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Fri 30th Nov 2012

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dananlau commented on Reaction: Doom and Gloom Merchants on Wii U Be...:

I love my Wii U - thankfully I didn't grab some of the older ports like Mass Effect 3 and Assassins Creed 3 on my PS3 so have a lot to get through in addition to Mario, ZombieU etc.

I think this is all a little over the top and just boils down to games - the Wii U is a great console and if you've played it you will realise its definitely next gen.

That being said there's no reason for people to buy a games machine without any new games (!) - especially with big names due to come out on other last gen consoles, so the sooner Nintendo (and hopefully other devs) get a regular release schedule together I'm sure gamers will be quick to invest.



dananlau commented on Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive, De...:

Surprising and frustrating - but not the catastrophe it's being made out to be IMO.

The most disappointing part of it for me is that it just adds to the hate the Wii U is getting at the moment - are people/sites/forums so desperate for the Wii U to fail??! I agree more games need to follow soon, but we know from the Nintendo Direct they're coming, not to mention various hints from Nintendo of surprises we're yet to hear of. Lets hope we also hear of a few multi platform titles coming Nintendo's way aswell (GTA V anyone?).

Have to say I really hate people strategically talking of waiting for a price cut - if financially you have no choice but to wait then I respect that and I hope you can grab a console as soon as you can. But for those just unwilling to support early on - please dont complain when companies like Ubisoft look to release their games across multiple platforms to reach the bigger audience. When a new console launches there has to be commitment there from us gamers, through the initial headaches, in order for 3rd party companies to feel confident they can sell their games on the machine. If you don't support the console at the outset, don't expect them to.

Hopefully the games at E3 will persuade those people waiting to commit, rather than a cheaper console.

The Wii U has its issues at the moment, but I'm more than satisfied with it so far and positive Nintendo will come through (experience tells me they always do).



dananlau commented on Developer Interview: ZombiU Producer Talks Abo...:

I've brought this game ready for Christmas and I can't wait to get stuck into it!

I read the IGN review and a few other sites reviews which were disappointing to start off with - but I've been playing games far too long to not go with my gut! Sure enough, the reviews became more and more positive (32 out of 56 metacritic reviews are above 80%, only 9 out of 56 below 70%).

Bring it on!



dananlau commented on Hardware Review: Wii U:

@Rapadash6 I think the majority of gamers can look past rectifiable start up issues too.

It seems to be quite part and parcel these days with the amount consoles are trying to achieve on top of simply playing games!

Miiverse I find pretty exciting - I'm keen to get into an online community based on gaming experiences (past and present) rather than kill streaks and the rest of it lol



dananlau commented on Hardware Review: Wii U:

Picked up my Wii U today - genuinely excited. I'm going to save the big unveil for Christmas and my daughter (who's just as excited as me).

I've got a PS3 and expect I'll have the PS4 as well - that doesn't take away from my love for all things Nintendo (the NES was my first console). I know that both consoles will have different experiences in their own right and I'm fine with that, isn't that the point of 1st party exclusives?!

As I get closer to 30 (rather than 25 ) as a gamer, I'm learning that my interest in complexity and depth of gameplay increases, but my time/opportunity to play decreases (works/kids/fiancee doesn't leave much time for anything else).

I've come to realise that graphics are not the be all and end all. I'm fortunate in that I will probably invest in the new consoles next year that will probably produce prettier games, in addition to the Wii U. That being said, as with getting the Wii as well as the PS3, I know Nintendo's console may not be as powerful, but the experiences I will have on it (i.e. both Mario Galaxys, both Zeldas, MarioKart, Metroid, even Punchout and WarioLand on the Wii) far exceed that of other consoles in my opinion.

I don't know if I'm considered hardcore anymore, and genuinely I don't care. I love games, and I cannot wait to experience them on the Wii U and the sense of community from likeminded gamers in Miiverse.