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Mon 23rd May 2011

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luminalace commented on Activision Enlists Kevin Spacey To Sell Call O...:

It will happen. It may not even get announced and Sledgehammer games won't even speak about the Wii U version in future, but come November 4, magically the Wii U version will launch alongside the other versions. The game will also be handled by Treyarch on Wii U. This cycle has repeated itself the last 5 games in the Call of Duty series and across both the Wii and now the Wii U.



luminalace commented on Latest Project CARS Trailer Shows Off Stunning...:

Everyone needs to support the hell out of this game. Not only is such a game a rarity on Nintendo hardware but the developers taking the time and effort to tune the game for Wii U when bigger 3rd parties wouldn't even think twice about ignoring us is why this game deserves to sell!



luminalace commented on UK Retailer GAME States Ambition to be at the ...:

Nintendo really need to expand in the area of downloadable cards. In Australia they are still very difficult to get and the ones you see are eshop cards with Wii and 3DS logo's with no mention of Wii U. This is something relatively easy for Nintendo to solve and the only signs they are taking this seriously is Gamev UK's selection of downloadable cards.



luminalace commented on Club Nintendo Australia Receives Luigi Coin An...:

I picked up the Hanafuda cards for 3000 points. I have 2100 points left and about 8-10 games I have yet to register which I plan on doing in time gor the Luigi diorama! Finally we Aussies get some decent stuff. Too bad I missed out on the Luigi coin though!



luminalace commented on Review: NES Remix (Wii U eShop):

Really fun game and $13 in Australia is a decent price for it which makes it more surprising that it costs $15 in the U.S. Usually a U.S price point of $15 would mean a $20 price here!



luminalace commented on Wii Party U Can Be Downloaded Digitally Down U...:

Honestly this isn't a big deal because everyone should get the physical copy. Here in Australia the eshop version is $79.95 yet I bought it at retail for $68 which obviously included the Wii Remote+ as well as the Gamepad stand!