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Wed 17th Mar 2010

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Spoony_Tech commented on Nintendo Enjoys Market Share Dominance in Japan:

Too bad that doesn't translate over to the west but there's far more games on the Nintendo systems in Japan that haven't been released to the west either nor should some of them be.

Disappointed Atlus isn't on that list but that might also be due to Sega owning them.



Spoony_Tech commented on Final Fantasy Explorers is Playable at New Yor...:

@BinaryFragger Don't you remember when Square was kicking themselves for not localizing Bravely Default? It was an artical over a year ago. Ever since they have been localizing their own games although all I can think of was Curtain Call. Of course this is the 3ds only and I believe it applys to new games and not the DQ series.



Spoony_Tech commented on Voice Actors Union Authorises Strike Action Wi...:

@Ralizah That also might make 3ds game prices come back down to normal. However I do think most Atlus games do pretty well with voice acting.

I like your revised comment better. I'm all for some new talent. I don't really think voice acting in a video game should have a guild lol. If you don't like the conditions or pay don't take the job. There's always someone behind you waiting for their shot at it. Plus I highly doubt there is set pay for every actor. If you don't like the amount then negotiate for more and quit complaining.

Also I guess this mean now employees will have to remove the brown m&m's from the candy jar. Darn those actors!



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Chronus Arc (3DS eShop):

Where's the resident Atlus reviewer when you need him lol. @Zipmon knows a thing or 10 about rpg's. From what i can tell quite a few rpg's on this sight have rated well and very well at that. Problem is there's just too many as of late that all resemble each other and it's getting harder to tell whats good anymore.



Spoony_Tech commented on English Version of SplatNet Website for Splato...:

@rjejr Yeah I cringed a few times as well as my daughter and I watched it. Not sure if I really need to watch it tbh.

Can't believe you haven't seen most of the originals. I liked their humor much better. For me the only movie worth watching was the original. As a whole the original show was good but the movies as a whole were a disappointment.



Spoony_Tech commented on PS4 and Sony Enjoy Dominant Week in Japan With...:

So I went back and added the last 3 weeks for both Wii U and PS4.

Wii U has 46,900
PS4 has 58,623

That's not that big of a margin and I'm willing to bet Nintendo made more money off the systems they sold in that period.

If you go back another week Nintendo closes the gap even more.



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Skylanders SuperChargers (Wii U):

@RantingThespian But I've never seen Dr Who and don't plan on starting too. Plus it's more for the kids as I hardly ever played Swap Force. Of anything both kids could get into Lego for some of the other properties that have. I personally would like Back to the Future.



Spoony_Tech commented on Voxelmaker is Set to Hit the North American eS...:

This game looks too technical to me. I mean you have to create everything for one pixel by the looks of it. Looks more geared to artists then Minecraft users. In Minecraft you want an animal plop there it is. In this game you have to make your own. Wonder if you can save them and repeat them?



Spoony_Tech commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Could Possibly be the La...:

Also no offense but it looks more like a 10 to 15$ eshop game to me. It seems Nintendo as of late is milking as much money as they can out of everything. Couldn't believe they charged full price for the new AC game when NL wasn't even full price. Not to mention Splatoon going full price in NA but not EU. Shoot, most people were complaining that Star Fox was going full retail as well.

I want the Amiibo more then the game but no way I'm paying 40$ for that!



Spoony_Tech commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Could Possibly be the La...:

@Pac-loon seriously why do companies do that especially Nintendo. I would like to purchase a game once and allow all 4 of my 3ds system to be able to play it. With only one save file we all have to wait till someone beats the game then pass it along. It makes sense for a digital copy but not retail.



Spoony_Tech commented on Shiny Founder Dave Perry Wasn't Keen On The N6...:

@PlywoodStick This is how bad it was at the time and btw all prices across all the stores were the same. This was bad the most right at the launch of the n64. We were buying back used systems at that time for 220$ and selling them for 225$ but any new systems we got were selling for 200$. It was wonderful looking those moms square in the eyes and telling them why the prices were the way they were. Of course once demand went down so did those ridiculous prices but I was long gone by then. Didn't really care for a lot of things they did back then.