fur Day:

To this day this is without a doubt the funniest game I've ever played. Some parts shouldn't be funny but you can't help but laugh. 9/10 for me only because the controls and what to do can be hard to figure out.



Spoony_Tech commented on Feature: Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life - We...:

@Windy Never a truer statement!

It's different if the game is out in both regions but like you said I don't want to feel like I've already played the game. Just a heads up though incase you didn't know. Online can only be played with people that have the dlc or don't. So if you have it and I don't we can't play till I get it. Just feed for thought. However I've heard you can only purchase the dlc once you beat the game or get to a certain level in the game.



Spoony_Tech commented on Video: How Hyrule Warriors Forges A Link With ...:

Good to know everyone here is enjoying the game. You know not talking about Smash or anything. O.o

I've sunk at least 40 hours into this and I'm no where near down. Beautiful looking game and surprisingly more fun then I thought it would be. Cutting through hordes of enemies never felt better!



Spoony_Tech commented on Nintendo 64x64: Perfect Dark:

You should've went with the sub title like this Perfect!!! The best game on the N64 and the most fun I had on the system. It did so many things right that you could ignore any flaws it might of had.

Btw, Perfect Dark took it to level 10!! :P