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Sun 20th January, 2008

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KeeperBvK commented on Review: Mach Rider (3DS eShop):

@AJSjedi Just read the info section at the top. It hasn't been released on WiiU anywhere. It's just on Wii in all three major regions and on 3DS in both Japan and NA, but not Europe.



KeeperBvK commented on Review: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (Wii...:

But there's a place for every opinion. This is a review of Wario Ware, so why would people have to bring up the same old discussion here again? It's disrespectful to the author of the review to keep blathering about the same old stuff people have been complaining for weeks now, when it's not really related to the article.
This can be discussed on the forums.
Opinions surely need to be expressed, but nobody would want to hear me express my opinion on the last burger I had here in this comments section. There's a place for everything. And the fifth WiiU GBA VC review is not the place for yet another discussion that isn't even so much a discussion, but more plain whining.



KeeperBvK commented on Review: Advance Wars (Wii U eShop):

Um, first of all we are talking about Nintendo publishing Nintendo games, and about Nintendo having contracted some of the best people when it comes to emulation, so how anyone could turn these releases against Nintendo is beyond me.
And second, M2 isn't affiliated with SEGA. It's an independent company. So what does any of this have to do with SEGA? Just been looking for a way to use this old ad slogan for the bazillionth time?



KeeperBvK commented on Shenmue 3 Could Happen Via A Kickstarter Campa...:

As LInkstrikesback already said, this could never get financed. At least not, if Suzuki is going for a true sequel of Shenmue I and II. Those were FAR away from being profitable for SEGA, so why should a third game in a series only somewhat old-school hardcore gamers remember and love be financially viable? It's insane to even consider it.



KeeperBvK commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

Man, what childish comments here. How does it matter what he looks like or what promises he's kept or broken?
He's still RIGHT!
And he's done more for gaming then, say, you santaman64. So instead of calling Danny de Vito "Danny Di Vino" (sounds like a wine mascot) or calling Molyneux a toad, how about posting something productive?
Or to say it in your words: You judging him, that's like "being called small by Danny de Vito".



KeeperBvK commented on Review: Renegade (Wii U eShop / NES):

@brucelebnd Renegade truly was a pioneer of the genre, but that doesn't save it from being a terrible game. Especially nowadays. And also, this NES version actually never did anything for gaming as a whole, as it was the arcade original that defined beat em ups as we know them. So anything less harsh of a review wouldn't have been appropriate here. I'd even rate it just a 2/10. It's horrible and has NOTHING over its entire competition on VC.



KeeperBvK commented on Review: Pokémon Link: Battle! (3DS eShop):

Wow, this review misses the entire point of the gameplay NOT being just another Bejeweled clone.
You are not forced to merely switch the position of two adjacent "tiles" that will cause a reaction. No, you can freely move tiles around. So it's no more a "match 3 game" than Puzzle League, Columns and what not.
The term "match 3 game" implies that it plays just like Bejeweld, Puzzle Quest, Candy Crush and all of those games, but that is not the case here. Just to clarify that to people.

But I also gotta say I'm pretty surprised that the gameplay has changed this significantly from the first game where you had to move around whole rows and columns. And you would have to connect 4 of the same, followed by 3 and then 2.

@ olaf-symbiote: There is no German word sounding anything similar to Trozei. Oh, and Trozei is the terrible name here. I'm glad it's Pokémon Link in Europe.

@ Obyto-tennison: How about visiting a North American site then, if you complain about Europeans using European names on a European site?...



KeeperBvK commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (Europe):

Well, it's your lucky day then, because in Pokémon Link you connect FOUR Pokémon of the same type. ;)
In all seriousness: It's a puzzler, but it's not a Bejeweled clone if that's what you're thinking. It plays vastly different and I see nothing wrong with puzzle games being released, as long as it's not just yet another Bejeweled clone.



KeeperBvK commented on Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks Tops Febru...:

Why would it only sell well in the UK? Football is pretty popular all around the globe (except for the US, where it seems like only female soccer is kinda accepted) and of course Spain is no exception, especially with their national team being as successful as it is.



KeeperBvK commented on Review: BLOK DROP U (Wii U eShop):

Sounds exactly like a game I played on my iPhone back in 2008. I can't remember the name, but you had a star sitting on top of blocks in each level, and you had to dissolve blocks by touching them to in the end allow the star to safely drop down to the ground and not into the water.
So the concept is "borrowed" (or "lifted" if you prefer), but the presentation is less exciting and more sterile? Plus, there's a huge bug in there? Meh.

Also: So much for the "unique design" the review mentions...



KeeperBvK commented on Shinji Mikami Prefers The Sega Version Of Alad...:

The Mega Drive one having worse music, SFX and visuals than the SNES one? Au contraire. The SNES one had comparatively washed out colors and overall looked surprisingly unpolished for a Capcom game, while the Mega Drive one had vibrant colors, more diverse backgrounds, better animation, better music and also better SFX.
Plus, the collision detection was better, it had a far better sense of challenge to it (the SNES one just switched back and forth between being either laughably easy or frustratingly hard, especially if you wanted to get all gems).
Nah, the SNES one is inferior in every single regard.



KeeperBvK commented on Review: Super C (Wii U eShop / NES):

"The original Contra is regarded as one of the most difficult games in a genre characterized by difficult games, and while general opinion seems to be that Super C tones down that challenge, know that it's a decidedly relative comparison; this is a very tough game."

When you say "original Contra" I guess you don't really mean the original Contra in the arcades, but the different NES Contra, right? I'd argue that the first NES Contra is a pretty easy game, though. Nowhere near as hard as most other games in the genre. And also, Super C is MUCH harder IMO.

But yeah, a 7 overall feels right. It's a good game, but not great.



KeeperBvK commented on Gargoyle's Quest II Rated in Australia:

Got this one on Famicom, So I'd rather see them release the GB version. That one's pretty expensive even in Japan, otherwise I would have gotten that one as well by now. A VC release would be quite an alternative.



KeeperBvK commented on Interview: Rainy Frog Talks About eShop Publis...:

@CrazyOtto It appears to be a small company, so I can't really see them bring over a game that would require such tremendous amounts of translation into Japanese. Plus, I doubt that Warner would team up with them for something like that.

Great interview, by the way. Very interesting read.



KeeperBvK commented on Nicalis: We'd Like To Support Europe, But Nint...:

Suddenly this article talks about how age ratings hinder releases in Europe, going on to state that it isn't really NOE's fault.
I wonder why there is this sudden shift in the article, leading to a bottomline that is far off the actualy news at hand:
Tyrone Rodriguez clearly says that NOE is to blame. He doesn't talk about age ratings or anything not in NOE's hands. So why digging up an old statement about age ratings here?
Apparently, NOE is doing something wrong, or at least its not supporting publishers enough in this regard.



KeeperBvK commented on Review: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (Wi...:

Wait, I'm kinda confused. In the review it says that The Lost Levels rewards players for going slow, and punishes them for going as fast as in SMB 1.
In the comments here, however, I read the EXACT opposite, saying that going slow ill get you killed, requiring you to speed right on through.

So what's true now? Both sides seem to be very certain about this, making sure to tell people about it.

Oh, and another thing. In the review it says how people playing All-Stars 20 years ago were all "Oh, this is the black sheep. I'm not gonna play it anymore." I don't remember anyone ever having reacted to it in this way. Actually, our Western SMB 2 always was looked down on as the series's black sheep. Fortunately these last few years people seem to finally grow a liking to it again.



KeeperBvK commented on Review: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (3DS eSh...:

"We all know"?
First, there is no "knowing" in terms of what a game deserves, but just opinions. Second, how about reading some of the comments here before projection your opinion on everybody else? This is obviously a game some people love and some people hate. So an average score (as are 5 and 6) is just right.



KeeperBvK commented on Video: The First Thirty Minutes Of The Best 3D...:

As opposed to what the title states, I DID play this game. At Tokyo Game Show 2012. And man, I didn't like it at all. I liked neither teh generic style nor the seemingly tedious fighting mechanics and battles that would drag on forever without anything to break up the repetition. Maybe it gets better later on, but it would have to change DRASTICALLY from the build I played there.



KeeperBvK commented on Review: Life Force (3DS eShop / NES):

So? NA also has games we don't have yet, like Goemon, Super Punch-Out, Double Dragon and Wario's Woods. At least three of those are great games (Double Dragon is not). And we just got Contra III last week, when you guys got it way earlier. Plus, Mario Bros. is hardly worth waiting for.
It's just annoying to constantly see American gamers complain in each and every news, review and thread about how their VC is sooooo much worse than the European one. You're missing great games, we are missing great games, but we don't seem to complain as much. Just wait a bit, man.



KeeperBvK commented on Review: Double Dragon (3DS eShop / NES):

@nesvc A better review or a better score?

I think both the review AND the score are spot-on. Good to finally see this not getting another undeserved 7. Compared to other beat em ups on NES and SNES, this just doesn't hold a candle. It's ok, but nothing more.