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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

Just had a weird thought: Mini Kraid (you know the small one before you face the screen filling one) He could fire fingernails and maybe Os. I am still waiting to see him 3d in a metroid game (I am sick of facing ridley over and over and over and over ..... Kraid was the other commander in the space pirate organisation. I mean why wasn't he on the space pirate homeworld?



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (Europe):

Will be getting Pandoras tower as it is about $100 cheaper than the retail copy in NZ. If they ever have a raccoon costume I will be all over it, otherwise not really worth the money for something so superficial. i am happy with my free Mewtwo, now bring on roy (fire emblem/ melee)



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

ROY for the win. he was my go to character in melee. His flaming sword was awesome. I was so annoyed when sissy boy marth transferred to brawl but kick ass roy did not.

It would also be cool to see alex roivas from eternal darkness (my favourite gamecube game) she could use the elephant gun and summon horrors. It is sad that she is probably too violent though (although snake got in brawl)

Also Melia from xenoblade would be a neat strategic character (decide whether you use her ether for buffs in hand to hand, or dispell for ranged combat).



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):

will be getting kirby regardless of no discount. The physical copy is impossible to get in NZ. It will be the same with pandora's tower (which still retails at over $100 in physical form). I think $34 is a minute price to pay for either.

The launch discounts were to encourage you to buy games you already own again. The same number of people do not own kirby, pandora and sin so they can offer them at full and people will still buy.



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Region-Locking May Be a Thing of the Past Soon...:

given i live in the black hole of the gaming world, New Zealand, this would be great. I want an nhl game on my post gamecube console(europe only in pal). I still havent registered my nid on my 3DS as it will either lock me out of getting certain games or lock me out of geolocked content.



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on FIFA 15:

' the emotion and intensity of the world’s greatest sport'
I have never come across an intense football game. yawn

(sorry football fans for dissing your boring sport)



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on FIFA 15:

I hate that fifa is the measuring stick in which ea judges success on nintendo hardware. I want nhl games, but it wont happen (even the wii ones didn't make it to nz) unless fifa does extremely well.



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Guide: Using Nintendo Network ID On Your 3DS:

EPIC FAIL NINTENDO. Now I have to decide whether I will pay more for small games and forgo using nintendo video on the off chance that some games will be only on the european eshop (and not the NZ)..

Does anyone know if you can unlink a nintendoID once you have linked it to a 3ds? Then I could link and unlink to change region.



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Is Australia's Fi...:

that is a very good step forward. We have the rating in New Zealand but are under Nintendo of Australia's umbrella . Hopefully the future is getting r18 games from NoAu rather than NoE (as the club Nintendo codes for Europe don't work (sort this out Nintendo))



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

possibly finishing off wario 2.
I have been replaying metroid prime again, which is my favourite of the prime series (that and zeldas are the most replayed games in my collection). But I am not back home until Sunday night, but I might sneak some in then.

I really want my launch WiiU so I can play that on the weekend. Maybe I should start a charity: the "help The Amazing Raccoon pay off his wiiU relief fund.



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Nintendo Download: 10th January 2013 (Europe):

Unfortunately I still haven't paid off my WiiU (it pains me to think of a launch WiiU sitting in the back of a store.
That, and a bunch of other stuff stand between me and downloading games

Is the reduced price of Fractured Soul temporary?



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Talking Point: The Emergence of Download-Only ...:

YAY! Citizens rejoice!
I'm back.
My biggest concern for my purchases when my 3DS is that Nintendo wont give me back the digital purchases from other regions other than NZ.
The advantage to physical copies is that you can find real gems in the bargain bin.



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Ex-Rare Staffer Explains How He Created A Prof...:

CBFD is my favourite N64 game. It was the perfect storm of insane ideas that made for such a great game. It was my first online purchase. The multiplayer was awesome too. I remember me and my friend playing the beach against the bots (both as squirrels and tediz) for so long we were able to beat it on the max setting. The tediz on the sniper rifle could shoot you in the air at that level so you had to run between shots.

It was a shame it created a craze of platformers with guns that didn't even come close to its awesomeness. Without that crude English humour, movie references and great mighty poo, there is no game that will be anywhere near it.



TheAmazingRaccoon commented on Feature: Spooky Levels For Surprising Frights:

Changed my halloween avatar to reflect the whole Nintendodeath thing.

What about the old section of Oublie cathedral. Bonethiefs are so creepy, made worse by the fact that you take a huge sanity hit when they burst out.

Totally agree with the zelda ones; Anywhere where ReDead are is all the more creepy; that scream sends shivers down my spine.