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edcomics commented on Here's a Rather Attractive Portable Nintendo 64:

Dreamcast was a very good system, as was the N64. I would actually enjoy one of these suckers. Since data was saved on the cartridges, you could start a game on the home console, put the cartridge in your portable, and continue the same game on the go.

Unless I'm totally wrong about it saving on the cartridge. The brain is tired.



edcomics commented on Persona Q: Shadow of Labyrinth Soundtrack and ...:

I'm getting to the point where 3D graphics just aren't doing it for me. In a game like this, those little blasts of crisp 2D artwork are the most appealing part of the presentation. The 3D stuff just isn't doing it for me. I know it's the 3DS, but somehow it seems like we're stuck in PS1 land when it comes to the visuals.



edcomics commented on NPD Data Shows More U.S. Gamers Switching to D...:

What keeps me buying physical copies is... well... When it comes to 3DS, I'm a sucker for pack-ins like artbooks and soundtrack CDs. I like extras, and the download-only games don't come with that stuff. The Wii U games tend to not come with that stuff, but I'm just in the habit of buying a physical game. I don't want to buy an extra storage device just for downloads, and my 3DS SD card is always maxing out with my downloaded games. With more download-only titles like Senran Kagura Burst (in NA), though, it looks like the decision is being made for us.



edcomics commented on Video: Hanging Out With Arino In The Japanese ...:

Unfortunately, Arino's voice acting isn't as funny as his actual reactions in the show. I wish they'd use sound clips from the show to get lines with a funnier delivery. Maybe he's trying to sound like his kid self here. I don't know. It just doesn't quite work for me.



edcomics commented on Soapbox: A Case For The Defence: Castlevania 64:

I remember being frustrated with the controls and disappointed by some of the graphics. Parts of the game were extremely hard for me, but overall I thought it was a good experience. I never did play the version of the game that featured a playable werewolf character, but I wouldn't mind giving it a try. An HD remake of this game would be pretty fantastic, I think.



edcomics commented on This Design For A "Game Boy Evolution" Sure Is...:

I'd like to see something very different from Nintendo, but not like this. My main beef with tablets and touch-screen phones is that they're vulnerable to damage in your pocket or handbag. I had a phone whose screen was damaged, and I still have no idea how it happened. It was simply in my pocket. What I do know is that the old flip-top phones never had that sort of issue. Those suckers were tough. I view a handheld game system the same way. I want it to be tough. Durable. Portable. I want it to fit in my pocket comfortably.

And, quite frankly, I would like it to be called GameBoy. That's one thing I like about this concept.



edcomics commented on Review: Life Force (3DS eShop / NES):

This is one of my top NES games. The soundtrack alone is amazing, but the level design and creature design is so cool. It's just a lot of fun. Though to be honest, I don't think I ever beat it without Game Genie. I'm such a cheater. But doing a quick Life Force Game Genie playthrough was always a ton of fun. Man, the box art is amazing, too. Such a great package. That's the biggest problem with these digital releases. You don't get the delicious Konami box art. You don't get the instruction manual with the hand-drawn character art on the inside. I love that stuff so much. The pack-ins were a big part of my enjoyment of a game back in the day.



edcomics commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

The whole "Free Digital Download" thing is a real mistake, in my opinion. I can't believe you can buy a new system "bundle" and then not have either a physical or digital copy of the game in-hand. You're buying a promise of a game, and right now people can't cash in on that promise. What a disaster. And then there's the eShop, etc... I want access, but I can't get on. shakes head Don't they plan ahead?



edcomics commented on Weirdness: Amazon Confirms Drone Air Delivery ...:

Actually, nothing is confirmed for 2015. I watched this broadcast last night on TV. The guy said 2015 is the earliest it could happen because that's when they'd receive the rules. He also said 2015 is "optimistic" and 4-5 years is probably likely... so that would be 2017-2018. Just gotta be careful when you say "confirmed."



edcomics commented on Nintendo Will Be "Careful" About The Artistic ...:

I'd love to see the original style of Legend of Zelda, or the more stretched-out style of Adventure of Link to make an appearance in the next big home console Zelda release. Back when those games were released, you had to use your imagination, but the game manuals provided enough reference to really flesh out the game experience. The technology now exists to better translate those character and create designs into CG reality, so I think it would make sense to give that a go.

As for other styles, I'm not against it. My initial reaction to WindWaker back in the day was negative, but after letting it sink in for a day or two, I changed my mind. I saw what they were doing, and I realized it could be really fun — and it was! I think it's probably time to retire or temporarily shelf the Ocarina style, which I'll say includes the more realistic Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword games. Those were pretty much a continuation of the style and concept art from Ocarina.

So either go back to Zelda's original design roots, or go for something completely new. That's what I'd be willing to pay money for.



edcomics commented on Review: Pinball (Wii U eShop / NES):

Gotta have it on the 3DS. I find NES Pinball to be extremely fun and relaxing. I have no need for it on the Wii U since my original copy and NES work fine. Having it on the go would be really nice, though. Make it happen, Nintendo!



edcomics commented on Talking Point: Marketing Wii U to the Masses:

@Dr_Corndog The problem is that every console is somebody's first video game console. The Wii U may be compatible with the Wii Remotes, but it doesn't come packaged with any at all. So the customer has to go out and buy not only a Wii Remote, but also a Wii Nunchuk if they want to use multiplayer... even though those aren't a featured part of the new system.

That's probably part of why some people still don't understand what the Wii U is. In the commercial, you see the family members using Wii Remotes, with only one person holding the Gamepad. It's just a bizarre setup

I recently started playing Rayman Legends with a friend, and I have to say the Gamepad features pretty much just get in the way of gameplay. I start a level using the standard controls, but at some point I have to stop and continue as Murphy on the touch screen. At that point, I'm pretty much controlling the entire game while my friend says "man, you're doing everything." It's just not balanced... and honestly, I'd rather be looking at my 55" TV to enjoy the HD graphics, rather than looking down at the Gamepad screen, having a kind of private type of game experience. While touch-screen controls are probably faster, there's little or nothing in Rayman Legends that couldn't have been achieved with a Wii Remote.

My other Wii U games really don't feature the Gamepad much at all, so there's nothing else to say. I think the biggest thing holding the Wii U back is... the Wii U. I'm ready for the next home console, Nintendo.



edcomics commented on Bertil Hörberg Shows Gunman Clive Running on ...:

I would buy a new game with new stages. I loved the first one. I loved the style, the length, the difficulty level, and the price :D It really was a perfect sShop release, in my opinion. Nice, bite-sized fun. I would probably buy more "episodes" if they kept producing them, and I'd prefer that episodic approach over a larger game experience.



edcomics commented on Nintendo Tested Two Other Zelda Titles in HD o...:

I think Nintendo should be releasing bite-sized Zelda games so there's not such a huge wait between releases. Bringing back old games in HD is a nice idea as a supplement... but these are still old games that many of us have played before. I can't get excited until I see something truly new.



edcomics commented on Exclusive: Exploring The Mysterious Cities of ...:

This show is one of my earliest memories, so I think the game could be really fun. The characters' eyes seem a bit far apart, compared to the original show. That's nitpicky, though. One important thing, I think, is that they use some of the original soundtrack in this game.



edcomics commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd August (North America):

Does anyone know if this version of Super Street Fighter II includes a Turbo mode? I remember that for the PC, Super Street Fighter II Turbo was its own entity, and I'm not going to buy this game if it doesn't have Turbo.



edcomics commented on Pikmin Keyrings Arrive as Club Nintendo Europe...:

@NFeZ That was unnecessarily aggressive. I'm talking about tangible rewards — specifically comparing this year's Elite Status gifts (a 3-poster set or a Majora's Mask OST) to this cute item that I could attach my car keys to and enjoy everywhere I go.



edcomics commented on Sin & Punishment Studio Treasure Is Working On...:

Never played Gunstar Heroes, but I just checked out some gameplay video, and it looks great. Star Successor was really fun. So this game, although it's sort of a Saint Seiya type of theme, has the potential to be really good. The 3D battles look like they could be really fun. I just need to see more gameplay.



edcomics commented on Nintendo Reveals The 2013 Club Nintendo Elite ...:

Man, they really cheaped out again this year. shakes head How about a full soundtrack for Skyward Sword, at least? Why is it for a 15-year-old game? And then... posters??? This really makes those trading cards look special. I passed them off to a friend who liked card games and Mario, so that's fine. I passed completely on the buttons the year before. My first reward was that statue, and it continues to be a great display piece. Why can't we get something like that? Even just a little figurine! Sigh.



edcomics commented on Weirdness: Zelda Answers Rejected on Jeopardy,...:

The game (or franchise) is often referred to simply as "Zelda," much as Super Mario Bros. is referred to as "Mario." Both contestants wrote "WHAT is Zelda?" as opposed to "WHO is Zelda." So they knew what they were talking about. It's possible the judges mistook their answers as referencing the name, as opposed to the game.

In the strictest sense, "The Legend of Zelda" is the correct answer. Still... I'm sure "Zelda" would have been close enough for the Family Feud judges. Oh well. The look on the first guy's face as he was told he was wrong. Oh man. Brutal.



edcomics commented on Miyamoto: Fresh Experiences Make A New Game, N...:

While there's some sense to his logic, I think Miyamoto is missing the mark with his comments. A single character illustration can kick off an explosion of creativity, as happened with Black Rock Shooter. By focusing entirely on gameplay first, you're ignoring the possibility of new characters and new TYPES of characters. Furthermore, by focusing on gameplay first and then applying it to an existing franchise like Mario, you're limited that new gameplay idea. People will buy the next Mario game, whatever it is, just like people by the latest FIFA or or whatever just because the year on the packaging has changed.

Mario doesn't need to star in a tennis, soccer, party, racing or family board game. He does, though, and we all know why. Nintendo's milking Mario for all he's worth. It's actually about the franchise and its ability to make money, and any new gameplay idea that presents itself — you better believe they'll try to cram it into a Mario game, rather than come up with a new character or world to use for that game.

It's interesting that there isn't a Zelda racing game... where you have horseback riding or something. There's not really any reason why you couldn't make that game. There are plenty of characters to use, and it wouldn't be all that different from a Mario cart — and yet it would be very different. But no, if Nintendo were to make a horseback riding game, it would end up being something like "Mario Derby."

(As a quick side note, Mario surely could have been used in Pikmin. Miyamoto's thinking there is beyond me. You would only have to adjust the story a bit, and you'd have the next Mario spinoff. That aside...)

There appears to be a deep fear within Nintendo of NOT using Mario. There are plenty of arguments for why they should continue to do things the way they do, but fans like myself are tired of the same old same old. The Mario story has been stale since Super Mario 3, in my opinion. (The same goes for Zelda, but that's a discussion for another time.) I just don't think that "They'll sell more games this way" or "People like nostalgia" are good reasons to NOT develop new characters. Even Disney introduces something new every once in a while, but Nintendo just keeps going back to the well. I certainly haven't been buying any of the latest Mario games. It's all the same thing over and over again.



edcomics commented on Wii U Turned Ubisoft On To Second-Screen Gamin...:

A couple of people mentioning Red Steel here... You know, one thing I already miss on the Wii U is motion controls. When you're using the Gamepad, it's just traditional controller action with a little bit of screen-tapping. I was a big fan of the motion controls on Skyward Sword, and Red Steel 2 wasn't bad. Then you had Wii Sports, of course, and a slew of other titles with fun motion control. It just seems like the Gamepad gimmick isn't delivering the same fun and innovation as the Wii Remote did.

That being said... one game that would be amazing on the Wii U would be Elebits. The Gamepad would really work well with that game.



edcomics commented on Wii U Turned Ubisoft On To Second-Screen Gamin...:

The second screen isn't all that amazing. shrug

Having said that, I'm really disappointed in Ubisoft. You would have thought, before the Wii U launch, that Ubisoft was really in it for the long haul. They certainly made it seem that was at E3 that year. Now, however, they're basically pulling out in favor of the newer systems. They've abandoned Wii U. So all this E3 hype, the speeches, the interviews... it all amounts to nothing, because nobody sticks to what they say, and reality has turned out very differently than what we were promised.

The stigma of third party publishers working with Nintendo obviously still exists. I agree Nintendo should make a big move to purchase another studio to increase their IPs. That makes sense to me. But then, look at what Nintendo allows on their systems. Does anyone really want The Croods on Wii U? That kind of stuff just makes Nintendo systems seem silly. What's next? Another Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen game? shakes head This stuff leaks into Nintendo game libraries constantly, while we wait and wait and wait for solid 1st party and superior 3rd party games to arrive. Honestly, I walk through the game aisle with envy, seeing all the games that are available for other systems. I should've bought a PS3 instead of a Wii U.



edcomics commented on Iwata: We Are To Blame For Poor Wii U Sales:

@HeatBombastic "I suggest you think about it." That sounded really aggressive ;)

I get what you're saying, and I've experienced some of the "asymmetric gameplay" already in NintendoLand, Chasing Aurora and Tank!Tank!Tank!... I've played with friends, and both my and their response was lukewarm. I use the Gamepad mainly to browse the internet, and naturally to navigate the system menu. It's good for some things, like the Wii Panorama U, or whatever it's called. It's a gimmick, though, and I think it's not a strong enough selling point for the general public. Iwata has essentially admitted this, so I don't think anyone need go out of their way to defend it.

Moving forward, I think it makes sense to focus on games, and mention the Gamepad as an extra... almost like tricking people into thinking they're getting something for free. "Touch-screen Gamepad Included!" Anyway, I think the upcoming games will help turn the numbers around for the WiiU. It's just a shame that these games weren't available at launch. As I've said before, perhaps the WiiU should have been delayed until more software was ready for it. The launch was premature, and the system has suffered as a result. When Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, Smash Bros and DK come out, I think more systems will sell... and it'll be HD graphics, familiar characters and bright, shiny colors that will convince people to buy.



edcomics commented on Iwata: We Are To Blame For Poor Wii U Sales:

Finally snapping out of the fog of denial.

I think the biggest problem is the focus on the Gamepad. They really want to use that as the selling point, but it's not. It's the games. The Gamepad is kind of weird, honestly. Different branding might have made it more clear. "Nintendo DS Home," perhaps. That's essentially what it is. It's a DS system, using your television set as the upper screen. Also, it would have made more sense to have the Gamepad actually be a portable system of some kind, where you can take the game with you. The Wii U is almost there, but it seems conceptually incomplete.

Aside from the ease of touch-screen controls in certain situations, I haven't seen anything significant that be done using the Gamepad that couldn't have been done normally. Most of the games I've played are played entirely on the main TV screen. Honestly, 2-player using the Gamepad isn't as fun as split-screen. That's what I've found. The Gamepad actually gets in the way of having fun sometimes.